When the teacher can't pronounce your name

Lenarr Young

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    1. KP

      So my name is pronounced kir-uh-paul but its spelled kiratpal THE SUBSITUTE SAID KARATE POOL

    2. Abcdefg

      The name shawn apparently is very difficult in germany

    3. Jaylin S

      I hate when u cant pronouns ur name but they pronouns someone else that sound like bs

    4. horsey's puppet show


    5. Nurul Watihqah

      he's literally me back then in school 😔✋

    6. Cam Hughes

      Had to throw in the Zack and Cody reference😂

    7. Palaksatnam Chawla

      teacher: don't say anything but "here" teacher after calling persons name: *starts a whole conversation to which they are forced to answer* people who didn't to the homework: *intense smiling*

    8. Palaksatnam Chawla

      mr dookie man .....

    9. Edward Wall

      Take it easy Lenard

    10. Shameya Brown

      I was dying at this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. F.B.I


    12. Shameya Brown

      This had me 🤣

    13. Vihaan Madhavan

      My fav part is 2:20 “More like, Lanair.” Shut the fuck up...” I love it

    14. Tokz420

      When did zack become a teacher 😂

    15. Marcos Bernotas

      Lamar from GTA

    16. The Randomist

      *M R. D O O K I E M A N*

    17. Chris Carter


    18. Kayvarniss Raki

      2:27 when my brother squeals randomly

    19. Yummy Cow

      I'm gonna watch this vid for the 3rd time

    20. kingdell


    21. Triple-T2099

      Lenard get outta my class It’s not f*cking Lenard It’s Lennar, no d at the end Bernard Me: WTF

    22. dcoog anml

      its all fun and games till the kid named pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis pull up.

    23. wolfie.T meades

      HTF you can say all the others names but not lennar 😳 and your an English teacher how did they hire him Me: same some people say my name wrong to

    24. OSSIE

      Mr dookieman😂

    25. NotMeowth

      0:49 brain.exe has stopped working

      1. dcoog anml


    26. Samantha Sau

      U just got yourself a new subscriber ❤️ from the dancing girl that was in my feed. Funny as hell

    27. Gaster

      My name ends in on but is pernounced in and teachers get it right easily

    28. Gmb Pop

      Not Esteban 🤣🤣

    29. Tlen Matrix

      *laughs in starbucks*

    30. Rashawnermani456

      bro this happens to me all the time and my names is rashawn, they be saying rayshawn like do you see a Y

    31. Makaveli Tha Don

      "You don't watch spider man"

    32. Manuel Rivera

      He went from Bernard to Burneer.😟😂

    33. winning smiley

      heat : needed content : deleted phone : yeeted Life : *C O M P L E T E D*

    34. 天HeavenlyAnime

      Listen every class I’ve been to in my damn life time they can never pronounce my name right but about 2 teachers

    35. Nostolgy

      How this nigga go from falling a lil in views to 900k again?

    36. TJ EPIC

      *first theme plays*

    37. Shrek

      Boring sketch

    38. JJasonW

      now you know how ging ging feels

    39. Ranuyasha

      That Suite Life reference tho 🤣🤣

    40. Bossboy Collins


    41. Mudek Kedum


    42. Stubbs2x

      ashy as hell

    43. neerG rimA

      how could u dislike😂

    44. N John

      Damn, why did Lennard get so upset?

    45. Glenroy Hibbert


    46. Dax

      he said the o is silent

    47. thesamali

      2:26 this nigga got me crying 😂😂. “Stfu Esteban hakuna matata”

    48. Irrelevant

      I swear the sub teachers always fuck this up

    49. Mad Panda


    50. Its Brezze

      The English teacher saying a vgvgvrcsgtdtgcgycffftfcyv wow that is so easy:Lenarr’s face🤯🤯🤯🤯😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

    51. IslandboyPlayz


    52. Divine


    53. Frostedjelly

      Niagra falls technician XD

    54. Danika Stevens

      Wait until you hear them pronounce my name. Here’s some of them Doormanika Doofinshmirtz The knee ka Mushroom ka Dan......lizard

    55. Tom Nook

      I like how the students are just in shock or just there like when your friends parents are arguing

    56. charlie

      Look at my yt

    57. 123 ItzSparrow

      This makes me question why He's an English teacher (눈‸눈)

    58. Name

      I miss vine because of this video

    59. Chris Turner

      You don't watch Spider-Man😂😂😂😂😂😂

    60. Davi

      Me: mom can we get longbeachgriffy? Mom: we have longbeachgriffy at home longbeachgriffy at home:

      1. Kiarash SJ

        Why do you hate for no reason

    61. Jarius Collins

      Ok. He don’t know what he saying BRUH

    62. Karma


    63. Max Dannheim

      My names max some substitute somehow managed to pronounce it as mec which makes no sense

    64. 웃Tezz


    65. Jaival Zaveri

      Oh trust me I know what you feel. My name is jaival but there have only been 4 teachers to ever say my name right first try. And I'm 13 My name is said exactly how its spelled. But people over complicate it because English is wierd


      when he said Lenar i got flashbacks of the OG intro lmao

    67. Childish Cappuccino

      2:26 I’m deaddd

    68. Pauline Ponders

      Idk how I got here but I’m glad I did

    69. kuym - tailed

      *Lenarr transfers schools* Teacher: Uh, Blennard? Lenarr: OH YOU F-

    70. JAY THE DON

      Had to leave a like cause I went through this same bullshit in High School

    71. Fernando Antonio

      When he starts swearing is when he got me😂

    72. Nathan Okikiolu

      ''Estebanjulioricardomontoyadellarosaramirez'' Lol

    73. TheYoloDonkey

      Ive had this problem my entire life with the first name. Dylan like the bus driver ans teachers WHAT THE FUCK!!

    74. ree ee

      1:41 I miss Zack ad Cody😭😭

    75. Liraji Pathinayaka

      Estobana hakuna matata

    76. Syncere Mitchell

      This shit funny asf!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

    77. Kendall Robinson


    78. Valiant Taropafadzwa Mavesere

      Great staff...keep up the good work

    79. Emmanuel Rodriguez

      sup lenarred

    80. Becky Lacroix

      Why the Karen wig😂😂😂😂😂

    81. Christian Finley

      2:26 Me when people ask me “your name is Christian but are you a Christian?”

    82. brayan blacc

      2:15 funny

    83. Ethan Tran

      I just realized that this mans makes a living off of talking to himself

    84. TheUltimate Gamer_YT

      Bennnerr 😂😂😂😂

    85. Hameed Srt

      Who else went and checked Pittsburgh weather

    86. ΔLΞX

      BINEAR 😂😂😂😂❤️

    87. ΔLΞX

      2:33 I laughed my ass off cause it really be like that lmao 😂


      This happened to me my teacher just called me number 15 cause im on the 15th seat

    89. Cookiemonsta Sharp

      I saw you flex the youtube plaque at the end. Congrats mane. Keep it up

    90. imoretull

      well that escalated quickly!

    91. LunarReapr


    92. RaffiPVP

      Hey whats up Lenarr "D" 😇

    93. Radiical

      “Mr. Dookie man”

    94. Radiical

      1:40 i’m Spanish and my teacher said that as a joke to one of my students

    95. Radiical

      0:33 lol

    96. Lenny


    97. Lenny

      That estaban referrence thooo i miss zack and cody

    98. Lenny

      Leonard 💀☠️

    99. yvnghomie _407


    100. Winston Blackup

      This so like that substitute teacher episode from Key and Peele

      1. Sway ツ

        Yep lol