Piloting NORWEGIAN BOEING 787 Los Angeles to Oslo | FULL Cockpit Flight

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    1. Just Planes

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      1. SoidSnake

        @Shannon Lotarew It's a combination between Boieng screwing Norwegian Air Lines and COVID-19. Mostly to do with Boing screwing NAS over.

      2. socalsilver

        That’s too bad. I really enjoyed flying to Europe and back sitting in a 787 premium economy seat. Bummer.. 😕

      3. Shannon Lotarew

        I didn't know that they stopped using their 787's. It's so sad because they're not that old yet, and their 787's are amazing and beautiful. Thank you for putting this video up because it honors them and the crew that flew on them. :(

    2. Edward Moss

      Like Watching Paint Dry 😒🛬 Get To The Fun Part

    3. cloudsurfer91

      Fantastic video, feel free to visit & subscribe to my channel for more cockpit content

    4. KlausAlgreen

      WOW! Awesome video with a detailed walkthrough of the 787 flight deck with procedures, flying scenery and some personal notes. Thank you for taking time to - and sharing - this! :)

    5. Nigel Turner

      Why make a derogatory comment about the British crew member?

    6. Robert B.

      great video !

    7. ambemou elele

      C'est dommage ! Je ne comprends aucun mot anglais. Ce capitaine est bien gentil, mais je n'ai compris de ses explications. J'en suis très désolé. J'ai été un piètre apprenti en anglais, au lycée, comme en université, tout juste une UV de 5/10, voyez-vous ma pauvreté en anglais ?

    8. Yuna Luedtke

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    9. denny LUI

      The best cockpit introduction ever have over KGup! Thank you captain, you’ve really done a great job.👍🏻🙏🏻😉

    10. Cheryl Rose

      Your videos need to be cut down a little.

    11. Da vid

      That simultaneous pushback 👌 Also thanks for the detailed explanation of the FMC as a guy that is just starting in flight simming, that´s the hardest to find information. Nothing better than watching two routiniers going about their profession and switching from joke mode to full focus business in the split of a second.

    12. Mark Batarina

      Clearance: “read back is correct. Have a great flight.” Me: “ Thanks you too”

    13. honey 24

      The political population laparoscopically frighten because kenya concordantly clear through a accurate bakery. magnificent, flowery salt

    14. STRAIGHT UP.

      I like the take off, after that i close my eyes, i hate heights.

    15. Bobby Beta

      Route, route, route, and more route!

    16. Madeira Aviação Comercial

      I really liked the video!

    17. John Hlavacka

      Hm, interesting thing, three white men rule the airplane, rest of staff are colored peoples...

    18. Art Alagao

      The little pressure shortly crush because dad notablely cycle as a thoughtless decade. eminent, hurried yard

    19. Art Alagao

      The obtainable hair contemporaneously rain because cornet regularly clear toward a blue success. helpless, daffy cocoa

    20. Jason Krines

      I would love to see a Virgin Atlantic flight from JFK-MAN on the 747-400 😍😍

      1. Jason Krines

        @Michael John Dennis true but the departure over the coast of Long Island too don’t forget

      2. Michael John Dennis

        I would also love to see a “Shamrock” Aer Lingus flight from JFK to DUB, as the views of the Irish Coast are amazing on final approach to Dublin, especially when overflying Dublin City Centre

    21. stabiz85

      So sad...those flights are now history, and the crew lost their jobs.

    22. Susan Reschke

      I am remain in awe of pilots carrying hundreds of people in often times, horrible weather. A surgeon has one patient on the table , while pilots have hundreds. So much to know and weather to contend with. Usually a beautiful flight. Hats off to the pilots and cabin crew!!

    23. John Boz

      Barely any European staff at Norwegian. Shameless company always used cheap labor from South East Asia. Disgusted by their business practice.

    24. Gary English

      I lived in LA for 29 years, leaving in 1999 for my initial move to Europe ... even NOW I can see the smog hugging the Santa Monica Mountrains :-(

    25. Katia ZayATS

      Guys , move this model to cargo ... Good luck !

    26. vasily202

      Simply brilliant!

    27. michael barber

      superb viewing

    28. BBISHOP660


    29. Rob R Martin

      Hva vil skje med 787? Kommer den tilbake? TAK!

    30. Gillian Stewart

      What a job being able to see the sun rise at 38,000ft. Stunning.

    31. Fred Watson

      Why is the runway paint at Oslo yellow and not white ?

      1. Victor Silva


    32. J A S P E R . N O R T H

      Poor pilots. Never made good money either. Now on the market for at least 5 years.

      1. J A S P E R . N O R T H

        @*ᴥ* That’s a long time. Seniority is gold at the end of the day.

      2. *ᴥ*

        @J A S P E R . N O R T H True, but 5 years? I think 2 years are more realistic before everything is back on tracks. The vaccines are being rolled out, and people are just waiting to go travel again. But who knows.

      3. J A S P E R . N O R T H

        @*ᴥ* can’t find a job. Nobody’s hiring

      4. *ᴥ*

        Now on the market for at least 5 years? What do you mean by that?

    33. Flo Wo

      guy on the right seems to enjoy his snus for the approach briefing + landing :D

      1. K H

        Can't separate us scandis from our snus

    34. Donna Baardsen

      I was married and lived in Norway for years, know the customs, speak the language too. Unusual about this flight crew is, it appears, none are Norwegian; especially the cabin crew, who appear to be from Asia. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with hiring foreigners or Asians for that matter. However, I do wonder how Norwegians feel about this, the majority being foreign at a Norwegian airline. Especially if this is the rule rather than the exception, when there are those looking for jobs in their own country.

      1. miksta 88

        @brain-tree it's not that simple. Norwegian hired crew from thailand and other european countries to avoid paying higher salaries in Norway. Its all over the internet... The problem is not so much that its bad that foreigners get work, its the race to the bottom economic principle which increases income inequality in europe

      2. brain-tree

        How do you know these people are not Norwegian? Just by looking at them? It's not that simple in the world. If there were no Norwegian flight attendants on this flight, I'd think that they would probably run into some issues taking care of Norwegian speaking passengers. And even if they are all born in other countries, do you not think that the work they put into training and learning your language gives them the right to hold the job they've been given? And if not, then what is to be said of hard work? Are you really trying to say that just being born somewhere is reason enough to be hired over someone else? That's the definition of entitlement, and is actually one of the main reasons that people in well-off developed countries are losing their jobs to foreign workers. Being born into prosperity is a rare blessing. Success, for most people, comes from hard work. This might sound harsh, but if you would like a job as a flight attendant I would suggest starting your training now and getting off of the computer complaining about not having a job because some people LEGALLY entered your country who wanted one more than you.

      3. Donna Baardsen

        @karekarenz This is a Norwegian airline for sure. Glad you noticed the foreign cockpit and cabin crew as well. It is, as said, very strange. Because there must be more than a few Norwegians available for those jobs. Maybe the CEO's don't have to pay the foreign FA's as much as they would have to for Norwegians. Salaries are very high in Norway. There are Asians living in Norway. However, for an entire crew to be foreign except for one is very questionable.

      4. karekarenz

        Noticed straight away Donna, and was quite surprised. There was only one native Norwegian flight attendant. Always expect diverse nationalities of course, but didn't expect so many Asian crew on a Norwegian airline (if that is what they are - could have been from other countries close to Asia). NZ here.

    35. Mike Rupertus

      Congratulations on an excellent video

    36. ovidiuh252

      Isn't it difficult for a captain to pilot from the right seat (using the right hand for the yoke)?

    37. John Crazy

      love the Captain's impeccable English and command of the aircraft, inspires loads of confidence!!

      1. Donna Baardsen

        I lived in/was married in Norway for years, speak the language. I learned it very quickly due to asking Norwegians to NOT speak English to me. Most Scandinavians speak impeccable English, and many other languages as well. It's taught and required in school from the forth grade on up. It should be the same here.

    38. Per Persson

      Trevligt med svenska piloter!

    39. Paula Zemeckis

      Hello from St. Petersburg, Florida. What a lovely, professional flight and cabin crew. If it wasnt so @#$& cold I would love to check Norwegia out. Thanks for the vid!

      1. Henrik Michelsson

        Princess Elsa is keeping Nowegia cold and dark 🙊🙉🙈🐵 You live in paradise 😊 Here in northeastern Europe it’s cold, wet and dark 😢

    40. S T

      The last and most advanced Boeing I flew on was a 727. I don’t think there are any 727’s left in service.

      1. Just Planes

        A few cargo 727s flying around but really very very few unfortunately, was a great plane!

    41. 157294

      Why do you have the combiners extended during taxi?

    42. Malcolm Welsh

      This was one of my favorite videos. Loved the interaction the pilot showed with the instrumentation. Does this news mean there'll be no more videos I hope not. Please try to continue to show as many constructive videos on a different aircraft that Norwegian operate. Thank you.

      1. Just Planes

        Thank you Malcolm. There won't be any further new videos on Norwegian 787s. The airline will continue flying 737s so maybe one day we will visit them again in Europe.

    43. Mr.Bison

      As ex-cabincrew of Norwegian flying the 787 Big thank you for uploading this, will be saved and be will me forever

      1. Mr.Bison

        @Rob R Martin Takk for meldingen din

      2. Rob R Martin

        Mange takk for din tjeneste hos Norwegian! Lykke til!

      3. Shannon Lotarew

        @Mr.Bison Yeah, I read what was going on not too long ago. It's sad, and I hope they can make it through all of it. I also hope you get back into the cabin again with them or a different company. Wish you all the best.

      4. Mr.Bison

        @Shannon Lotarew They made us redundant. So not very positive to be in a rednose soon

      5. Mr.Bison

        @Just Planes Thank you guys. Big hug

    44. Vincent Mary

      Thanks to the captain for this thorough description of the cockpit. Really enjoyed the video.

      1. Just Planes

        Glad you enjoyed it Vincent, thanks

    45. trex

      Awesome video and well put together. Capt. and Flight crew gave a great tutorial on the flight deck. One of the best JP videos ever.

      1. Soham Mallik

        For best tutorial use the b787 fcom

      2. Just Planes

        Thank you very much Trex!

    46. Duke of Earl

      Bravo. A thoroughly enjoyable hour and three quarters.

      1. Duke of Earl

        @Just Planes I've always wanted to get a better idea of what's going on in the FMC. This was perfect. Nice photography, great pilots, top tier aeroplane, even the livery was quality.

      2. Just Planes

        Glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

    47. Plant Seed

      I don't know why Norwegian Air Shuttle paints their planes like penises.

    48. Wade Pilkington

      We want you back flying across the Atlantic

      1. Just Planes


    49. Laborchef Dr. Klenk

      1:30:15 Those are items you have to know. No excuses.

    50. Dani1996ITA

      Does anybody know why RWY markings were yellow at landing instead of white?

      1. Eirik Aronsen

        All runway markings are white now. They started the process back in 2015/16 I think

      2. Dani1996ITA

        @Just Planes That makes sense! thank you for the answer!

      3. Just Planes

        I believe it has something to do with snow in the winter, you'll see the yellow better...

    51. E G. WORLDWIDE

      Wonderful people

    52. Johannes Petersen

      So sad we wont see Norwegian 787 in the sky anymore! Best of luck to all the crews!

      1. Johannes Petersen

        @Frederik Better times will come! I Know how it feels, got sacked my self 3 years ago..

      2. Frederik

        Thanks! Former DY 787 FO here 😢 was the best job I could imagine

      3. Just Planes

        I agree!

    53. Charles Liebkatz

      Two Norwegian from LAX at the same time?

      1. Just Planes

        I think some days they had like 8 of them.... Oslo, Stockholm, London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid etc... Same at JFK

    54. Boeing Boeing Boeing

      im just shocked.. I mean how could they retire the 787

      1. sam28600

        Norwegian has been on the edge of bankrupcy for while now. This is due to 737 MAX problems, 787 engine trouble and the pandemic. Now they are scaling down to the roots, 737 traffic domestic Norway and the nordic, and in Europe. The 787s are beeing sold or returned to lessors. And a lot of employees has to go unfortunately.

      2. Just Planes

        Losing too much money on these routes. Long haul low cost is very tough!

    55. Rune Helland

      Takk 🤩👍

      1. Just Planes


    56. FredrikAleksander

      Will be missed :(

      1. Just Planes


    57. Shannon Lotarew

      I was not expecting this very long video, but I do love it. It has great pilots who I enjoy watching and hearing as they go over things. This Captain was very detailed about this 787. A beautiful plane inside and out. An amazing view outside these windows with a beautiful sunset and skies, terrain, and landscape. Awesome takeoff and wet landing that sounds amazing. I enjoy seeing that one plane land in front of you and the other takeoff in front of you. Meeting the cabin crew and listening as the Captain speaks to them was also great as well. Awesome video, I love it.

      1. Shannon Lotarew

        @Just Planes I don't mind a long video because I do enjoy seeing everything. I see now why you did it and I thank you for that.

      2. Just Planes

        Longer videos don't do well so we keep them 10-30mins in general however on this occasion with no more Norwegian 787 in the future I figured why not give our viewers a full flight so they get a better idea of what we show in our films. Glad you enjoyed it Shannon, thanks

    58. david cooley

      First time on YT a pilot has explained in detail all the computer input window box (the one next to throttle.) Not sure what pilots call it but it has comm, nav, fuel, etc data. This Captain has by far the best ,well explained video on YT and there are many.

      1. Just Planes

        Glad you enjoyed the complete presentation. In all honesty we have many of those on our videos but we don't put them on You Tube as our viewers don't hang around long enough to watch them :) Shorter videos do well, longer ones do not.

    59. sampath kumar


    60. Ken Buckley

      Check, check, double check, check...how to go. Top dog professionalism. I'll content myself with just taking a comfortable seat and leave the driving to you.

      1. Just Planes

        hahaha very true Ken :)

    61. chris jones

      Thanks Very Informative. ;)

      1. Just Planes

        Very welcome Chris

    62. Boeing Lover


      1. Just Planes

        Thank you

    63. EET FUK

      I love planes ! ✈️

    64. CG Jason

      I remember the call sign was rednose not northshuttle

      1. Just Planes

        They have several call signs... Nor Shuttle is the main one, Nortrans is for Norwegian International, Rednose is for Norwegian Air UK

      2. Truqix14

        "Rednose" was the callsign for flights from/to the UK.

    65. lakesideview

      Excellent production and explanation of the flight controls. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Just Planes

        Thank you!

    66. Antonio Barata

      TOP :)

      1. Just Planes

        Thank you

    67. Emil Hallweg

      How do you calculate Fuel cost in Euro or Dollars

    68. Rob Maza

      Why do they say ' 80' holding while increasing speed???

      1. AviOnions

        I think that they said '380 holding', as in the China Southern A380 that was holding short of their runway after landing on the parallel runway, if it wasn't holding they would've aborted the takeoff, so they said that to make sure they don't have to stop before they hit V1.

      2. Dimmitt Perkins

        It's a FMA callout. Basically the HOLD FMA or however its annotated on the 787 means that the auto throttles won't move the trust levers..the pilot can adjust them manually but the auto throttles are going to "hold" whatever position they're set at

    69. Jon Mckee

      Thanks for sharing us FREE ! You are the best Just Planes.

      1. Just Planes

        Glad you enjoyed it Jon, thanks

    70. Azzy

      This Captain is very thorough explaining the cockpit of a 787 Dreamliner. Great job to everyone at Just Planes...

      1. Just Planes

        Thank you and glad you enjoyed the video and explanations!

    71. roberto riolfi

      Fly and fly ... in this wonderful world !! Thanks!!

    72. ERIK SAGER

      I have always taken SAS to OSLO. Sometime I hope I can take Norwegian.

      1. ERIK SAGER

        @Einar Bolstad I understand.

      2. Einar Bolstad

        @ERIK SAGER Stopping longhaul is to *avoid* the airline failing.

      3. Kurt B

        One to Oslo one to Stockholm...

      4. ERIK SAGER

        @Frangus I'm sorry to see the airline fail.

      5. Andre Chelle

        @Frangus :/ sad

    73. Hk416

      No more dreamliner...i feel sad for tampax airways....

      1. AviOnions

        @navelpicker Ohhhhhhh I get it now ;) I'm quite stupid sometimes

      2. navelpicker

        @AviOnions If you don't know now, you will later.

      3. AviOnions

        @Hk416 What do you mean by 'tampax airways'?

    74. rm brooklyn

      Man am I going to miss flying Norwegian across the pond. Such good times.

      1. Just Planes

        Very true!

      2. navelpicker

        @ERIK SAGER Downsizing. Reset business model. Scandinavian & European routes only.

      3. ERIK SAGER

        @Pilot.Lucas| Lucas Muller Are they getting new planes. Or is the airline finished.

      4. Pilot.Lucas| Lucas Muller

        @ERIK SAGER Norwegian stopped 787 flights

      5. ERIK SAGER

        Why can't you continue to fly Norwegian.

    75. Wendy Raymond

      Such a fantastic video ..fascinating ..love to sit in that cockpit thanku so much love an god bless x

      1. Just Planes

        Thanks very much Wendy!

    76. Steven Fearind

      Okay now that we all know how to fly a plane from the cockpit, I like to see more of planes taking off and landing from the outside not from the cockpit

      1. Steven Fearind

        @Just Planes Yes I go over to You Tube and see all I want

      2. Just Planes

        Then you're on the wrong channel Steve... we have a channel just for takeoffs and landings kgup.info Action

    77. Bengt Lindqvist

      Great thank you. Being a novice, I must admit that MS Windows is more complicated and with terrible interface

      1. Just Planes

        Very welcome Bengt

    78. Richard Shiggins

      Excellent video and very well explained . Very sorry to hear that Norwegian shall not be on the Atlantic routes for the foreseeable future . Hopefully back very soon .

      1. Just Planes

        Thank you Richard and I agree, hopefully they will be back some day!

    79. 100AndyGC

      Excelente vuelo.

      1. Just Planes

        Thank you

    80. Aj Dijk Van

      JP.....Hello again! Such an enthousiastic person this Captain is! Great presentation......Respect! Amazing cockpit filming JP..... Loved it.....have a great new week;) lovely greetings....Betsy.

      1. Aj Dijk Van

        @Just Planes ......You're Welcome JP!......Betsy.

      2. Just Planes

        Thanks very much Betsy

    81. At Ch

      RIP NLH :/

    82. nadhj

      Bon voyage, captain and crew!

    83. شريف عمر

      Thx 🙏🏽

      1. Just Planes


    84. Радмир Шигапов


      1. Just Planes


    85. Scott Heng

      Ah the famous CACTUS callsign... a clue this was filmed before 08APR15, 10AUG14 to be exact (shown on their displays).

    86. Fernando Costa de Sá

      Hello. Captain and team, All the best tô everybody.

    87. Emmanuel Mshana

      All the best

    88. Olga


    89. Benjamin Nargetey Oyinka


      1. Just Planes


    90. Dannar

      Есть русские 🇷🇺

      1. игрок android


      2. dan


    91. Lucas

      FULL flight? Nice.

      1. EET FUK

        @Lucien Postle I could skip through it

      2. Lucas

        @Lucien Postle ?

      3. Lucien Postle

        Would you rather sit and watch 9 hours of cruise? Or everything around that