NLE Choppa - Moonlight feat. Big Sean (Official Music Video)


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    1. Young Ruun

    2. Ancira Reyes Reyes

      hi choppa im Alvin all of us just want is for you to take all the negative thing in you all of us are here for you we all support you know I want to be a singer like you bc you insparored me to your a legend we all love you I would want to make a music with you I wish the best for you stay safe

    3. Certified_ Alym

      This song 🔥🔥🔥

    4. Purushotham b

      This song is so underrated. Deserves a billion views

    5. Keisahn Bryan


    6. Sidiq ahmed


    7. Cameron Montgomery

      bruh I remember when he was 16 and making music, and I'm still here. He has always had good music

    8. Death king

      God bless you

    9. Dede Daniels

      god bless you all

    10. WolfyDoffy

      This shit fire

    11. Jase Webb

      Bro I love this song and you changed so much it’s actually a good thing

    12. Hellboy 999


    13. Victor Morari

      u copied x

    14. Fish night Xvi

      Who still listing to this song forever -2021

    15. Gabriel Helmer


    16. pepsi man

      nle choppa is the goatest rapper in the world no cap

    17. Tayza.

      This is a masterpiece

    18. Vanzzzo


    19. Turkey XD

      "I changed my ways my future brighter it was scary Micheal Myers"

    20. KuRiNi HaTaKe

      Corpse bride vibes at the beginning song dope as well👌🏽✊🏽🙏🏽

    21. JJ WRLD

      He better than big sean

    22. Rachel Green

      Nle really an example of what it looks like when you find peace within yourself.

    23. Nizam Ahmad Babajo

      BIG SEAN 🔥

    24. Tiffany Brown

      NLE really making me proud. This young man changed so much

    25. Gavin Trammell

      this song is fire 🔥🔥🔥

    26. Grady O'Malley

      This song is the best ever

    27. Keith Lunsford

      i can't what till nle put lil wayne get on one of his song i bet it gone be hard

    28. ElMRNelson

      When an featuring with 6ix9ine?

    29. David cheda

      go back to ur old way of music u sound werid

    30. Gaming with Reef Yt

      Pressure 🔥🔥🔥🔥😭🆙 this is so clean nice work

    31. くまレオ


    32. Aariz Asif

      How many people have named their song moonlight?

    33. Leshawn Doss


    34. killua

      Me: skips school to listen me going back blasting this

      1. killua

        @trippie the king redd I haven't

      2. trippie the king redd

        Don't skip school trust me

    35. Jaden Wedlow

      this was one of your best songs my other is walk em down

    36. trymaim king off roblox

      rip xxxtentacion

    37. trymaim king off roblox

      but litttt!!!!!!!!

    38. trymaim king off roblox

      hey xxxtentacion

    39. Ethan Struman

      Love both of these verses

    40. Clark Raydark

      Check My Profile I’m From Africa Mozambique 🇲🇿

    41. lIquid Dr1p

      depressed 13 year olds be like this is not x

      1. Red Sus

        @Gaviin B lol 😂 he probably doesn’t even know😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Gaviin B


    42. maika ti

      broo i want old nle

    43. RocketLewis 1001

      Man bring back the old NLE that was so hype but the song is fucking 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. RocketLewis 1001

        @Turkey XD Ik but we miss the hyper NLE

      2. Turkey XD

        you cant change nles life choices

    44. Robin Decroo

      Fireeeee 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏽

    45. Zoe Kerslake

      Yyyyeeeessss all the way from UK 9am starting my day 😘😊

    46. ShadeSoRaw

      "It seems like 2 wrongs don't make a right, but u gone tell a lie so u don't hurt my feelings right? I'm GanGsta, truth don't hurt me it heals me, but thank you... I'm gone make sure y'all feel me"

    47. AyZedEeEeZed

      💙💙💜💜 mad love for choppa

    48. Almighty King

      Straight fire 🔥

    49. RJ Rock


    50. Kylah Kiutukcief

      NLE choppa is cool 😎 and good singer 🎶 🎧 🎶 🎵

    51. KJ On The Beat

    52. jrlit gotgame

      Dis a whole mood 💯

    53. Thatkiddjuve 320

      Thug nigga we trapin the moonlight 😎🙃

    54. Thatkiddjuve 320

      Listen it’s close to don’t need Time when he said it he said it seems like the the gunslight the the sun light but it better so yessir

    55. Bagas Egi Wijaya


    56. Shiela Gire

      Shotta flow 5 and 1 is my favorite this is fire

    57. fresh the best


    58. Julian Albersmeier

      Why is this Song so fuc*ing underrated??

      1. South _07

        Ong Bc ppl haters

      2. AMO 888

        I wonder if it’s the cover art cause the album way harder than it looks IDK maybe the deluxe will have real NLE CHOPPA PICTURES then people WILL FEEL IT

      3. Michał Burnatowski

        @Julian Albersmeier yessir

      4. Julian Albersmeier

        Yes i think thats his Best Album

      5. Michał Burnatowski

        as a whole album unfortunetly :(

    59. Drake Gomez


      1. Kimberly Arevalo

        shut up

    60. Biel Delas

      Algum brasileiro aq? ?

    61. Starplayz Bg

      It's crazy how he changed in 1 year

    62. LiFeLeSss_Knight

      Now there’s for sure too many songs called moonlight

      1. Kimberly Arevalo


    63. Frederic Reid


    64. Gavin Trammell


    65. Kitty Lillian

      NLE choppa go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them other trappers who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

    66. Traveyion Hernandez

      Think About It

    67. Traveyion Hernandez

      Industry Plant You A Lit Rapper But These People Wont Fall For You

    68. Abigail Laurance

      I typed in fire into the key board and the next thing that comes up is a tree 😂😂

    69. Traveyion Hernandez

      Hey Bryshere Gray

    70. Rubenn Dean Paul Alws

      Boy, I'm your fan! You are the man! I like all your friend videos from afar! Although you don't value your fans, I'm your non-secret admirer! Follow me also on my youtube channel. My name is: Rubenn Dean Paul Alws "Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro" Brazil!

    71. Yng_ Mali

      Man did top shotta right up to the Mo🎑nlight. 🔥🔥

    72. Iemon El-Amin

      sad that pop smoke had to go out without meeting this god this would have been a good duo nle and smoke

    73. Iemon El-Amin

      this is gods music

    74. Iemon El-Amin

      fire is the only thing i can say

    75. Tonya Blanchett

      I love this eighteen-year-old

    76. JOOT BEATS

      hmmm ok

    77. Josh u and my tea


    78. Martin Fabbah

      Spiritual Choppa is sooooo Underreated

    79. MATTY BUM


    80. Anthony Cote

      rap music

    81. Christopher Phillips-Devono

      Can he actually play the piano

    82. Sean Hawkins

      Big Sean's verse is so 🔥🔥🔥

    83. Francisco vazquez

      dude this song slaps... nle choppa.. THE GOAT

    84. Hariharan Ganesh Ramani

      Goddammmmmmmmmmm this shit fire!!!!!!!!

    85. Dilan Sarup

      Choppa is a rapper who never sold his soul instead he saw god in his soul

    86. music and chill

    87. Fredlaw

      yo restock the hoodie

    88. Baffour Billionz

      Honestly choppa got some good music out here!!

    89. owe sic six

      There's nothing like nle choppa new flow

    90. Chris so smooth

      What's wrong with the audio bro you recorded this on the phone or something 🤣

    91. kingsley kin

      old nle back

    92. CeazeOfficial

      Wtf is big chopp talking bout

    93. NLE Chopppa

      Fuck fredo bang you heard me!!!

    94. NLE Chopppa

      Aye bro back to the violence you're already 18 big bro you know stop fw fredo mane join nba gang

    95. Nirzs xtry

      listening under the moonlight

    96. Sebastian pokemon


    97. Sebastian pokemon

      Shadow banned? Went from 4.8 mill now 1.6

    98. Glenroy Hatton


    99. Kwasi Atiba

      Sean skilled this

    100. Alyssia Brookins