Michael Bisping - My Destiny

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    From his early days growing up in Manchester, to his first professional fight, to his ten year battle to become UFC world champion, we speak to all the key figures in his life who who have influenced him over the years - his family and friends, coaches trainers and fighters all of whom have contributed to the moulding of the career of the UK's first UFC Champion.

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    1. TAN

      A tale for the ages

    2. mike scott


    3. Kota Lz

      44:04 his trainer in the back yelling left hook is gold 😂

    4. Kota Lz

      24:36 amd this is where the podcast started

    5. Lion Alexander

      Not just UK the world.

    6. Connor Terry

      Michaels the definition of a bullies bully

    7. The Jabber Of Jobbies


    8. William Maisonave

      I love that he said don't come in to overconfident it only takes one. That's so true for any fighter large or small doesn't matter if they're better than you technically or whatever it only takes one good clean shot and anybody is susceptible. The beauty is that bisping told Rocco this and call him with that left hook...nighty night

    9. Aaron John

      He lost that fight with Anderson Silva.

    10. Free Doobies

      TRT belfort make one of the greatest fighters go blind, that’s fucked up

    11. Yusif Mammadli

      Enjoyed every minute of this video! Well done Mike what an outstanding story!

    12. Trebor

      Brought a tear to my eyes, 😢 Respect Micheal Bisping 🥊😡🥊

    13. Eric Lock

      I come back and watch this once a year, every year. The Count is just pure determination and heart... And a family guy. Rock on Bisping!

    14. KNEDITS

      This is the best documentary I have ever watched .

    15. Big Tuss


    16. T Stix

      Great video!

    17. Louis Hart

      What a fucking legend! Thank you UFC for bringing these exceptional humans to light.

    18. george elder

      Definition of a Champion - so inspiring! Wonderful documentary!

    19. Nadjibollah Khan

      Real fighter good guy love to see his destiny 💕

    20. bjoorne13

      6:00 Even a short uppercut in almost slowmotion sends man flying

    21. Julie Stolz

      notice how he said brought a tear to my EYE? and not Eyes lol

    22. TokkieMonster

      Fucking legend!

    23. Osvaldo Topo

      Are you intoxicated by this documentary ?

    24. salvo

      Great guy. Can be your neighbour.

    25. Stephen Lamley

      Makes me proud to be english and he achieved all that with one eye legend

    26. Curtis Hill

      America's favorite Brit💯💯💯

    27. alessio lopes

      Absolutely one of the greatest.

    28. Juanjo Sound

      Bisping aged like a fine wine

    29. Drnknmnky

      the real BMF

    30. Mohd Hairudin

      Such an inspiration... Hall of Fame 🔥🔥🔥

    31. Jeffrey Johnson

      im not crying you're crying......

    32. Tank1

      FFS.. BISPING IS A WORLD WIDE GREATEST, fuck UK,,, its like Chinese athletes, always gotta ADD great chinese athelete.. great british athelete.... he is one of the greatest athelete fighters ever world wide.. one of the greatest WORLDWIDE....

    33. Paddy Smyth

      Bisping is a fooking machine 🍀

    34. Tank1

      it was fate.. EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN LIFE if you believe and fix yourself. what we percieve as negative God the universe will use to GLORIFY YOU,, losing an eye negtaive bad thing right???? but why?? now people are mind blown he became champ with one eye... but the better people should look even further and say... WOW this guy never gave up with one eye.. retrianed himself. and ACTUALLY BECAME A BETTER FIGHTER AND ABETTER MAN...... that is when FATE and destiny will happen.. when you cut out the bullshit, and humble yourself and just DO IT.. im so happy for the guy and also inspired by this man.. nothing short of incredible. honestly cant praise him enough, and you can see from his WIFE...and kids what a good man he is.. LEGEND.. praise him anymore ill end up sucking him off, but listen... its about time we give credit where credit is due and stop trying build ourselves up by putting others down... bisping is an inspiration and it inspires me to be like that.. to overcome anything and come out the other end a better improved version...

    35. Tank1

      the REAL BMF use to hate him... but what a guy...

    36. Sug S

      Not being rude but is he legally allowed to drive?

    37. Spitfire1940

      Brits are warriors 🇬🇧❤️

    38. rci kaal

      Michael Bisping was a good fighter but he did not beat Anderson Silva he lost period. He should not have that name on his record because he lost then lied that he was illegally kneed. That is nonsense, if he was illegally kneed Anderson Silva would've been disqualified. Anderson Silva was robbed by a band of robbers.

    39. Shirlley almeida


    40. Stiles C

      hes an amazing fighter as well as seeing his support from wife and family is truly amazing!! im so glad he won the ufc belt!!

    41. Chris Ogden

      Do Bisbing and Tyson Fury have the same dad? 😂😂

    42. AdamBombDon


    43. Rev. Richie Rogers

      New respect for The Count after watching this. The guy was not to be denied the belt.

    44. Marty Mcfly

      nobody has ducked anyone like bisping ducked romero

    45. No one

      They really painted Luke as the vilain LOOOOL 39:24

      1. kye tilley

        I mean he kinda is

    46. The Scentleman

      TRT Vitor should NEVER have been in that fight and Bisping should still have two eyes. Bisping is the best of the best.

    47. V I C H

      I didn’t Bispings coach was Jesse from Breaking Bad “bitch”

    48. Andi

      Dude this got me emotional af

    49. patrick pilkington

      My Dawg! My people.

    50. Joe Bordeaux

      I never knew about Bisping, i am a fan

    51. Dave Scott

      I was never a Bisping fan, until he the 2nd Cockhold fight...he made my dreams come true that night! This was a great documentary, it has left me with a lot more respect for him and certainly his journey!

    52. Arnie Spencer

      How does he get cleared to fight with one 👁?

    53. J F

      One of the best fighter documentaries ever, should be mandatory viewing for all!

    54. Dane Life After Hell

      Typical comment from English folks to Americans .. " You don't understand our sense of humor " . I understand several languages and speak a few . I get it and btw Black Sabbath and Judas Priest put Birmingham on the map. The NWOBHM changed music forever . Anyway I digress.

    55. SweetScientist Ed

      After he retired and I started doing more research on bisping...my respect for him sky rocketed...he only has a few loses...under what...10? And tons of wins...just about everyone he fought he beat. The guy knows WTF he is doing in there...he doesn't get the respect he deserves. A true champion. He fought for one thing...to be the ufc champ one day...and accomplished just that...congrats and I'm happy for bisping...I also starting to like his commentary...Dom and him make me laugh all the Damn time...same as Joe and dc.

    56. izzy 608

      U just beat Anderson Silva..... The training there everything uve learned since u were at So go get ur belt Dope ass coach no cap

    57. northtacomaninja

      i watched his whole ufc career. a blue collar work ethic. thats a rocky story

    58. Rosco Pecouletrane

      This is one of the best documentaries ever loved it well done

    59. UpTheLev

      I didn’t click this, auto play pulled it up.. Didn’t realize it was 50 mins long cuz it was so good it felt like 5 mins long.

    60. Dean Thurman

      No one talks about this but I will, mike did it with one eye, so impressive

      1. Dean Thurman

        @Liam Mitchell everyone tAlk about it stuuuuupppid, keyboard warriors

      2. Liam Mitchell

        Everyone talks about it stupid

    61. Joe Ybarra

      Bisping may have been a dick but he never punched old people out of the octagon.

    62. Nate Caron

      what a story. holy shit.

    63. Sean John

      I love this documentary of Michael bisping, I learned so much of him, I'm a great fan of him, may God blessed you in all of your endeavors.

    64. Alex T

      One eyed Willy is heroic.

    65. Meren Meren

      Op op Bisping!!! Whatever he does makes me happy

    66. Mike Derby

      And let's not forget when Michael was fighting his way to the top like a bad ass,all them fights that he lost could have got him title shot,everyone but rockhold was on peds!!!! Michaels body never looked like a superhero through his whole career!!! And if anyone claims he was ever on peds they must know nothing about them and how they work!!! Give this man respect that he deserves!! And just to say this bisping incase u ever read this,I know u are very proud of England pride and rightfully so it's your home country,but dont think for one second how many Americans were rooting for u and u are some of America's favorite fighter!!!!!

    67. Rockhound

      This is the evidence, awesome!!!!! If you believe in your self, theyre no limits in life!!! NEVER BACK DOWN, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

    68. Jake Pacheco

      “Better wrestling, better jiu jitsu, better boxing, better kick boxing. I’m stronger and better looking. What the fuck is he gonna do?”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    69. Nicki

      Bisping is a legend, a 1/1

    70. Only 4 U

      3:47 covid cough

    71. Abdou Wahab

      77kilo amliha هيا نفعلها

    72. Vince Vm

      Respect from Belgium Michael

    73. C Kreuzer

      Great doco!! I have a new found respect for Bisping 👍🏼

    74. Jeffrey Gatamngin

      Never really liked the guy, love to watch him fight or should I say see him lose. But damn! Sometimes you just don’t understand what people go through in life, you just see results and automatically hate and paint a picture not knowing the sacrifice, hard work, tears and literally blood put in.Respect Mike!!!

    75. fyvp007

      You know you’re special if you get Dana white sentimental...awesome and inspiring story!

    76. Reece

      this video does my fucking head in i like michael bisping but i dont like the fact this video autoplays on youtube almost every day of my life

    77. Jc Inocian

      I have to admit this made me tear uo a bit...

    78. Spenser Swain

      Someone that doesnt have an agenda all though it may not be the best for paydays and just will fight whoever whenever will always be the true warriors of the sport

    79. hosni baraguir

      Probably the most deserving UFC champion.

    80. Jake Ryzo

      That was AWESOME! What a legend.



    82. Chronicles of Tahsin

      Michael is not a Goat but mind you he is the perfect definition of a fighter who refuse to accept defeat. Damn even in that GSP fight, he fought like a monster.

    83. Dan

      One of the most poetic fighters in MMA history....

    84. TVY

      What a true champion. Was an honor to watch him in the UFC and see a true champion rise through battles.

    85. Day Trade Reação

      👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🇧🇷

    86. jodyjackson51

      Bisping is a stud but in fairness Matt Hamill was dominant on the Ultimate Fighter that year and was the favorite to win until he got injured.

    87. Benjamin ZAOUI

      This never gets old. It's so moving. It really humanizes a man in BISPING who came across as abbrasive for much of his career. What a story!

    88. kendra campbell

      Knew he would go far after watching him on tuf.

    89. Crooked Nose

      Mrs Bisping is 🔥🔥

    90. Juan Lopez

      The four frail surgeon alternately kick because rowboat provisionally march excluding a illegal relative. hushed, godly grandfather

    91. diazepaam

      And after all these years we find out he did it without an eye.

    92. Rhod Williams

      Are we going to ignore the bit where Bisping has out run that exhausted looking German Shepard ? 😂

    93. Chris Watson

      Conceive, believe, achieve....Yup Luke you were right!!

    94. Winged Hussar

      How much more incredible it all looks now when we all know he actually did not fought with eye injury but just with one eye.

    95. Jimmy Gan

      The Count literally fought through roll of murderers, Henderson, TRT Vitor, he probably knows they onto something too. But I never heard him using that as excuse. Legend forever.

    96. Jimmy Gan

      Bisping a UK national Treasure.

    97. Jimmy Gan

      One Eye Legend

    98. RamCoRe


    99. cameron gryphon

      Wasnt the biggest bisping fan mostly thru ignorance i must admit but oh my god how my opinion has changed his podcast is number 1and i have been getting into it and now after being enlightened HOLY FUCK WHAT A TRUE LEGEND

    100. Jeffrey Wu

      If bisping lost to luke twice, then he would've just became another chael sonnen... it truly is fate