Fishing Hacks: The BEST Crankbait Colors (EXPLAINED)

Wheeler Fishing

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    What color crankbait to throw and why! I spill the beans on some of the reasons I throw the color that I do when fishing a crank bait. We all know that crank baits catch fish all year long but sometimes it can be confusing selecting the right color.
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      i love binge watching these videos, when i have pretournament anxiety, big bassmaster open here in 2.5 weeks from now ,,,,,,,I CANT WAIT!!

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    4. Pat Sanders

      Very informative, detailed video. Much better than other videos of guys just chunking and reeling. Keep up the good work.

    5. Skout Outdoors

      By no means am I giving hate. But the editing in the video seems sloppy or rushed. Not just in this video but I noticed today in the first travel vlog for 2020. Only giving constructive criticism sir. Please keep pumping out the content though! 🛎🛎

    6. East Tn. Fishing Dude

      Everytime I watch one of your videos I learn so much. Thanks for sharing.

    7. BassGeek

      I keep it to a simple 5 colors. Love the tip on top view vs side or bottom view.

    8. Greg Williams

      Damn he is a pro.......sales man

    9. John Robinson

      What was the crank with the Purple on the top?

    10. J. S. Riggs

      Ok, watched video on crainkbait and got a few ideas. What about lip size? Lakes I fish are generally 6' or less with a few exceptions down to about 12'.

    11. Haha

      What lure is that?

    12. Michael Jackson

      Great tip about the tips and backs of baits and how the bass are biting the bait

    13. Michael Jackson

      Man wish I had all those choices to decide between!

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      Awesome info, ready for this weather to break.

    18. Mark Blackstad

      Any more color tips for bluegill dominated waters (other than bluegill). I heard smash mentioned. I have had decent success with hot mustard and parrot but am open to other suggestions?!

    19. Billy Joe

      I love cranking

    20. TheMannyduckslayer

      Great tips! I have an all black crank bait, what would be the best conditions to throw it?

    21. The Watcher

      It's not rocket scientist you don't need to buy every color in the local Bass Pro Shops find out the lake you're fishing what are the fish feeding on and adapt to that color... in my neck of woods gizzard, threadfin shad, white bass, bluegill, those are the colors I stick to. When I was young I'd buy every color that came out😂

    22. Krealot

      Since Mr Wheeler is a bass angler, these tips "must" apply to bass only correct? We do not have that type of fish here in Sweden so that is anoying :P. Still, good information about how to look at it.

    23. Patrick Davis

      Thanks for the information really helps a lot keep these types of videos coming. I would enjoy a whole series of these with you breaking down each type of baits how you decide what color to throw and when.

    24. Hop Along Johnny

      This guy is everywhere when explaining this 😝

    25. All Botello Outdoors

      Great video !!! Some good insight to crank bait colors👍🏽

    26. PG Outdoors

      Thanks Jacob... I am now starting to tournament fish and the more tips the better off I’ll be. 👍🏻

    27. Ramir Maldepena

      I know you fish in NIckajack lake, or downtown chattanooga. based on your experience, what color do you recommend for that particular area?

    28. Schmidty

      Awesome video! I love these videos man! I learn so much from them. I'd love to have one of your DT-6's signed by you to put in my fishing room.😎 🎣

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      My question is do jerk sits work only in winter time or do they work all year long? Sorry it’s not crankbait related lol

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      I had to keep stopping and starting the video lol to write everything down. What type of lures are the shad

      1. Joe Morris

        @Smallmouth Jedi thank you so much I thought that I was thinking maybe yazery I always misspelled the company name I just started buy some

      2. Smallmouth Jedi

        Joe Morris all of the crank baits he showed were Rapala DT6 or DT10 models. I love that brown/chartreuse DT6 for smallmouth!

    33. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      Good info but still pretty broad. Thanks for sharing. 👊

    34. Greg Thomas

      Thanks for the information. What line are you using on a crank bait like the DT6. I have heard all different opinions.

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      God has blessed you well young man! Keep up the hard work. I now know the work that goes in to these videos. It ain't easy. Keep up the top notch videos. God bless bud

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      Jacob do you ever throw “old school” and if so typically what conditions?

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      Awesome video on different types of lures and the tips and tricks Jacob, thanks for dropping some knowledge from your own experience. Best of luck to you this year! 🤙

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      Great video J-Wheels 💯💯 hope yo see you in Indiana this Year. Would like to fish with you. #HometownGuy 💯💯

    41. Joseph Shew

      Great video. Now, since you mentioned it, why don't you see if you can get Rapala to start making the Purple Olive Craw in the DT series again. Or if you have a few extra send'em my way, lol.

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      yes, that contrast might be the most important at times (other times, LESS contrast), given that studies show bass can only see red and green:

    48. Jim Saelee

      Great tips sir! Thank you!!!

    49. Jeremiah LBFG

      Question do they have something that shows people the difference in color waters and I fish this one lake here in my town and it's dirty and one side of the lake is super clean like drinking water but it not that deep I call it the worm and jig area but I see them jumping but I never get any bites there

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      I got one question how the heck y'all grab the m crank bait like the hooks ant Sharp I see people grab them like they have no hooks

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