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    1. Xavi Videos

      Where is the bunny

    2. Gaming Ting

      Yo yo yo

    3. Carlos Reyes.

      I was here when you got 666k

    4. Hiro

      What town hall is available for pets is it only for town hall 14?

    5. Francisco Morada

      Can I get a link of that

    6. mikea hiooi


    7. Bogart Boogle

      next update airwall

    8. Prince

      *(Futuristic Jungle Theme)*

      1. mikea hiooi

        I can’t believe exbows don’t have an upgrade?

    9. GameDevEddy69

      Woah this is insane

    10. spencer layne

      You act and talk like a kid. You cant be that stoked over an update man? Seriously? Like wow you my god guys I cant believe it. Like a ten year old

    11. Sailor Gaming

      You do know the royal champ isnt new right?

    12. David Gutierrez

      They should make it like day and night so that we can see the different glows on the next buildings and stuff

    13. 「EVX」只 LUCK

      Me who lost my th 11 and started with th7:🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    14. pumpalies

      Soon the the villages will need to be bigger to fit everything 😳😳😳😳🤯🤯🤯🤯

    15. Aditya Prasad

      The people at 100% crying soo hard and give they’re life on wall.

    16. Petar Durlich

      what is mod name can i dowland it?

    17. Абай Жакыбалиев


    18. Esteban T.

      whens the update!

    19. V01dz ._.

      Is this like patrick day thing?

    20. Lauren Matthews

      Looks sick

    21. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here......

    22. Daniel Gee

      Is it out???

    23. EPIK

      Totally unrelated but what If clash heroes has clans where u could wage war on another clan

    24. Gämër.

      I can’t believe exbows don’t have an upgrade?

    25. Joely The Nighthawk

      When does it come out

    26. 4shler

      Finally. I have been patiently waiting for this

    27. Wood

      Jungle Hall :S hmmm

    28. MadOrange0P

      I love the way he still calls the royal champion the “new hero” even though we’ve had it for over a year. 😂

    29. Connor Cobern

      bro I was so close to maxing out too

    30. Caleb Brown

      this is my first beaker video in about a year, and its so cool to see him stay the same throughout it all

    31. Ken Nguyen

      I wanted green now but I thought that it win't happen but 2021 did some crazy stuff

    32. murk elshout

      Milo zwaar underrated

    33. CrystalXality

      The first look of townhall 14 begins in 3, 2, 1, *ad.*

    34. Gilbert Magallon Jr.


    35. Ryan Bowman

      Gives me jungle vibes

    36. Piano DNA - James

      I came back after a year of a break from Supercell games And when Beaker said: Lulu AND MELLIE I’m like: Wait... WHAT

    37. Drewski48

      Am I the only one who thinks the green looks gross, I wish they just went with a nice black color

    38. Edvard Andersson

      Is it just me but that looks lower kvl than town hall 14 lol

    39. yassin yassini

      Has this clash of clans been hacked??

    40. Melon Boy

      I get temple run vibes

    41. Rutvik Patel

      These walls kinda look like ass

    42. Sathya Priyan

      Yellow and greeny ❤️❤️

    43. I LMAO

      The wall in the greens are actually melted gems thats why its expensive

    44. I LMAO


    45. Jack Toler

      when this come out

    46. VT_ Matthew

      What beak didn't know is that the builders have levels from what I've seen

    47. Legendary Beast

      Check the builder hut

    48. Westie Gamer Kid

      I think beaker lab would agree that they need builder hall 10!!

    49. Hunter Hewett

      compared to what clash has made this is pretty bad

    50. TriLy trooper

      This is so epic

    51. AZE FF

      Thanks for 312😙 330 karvado guys❤❤❤

    52. ČøČ Attacks -XmanX Clan

      Your content is what gave me the incentive to make the channel ... Thank you so much ☺️

    53. Catherine Cauthon


    54. John Kidd

      I stopped playing coc because it’s now boring and none of my friends play anymore so even more boring

    55. baconbytes

      Ok th 14 is here where is the 15 ughhh that's Soo scummy no 15 , one minute after 14 ugh smh Ples no serious

    56. CrazyChaosMadman 17

      It’s funny Beak still calls the champion “new hero”

    57. Brandon Aumiller

      The Town Hall, new builder huts, cannons and walls look absolutely stunning and have big Inca Temple vibes. The infernos, scatter shots, and storages just kinda look like they put green paint on them and didn’t do much with the jungle themed, kinda sad about that

    58. Irvin Castro

      lmfao th14 while Im still th11 gave up mid way kuz if how buildings take too upgrade 14 days ? Wtf

    59. Zedrick Canopin

      I think there will be A pet In th14 😍 Im excited

    60. brightcake 509

      WHAT... I quit playing for a week and they do this... OK IM BACK BOYS

    61. Luca Hu

      There’s a strange thing why is town hall level 14 and wall level 15???

    62. Luca Hu

      Maybe clash of clans wants to go into th20 lol

    63. Jds math, games, and more

      Isn’t the town hall 14 update happening tomorrow? Aka April 10th?


      This TH actually looks good. I thought TH13 looked worse than TH12.

    65. Nick Van Dyck

      I feel like a dart goblin tower would be cool with the th14 looks

    66. Dada khmer


    67. Teofista Dumaya

      It's so amazing i can't wait to play it...😍😍😍

    68. Hákon Hugi Andersen

      Beaker:3 2 1 KGup: Ad

    69. SIL3NT YT

      They should down the time to upgrade they wanna make new TH

    70. Lizard Saver

      You should play clash royal

    71. Lizard Saver

      I NEED IT

    72. Lizard Saver

      IT DROPS POSEN!!!!!

    73. Frank elpa de Jesus

      damnnn this game still on? i though its dead.

    74. Jb Malino

      What is the name of app of her coc? I want to reach 14

    75. Trishay raj gupta

      Hey u play brawl stars also

    76. wilter jericho labajo maru

      You are advance server!

    77. Jim Vm

      Let’s goooo

    78. Nathan Ho Vlogs

      The reflective methane angiographically reduce because peen paradoxically dislike excluding a overt sandra. mellow, womanly interactive

    79. Nigga Poop Crankers 1

      they could've added a goblin hero

    80. Mika B

      When comes te Update?

    81. Stylah

      Not a big fan of how this townhall looks

    82. Japheth Anasco

      The next in TH 15 will be looks like a desert theme

    83. Dimorix

      I’m pumped for new walls just so I can have a wall museum

    84. Otto Brown

      HOly we love COC updates

    85. friedbowlrice

      I love *COC!*

    86. Eric Farren

      I thought it was a joke LOL😱

    87. Nico ニコ

      How u see that can give the link of advance sever

    88. Austin Latshaw

      what color comes next maybe purple

    89. ExtinctSplash

      Instead of jungle theme i got more of a kinda aztec vibe

    90. Who needs a profile Picture

      This is a little late for April fools Wait what do you mean it’s real?.....

    91. Zahi Chawa

      Oh man i can’t wait to see beak spending like a thousand dollars for the new th 😂

    92. The Ruben Clan

      I’m at the park watching this and when he said take off ur shoes they flew away with the wind

    93. BagOfSoup

      I cant be the only one that thinks this shouldve been th13 and the current 13 should be 14

    94. Frank Afton

      I have a level 5 town hall 12, I’m so close to town hall 13, then I’m about to be maxed- *TOWNHALL 14 IS HERE!* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, HOW COULD YOU CLASH OF CLANS!

    95. kiyko

      new th is sooo ugly bro

    96. schwifty kid

      When u reach th13 and try to max out than coc drops a new th level lmao.

    97. Sumit Loomba

      So dramatic over it..get a life or a girlfriend

    98. Kaspars Norbertons

      Th 14????? Yes

    99. Kennard Welch

      Bout 95% maxed and I'm not ready for that wall grind