One Year of Log Cabin Building / One Man Building His Dream House

Nik Rijavec

Nik Rijavec

21 млн көрүүлөр9 960

    #logcabin #woodworking #offgrid
    It's one year since I started this journey of building my off grid log cabin, which was a dream of mine since I was a kid and last October 2018 I decided and took the courage to start with this huge build by myself. Since then I came a long way, working in every weather imaginable, seeing many amazing sunsets and overcoming every obstacle in order to have the log cabin as it is now. I documented most of my work and put all of the best moments into this 2 hour documentary. I think I have another year to completely finish the house, but I'm more than happy whit what I've done so far. Hope you enjoy the video and thank you very much for watching and thanks to everyone that has been watching and supporting my channel.
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    1. Tory hogg


    2. JBHIFI2000

      Ready for the rough in

    3. Leiham Reddy

      1 year, 1 man, 1 chainsaw watch as he builds a badass cabin much love man, I love these vids, I watch them because I love doing Bushcraft

    4. davy crockett

      now this is the kind of video youtube is made for

    5. Renji Productions

      Anyone else see how SMOOTH he threw that axe at 11:07?

    6. Cumule infos

      Wow, so much work, and a really surprising video capture. Yes the Log House, but for taking the time to film, choose and edit this documentary, well done from Quebec, Canada. Two hours of videos, but we don't get tired of it, because, seeing the human and his desire to build such a house, thank you again ...

    7. Toni Tone

      We Love You Man!!!


      from oran city algeria contry extrem north of afriqua respect for u man like like

    9. Mathieu Goessens

      The 2 indians would have made this in 2 hours lol

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      21m views wow

    11. Sascha Oldenburg

      25:17 says everything. A Master at its work 😯👌

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    13. Kal.50BMG

      One year? Are you mad? Take a specialized company, they´ll do this within a week. Moron! And by the way: This cabin is ugly as fuck.

      1. Kal.50BMG

        @Forau DNB That´s obviously dumb also. You´re the dumb person.

      2. Kal.50BMG

        @Forau DNB So why did you do it?

    14. Nathaniel Gorz

      Thank you for your modern Art

    15. Emilio Barone

      I never been so relaxed in my life watching this man creating His home while I sit on my ass with a nice cup of tea

    16. Crafts

      Phenomenal demo Matt! great work!!!

    17. Buddie_Boy 44

      When you finish your cabin and realize you forgot windows

    18. Cameron Collie

      It's 5 minutes in and I know I'm in for the whole 2 hours.

    19. hidden

      How much would this cost to do?

    20. hidden

      This video dope as hell

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      The modern version of primitive technology: modern technology

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      Never have seen anyone with as much patience!

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      what he dip his eye hooks in

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      Leave some women for the rest of us

    25. Jake more

      most impressive part is the bare hands in the snow

    26. 김상현

      If he knew what he was doing it would have only taken a couple of weeks.

    27. Della Schmidt

      This is actually relaxing for 2 hours watching in my desk vining! Keep up the work man

    28. Picker Steve

      Insane amount of work. Watched all of it. good job guys. Are the sawmill guys getting on ya? What about chinking? Windows and headers? Doors? Roof? Looking forward to part 2.

    29. Jazmin Sifuentes

      He got my like back when I saw he put the helm on.

    30. Chris Perez

      Yo get this man to a million bc he taking time out his days to give us videos to enjoy

    31. Ben Ellefson

      This man is a master with the chainsaw, leverage, and leveling. Looking forward to seeing the finished product

    32. Raul Galante

      Si para hacer esa casa se necesita tantos árboles Pobre bosque si vienen a vivir 20 familias más

    33. Rosa May

      11:09 that axe throw was badass and amazing

    34. derean Benitez

      2:00:34 imagine that would’ve knocked over the whole cabin!

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      He got my like back when I saw he put the helm on.

    37. Andrey Spiridonov

      Great video! Thanks for posting!

    38. Andrey Spiridonov

      No talk, constant action, true man!

    39. junichi kozawa

      I have insane respect for you. In fact, I’m going to do this by starting off with a small cabin shed

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      Is it even legal to cut trees?🤔

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      יו טיוב זה דבר נפלא

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      if this was 4k id watch the whole thing

    43. Lei Sha

      *A very nice video. I was trying to figure out the location of where this cabin was being built. The scenery is just GORGEOUS. Looking at the guy he kind of has a German or Russian look about him...more-so I'm guessing he lives in Germany. I also detected an accent in their voices as well (was it German? Not sure) so I figure it's somewhere in Europe at least. Them measuring the wood was done using the metric system so I knew it wasn't in the U.S. though I could be wrong. The metric system isn't the usual form of measurement used in the U.S. but that don't mean it's not used completely. But anyway, this was a very nice video. I really enjoyed watching that talented guy building that cabin. It was very relaxing to watch. Just watching this made me a new subscriber as well. Great job to who ever the builder of this cabin is. I look forward to seeing the person complete it. :)*

    44. Jarrod Steve

      29:00 When the music is right, the lighting is right and working with all those strong logs is starting to affect you...

    45. Jazmin Sifuentes

      Wishing I had the time, money, tools, and tractor to make something like that...

      1. junichi kozawa

        This is so inspiring. It’s making me leave the City and just live in the wilderness..

    46. retrosuspect

      The modern version of primitive technology: modern technology

    47. Akrep 28

      This is great❤️❤️🇹🇷

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      Clickbait It's not one man building there's someone helping him at 1:30:50

    49. Mark De Vera

      And those shooting stars at 21:54 🥺

    50. Mark De Vera

      My wish is to be able to throw an axe like you did @ 11:11 lucky numbers too

    51. Mark De Vera

      I have insane respect for you. In fact, I’m going to do this by starting off with a small cabin shed

    52. Bruce

      Destruction of environment! Extremely SELFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    53. Olsnes

      How old are the trees? 40-60 years? Looks like spruce? I admire your skills, I've about tried this myself. It's a long tradition in Norway, peace.

    54. Claude Thierriot

      Chapeau les AS

    55. ZeGIL

      Next episode: whatch who sowed the seeds of trees... 8hours during the prequel . And afterwards... Who pay the bills, tools, clothes and meals....

    56. DV Zera

      thats what i call going after your dreams, nice work dude

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      man. there no words to say, but you guys are awsome. and the nature too. i love nature thanks for being part of her. !

    58. Guru Gowda

      Guys plzz save the nature..... Don't Destoys the forest 🌲🌲🌲🌲.... It's not good for features

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      You are one hell of a guy, what’s not to love. I couldn’t stop watching..RESPECT 😍😬🙏🏻💕

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      Nice landing on 11:09

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      Plant more trees

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      Naptın ananın karnında mı planladın, bu nasıl kafa :)) video bitti ev bitmedi ama helal olsun ! Sena telepon alaçam, a bole dokunmatik ....

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    67. Mystic The Goat

      dope af... not only am I gonna build my own log cabin by myself im gonna nicely record in detail most of it and then take the time to nicely edit and render a 2 hour video with relaxing music. Just for 17k assholes to dislike it lol.

    68. Jorge Gómez Juárez

      Desgraciado así como destruyes también siembra árboles

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      pfff in my survival video game i build that in 30 minutes

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      If he knew what he was doing it would have only taken a couple of weeks.

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      This is actually relaxing for 2 hours watching in my desk vining! Keep up the work man

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      I saw shipwrights use this on their grinders. It may help.

    77. Flame P

      how can you dislike that? theres no talk, no ads, no bulshit begging for nothing. This video is really satisfying !

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      I am assuming this is private propriety you're cutting trees on right?

    79. Hanzi van Good

      Erst dachte ich, der zieht das Ding durch, mit eiserner Disziplin und nichts kann ihn aufhalten, wie einer der einen Plan hat. Dann aber habe ich den psychologischen Faktor entdeckt. Der Zuschauer ist Zeuge eines perfekt inszenierten Dokumentarfilms des Protagonisten über die Erfüllung eines eigenen Traumes, mit dem "Nebeneffekt", dass der Protagonist dabei eine Art Therapie zur Stärkung des eigenen Selbstbewusstsein durchläuft. Ich habe auch dabei was gelernt und schöne Bilder gesehen und mich auch ein bisschen selber dabei gesehen.

    80. Юрий Звонарев

      Concrete is hygroscopic. There must be waterproofing between the concrete pillars and the wood!

    81. stage2scoob -

      Do you have a link for those pants?

    82. billy lee

      Beautiful dreams come true.come on.

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      This is so inspiring. It’s making me leave the City and just live in the wilderness..

      1. chickItoy Hihi

        Living in the wilderness isn't as fun as you think its alot of work

      2. jvniper x

        I’m from the country and moving to NYC as kid was a big NO from the jump and it still is. I miss nature

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      What part of the world is it.

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      O my holy Jesus did you see the landscape with the snow. I live in Dublin Ireland and I dream of getting away from city life forever living off grid. Maybe one day it’s my dream. And by god I can work hard.

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      1:20:40 This Tool ist what i want, but first i have to know the Name of it, please tell me the Name of it! If possible in german! This Video is very very nice!!

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