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    Finding peace during this scary time of year/this whole damn year. Watch me transform into the OG, Gandhi G, in this little peace of content from Halloween 2019. Also, Gandhi vlogs... check him out here: tvB4TiLhqFwbK/?hl=en AND thanks to Faina Rudshteyn for my outer peace and her masterpiece: pB4VXjCWDOp3/?igshid=17inw2q2x54m9
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    1. Alanis Vargas

      i missed youuuuuu im so happy

    2. shubhanshu sharma

      Imagine her coming out of any ladies toilet with this makeup

    3. Luciamaria

      omg no the god in the beginning LOL

    4. Kojo Mensah

      O my gosh liza is back😂😂😂

    5. Pauldy FN

      Liza we miss the old intros

    6. McDonough Boys

      Liza I am having my dinner and I just remember that you are from india and I am eating chicken corma it is very good

    7. Anonymous Persone

      Cringe lol

    8. Preslie Black

      Ur a villager from Minecraft

    9. Aishi Gupta

      This is kinda insulting for me since I’m an Indian and I don’t know aint that funny to joke about a person who saved us from the British....

    10. Pattrick

      Best Halloween transformation I've ever seen. So great of you🤓. The background music is lit🔥

    11. Möther Möthe :3

      "When life gives you cookies, make muffins" -Mahatma Gandhi's Great great grand niece, twice removed

    12. Mona Gonzalez

      I see you 👀 Using that LiSA FRank phone case ! Loveee it yesss 🥰🥰👏👏👍

    13. Mona Gonzalez

      Okay yesss girl love it

    14. Sandra Vovk

      the queen is back

    15. Ari FloofypersonUwU

      We missed her so much like if you agree ❤️LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A BLESSED LIFE

    16. Clearsincere VEVO

      It's been a while liza

    17. Alina Rodriguez

      missed you

    18. brooklyn hill

      not her eating a dog

    19. Phoebe Sodan

      I have the same first name as your dog

    20. Noisy KJ

      Im glad she’s slowly posting again even if does it once a month or once every two three months I’m glad with it either way.

    21. D.C

      This video should be named: dressing up as jet's dad

    22. Joanna

      No one: Liza: “I feel like Zoe playing gamora.” Me: 😂😂😂

    23. Aesthetic vids by ece

      Omg yess she’s backkk ans still the best

    24. Shivangi Singh

      This cured my depression

    25. nina sirichantaropas

      does anyone know what breed liza's dog is?

    26. Karrie Perry

      Good to see ya back Liza

      1. Joanna

        Your back. You have a dog

    27. CCTV and Networking Technical Solution Box


    28. Corinne Dudli

      What breed is her dog? It's so freaking cuuuuuute

    29. Isabella Herben

      I love ur dog❤

    30. Larrisputa

      i like ur cut g.

    31. Mishka Nelson

      That skin flip tho

    32. Andreamary

      3:20 was the best part

    33. Cris Stennett

      did you and your ex qoute realy borke up tell me in the comets

    34. Butterfly_ _Beauty

      Me realizing this was made in 2019 😢😢😢

    35. Maddy Falter

      Liza:I hate Taking skin off Me:Me too! This is a joke

    36. random dancing

      Id love to see Liza and Jason do a skit with their characters since they've been into cool costumes and makeup lately

    37. Kristina Dragicevic


    38. Meg Robinson

      I like ya cut G

    39. Lidya Janette


    40. Mia R

      Your back. You have a dog

    41. sydney coffin

      where is my introooooo

    42. Bellah Reno

      I love this

    43. •Wendolyn• Cordero

      £€μΠΩ§∆ (that means Hello Lisa)

    44. Michelle Marie Pozo Páez

      Omg Liza keep posting plz, your videos make me laugh so hard

    45. Rishita Kanan

      Am I the only one who cracked up when she gave one of her usual inspirational quotes bout floating? 😂 Yep. Looks like I am.

    46. Jessica Schmitt

      I love you liza!

    47. Beanie or Bob


    48. XxMidnightixX

      She finally remembered her password


      Who else just came here from her tik tok

    50. Akshita B.

      Yeye liza is indian now 😂

    51. Maheeka B.

      why would you do this to yourself omg😂

    52. Tyrnan Crane

      Who r u dating

    53. Anita Sylvia

      Are you like a wizard but old OMG your so cute liza

    54. sanath kumar

      you ate your dog. Ewww.. rofl

    55. lola wusu

      she's so herself its awesome

    56. Sheila Arigi


    57. mini kokoska

      I don`t know English, i Russia. Мне безумно нравятся твои видео,

    58. Zohair Ali

      I see Gandhi has coloured nails.

    59. ayanna Bastien

      Y’all can we just appreciate her shirt at 1:57 😩

    60. Emma Gacha

      This thumbnail I-

    61. mackenly dumagat

      Why can I hear davids voice 0:21

    62. Prasetyo Pujiono

      MISSED YAH .. MA GIRL! ;)

    63. opzz xsin

      its been a year, i think liza was insane all this time. (she made this in 2019)

    64. Shudha Q . Ayen

      But..didnt she just apologised for being racist and here she is making a Character out of Mahatma Gandhi? She Should understand the brown-ness she cashes is handed to her by her father.Instead of making a comical character out of it she should learn more about it. I would be proud to see her as Fulleby,Jhansi ki Rani or even Durga. But Gandhi? Are you trying to apporipiate/appreciate or just two more pinches of salt in the ocean of indian stereotypes?

    65. A Random Account

      I miss helga

    66. K T

      why does this look kinda like dr. phil...

      1. opzz xsin

        When your wanted to see your grandpa but he died and you transform in to what he looks like qwq

    67. Beautiful Beast

      You look like the woman off the movie The Witch

    68. Shadz M

      I genuinely miss liza’s videos

    69. Aafshiya Patel

      Sry but u missed (ji )after gandhi 🤷‍♀ 😂OK so just saying

    70. Nakayla Thompson

      I just want the clear guitar

    71. moom al hammadi

      Nice to see you

    72. Priya Kathrotia

      Gandhiji was gujarati not punjab why have you put up an punjabi song in background

    73. Emmanuel Achor

      I've definitely missed her though...

    74. Emmanuel Achor

      How can she be so funny without even saying anything 😂

    75. Siana Fernandez

      I love you liza I started watching you when I was 11 and I am 14 rn i will never stop loving your videos

    76. Mia's Business

      Ok but imagine being Liza's friend

    77. Mark Douglas

      And I ain’t a boy,dis me dads thingo

    78. Mark Douglas

      I love u...that sounds creepy .

    79. Aliya

      the views will back just keep posting

    80. Ivanka Owls

      pretty happy you still got time for little old us!

    81. Shoto Todoroki

      When your wanted to see your grandpa but he died and you transform in to what he looks like qwq

    82. opzz xsin

      its been a year, i think liza was insane all this time. (she made this in 2019)



    84. Macey Cook

      Ummm greys anatomy is totally worth it

    85. Lazy Paw

      Chinese makeup transformations could never

    86. Storie holtzman

      me looking at the thumbnail: O.M.G that looks like jet from the future! Btw liza i love ur videos🖤

      1. opzz xsin

        This feels racist

    87. PandaLife99

      Is that Mr.clean but older? D:

    88. Angel Brown


    89. Natalia Amador

      This is giving me Carlos vibes

    90. Y o u r L o c a l k a r e n

      HELLLOOOO aggressive Indian music Playing

    91. Natasha JB_202

      Oh my Gandhi.....lollll.

    92. Alisha

      toooooo goood😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    93. Alyssa Kate

      Sooooo is Liza back

    94. Gisselle D

      Girl I’m scared

    95. Philrea Kim

      Is that your puppy?!? Sorry if I’m dumXD

    96. GamingGals

      I feel like she looked like Ray from Sister Sister. Lol.

    97. OK Boomer

      Hahaha my name is Phoebe

    98. Rochelle Lobo

      Indian fans right here 💙😂

    99. J M

      The nose is out of pocket

    100. J M

      This feels racist