The Logistics of the International Space Station

Wendover Productions

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    1. Gage Eden

      Imagine being stuck in space with no where to go and they give you The last Jedi to watch.

    2. BadWolf77

      So for a 6-month stay, it costs $1,350,000,000. And I thought a weekend at the Disney resort was expensive.

    3. Eric Pham

      chewy coconut juice, orange juice. supply can be used antigravity follow a magnetic guide path but emergency then use water air pressure rocket and inertia ejection cheaply delivery and use water ejection for docking manuver

    4. Eric Pham

      ice scream, rice, potatoes , tomatoes, egg powder, coffee, dehydrated vegetable artificial flour, water compressor create water in space

    5. Eric Pham

      the inflatable rim pool with island with living quarter inside in the middle would be future design of space station

    6. Eric Pham

      Can use vortex magnetic channel to create space lift to delivery supply

    7. Tanjiro Kamado


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    14. I am An idiot

      Bruh imagine watching Star Wars in the iss would be like watching a horror movie or even worse alien

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    17. DoorDashing Couple

      So when do they start accepting rental applications? 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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      I can feel sam in the background just wanting to crack one single bad joke

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    23. Slaven S

      it just costs to much and really not worth it anymore until spacex makes it cheap.

    24. Sajid mon

      I don't why but ISS sounds like some terrorist organization

    25. king james488

      "if you don't live on the ISS get nord VPN so you can watch movies on netflix without region locks!" squandered opportunities...

    26. king james488

      only 160 billion? thought for sure it'd be into the trillions by now... there are people worth almost that much ffs. so the combined effort of all of humanity is worth like 1.5 rich mofos...

    27. Swapnil Dhobale

      I thought rich people eat expensive But not anymore 😂

    28. cat kook

      Alright, so that's why it's so expensive to keep people stashioned in space

    29. TheNukedGamer

      Tbh Hollywood can have a nda and give them relased such a small act would make their lives significantly better knowing there's a movie release you can get hyped for often.its practically a free contribution that betters humanity slightly.

    30. Nach

      Dr.Stone Freeze drying food before it was cool

    31. Vu Hoang Phat

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    32. Daniel Cowen

      Ah they got to watch Star Wars the Last Jedi at the same time it was in theatres? I am sorry... I am truly sorry they had to experience that...

    33. Clay Mountain

      These fuckers have the absolute balls to watch Gravity while on the actual ISS...

    34. Reinout

      Her dad: What are your intentions with my daughter? Me: 1:52

    35. LinuxSBC

      By the way, the ISS is limited to 6 astronauts because of escape pods, not because of room. The pods docked to the station only have 6 seats so any more astronauts couldn't come back down in an emergency. However, the Crew Dragon expands that to 7 if I remember correctly due to its larger capacity.

    36. Arthur

      But what about the Oxygen on Board?

    37. Junct

      And the US military budget can build 6 ISS per year. Imagine the things that we can do if we just don't buy bigger gun every year

      1. Angad Singh

        And what happens if war breaks out? We get slaughtered. France made the same mistake during WW1. The Germans cut through them like cheese. We can never let our guard down.

    38. Veyronp87

      everything that has to do with space has multiple commas in the prices lol. Cost is a huge barrier to further space projects

    39. Sir Topgottem

      XD 300mg per sec of internet. I think for most of us have never had that good of internet. Best I’ve had is 120mps

    40. Martin Craig

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    41. Allmustjump

      3:56 US Senator Mark Kelly!

    42. Heng Hang Lok

      Watching this in 2021 wow

    43. ThatChemistryDude .SI

      Well now I don’t feel as bad about the $5 fee on my UberEats delivery

    44. April Xu

      Me thinking about Dr. Stone while watching this video...

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    48. NOR 121

      7yr inside me was like just fill bag with air but in rocket = unlimited oxigen

    49. macaddict1337 popo

      tf this dude doing at 9:50

    50. Ferocetis

      That transition into Brilliant ad was so smooth.

    51. Jacob Schwartz

      Like when your watching this on 10/10/21

    52. Bargins Galore

      Why did they schedule a launch during a summit to begin with. That’s just poor planning

    53. eblman

      Thinking how envious I am of their life on the ISS at least they aren't in Covid Lock Down... Thank you Newsome for taking away the freedoms and rights of voters.

    54. Spencer

      So they don’t even get slow internet, they just use a ton.

    55. Edrian Thomas Tom

      not stonks

    56. Redblock

      "The internet speed is low" Proceeds to say 300mb/s That is 5x my average internet speed

    57. Shota Toriumi

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    58. Rachel Roberts

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    59. BOYGENIUS538 _

      Those poor astronauts had to watch the Last Jedi

    60. Juanita Diaz

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    61. The Sun

      even with all of those things it sounds pretty chill living up there

    62. Zach Peloquin

      $1800 for spaghetti??!?! I wonder why theres still kids starving in America?!?! 🙄🤮🤮🤮

      1. Antan

        i think kids are starving in africa due to droughts and poor infrastructure.

    63. Kenbujutsu

      Imagine wasting a astronaut's time with The Last Jedi!

    64. Stephen Hobbs

      Im on mars right now

    65. Alfons Rasmus

      8:10 Sorry if I'm being stupid, but didn't columbia burn up on re entry, so it would've left off all of the supplies on the space station before the accident?

    66. Alabama Coastie

      They ordered The Last Jedi, why? It couldn't have been for entertainment purposes. Must have been done to satisfy the SJWs.

    67. Micro Tech

      He sounds like the guy from half as interesting

      1. Vqlcano

        @Furkan alphann r/whoooosh

      2. Furkan alphann

        He is

    68. Maggie Elaine

      Can you imagine getting food poisoning on the iss

    69. Thifmaster

      Doesn´t ESA ship a bulk of the equipmend

    70. N B

      What if they bought something and it got recalled for Ecoli after they already ate it 😂

    71. bes t

      10:12 That movie was utter trash.

    72. Kai Bergman


    73. Cj Ilustrisimo

      Dude, isipin mo nasa ISS ka for a year tapos may dumating na ice cream tub kaso galunggong ang laman #GG

    74. SqueakSquawk4

      I see Wendover wanted to go a bit further than planes...

    75. Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*

      If Life of Boris did a video about the International Space Station, would the intro have the words ISS Boris? (No offence).

    76. Mausi Imlicht

      Dude, I love the information you present but please, please, SLOWWWWW DOWN YOUR NARRATION!!!! you speak way too fast, especially for an educational video.

    77. Jack Mazzola

      0:40 Huntington-Ingalls Shipbuilding: _Allow us to introduce ourselves_

    78. dsalpha18

      Cool, we still have people living in California streets.

    79. Mr Sauceman

      2 to 3 days to deliver supplies. Russia: 3 hours, take it or leave it.

    80. Dual Perception


    81. Kaiwalya Harkare

      What about oxygen...

      1. HoboGrifter


    82. Jose Sual Cuevas

      Thank you Star Trek.

    83. Owne

      At 5:55 i think there was a typo because wendover says that food only takes up a small portion of the cargo at launches however 530 ibs is around a 1/4 of 6000 ibs, not 1/10th

      1. Reinatr48

        530/6000 is around 1/11th

    84. Rocket_FL

      The iss has better internet than me

    85. L Herrera

      Salutations world from Houston,Texas 🤘👋👋

    86. Catacorn Dragoons


    87. Teddy

      I bet they shop at HEB!

    88. Bernhard Bresgen

      Oh no I dropped my taco, oh nevermind.

    89. XD_ItwasLag

      what is that cable management my guy...

    90. Ashay Dwivedi

      lmao NASA sending dead chickens into space 😂

    91. Thomas Stern

      0:43 *Sad F-35 Lightning* noises

    92. Herb

      Poor astronauts, watching STAR WARS The last Jedi? What a crap disney's movie ... Was that an experiment to see who loses mind first? Torture on space?

    93. ElArboool

      his voice sound weird without a bunch of bad jokes

    94. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      Now do a video on how astronauts handle horniness during the year they are up there.

    95. Dev Shah

      And I thought that the system of my McDonald's delivery was difficult enough .

    96. Lynette Van Rooyen

      Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be proud

    97. Varun Madhavan

      Bet spacex just reduced the cost of a gallon of water in space

    98. Fernando Barajas

      A gallon of water cost about $250,000 to get to the ISS? And I thought Fiji was expensive..

    99. The Pointless Company

      When the ISS has better wifi than you, smh.

    100. CS Anton

      imagine getting food poisning and your vomitting and loosing bowel on that zero gravity station. shittt