2020 Bassmaster High School Championship (Kentucky Lake)


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    The 2020 Mossy Oak Fishing Bassmaster High School Championship presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors took place on Kentucky Lake out of Paris, TN. The three-day event happened October 22-24, 2020. Watch as one team makes history at the Championship. #bassmaster #bassfishing #championship
    For more information on this event, click here: www.bassmaster.com/tournaments/mossy-oak-fishing-bassmaster-high-school-national-championship-presented-academy-sports-outdoors
    To watch the 2019 High School Championship, click here: kgup.info/get/XpphaI_Pm46kpKE/video

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    1. Jurrel Durgul

      This is my dream. I want to fish, have a good time and make a good influence on younger kids like me

    2. Grady Hicks

      No Texas teams got to go due to the fact that THSBA canceled our state tournament... it ruined our senior year for state

    3. Harrison Gwin

      a lake named Kentucky in a town called Paris in the state of Tennessee

    4. Tanner Egbert

      That kid skipped leg day lol

    5. Billy Erdakos

      Wish my highschool team decided to fish this year but IL shut everything down so I couldn’t

      1. Myles Pratt

        I wish I had a high school team

      2. Caden Petrille

        I fished the IBN series and went to Nationals, it wasn't shut down.

    6. Sickof Idiots

      Wonder why you need to win the tournament to have the location of your school mentioned? Why isn't it in the graphics on the leaderboard? Am I the only one who finds that odd? Maybe I missed it but then again, this is produced by collectivist, globalist scum ESPN.

      1. Dan Schaeffer

        Especially odd. you can not watch basketball or football without colleges mentioned immediately following any player's name, no matter how many times their name is mentioned. Congrats to these students. I wish Maine had more 'season" to do this.

    7. Swim School

      They let these kids' Dads be marshalls? I can't think of a worse idea.


        It’s there captain and all of them are that way

    8. Brent Spencer

      SHARED to 613 BASS'n facebook.com/groups/613BASSn/

    9. TnTOutdoors2

      Back to Back!

      1. Bassmaster

        to Back!

    10. Cg3

      Surprised bassmaster let the high school teams use the a-rig

    11. Alex Z

      Do the 2020 st lawrence

    12. Big Bass Empire

      They said my school name wrong. It ain’t Briarwood Christian Academy. It’s Briarwood Christian school. And yes there’s kinda a lot of pressure to continue this dynasty with Tucker gone.

    13. Dbars19

      where the hell was high school or even college fishing when i was in school :(.

      1. Everything Fishing

        What are you complaining about? Didn't you get to learn Shakespear instead?................Ahahahaha!

      2. Derrick House

        I feel you man! Every time I see young men like this fishing at the level that they are I think the same thing.

    14. Autumn Whitaker

      Them boys are some fishermen. I'm on the high school bass master team. It's a good experience.

      1. Alex Walsberg

        Lol I want to but my school is a bitch so I do flw 😂

    15. braydoJ

      yessir Adam

    16. Kameron Smith


    17. Mattox

      Let’s go Adam

    18. Mattox

      Yes sir

    19. Ra Lo

      👀 🍺🍺

    20. Everything Fishing