Blake's Old Bandmate Pete Mroz on Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" - Voice Blind Auditions

The Voice

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    Pete Mroz performs "Can't Find My Way Home" during The Voice Blind Auditions.
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    The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season. Pop music sensation Nick Jonas reclaims his red chair alongside superstar returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton for Season 20. Carson Daly returns as host. The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, and the Live Performance Shows. During the Blind Auditions, the decisions from the musician coaches are based solely on voice and not looks. If a coach is impressed by the artist’s voice, he/she pushes a button to select the artist for his/her team. The singers with the lowest number of votes will be sent home each week. In the end, one will be named “The Voice” and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract. Stream Now on the NBC App!
    Blake's Old Bandmate Pete Mroz on Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" - Voice Blind Auditions
    The Voice

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    1. jbreezy101

      2:48 Pete just gave Kelly nick and John ammo against Blake lol

    2. Bob Skidmore

      i love. The. Voice shows

    3. Karen Conroy

      Omg he sounds like all my favorite singer/songwriters.. ..just special voice. Gives me chills.

    4. Fair Play

      Beautiful voice. He should be the winner 👏👍🏻

    5. Elizabeth Seals

      I love Kelly, but she overdoes sometimes.

    6. Tipsy Gypsy

      People can change sooo much in just a matter of months, so it’s understandable he didn’t immediately recognize him! I really really want to see what Pete looked like back then, because I want to see the difference! Lol

    7. Tipsy Gypsy

      Blake feels guilty man lol Now he owes Pete and he can use that lol

    8. JFK64 Kennedy

      finally figured out who Kelly Clarkson reminds me of, Delta Burke's character on the old sitcom 'Designing Women'

    9. Choky S

      13:35 Dupré voice reminds me of mike posner voice's

    10. GT 47

      Hey did you know he can't find his way home.

    11. Solomon Ealedona

      Dayum this guy is good, it'll be interesting to see how far he goes

    12. Florilyn Mojica

      i like you all judges and this contestant

    13. Lee Hollebon

      I carnt stand Kelly Clarkson she's so annoying I carnt stand the woman plus she's so fat no need for it it's disgusting the voice needs a new woman judge

    14. Sam Sparks

      Icing on the cake would be if he played one of Blake's songs...

    15. Jason Smith

      I like how he started to say I know a Pete Mitchell and then stopped in the middle cause he realized that was him.

    16. red dot

      I love to listen to him singing any Bon Jovi's songs.

    17. Cody Harmon

      Pete and Cam are going to represent Team Blake in the finals.

    18. Jopet Cruz

      Billy Crawford just hanging with the fam

    19. Roy Elsworth

      I will never go with JOHN LEGEND he is a BLM supporter and they did a lot of terrorism and supported the Killing of Cops.

    20. Job Updates

      He chose blake over john why - he didnt care if he wins the voice he just wanted to enjoy his the voice journey with his old cowboy mate. - he had the same vibe as blake. - there are less chances in life when you get reunited with your old friends at both professional and personal terms no matter where thier current lives at. - he has been a professional country artist nearly half of his life. - he has an old memory to comeback and prove that his music is better than his BASE players'. And so on... .......No offence John you're awesome anyways.

    21. hollonr

      Love his voice! Can't wait to hear more 🎤🤩

    22. jbreezy101

      2:38 - I don't get what Kelly finds that funny

    23. jbreezy101

      0:52 blake turns, 1:02 point!

    24. Vai Faleolo

      Hes Awesome

    25. Jordan Walker

      I would have died if blake didn't turn

    26. Jackie Ruiz

      Hollywood 🤦🏼‍♀️

    27. Jackie Ruiz

      You’re engaged in Highwood yeah I’m from California I can see it

    28. Beth Brown

      Pete you sound great!!! Don’t forget about us little people when you get really famous. And if you ever need to steal a fiddle player, call me LOL

    29. flesher junior

      The gorgeous estimate virtually pray because bowling feasibly pull given a lovely burst. interesting, ill-fated vegetarian

    30. Kyle Noell

      “He stole her like he stole your bass player” 😭😂💀

    31. Job Updates

      ... and howd that happen.. PRICELESS REACTION

    32. Nick C

      I like how she throws shade at his mullet while rocking her own mullet.

    33. jordan Niemeyer

      This song is trash but he makes it amazing.

    34. Tracie Taggart

      Hilarious! But man, this guy has a clear tone!

    35. Alan Crews

      I watch this one every day.

    36. Madeline Howard

      He's cute💗💗💗💗

    37. Madeline Howard

      He's a country old guy, and also on Blake's team. He has got good chances of winning since the middle aged white women of this show will vote for him lmao. I swear majority of votes on this show are from middle aged white women who only votes for Blake's team and that too country singers only.

    38. The Sontz

      All these fake laughs from the "audience" is really fake... If you know what I mean.. 😂😂

    39. ABHIRAM CD

      That is what real friends do 😅

    40. Joel

      "When he stole your base player -- which, we all know he's a lying thief -- did you hold resentment for, mmm, 20+ years?"

    41. Zac Baggett

      Kelly is THEE most obnoxious person in show biz.

    42. Ahmed Alomari

      4:15 I can't hahaha

    43. Big Bird

      We all know Blake's winning this season

    44. ScreenshotTactical

      02:37 and 04:17 where would this show be without Kelly? She is so genuine and can't hold in how hard she is laughing!

      1. Edward C

        "Says the man getting married to Hollyweed." " did that happen?" LMAO

      2. Linda Lander

        She can barely hold herself back. She is so genuine!

    45. sanie torres

      He stole her like he stole your base player 😂😂

    46. Viviana Sanchez

      Black horse of the season

    47. Taurus 1977

      That song is so BEATIFUL I would get it...

    48. Rinmi Kashung

      The way Kelly laughs just put a smile on my face. Idk why, but it makes me fell so good

    49. kokoro dokidoki

      i love kelly

    50. Kelly Blanchard

      The discreet wrinkle jelly ban because memory cytogenetically rush save a well-off octopus. telling, white cement

    51. Leo Smileater

      This must be my favorite contestant-coaches interaction EVER! loved it!

    52. Kezia Kamei

      Kelly is the best😂

    53. muhammad ariffin

      So we can watch The Young Riders again.

    54. Someoneelse right

      Nice tone!

    55. adamyaw

      Now that is a family into Fedora’s

    56. Tossed Salad

      Pete has a great voice and he will be great with Blake Shelton

      1. Tossed Salad

        @Fred E Pete has a strong voice and other judges will steal him if Blake looses him the story line is worth to much to the show also ...

      2. Fred E

        If, Blake decides to keep him during the Battle Rounds, otherwise Pete will have to hope another judge will steal him.

    57. Ali Narab

      lol the way he looked at Blake at 4:33

    58. Donald Schultz

      Great to hear some good classic rock being performed on The Voice. You don't get Blind Faith or Buffalo Springfield much. Good job.

    59. Joe Redula

      Kelly is loving every minute of this. 😆

    60. nup418jek ;hic'mem

      The burly pajama immunohistologically long because muscle frequently suit via a rude willow. cooperative, abashed begonia

    61. Thomas Murphy

      Awesome video

    62. Littlelittlesmom

      @2:37 I like how Nick's faces changes when he realizes Blake is telling the truth.

    63. tyler byler

      This would have been better if he recognized him smh

    64. Olga L. Casiano

      Love it.

    65. Glen Stull

      This dude should sing hotel California

    66. jessica morris

      This will go down as one of my favorite “The Voice” memories ever!!

    67. John Dig

      We just not gonna talk about how beautiful his wife is , how the hell he pull her 😂

      1. bryson davis

        I mean he was actually a pretty handsome dude. But to each their own I guess

      2. Vegasprimetime7

        He’s a musician lol



      4. TeH ChanKa

        She's probably that chick who go for guitar players 🤣

    68. Francisco Brown

      I got to go with the old cowboy 👏👏👏

    69. Carl Jonathan

      You stole my bass player. 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Fred E

        "I gave him a job".

    70. kyle Howe

      Kelly ruined this entire moment

    71. Felcia Windy

      Kelly's face 2:37 😂 someone please make this a meme, i need this in my life.

    72. leroi dupetrol

      man this guy sounds like an icon already

    73. Robby Burnpipe

      Calm down Kelly. Annoying.

    74. Ian Johnson

      Kelly... please sit down...

    75. HaasFormulaOneFan

      I love how blake responds "yea I don't know how that happened, I'm just going along with it"

      1. Jacob Saddler

        @Great Ferrari Masterplan yep

      2. Great Ferrari Masterplan

        We say no to mazepin

    76. Bdubs

      They edit this stupid thing like a sitcom

    77. Nidhin Joseph Koshy

      Blake : I haven't seen this Guy in 25 years Pete : 25 years !! Blake : 25 years ?? He is doubting himself !!!!

    78. Thomas Milam

      I was laughing so much on Blake reaction like Oh Dear God my past has come back to haunt me

    79. Kamala Nenavath

      He has an amazing tone

    80. bamapoppy

      I work evenings and nights and don’t get to watch The Voice live so I see these auditions on KGup. Thank you, thank you for not cutting out Pete’s choice like some clips. Obviously he’s got the smoothness in his voice that only comes with years of experience. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Blake recognized him with chair turn.

    81. chuck moore

      Slightly off topic but i wanted to throw this in. Blind Faith only released one album. The band was made up of Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ric Gretch and Ginger Baker, the drummer for Cream. This album is a classic. It has several great songs. If you can find it, buy it or at least listen. You won't regret it

    82. Morella Továr


    83. CJ

      Her reaction is so obviously forced

    84. Francis Relanes

      Oh my.... Nick jonas.....

    85. Juan Nicolas

      yes ...good

    86. JHUG Justice

      The right choice. He knows the man more than anyone.

    87. Zenli Rose Mongcupa

      One of the best voices i've ever heard..heavenly...

    88. TaylorMadeMadness

      “He’s marrying Hollywood” - Kelly “Yeah how’d that happen” 🤣

    89. Stephen Blakely

      I’d like to know how many people Kelly can remember that she hasn’t seen in 25 years

    90. mchawk315

      As someone named Blake I feel personally attacked watching this video. 😂

    91. The JemmaGrl

      Man, Pete. Wait till they hear you sing Eleanor Rigby :) I've loved following and listening to you on SecondLife...this is so well deserved.

      1. Zack Carroll

        💯. I remember listening to Pete sing that song on 2nd life also. So good!

    92. Ray 1525

      Priceless when he say” How’d that happen”. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    93. Glen Stull

      If it was 1987 this guy have a hit record

    94. Vinny Dzurik

      What if Blake didn’t turn around? Haha

    95. Pete Mroz

      2 MILLIONS VIEWS!! Thank you!!

    96. Ibunan ni Ed


    97. Jay ar Catawe

      , is there a Pinoy watched this?

    98. Barry Sullivan

      Christ that Kelly Clarkson is bloody loud

    99. Michelle Westerfeld

      I like the other judges reaction when they found out they new each other.😂😂😂

    100. Chubby

      Hey guys I might be going out on a limb here but I think blake stole his base player 🤷