2021 ZX6r build at No Limit Motorsports

Johnny Boy Media

49 миӊ. көрүүлөр21

    Went to No Limit Motorsports where Jason Britton showed us how to build a newer ZX6r. Special thx to Impaktech usa ,Beringer Brakes, Dicks Customs, Stunt Farm and 5thGearSprockets

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    1. Noah Siegrist

      This pains me because it was new, but it's freaking awesome and amazingly well done! Just picked up the teal color pattern of the same year and love it, ride safe!

      1. Johnny Boy Media

        The teal one is 🔥

    2. Fede Fede

      what a clown !!! not even on a construction site they use all those screwdrivers there !!! Ah ah ah !!! put that little hat in your ass and learn to work on motorcycles you can see that you're clumsy

    3. Fede Fede

      Ok ok traslate

    4. Fede Fede

      Ma come cazzo stai???

    5. Alex Perez

      Could I buy that front rim from you?

      1. Johnny Boy Media

        Sold those a few months ago sorry

      2. Alex Perez

        The stock one

    6. Chopshop

      Subscribed!! Beast mechanic!!!

    7. JagMoto

      That’s amazing!!!

    8. Phillip Deaton

      SWEET BIKE! Very nice work.


      I love it. .. U did dat shit tha shop though I'm impressed I'm a believer i watched the hole show fascinated .....yae yae

    10. Ric Cabilino


    11. Lester Bartolome

      How much was the whole build?

      1. Johnny Boy Media

        That's parts only....takes a whole day to put her together

      2. Johnny Boy Media

        About 20k

    12. Bernard Aguila

      Great work.. Wanted to be a great mechanic someday

    13. Anthony Hicks

      Jason's is fake all the motorcycle knowledge he stole from us from the street then he act like he did not know wink 1100 was

    14. 九州ninja乗り


    15. Brad Holmes

      Ha ha Kawasaki geek. I'm not a motorcycle guy just kinda getting onto in never been on one. However i am a mechanic. All of my snap on tools are red. A Kawasaki geek you are indeed. I picked up on that immediately. no offense ha ha just thought it was awesome and i kinda want some green tools myself.

    16. Jordan Fielding

      Hey is there anyway I can buy your old rim's I hit a falling rock on the pass wear I live and I need a new front rim?

      1. Johnny Boy Media


      2. Jordan Fielding

        @Johnny Boy Media damn but thanks anyways man

      3. Johnny Boy Media

        Already sold them

    17. Skypher Customs

      what is the ending song?

      1. Skypher Customs

        @Johnny Boy Media it's was so lit 👌

      2. Johnny Boy Media

        It's part of a mix I have in my collection I'd have to find it to see what it's called

    18. David Wilson

      Hey man good job and like you youall take you time..beautiful works men thanks and keep me smiling and my kind of bike..old school Kawasaki 93 zx 7l to the maxx..she works great ❤😷✌👏👍

    19. Aarsenalfan

      SICK BUILD ..... LOVE IT 👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌

    20. V Prince

      What's the huge rear wheel brake side bracket there with the 2 green calipers attached to it ? It's name and cost ?

      1. Johnny Boy Media

        @V Prince call No Limit Motorsports for pricing

      2. V Prince

        @Johnny Boy Media where would i begin to look at pricing one of the Ss moto hb bracket ?

      3. Johnny Boy Media

        It could ...I've had a few friends use their stunt bikes on The track

      4. V Prince

        @Johnny Boy Media could that Ss Motorola hb bracket be used on track day race bike ?

      5. Johnny Boy Media

        Ss moto hb bracket

    21. V Prince

      I need you to explain that again upon keyless set up you done with respect to preventing thief from stealing motorcycle being its no key required to start and run bike ?

      1. V Prince

        @Johnny Boy Media okay I will. Would you possibly know what the numbers are with respect to theft when people convert their bikes like this specifically ?

      2. Johnny Boy Media

        @V Prince hit up the shop I'm sure they could do something

      3. V Prince

        @Johnny Boy Media i enjoyed the video an him walking through each aspect and steps wit explanations i wonder what could he do to my 05 widow maker 10r

      4. Johnny Boy Media

        The bike is always locked in a garage or its being rode. It's not left anywhere where someone can just walk up and take it.

    22. V Prince

      With your keyless ignition here your applying to his bike, how do you keep it from being stolen ?

      1. Johnny Boy Media

        This bike is a lot only bike ...it's either in a garage or it's being rode. It's never parked somewhere.

    23. V Prince

      How much you pay for lime green digital torque wrench ?

      1. Johnny Boy Media


    24. Jason& Barbara Davidson

      I would like my bike to be hook up ,but as a stunt just for the street. That was some great work my brother.

    25. Mr, Boo Boo 1972

      I have a couple questions. I noticed all your tools appear to be brand new . Which would suggest two things to me. 1st You either just started your shop very recently "Judging by the cleanliness of the shop and your tools" and Your buddy's bike appearing to be the only bike there being worked on. I apologize for preemptively Judging your shop, I'm sorry about that friend. Its just I have a very very very small amount of tools Not Anything like you have very nice btw., and I know how long it's taking me to get where I am. Anyways take care guys and Thank You for the video.

      1. Shawn Archer


      2. Johnny Boy Media

        Guess Ill have to do a video on the shop ....there were literally 15 other bikes in the lot waiting to be serviced go to 1:04:00 and check out the background. No Limit Motorsports has been in business since 2005 . Thank you for watching the video and hope it helped you.

      3. Mr, Boo Boo 1972

        P.S. Subbed.

    26. Ghoudelbourk Lazhar

      nice job

    27. metalmechanic

      Jason, love watching people wrenching on the ZX, Im no stunter, but i ride a ZX 14- ZX 10 RR

    28. Jason Ivie

      Nice shop

      1. Jason Ivie

        Johnny Boy Media, not sure, most my ivie’s are in ohio...

      2. Johnny Boy Media

        Are you related to Mark Ivie?

    29. Ty Nagle

      Damn! Good to see you still rocking and rolling Johnny! But when is Kawasaki just going to make a Britton Edition Zx6r!!!?!

      1. Johnny Boy Media

        Right!! Lol

    30. JP

      This video is so awesome. Thank you

      1. Johnny Boy Media

        Hope it helps you out and thx

    31. Kay Inoue

      A1 build! Love the attention to detail in every aspect in how you guys put this together. Stunting isn't even my thing but I was super stoked to see the end result. Good shit, guys.

      1. Johnny Boy Media


    32. freddieRODZ

      Dope video, sick bike!

      1. Johnny Boy Media


    33. Kawa Seksi

      I have the 2020 KRT colour scheme (which is beautiful), but I must say that the white, green 'n grey is gorgeous too.


      Are you pinoy sir ? Nice vid

      1. Johnny Boy Media

        No I'm Chinese Mexican

    35. Lateef Shaikh

      Johny bro i am also want to work with this type of bike for my own bike... Thanks bro

      1. Johnny Boy Media

        No problem made this video to help everyone

    36. エビ天ぷら


    37. Aleh R

      I need a ECU flash for the restrictions. Does Jason do it?

      1. Aleh R

        Sick! Will do or show up at the shop 🤙

      2. Johnny Boy Media

        Yes just hit him up at No Limit Motorsports

    38. Juan Carlos


    39. Randy

      holy shit amazin build

    40. Honda on Bkt

      Wherr can i get set of tbem bars at

      1. Phillip Deaton

        Love the bars need more info please!!!

      2. Johnny Boy Media

        @Honda on Bkt thank you

      3. Honda on Bkt

        @Johnny Boy Media Thank you. Amazing channel fully underrated

      4. Johnny Boy Media


    41. Honda on Bkt

      My 21 next same color sucks someone beat me to the build but thats awesome cant wait till mine is finsihed

    42. Mika Rinne

      Great vid! Thanks👍

    43. Michel Bakhos

      You know Jason Britton has the cleanest builds ever, right ? Congrats on the CLEAN ASS 2021 Johnny Boy !

    44. Lucas Windridge

      Enjoyed this! 😁 I reckon you’ll get a kick out of my friends channel too --> #IroncladMotorsport 🏁