Playing an RPG for the second time

Joel Haver

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    Adventure awaits again.
    The third installment of the RPG series -
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    1. Joel Haver

      This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -

      1. Greshen Gaines

        It’s amazing

      2. Society of the Spectacle

        @Cole Ozaeta I honestly do like the style

      3. Cole Ozaeta

        Best character movement of any show I’ve seen, even huge budget shows like Archer

      4. Egg Egg egg egg

        Who’s evil and good

      5. Bricu

        Beautiful work, you have a new sub!

    2. Douglas Johnson

      The rare instance where the third installment of a series is the best so far. I was laughing out loud, a lot. This turned into quite the epic, and I was happy to be along for the ride. I love the zen-like ending with the giant too, a perfectly peaceful and funny way, to ease us out of the waking dream. Bravo!

    3. Sorcerer Media

      Now we wait for 'Playing an RPG for the third time'

    4. tristen tyler

      1:45 the best part of this whole video 🤣

    5. Eric Tan

      Amazing story. I'm sold.

    6. Communist Pootis Birb

      1:50 Me in math class

    7. Jordan Perez

      I shed a tear. Thank you.

    8. UJustGotGamed

      i like how marshal has a glock in medieval times

    9. Da Boss

      1:40 memes by cowbelly used this

    10. Jimmy Breuer


    11. MeekDegree Inc.

      Nobody's gonna talk about how Marshall has a gun?

    12. Razagan

      JEbus that was more emotional then it had any right to

    13. The Bamboozler

      adventure... Awaits! HUZZZAAAAHHHH oddly triumphant

    14. Mihos Krijgsman

      3:09 kinda hit me ngl

    15. Lapin Logic

      This is my favourite, I KEEP coming back to rewatch it.

    16. Jack S

      How is this animation style achieved?

    17. V.E /A

      How i never notice he was naruto running while saving the old man son

    18. Zach Devita-Paulson

      3:10 sea hawk

    19. PH4T JOKER

      There is a deeper connection i must be missing .

    20. Demkkar

      I wished for the huzzah adventures to never end, this was an amazing story.

    21. ZeFrankz

      This is legit my favorite youtube series right now

    22. Joe Lalgi

      Better RPG than cyberpunk

    23. SaGe OwL

      It was the rat all along.

    24. Doom Fatto catto

      New game plus

    25. Harrymac522 Gaming

      Why did the king look like morgz

    26. FinnTheHuman

      I am interested ,if you release video about how you making this .but i also can understand not to choose show your artsyle making.

    27. Devilbrine

      3:11 Gave me fuckin’ chills, yo!

    28. GenoX1987

      2:20 for some reason I love the little head bob he does.

    29. Fabio_P

      If Remy from ratatouille had a gun

    30. Lithium

      Reward: our eternal gratitude

    31. Jack Robinson

      I keep coming back to this because it is so original and just amazing. Thanks Joel!

    32. Max Wolfe

      Had to go back and watch the others again after this.

    33. Logan G

      That last Hazaah! Had me dead

    34. alex marshall

      Love how he’s tearing up as he sees his health bar and just says “oh fuck...” in such a defeated tone.

    35. DanFire Flare

      “You do this everyday?” “Y-Yeah.” “It’s nice.” “Yup.” I feel at peace, this is one of the most peaceful conversations I’ve heard for a while

    36. BrreakfastBandit

      I'm sorry to say - the thumbnail put me off of watching this for a while, but it autoplayed, and I'm so glad I let it play. These animated skits are golden.

    37. Hoagie

      So are there any Adventure Huzzah! t-shirts we can purchase cuz I'm in love with this

    38. fakemommy23


    39. CopyCat


    40. SolidSol

      Did marshal make it home okay?

    41. Grunt Korf

      God, this animation style is so uncanny I love it.

    42. SDipl

      it's funny how everything is so akward but realistic

    43. Dream Hollow

      I accidentally saw this video first, then it all made sense when I stopped and saw the first one.

    44. Ninja Sushi

      Thumbs up if you're going to go back to and watch it all the episodes now.

    45. Ninja Sushi

      The Oblivion music is great.

    46. Ninja Sushi

      How do you shit post at this level? Most impressive.

    47. Ninja Sushi

      LOLOLOLOL he fixes it!

    48. Sky The Looker

      This is litterally the best thing ever

    49. KuroSly

      Who knew this twist would come?

    50. Strike

      Did the rat get the gun from Tony Lazuto?

    51. g guysjugju

      I predict, if there is another outside the trilogy, it will be playing an RPGs for th 100th time

    52. Tyler Cappi

      This is the same plot as Re:Zero

    53. Ciaran Smith

      this unironically might be the best use of rotoscoping ever. it adds such a unique awkwardness to the comedy.

    54. Freeblade Invictus

      The “adventure....awaits....” line is unironically epic to me

    55. Budz 1369

      When choice actually matters in an RPG.

    56. Gabriel Moore

      Im from townton

    57. Alessandra Gonzales

      1:42 The hardest hitting "Oh fuck." on KGup

    58. Prodigy of Nonsense

      "He has a gun!"

    59. Jacob Graemoor

      I would for sure watch an entire series of this on here or on adult swim

    60. Samuel Eddy

      Classic third-act twist.

    61. Riley Taylor

      This is both unnerving and amazing

    62. Kevin the Shitposter

      what in the world did i just watch... look, man... i dont know what kind of RPGs you've been playing, but-

    63. Basteal

      Adventure! :ping ping: Awaits! :ping: :click click: HAZZAH!!!

    64. JC Denton


    65. Chylopan

      Bro, I think you found your breakaway project in this, lol.

    66. Dapp _ Attack

      I actually almost cried when old man said that thing about health bars.

    67. Grilled Chicken


    68. Cristian Juarez

      Every trilogy that has ever existed could never hope to touch this series

    69. Gedeon Nunes

      Playing Pathologic as the Haruspex be like

    70. Eric Hebert

      Best action drama ive seen in 2 years

    71. gamebozco

      Can't wait til you play rpg for the nth time, with mods.

    72. The FireSpitter

      I wonder what would happen if he killed Marshall but let the son live. 🤔🤔🤔

    73. Thomas Sinha

      Soulsborne questlines be like:

    74. Barry Wood

      Now that, is storytelling

    75. Knight Solaire of Astora

      Joel I'm begging you turn this into an entire series these are fucking grand

    76. Jingo sek


    77. Alfonso Víquez

      when he said "You filthy rat, you shall be exterminated" I literally had goosebumps

    78. Brandon Root

      Anyone else notice jacob killed spot in the first episode?

    79. Brandon Root

      Marshal released the worst criminals, that means Jacob was one of the worst

    80. Trey Lima

      there is no way this could have been done better lmao love the series!!

    81. William

      Just.....thank you. Thank you so much xD

    82. Yashka Нарезки

    83. Tony Bradley

      Man I love this channel

    84. NeXuS

      I'm so dying for a moment like that in the end, just watching the sunset together with a friend or girlfriend doesn't really matter or sitting at a river or a lake or out on a field out in the open in the silence at the evening or midnight only hearing the crickets chirping. That would be so awesome.

    85. MiguelitoPlanet

      what animation technique is this?

    86. Qualms

      The ending had a very "Pulch: The good times" David Firth feel to it

    87. VRtual Boy

      Just realized his "you filthy rat, you shall be exterminated" is exactly what he said to the rat in the first video lol

    88. Cody B

      that rat

    89. Samwiz1

      Huh. I didn't know you guys were Washingtonians. Clever wordplay with the sign. :)

    90. HungryHunter

      can someone tell me the song played in the throneroom?

    91. Elijah Bedick

      “Jacob fueled by pure rage and grief sets out to become the greatest hero of the kingdom ADVENTURE AWAITS!”

    92. Rontizium

      the way he said Haaazaa in the beginning kills me everytime

    93. Dont Know

      Finnaly the *GOOD ENDING*

    94. The Comedy Bros

      This is fantastic! Can someone tell me how this is done? I'm guessing Joel and his friends are in green suits in front of a green screen?

    95. The Angry Tank

      My favorite line, "My first town....again." lol

    96. Gary Arnold Seevers

      "Marshall is evil now... he has a GUN!!!" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.... Amazing.

    97. KrypTheBear

      Would be funny if the protagonist forgot to save and had to do it all over again

    98. Javan Patrick Reigner

      The Good Ending

    99. ChanesWorld

      This was better than the GOT series

    100. RM23

      its an odd experience, but one that worth every second, i liked the giant at the end