This GOLD DIGGER Left Her 5 YEAR BOYFRIEND After Seeing Me! This got bad...


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    1. Saiful Ashraf

      expose em

    2. chigo okafor

      I just realized that the heartbroken emoji looks like people kissing ngl

    3. young_lando legend

      Females talk about guysss not gone cap this making alotttttaaaaa females look bad bruhh

    4. Noah Noronha


    5. Илья Муромец


    6. Sleepless Taco

      Love his soul, not his money Boys are human, not bank

    7. GokuSSBx10

      Expose all those bi tches filthy trashcans keep it up mate

    8. Lil Gizzle

      It’s how girls switch over the exotic Shi

    9. young pickle

      That dude with the dog was really not tryna be there

    10. Jray

      You worship money and your cars, you can not serve God and mammon (money), please repent of idolatry, the car won't mean nothing if your spending eternity in the lake of fire.

    11. Kristian


    12. Kristian


    13. Kristian


    14. Effects List

      I think she was already cheating coming home late and at party’s and at the bar

    15. jaanu Lov U

      I think this is the best way ,when you wanted to breakup with your gf😂😂

    16. SD

      Chris breezy really weren't lying. Save ur money and time guys

    17. Dacotazz Brunt

      Don’t let phill die in his mac grey bmw like x phill a legend and I’m praying for him he’s a goat

    18. Chicq TheLover

      Shit come to dc then

    19. Emo PlushYT

      Why people keep forgetting is you can't be buried with your money but you could be remembered with your loyalty money will never remember you money doesn't have a memory loyalty is everything you could be buried next to the one you love instead of being buried with to no one by your side

    20. ShineDark

      Why am I keep reading 5 year old boyfriend?

    21. Drizzy Jay

      Man didn't even touch the car before she said "is this your car?"

    22. Ayush 95


    23. Angel Liahnne Mendez

      thats girl shes like my mother since my mom got a promote on her job she start going out and stuff and leaving me alone in the house bc my dad works too my mom dated a lot of guys like her co worker even the people i hate in her job

    24. Just play

      im subscribe

    25. Amber Weatherby

      I was expecting Surgio doing this video

    26. Śhäđøw 333

      Thats what im telling we never know if a girl is a gold digger till this happen: BE CAREFULL WHEN LOVING A GIRL WE NEVER KNOW HER OTHER FACE

    27. Elite4Cole _

      Wish a bitch would say I took her breath away

    28. Preston Shultz

      Because I think that's bull I mean really why

    29. Preston Shultz

      That's f up I mean why

    30. Felipe Barriga


    31. Mazin_vibez Fn

      You can watch the vid in 4K well guess what... you just got caught in 4K

    32. Chad C

      Truth hurts but truth sets you free been there done it 💯

    33. Gross Dynamics LLC

      Why would you waste five years of your life and somebody else

    34. Ignacio Baez

      dont worry there is more fishes in the sea

    35. Thon Majok

      👋 heyyy heyyy

    36. Rahim Marciano

      This is so sad bro my heart is melting

    37. XeroDaley Yt

      Is it just me or it lil tjay

    38. IlScreaMIl

      I was about crying cuz he loved her thats clear 💔

    39. Hlompho Maduna

      The digger 🤮🤢🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    40. Hlompho Maduna

      Sorry bro I love you bro sorry 😭😭😭😢

    41. Anyokorit Judithbenah

      The blame doesn't do for only gals even guys I was in a relationship for 7 years and he dumped me for another gal just because he thought I was too good for him wen I got him with my friend on my bed and I still forgave him just coz I loved him. And the reason he gave was that I was always busy for him but I took the blame and forgave him but he still dumped me yet I provided more than he did shit

    42. Michelle Dong

      Oh man the guy w his dog was like “cmon doggy don’t piss here I don’t wanna be here let’s goooo”

    43. Sandee

      Gold diggers hitting the dislike button lmfao. Offended or what? 😬 oops lol.

    44. Nutei Pachuau

      Man,,im crying😭

    45. nonette birginias

      He looks like a Filipino..

    46. derek small

      what gives u the right to do this

    47. Nate Arroyo

      Just shut the fuck up and get started with gold digger

    48. 2K Rj


    49. Maduwa Sinera

      Just look at his face I feel bad for ol boy

    50. Maduwa Sinera

      If U my girl imma test u to see if u loyal


      You are doing God's work

    52. Dimitris Georgoudis

      You look like lil Tijay

    53. Michel Richard

      All girls are that kind

    54. Monique

      You can get those custom shoes @simplegemsboutique Code: YTLV

    55. S H A J A P gaming

      If this happened to me I would never date again

    56. Mami Amar

      What the actual fuck is she I never seen a girl had only one position, THE HAND ON HIP 1

    57. Mami Amar

      Not me thinking when I first seen the thumail that this goldigger was dating a 5 year old

    58. Erik Adalbert van Nagel

      She totally has no feelings, she didn't ecen care about the situation like a psychopath or something.

    59. IrOniC ReLoaDs

      Some of the girls are so cruel bro smh 🤦‍♂️

    60. Sannu Stupak

      I feel bad :(

    61. Jaqen H'ghar

      That dog being walked is more loyal than she'll ever be

    62. Nilessen Camatchee


    63. Alexandre Cybis

      They didn't look like a couple... Just by looking at then,i would think they're friends. 😶 I'm not sure how a couple act on that culture. In Brazil what they did look just like friends,we HUG a lot. 😶

    64. Reahan Ince


    65. Jaden Puryear

      She stas next to car

    66. ليث طلال عبدالله سليمان البرواني

      thats why i dont want to get a girl friend cuz girls are not loyal

    67. thelma lalmuanpuii


    68. Slxepz Good night

      That’s just how girls are they will get in a relationship with you and then break your heart and be like “ he broke my heart he cheated on me” like tf and you will have random dudes in your dms like “ I feel so bad for you you deserve someone better what’s your name??” that’s what makes me mad

    69. PRO T0xic Ace

      Every time I see p2 I think I see lil tjay any1 else?

    70. Dave Williams

      She's a gold digger. First of all, if she actually knew he was boring then she wouldn't have stand being in a relationship with him for that long, and she lied at that exact point. Secondly, she used the man for those 6 years, imagine that. SHE SPENT 6 YEARS TELLING LIES TO HIM WHEN SHE KNEW SHE DIDN'T LIKE HIM, USING HIM, NO BODY SHOULD EVER EXPERIENCE THAT!!

    71. Xx-KingWahib-xX

      Bro that went wayyyy too smoothly 🤔 but fr they don’t belong together. It’s better for both of them ngl

    72. kyjhan frl

      13:00 guy walking his dog😂

    73. Cikot1way Music

    74. David Valdez

      Twin girlfriends

    75. David Valdez

      Where’s sevesters girlfriend

    76. codey47

      each and every one of his cars has a role to play in his videos xD

    77. Betrayed XR

      Funniest thing ever this same thing happened to me but I didn’t have help

    78. RedYoshi vlogs and void vlogs

      No bro 😪 this happened to me as well I was drained 😪 but got used to it tho

    79. Nana Duodu

      There you go 🤣🤣

    80. wendy nieves

      AWWWWWW I WOOD NOT HAVE A GFFFFFFFFFF BECAUSE SHE WOOD WANT A ONTHER GIRL Hmmmmmmmmm i wood get sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooOOO mAd

    81. U Ph

      These pranks are bullshit. If men aren't criticized for liking beautiful girls, then girls shouldn't be criticized for liking rich guys. You poor as fuck, and you expect pretty girls to follow you? Then you're not only poor but also despicable.

    82. Alistair Howard

      Bruh the fact she talks with no remorse or shit gives me fuckin trust issues bro

    83. Ronald Velasquez

      Yo it be like that

    84. Mád Jøkér

      Hey bro I really appreciate your work.its really hard to believe for him💔,I hope now he will feel better (Fuck the gold diggers 🖕)

      1. thegoat_lawrence


    85. Taylor Smith

      Hmm i aint no dating expert. But in my opinion its seems like their was nothing their to begin with or at least not anymore.

    86. Loser Loser

      He was lucky he was able to hit up P2 to expose her that she was gold digger. She wasn’t good anyways

    87. msathenna

      Poor guy😟

    88. Jonty Balio


    89. isaac whyte

      Bro if u reading this bro she's gonna get what she deserve

    90. Iese Lameta

      1 day is same with all days

    91. Dániel Parti

      good job

    92. Turin Baartman

      Thanks for helping him Brother we need more people like you on earth 🌎

    93. Calix

      12:45 him ill just smirk my face here and mind my own business

    94. Aya Douiri

      6 años a la mierda, almenos sabe que es una interesada de mierda . Ojalá encuentre alguien mejor para él .

    95. Liz Kinnee


    96. Mohammed Ismail

      You’re boring anyway 🙆‍♂️

    97. Joseph Perez

      Like I said 70.5 percent of women or unloyal and 20.4 percent of women or loyal true facts

    98. Peace Upon

      All beta males here need to watch this.

    99. Noonster Noonster

      P2 is the name

    100. sasha adolphus

      Can someone do a Gold Digger test on me sometime later when i forget i ever commented this. I wanna check myself and make sure im not such a "Beach". Can girls really be that way??? Goshh