Starlink Mission


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    SpaceX is targeting Tuesday, November 24 for launch of its sixteenth Starlink mission, which will launch 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The instantaneous launch window is at 9:13 p.m. EST, or 02:13 UTC on Wednesday, November 25.
    The Falcon 9 first stage rocket booster supporting this mission previously flew on six other missions: the Telstar 18 VANTAGE mission in September 2018, the Iridium-8 mission in January 2019, and four Starlink missions in May 2019, January 2020, June 2020, and August 2020. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be located in the Atlantic Ocean. One half of Falcon 9’s fairing previously supported a mission, and the other half previously two.

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    1. James Hopper Sr. - Beaver-Retriever

      Please SpaceX hurry and get StarLink internet going in West Tennessee. I'l sick of AT&T and Cricket's cell data that drops it's signal and not use able for 12 hours everyday. We need internet out in the country like in the cities. Paying a 100.00 for 100GB of data. And then most of the day there is no signal and the Hotspot shows no service sucks. Please hurry with the beta program for west tennessee.

    2. johnnyisagoodbird

      44.26 latitude and can't use the internet since covid started and everyone's at home watching netflix. RIP the dream

    3. Mirek Šlechta

      (Sorry about my english) Wherever you looked in near past, you could no longer see a pure or not altered nature , because every part of nature is already spoiled by humans , besides your nigt upward look. The night time upward look remained unchanged until one of us was alowed to spoil the last ramainig sight of non spoiled part of nature and it is happenning once again just for sake of large sum of money. I woud love, that my child could see what I was able to see in my life insted of trading that privilege for ability to be under internet signal globaly. Until Starlink almost everyone was able to receive internet and at the same time everyone had unspoiled upward night sigt. After the Starlink none of us will be able to enjoy that last remaining sigth of the unspoilled nature while overwhelming majirity of us will benefit almost nothing from that network because the internet was working more than well enough for overwhelming majirity of us. World is fast turning to a disgusting place where money will never have the value of unspoiled nature.

    4. Voltage \ فولتاج

      اتمنى يكون قد التوقعات😍علقوا على الفيديو واثبتوا وجودكم ياعرب... وعشان يحنوا علينا شوي😢

    5. Игрик с гитарой / Igric & Guitar

      Достал засорять космос

    6. Lilia Tarlev

      Blue origin sucks

    7. Prince Charles

      Where to get the (flashdrive)OPEN AI in Dota 2?

    8. jesse greywolf

      It's too bad that your so-called beta testing program puts This Out Of Reach For A lot of people. Certainly the most expensive beta testing program I've ever heard of. If you're doing testing for a company shouldn't they be providing the equipment for free

    9. STLShu

      Can't wait to watch this on my very own Starlink network here on Bonaire.

    10. illuminoous

    11. CalMariner

      || Broadcast Breakdown || 3:50 - Intro 4:30 - Launch Overview - Kate Tice 4:50 - T-10 minutes 5:26 - Falcon 9 Overview - Siva Bharadvaj 7:50 - Engine Chill begins 8:25 - Starlink Technology Overview - Kate Tice 9:50 - T-5 minutes 10:20 - Strongback Retract 13:55 - Callout: "Falcon 9 in Startup" 14:50 - Liftoff 16:10 - Max-Q 17:30 - Stage Separation, Fairing Separation 21:33 - Entry Burn 23:13 - Stage 1 Landing Attempt - Droneship OF COURSE I STILL LOVE YOU 23:47 - SECO (Stage 2 Enging Cutoff) 28:50 - Launch Recap - Siva Bharadvaj 29:47 - Payload Deployment 30:42 - Webcast Conclusion - Kate Tice

    12. Materak


    13. Lyam Mosnier

      Who else is watching all the launches in the lock down lol

    14. Jitendra Saha

      Space x is just a failure 😏😏

    15. Mhmood Ziyad acc2


    16. Pat Morgan

      THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! I can't wait until Starlink is available in rural southside Virginia!!!

    17. Richard Anthony Media

      So looking forward to this!!!!

    18. Cora Eckenberger

      So great to see real progress in the provision of internet for rural America! Count me in.

    19. Jassm Jk

      شوكت يوصل للعراق

    20. Jassm Jk

      شوكت يوصل للعراق

    21. Zamroni Roni

      you must faster, ONEWEB behind you.

    22. tryspin

      I am so excited to see this happening. I currently pay 400.00 a month to just homeschool our kids and run our small farm.

    23. Clayton Blachly

      Hey I'm at 46 degrees

    24. Ethem Öztürk

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    25. Gurteg Grewal

      Check out this INSANE Space X Video:

    26. Mr Axis

      Mr musk pls come to turkey pls we need you our people need you (my WiFi is 5.50 dow avg 0.07 up avg)

    27. Jake Russell

      they are getting faster at reusing first stages, their fastest time used to be 109 days between flights, but now its less than 3 months

    28. TRKOS YT

      قنا ليدة

    29. Sibel Cibik

      Çok güzel görünüyor ♡♥♡

    30. Astaros

      Great Job ! Keep going !

    31. Anggrayudi Hardiannicko

      The 1k dislikes are flatearthers.

    32. Rusty Remick

      Still waiting for my can I get it faster? I am so ready. My DSL is killing me slowly. Please save me.

    33. TuTu Tu

      Can Starlink receive signals on a moving vehicle? Trains, yachts, airplanes.

    34. TuTu Tu

      I think SpaceX should put a transparent plastic cover on the Starlink receiver to prevent it from being affected in bad weather, such as hail, heavy snow, strong wind.

    35. UnknownUser#1320

      That rocket is a little small but why is it so close to everything? Is that a propane or oxygen tank of some sort? And there's a bunch of buildings right there.

      1. UnknownUser#1320

        @Tim Morgan compared to other ones it isn't huge but yes it is pretty large i comparison to everything around us.

      2. Tim Morgan

        Lol you think that's small you're hilarious

    36. Mamata Naik

      Hi musk

    37. Bill

      what is the origin of the music intro on those videos?

    38. Tube Tab

      Love it.

    39. Maria Célia Marotti

      É impressionante como essa transmissão é feita . Maravilhoso, parabéns.

    40. Mike Mellis

      @Elon Musk - can your next launch of Starlink cover Scotland please? Sick of 1MB/S speeds while trying to work from home while sharing this with the Wife and Kids, total nightmare! Keel up the good work though!

    41. Lemon Gang

      This will cause the Kessler Syndrome I'm sure

    42. Joe Strummer

      The dude says the rocket is "70 Meters tall which is greater than the wingspan of a 747". Uhh, ok, but who the heck is familiar with a 747 wingspan? Nobody and so you can't get an idea of size. The rocket is 70 meters tall which is 76.5 Yards, 3/4 of a football field, or 21 stories, etc.

    43. Fabio Ferreira Gomes


    44. I Was Just Wondering

      FINALLY AN INDIAN commentator

    45. Gorg Iyk

      Mr. Musk, take care of you.

    46. Saurabh Mane

      Please can anyone tell me from where to get music 🎶🎶🎶. It's awesome

    47. Mari Rami


    48. Fernando Bermudez

      Didn't Know The Falcon 9 launched this November 25th

    49. Captain Jack Pugh

      14:41. This is a timestamp for myself

    50. Thomas Lindberg


    51. Şakir Soyade

      Whe are waiting for u starlink whe néed u in Algérie

    52. StarLink TV

      Matubborer Bou link

    53. Nick Andrew

      Why SpaceX is more subscribed and viewed other than NASA

    54. Sonic Memories

      Since I was a kid I was so inspired by space exploration stories and possibilities. Wonderful to see that we're still curious enough to continue exploring. It inspired me so much that I even started making space instrumental music. There are so many angles to think of around the topic of space exploration (tech/engineering, philosophy, psychology, business...), it is hard to keep up with everything that happens!

    55. TerribleMung

      wow the stream is awesome

    56. Life & Business Series

      Brilliant. Please watch this short and entertaining video, which includes Elon at the very end

    57. George Williams

      The Starlink Internet service is needed in Wood's Creek Manitoba, north of St. Rose du Lac near Toutes Aides. Super slow Internet there right now. And more expensive than your service. If you need Beta testers, we have two lined up already!

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    60. ROBA ZONE

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    61. Avil Georgescu

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    62. ROBA ZONE

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    64. ROBA ZONE

    65. Nalgenius

      I feel bad for those clouds

    66. lernit


    67. leon resanovic

      I have an idea that NASA and spaceX fuse into one company

    68. ZOOM

      i want to see starship launch 😁

    69. George Nakas Nakas

      To Mr Musk,i have the answer you want!

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      1. King Tox music

        Yes, I thought they were joking too

    71. G.L ( lifestyle of society) Best Shuttle Launch....

    72. Joe Jackson

      Wait till the outsiders land 😂. 😯

    73. Jellybeantiger

      It’s amazing how it picks up speed later on,8 seconds in,it is still doing car speeds 67 kmh,16 seconds,190 kmh,32 seconds 478 kmh,64 seconds 1230 kmh. Goes kryptonite after that. Wonder if it launches slow to save the pilots and or vehicle stresses or I have no clue? lol,probably the latter.

      1. Steve Adams

        It launches slow because it is very heavy initially due to the fuel and oxidizer. The Falcon 9 produces about 1.7 million pounds of thrust at liftoff and weighs about 1.2 million pounds. This gives a thrust to weight ratio of about 1.4. As it burns fuel and loses mass, the acceleration increases. You are correct that they do limit the maximum acceleration to around 3-4 g’s to minimize stress on the vehicle, payloads and/or crew. However, the initial slowness is due to weight.

    74. Valinner

      I wonder where elon musks roadster is now


      ELON MUSK!

    76. Rae Augustus

      FUCK YOU!! You guys are just too good in the world!

    77. Артем Артём

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    78. Roshan Raikar

      Just a normal day at spaceX

    79. Daniel Airoldes

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      1. Stickman Productions

        And why do you call them lie

      2. E. Rose

        Oh buzz off kid.

    80. Daniel Airoldes


    81. Покатухи Кирюхи #

      Не х..я не понятно, но очень интересно)

    82. D S

      Ummm. Mr Elon. if you and space X were given a chance to create a space station from scratch what would you design be? Since sooner or later the ISS will retired, we need a new space station.

    83. cortesdaAtualidade

      hi Elon musk my name is marciano and I'm from Brazil I just would like to say that when you decide to go to the Moon. please call me cuz I want to come back to my home and will be really nice. if you invite me to do the first step on the monn


      Hello, this is BEENTOMOON. A space youtube channel where you can hear & see about the fantacies of moons. Come and subscribe to our channel!

    85. Nolan Yamada

      How do they put so many satellites into one rocket?

      1. Steve Adams

        They are stacked one on top of another. See here:

    86. Erik Cintron

      Where's the rocket launching from tonight?

    87. Paulo

      with $ 200 I buy better fireworks

    88. Bau ra

      Waw just waw

    89. risT

      Hey, why are those satelites glowing. Do they have Lights on boars ?

    90. 8star*UK

      lol 🤯

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