Missionary Bush Pilot

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    Whether you are a seasoned pilot, student pilot and wanting to learn to fly an airplane, or even an avid SIM pilot who just purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020) or X-Plane, I think you will enjoy this cockpit view flight vlog into some of the most dangerous airports in the world.
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    1. John M

      You keep your cool even when it’s obvious that you’re right on the edge. You never just “go for it” and go around even if the tailwind increases 1mph over limit. Definitely what has kept you safe and alive. You must love what you do because there’s a lot of mainline carriers out there that would be lucky to have you. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

      1. Rick Laurence

        A3@Missionary Bush Pilot

      2. Rafael Ernesto Rosabal

        Seemed pretty far from the threshold when you said you were committed! Beats me! The reckoning! How cool!

      3. Val Eremkin

        I used to be a pilot. Nice to watch the job.

      4. Keir Brown

        @Missionary Bush Pilot man epic skills. and yes as an aviation enthusiast you got the balance of gauge and know how. love it man.

      5. Mishmish zorba

        @Missionary Bush Pilot DID HE SAY CHECK ALTERNATOR 🤠 REALLY ?? 😂

    2. Terry C

      Wow, crazy approach! Little room for error.

    3. TheOriginalBleachX

      @Missionary Bush Pilot - All I have to say is that you are one hell of a pilot!

    4. Ski Blanc


    5. Nathan Leon

      I only fly severe clear and paved so this was a treat to watch from the safety of my house.

    6. Michal Zielinski

      In 50 years some guy will be walking us through his flight from Earth to the moon just as professionally yet casually. Can't wait lol

    7. Scott Schramm

      Well done! I think I’ll stick with helo’s...

    8. Capt Larry -

      A skilled pilot , and a one-way runway.. that could easily be a free ticket to oblivion. The Caravan is no slouch either.. but they don't fly themselves.

    9. Pablo Peter

      Excellent airmanship....Congratulations ¡

    10. Schmovid 84


    11. Alan Osman

      You have such a cool life, and even if I could fly, I don't think I would have the courage to stick that landing.

    12. GuideTheRide

      Was never a pro pilot myself but executed plenty of tight ones especially some short private grass strips so get your vibes. Impressed by your risk management and going around. Stay safe.

    13. Graziano Belnome

      The clumsy porcupine chiefly work because rock additionally last behind a mysterious vein. glossy, capable architecture

    14. Wayne Royer

      I’m a wannabe pilot and enjoy these kinds of flights. Your instruments are really great compared to years ago. I’ve been on short flights like the with small aircraft into the interior mountains of Lesotho, Southern Africa back in 1970’s. You will continue to have good flights with your discipline. Keep up the good work.

    15. Terence Doherty

      Gr8 landing

    16. Steven Mdetele

      Good Job

    17. Suzanne Benz

      Good job! However, I would never fly to this place.!

    18. 72karamba

      bravo maestro

    19. S

      Weldone man

    20. Wilfa Hodges

      There was mud in landing

    21. FACrazyCanuck

      We deal with deicing in Canada, do you have a demudder? 😁

    22. Gord Reddy

      Thats working for a living!

    23. Tyrone Bishop

      FUCK THAT!!!

    24. Toby Tollefsen

      You are NUTS.....

    25. Jack Matranga

      Please do more of this

    26. Jeyaraj Preetham


    27. Csterret1

      Thank you for an awesome "you are there" experience. God be with you.

    28. Albert Maruggi

      no way I'd do that, but I drive a truck so everyone has the risk they are willing to live with : )

    29. Andrew Mackenzie

      Great Flying 👌 JAT... Could you not get a destination runway condition update before you take off? Looked sketchy 😊

    30. Lobo Interestelar


    31. Dave Thompson

      Nice job, captain. Smart, safe and successful. QQ for you: What was that loud tone in your headphones every few mins? Thanks much.

    32. Alasdair Slade

      There are old pilots and foolish pilots, but no old foolish pilots. I'd fly with you anytime. Well done sir.

    33. Maple Leaf

      Fine job!

    34. A P

      I rather ride a horse up there. LOL

    35. Bob Fendrick

      Wow , you Sir are Amazing !

    36. Helminth Combos

      worst runway ever

    37. U tube Dude

      You are amazing, you can land anywhere, you are what I called a skilled pilot who can land any plane anywhere great vid, thanks

    38. Steve Taylor

      Super video! I applauded for $10.00 👏👏👏

    39. Cindy Kasset

      Under the sea is my gig - no thanks to the air but good job!

    40. Peter Goretzki

      Yeah i would do it ! i cant fly but ill give it a try ; )

    41. svoncampe

      What would you have done back a decade or two or three, however long ago there was no technology available telling you the wind speed and direction? How would that knowledge or lack thereof affect one's decision to land or not to land?

    42. mark chambers


    43. Phillip Newlyn

      WOW!! I now know why they say bush pilots are mad!

    44. Ironman8fitness PL-Eire

      Skills 👍👍

    45. Gordon Panghua

      God bless you🙏

    46. Randall Hash

      Wonderful....I’d like to try, myself....I’m sure the folks there appreciate you.


      Well done mate. This is where flying and knowing and understanding all the dynamics of flight and knowing your aircrafts capabilities come to play. There is no doubt you bush pilots are at the pinnacle of the elite. You survive a few years doing this & keeping emotions in check and not being complacent you really can call yourself Accomplished. Well done fellow Aussie! You do us Proud.!

    48. Wood Schofield

      unbelievable! well done! incredible skill .....

    49. Ian Fischer

      Well done! If you really want to know what a stressful landing is, putting a heavy jet down at the old Hong Kong Kai Tak airport Runway 13 IGS approach in a 35 knot crosswind, quartering tail/head wind, pouring rain and eyeball bounce from the turbulence was a sure fire way to get your bowels rumbling!

    50. David Croutch

      Good job

    51. markkkal

      Reminding me of my flights in France with the Jodel 160hp piston aicraft, did my mountain rating and that was a lot of flying, you don't just get the rating, you become a totally different pilot, an "Aviator" It's hard work, takes time and a lot of frustration...But the rewards are immense in terms of self confidence and skills.. Mountain flying, bush flying, aerobatics, glider are to flying what grammar is to a language... Courchevel, Alpe d Huez, Megeve, to name a few paved ones in summer on wheels and in winter with skis,including the glaciers up and above 11'000 ft....You land uphill and take off downhill, so at landing decelation is quick uphill; For a small aircraft 250-400 meters strip is the norm, Aside from courchevel which is a boulevard but with a double slope that can and will catch the unwary. Speed must be spot on, around 1,2 Vso with power, 1,1 vso before the flare...Aiming point must be kept steady, so as to be able to reach a precise touch down spot thereafter. Once established,in the landing segment, there is a point of commitment to landing (Point of non return, no go around possible due to mountainous terrain, and limited residual power, density altitude plays a huge part ) We set 50% power ca. 1800 rpm, so we had a margin to add power in case of a downdraft and cut power in an updraft.. speed 65 then 55 at threshold, ( Density altitude gives you a higher ground speed and you move faster through the air but you must resist the urge to go slower) and unlike a normal flare we kept power on - til and after touchdown- to avoid abrupt sink rate and smashing into the ground at 1,1 Vso and to be able to climb the uphill runway... What looked scary was the size of the airstrip and its length as seen from the approach segment added to the distorted view of an uphill runway appearing shorter than it is.. But with training anyone can do it. The point in my view is that pilot training as it is carried out today, is inappropriate, and it instills a lack of discipline and is not conducive to develop proper skills.. On landings we are always too fast, Instructors are scared of stalling -this is another story- , flying slow aircrafts on huge runways.. with no real aiming point, way too much speed touchdown occurs always at a different spot, often with no effort to keep the nosewheel off the ground til speed bleeds off, and that horrible screeching sound of crooked touchdown, not correcting for parallax. Then nosewheel aircrafts are too forgiving for initial training, tailwheel is the answer to develop proper handling skills, That is why the transition from a ppl or cpl or atpl to bush or mountain flying is made more difficult that it really is.. Good job, good confidence, very precise flying technique with a touch of rudder, aileron and power, and above all the looseness at the controls which stems from confidence , thumbs up mate !

    52. Старовойтов Сергей


    53. Jake M

      Having just landed in Dallas in a hail storm last week.. I’d prefer mud

    54. Ce nk

      18.08 Yes my friend the tail is still in place.

    55. Ru Rs

      The aboard ex-wife optimally thaw because desert fittingly provide mid a grandiose accordion. red, equal latex

    56. De Silva George

      You were panicking.so obvious.

    57. mark gamba

      The air force is safer

    58. Remus P

      There must be stuff of great value to be picked up... UP THERE. that would serve the purpose of such a landing field. I don't wanna think about anything ilegal , but it reminds me of the movie with Tom Cruise, "American Made" ;)

    59. davidtsw

      That was intense. I'm impressed.

    60. Billy Freemantle

      brilliant flying. well done. bill v south africa

    61. Edgewater IT, LLC

      really good vid!

    62. Terrance F. Marrow

      Well done.

    63. JustJames

      You fly guys are 'something else'. Great job man.

    64. Buzz Blitzer

      The world needs people who are excellent at what they do, stay safe, keep your edge & God Bless!

    65. Wallace Brasch

      Enjoyed that flight,thanks.

    66. Tony C

      Dear MBP I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your vid. Amazing country, your great knowledge of your plane, situation and your discipline are admirable. What an extraordinary opportunity you have to fly in PNG stay well.

    67. carl easton


    68. Dt0x75

      Thats a big bag of Nope!...lol

    69. crxdelsolsir

      0:09 wow looks like a runway in NAM! Bird Dog: Tower this is "Bird Dog" I am coming in for landing

    70. MoOnkey

      Rally landing, gj

    71. Alfonso Alfonso

      Well done, my heart pumping

    72. Goedelite Kurt

      Maybe, it's my age, but I don't think I would care to have such a pass-time. Too much stress! I prefer pass-times that relieve stress. Nice job!

    73. Peetiebird

      You flyboys have nerves of steel . . . well done!

    74. Timur Lundholm

      oh man this Flight Simulator 2020 setup looks awesome..

    75. JG Gorder

      Great to see Mt Elimbari again and to fly with you into the Chimbu. We were stationed at Monono for a few months in 1971 and flew into their airstrip with Lutheran Mission pilots. Great job. Our adrenaline is still pumping! John and Gordeen Gorder

    76. george little

      say you up tight i was pumped up tighter than a ten cent ballon when i saw that clif coming

    77. John Fernald

      Exciting stuff!

    78. Luke Septer

      Where is that? I need to try that in msfs haha

    79. lurking0death

      Well done. You know your aircraft. You know your weather and airstrip....if you survive the first couple of landings here, the rest are easy, 'ay?

    80. Gunther Toody

      I just wanted to say...I hope no one had the fish, and good luck gentlemen, we are all counting on you to land this plane safely; AND DON'T CALL ME SHIRLEY.

    81. Jwhowsez Jwhowsez

      So much for Flying be Fun! Fck That!!

    82. Kalai Anand Ratnam

      i am impressed...

    83. The WizardOnline

      great stuff

    84. J Freed

      Intro sounds way too similar to The Stradmans intro

    85. cassiem fataar

      just awed by your nerves of steel, great stuff.

    86. MaKeITcOuNT

      Well done man! That even made me pucker a bit hahah

    87. Dirk van Rijn

      What kind of bitter or jealous people disliked this?

    88. Jake Wyler

      Nicely done brother!

    89. Peter

      As you said, you're Stupid & Crazy for doing it but it was fun.. You make it look simple. Fantastic! Great Job!

    90. michael tardent

      It is great to see standards have improved, not least because of the tech capabilities of the aircraft. A long way away from the BNI Islanders of the eighties and before!

    91. A K

      You are one crazy doing that day in and day out.

    92. Warwick Shipway

      Thanks for the flight, fascinating to see the expertise involved in flying a small plane in PNG. Blessings from Banbasa, Northern India.

    93. Fabrizio Belisario

      I'm a pilot, you make me feel the same your sensations...very good job...adrenaline in the veins and shaking hands after the landing...!

    94. David Messer

      True proper flying . Great stuff

    95. Sarjeet S. Gill

      Wow, what an experience. Well done. Risky job needs quick reflexes and precise knowledge of the location of controls. The elements are constantly changing. Safe flying to you and all those that do it for a living. It is NOT my type of job. Thank you for the video and for allowing me to experience your feelings and skills. Good luck with ALL your future flights.

    96. Richard Brixel


    97. Being Glaun

      My hand are shaking and I wasn't even there. But I have been. Great video, great flying.

    98. IamBold

      Saturday morning here in Berlin..reminds me of our landing in St. Barths.

    99. Michael Devito

      Wow pilots are a special breed

    100. Harrison R.T. Davis

      very good landing in tough conditions.