Joe Biden Picks The First Transgender Health Official

Conservative Twins

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    1. planecrazyish

      Boom! you guys are right on the money, as always.

    2. Ricky Davis

      Censoring bastards

    3. Josh Partington

      I don’t see you guys 6ft apart

    4. Jon Frey

      What about Janet Reno...

    5. A Z

      The government has given money to scientists for decades, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they have a special wing of scientists that will say this is true...all for money. Same with man made climate change

    6. A Z

      The government has given money to scientists for decades, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they have a special wing of scientists that will say this is true...all for money. Same with man made climate change

    7. J Wesson Sr

      Freaky man. Evidently The Creator has flawed in the creation cause damn that's sick

    8. Johannes Murphy

      How about "it"? Would that be an acceptable pro-noun?

    9. Chuck Chambers

      This is one of the Democrats games they no this person is not qualified for the job .And when the said person is rejected for lack of qualifications they will say you are transphobic and evil

    10. XTC Trader

      It's Mark Levin, not Levine.

    11. Mike Wallace

      Discount code Chinesevirus... I love it. Biden has an EO saying we can't call it that. It makes his bff mad. They are in bed together along with Hunter.

    12. David Ellis

      If he a doctor wouldn’t he know that his/it’s DNA would still be a man

    13. Gregory Denbow

      What restroom does she use?

    14. John Curtis

      Holy girly man what the hell is that thing

    15. Henry Van Wyk

      come to south africa and you'll find crazy racial discrimination. #blackparadise

    16. Henry Van Wyk

      holy shit ! that is awful...

    17. Rita Ray

      Another good video!💪

    18. James Caldwell

      Chelsea Clinton’s real dad

    19. Birch White

      You know joe biden will be sniffing his new health nomination... 40 % suicide rate..this nomination might not last long...

    20. Debra Whitten

      She is still a male. What they think God would say to them. Really. I agree what u saying. 👍👍👍💪💪

    21. Debra Whitten

      So crazy. Not good.

    22. Olan Eby

      U should call Rachel an " It "

    23. Rotten Entertainment Rotti

      For all the people in these comments saying hateful thing about this person or calling them and it your behavior is disgusting. Or refusing to use their name that they want but calling them Richard. It's really disgusting. Every human deserves to be treated like a human. didn't anybody teach you if you don't have anything to say don't say anything at all. You don't have to agree with them but you don't have to go out of your way to make hateful transphobic comments. It really is gross.

    24. Freddie Hinote

      Heshe was part of the loop that set the nursing homes up to kill just to try to make President Trump look bad, then just by chance, NY and Pa. Were passing votes between their states in the election, I'm surprised he didn't put the ups driver in as transportation secretary!

    25. val Fletcher

      When she goes into JC Penney to get measured for a brassiere will be some kind ofawful day. Most of all, people who caused these people to suffer to death with the covid will BURN IN HELL.

    26. Patric Akelech

      How is a contested election allowed to foster in AMERICA for even a AMERICA, I MEAN HOW?🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

    27. Sam Smith

      He look likes he just got done dissecting the aliens in Independence Day

    28. marcie rudolph

      A PHD and a penis. We're gonna be invaded for sure now. It's called affirmative Action. It was all the rage in the 70's. The question is...what does he bring to the position he's been giving other than an attitude that there is something special about him?

    29. Ed Kattera


    30. Dennis Frey

      She is an ugly man what does that say about it

    31. Marc a

      Not only will this dude not pay for deaths due to malpractice.. He got a damn raise smh this countries done...

    32. Mitchell Taylor

      Absolutely love this channel , wish there were twins in every state with a channel worth what this one is.....

    33. Immortal Eagle


    34. Lt Columbo

      Everyone is different im cool with that, but I feel like there were better candidates. I offer everyone equal respect, whatever you call yourself.

    35. Anthony L

      im just happywe finally have a Bostonian in washington

    36. Tate

      Mrs. Doubtfire has entered the chat....

    37. Kimberly Potts

      Yes that it is from my home state who ruined pennsylvania and he is ruining the united states too so the real name is richard levine not rachel

    38. Hi, I'm Todd

      We are so glad the entire country gets to enjoy her service.

    39. Hi, I'm Todd

      She murdered nursing home residents in Pa. by putting covid patients in the nursing homes just like Cuomo did in N.Y.

    40. lawrence lowe

      So, a zebra decides to identifies as a lion. It then proceeds to go and lay in the sun with the lions. The lions see him and says. Hey zebra, what you doing here? Zebra says, im a lion. Lions then look at one-another and say to the zebra. Well zebra, you can call yourself whatever you want. But we see a zebra, and we eat zebras. Zebra then says, thats hate speech and zebraphobic. Then the lions roll over on their backs to get some rest from the big family dinner.😮 everything in nature obeys God but human beings.

    41. Don Donovan

      If the person qualified sexual orientation should not matter.

    42. Daniel Carney

      Why are you two pandering to this "she" bullshit? I hope you're only doing this to prevent your video from being removed or censored.

    43. Curtis Jackson Jr.

      I feel bad for my future children having to grow up in this horrible world, I know this much they're not going to public school to be brainwashed.

    44. Denis Tracy

      Use "Heshe" or "Wow-man"? Idk, matter of opinion.

    45. Ewokis Amokis

      Just a simple attention hog. Couldent get the attention dressing like a man so he dressed like a woman. Not qualified for the job at! all!!

    46. Jestin

      His name is "Rachel"

    47. Md

      C'mon man...ya'll gonna give Democrats shit about merit-based hiring after trump Devos as head of Dept. Of Education? Rex Tillerson Secretary of State? Ivanka Trump for any damn government position?

    48. David P

      🤮so what happened to "science"? 🤮🤮

    49. bandpassmess


    50. Brenda Blake

      This person needs her or his place they came from chcked out because like como rest home deaths !!!

    51. Ashley Hughes

      Just got too many democrats in it.

    52. Charles Morris

      Y'all can call ever swinging dick that wears a dress a she if you want to, but I refuse to!

    53. Fancy Name

      Isn’t that the MAN who removed his elderly parent from a NY nursing home when cuomo ordered covid patients into nursing homes?

    54. Ryan Benedict

      He picked him so he could sniff his hair

    55. Proud Conservative

      When you are hired because of your race or gender and not based on your qualification this is the result you get. The US as it is right now

    56. Proud Conservative

      Seems pretty transphobic if you ask me. Joe Biden had to make her the assistant health secretary why ? He doesn’t think transgenders could be the regular health secretary they have to be assistants ?

    57. Patriot 4ever

      Depopulation is part of the great reset. Maybe she was picked because she already had experience depopulating her home state.

    58. Zack Zimmer

      She wanted those nursing homes to die. Saves alot of social security checks.

    59. Zack Zimmer

      Everyman and women is created equal, so if you have a sex change or identify as something other then what god made you, does that mean you forfeit your constitutional equality?

    60. john shepard

      Richard Levin had a career of a person who would have never been considered to be a health secretary of a state, let alone of the country. But ad a heaping helping of identity politics, and there you go.


      Not my president 👎

    62. Robert Oakherst

      You can’t be healthy and cut your prick off because you don’t believe it’s there.

    63. devin patterson

      Many PhDs are Programmed hardcore Delusions. Certainly seems that way.

    64. Elle D

      So Science denier is in charge of health😄

    65. Budget Grower


    66. No Commentary Gameplay Tim

      hes soon going to want a half assistant

    67. Jordzyi1

      PHD Pretty Huge Dumbazz.

    68. James Bristol

      Well you can say Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats with this gender being a boy or a girl change yourself from a boy to a girl. Democrats are sick in the head. There's definitely something wrong with the Democrats it's all right to be a man then change yourself into a woman and wear a dress and get a sex change. Seriously Joe Biden there seriously something wrong with you and the left Wing Democrats.

    69. Gadiel Hernandez

      Remember the meme from Monsters Inc.

    70. Shawney32123

      This confused man is leading our country with health advice?

    71. E M

      Joe Biden is continuing where Obama left off with promoting the LGBTQ community...

    72. E M

      Madea is the new health official!?.. Smh..

    73. roberto alicea

      Woman my ass! What kind of Dr. Doesn't know the difference between a woman or man? 🤮

    74. Neil Schmid

      Uncle Joe picked assistant health secretary cause her hair smelled good.

    75. LaRoi Swick

      You have to ask yourself why everyone of these SJW movements seem to be focused on trans people. At the heart of every thing we have seen in the last few years it all centers on trans rights....BLM, Antifa and the LBGTQ movements pretend to have bigger agendas but at their core they are actually shell organizations for trans people. Less than 1% of the entire population get 99% of the legislation and attention. Try and explain the can't.

    76. Sylvia Castillo

      Why is she still in office?? when the elderly are the most vulnerable?? Those deaths are on her imo

    77. Greg Madden

      Guess She just smelt right for the job

    78. Greg Madden

      Joe hired the guy to get the transgender on there side that’s the only reason

    79. Greg Madden

      It he you had it right the first time you said it he is a man period

    80. Dr. P. R. Kransi

      Transwomen are women. You two are exposing yourselves as bigots. Do better. Love your neighbors.

    81. Tim Colby

      Love it..... and funny too....

    82. कोपज़ित कृष्ण

      See... It's not a problem with trans... They said it, "nothing funny about a man in a dress." The transgender issue is fueled by the social stigma and prejudice of biological men not being stereotypically male. Most people bigoted against trans, are simply not comfy with the stereotypes being broken; do you guys have male friends that do drag? Probably not right? You are just vanilla.. It's very simple and you think the world should be bland too. I am a trans woman by the way. Transitioning now for 5+ yrs, "looking reeeeaall good, mayne. Reeeaall niiiiiyyce. I got the mens all up in my trans sugar walls.. Goin' balls deep." Stop hating; kevin said in an earlier video he would bang a trans girl if she was post-op and sexy as hell.

    83. Paul Cysz

      Lol see ya later title 9 Men about to whoop up on these females! Lol

    84. Renee G

      You guys are awesome 😎

    85. Shawney32123

      Don’t let her in the ladies restroom tho.

    86. Douglas Casey

      I knew this one was going to be funny. That photo was scary. Did you see those teeth?

    87. Shawney32123

      Why do you think Obummer lit the White House up rainbow. Their agenda,

    88. Dacia Jackson

      I don't even like looking at that health secretary..

    89. Billie Godfrey

      Yuck! Grey teeth! She is not a she.

    90. Paulina Garcia


    91. Mark German

      She has a PHD and a D

    92. Tezo Tezo


    93. SteKeo1990

      Why does your sexual or gender identity have to come i to it? Like when I go for a job interview I don't tell them mine because all they need to know is if I can do the job or not.

    94. Chandler Mann

      Given his track record, I hope Joe biden didn't pick him on his merrit....

    95. Michael Rosenfeld

      Could have been more deaths, but the “doctor” removed her own mother from a nursing home and put her up in a hotel . Sad fact is that to the Dems , the elderly were acceptable collateral damage to free up hospital beds and resources.

    96. Nathan Hale

      This is clearly another Michael LaVaughn Robinson/Michelle Obama perverted agenda forced appointment. Babylon 101.

    97. ihatedavidbell

      OMG! i figured y’all out. you literally have to repeat each other bc y’all have nothing real to say ever, you literally share brain cells

    98. Russell Tech

      Everyone loves Cho Biden in the comment section 😊👍

    99. Mclion C

      Satan is picking his cabinet very well.

    100. Judy Celestine

      That's one "woman" old Joe won't sniff. 😂😂😂😂😁