2017 Bassmaster Classic Part 3


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    The Top 25 bass fishing anglers battle it out on Championship Sunday at the 2017 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe, and an unexpected Champion climbs from 15th to 1st despite boat problems.
    7:00 Unlock the lake
    17:30 Mike Iaconelli shares his Classic plans
    28:00 Quote from the boat: Jordan Lee
    47:00 Kevin VanDam's Day 3
    51:00 Taste the Bait
    57:37 Jordan Lee figures out how to get back to weigh-in
    1:08:00 Steve Kennedy looks for one big fish
    1:22:00 final weigh-in

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    1. mack daddy

      I absolutely can't stand to hear "boom Shaka laka, GGGGG Giant bass again. My God he sucks

    2. Heath Fitzgerald

      Ehler looks like a pothead during interviews with his bloodshot eyes

    3. Tyler Fish

      It’s not the world champion just like Super Bowl winners aren’t world champs

    4. Nicole Zyta

      Man I have nothing but respect for Steve Kennedy... That man truly loves to fish and still gets excited after all these years.

    5. Max Lee

      Stop crying dude you won

    6. Breeze Wood

      Being from Cullman Jordan is a Great Guy so proud of him War Eagle

    7. Donald Touchton


    8. BassMaster Fan

      I went to that classic 🙂🙂🙂

    9. varsitytitan07

      Lee and Kennedy seemed like the coolest guys to fish with. Entertaining

    10. 涼風サイダー

      バスマスター ダイワか!

    11. TexasSmoking

      I was on the lake on this day right by jordan lee, i was crappie fishin and catching bass in 26 foot of water.

    12. Wirinhar Wirjawan

      Steve Kennedy is an awesome, Guy :)

    13. AND YO

      21분.. 사람이 망아지 소리내는거 실화냐..?? 우린 좋으면 욕하는데.. 외국사람은 동물소리를 내는군...

    14. Carl

      "That's a big one! That's a big one" gasp gasp gasp gasp "It's a monster" gasp "it's a three pounder."

      1. Ismael Kamryn

        @Diego Lukas wow! Took about 15 mins but it actually worked!!

      2. Diego Lukas

        dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPwn. Find it on google if you care

      3. Micah Snell

        @christian bahre especially the way smallies hit sometimes

      4. christian bahre

        the way some 2 lbers hit got me thinking they’re 8+

      5. Carl

        Very true. I do think Ike is a tad bit more prone to the miscalculation than most, however. :)

    15. Suburb Kyle

      Who puts a cull tag in a 10 lber?

    16. Juststatinfacts SV

      Just reminded me how much I can't stand iaconelli.

      1. John Doe

        Juststatinfacts SV he’s a douche for sure especially when he launched that bass back that was under 16 he literally chunked him I think it should of disqualified him from the tournament

    17. Josh Cordonnier

      Sad that no more Classics for Jordan Lee. Or some of the other big names. 😢

    18. Shon Childers

      Am I the only one that knows how much of a stoner Steve Kennedy is?

      1. Shon Childers

        Bryce Miller Fishing like the fishing vids btw

      2. Bryce Miller Fishing

        @Shon Childers Dang, wish there was a way to confirm it concretely. But I definitely could see that I guess

      3. Shon Childers

        Bryce Miller Fishing my dad was a pro once and he hung out with Steve Kennedy a couple times and they talked about weed together and Steve told him that he smokes a lot

      4. Bryce Miller Fishing


    19. Izeah Bennett

      ok but iaconelli didn’t have to put a cull tag on that fish, like he’s gonna cull a 10 pounder

    20. mike underbrink

      Erhler, ditch that goofy looking hat! It ain't doing any favors! You are a hell of a fisherman, but that hat....

    21. indianboyhary

      I would like to see that guy fishing Something Real from the sea

    22. Bass Fishing Network Live

      facebook.com/groups/1528934967434495/ check us out please!

    23. J M


    24. Paul Govensky

      I've never ran across Steve Kennedy and I live only 30 minutes from Auburn. So does anyone know what happened to Jordan's boat during take off??? i don't think they ever talked about it??? Hope it was still under warranty.

    25. EV HOUSE

      All these people, sponsors, people that fish.. show up to watch the size of fish someone caught. This is so bizarre. Some parts of the world, when people admire a catch.... A family is fed right after.

    26. frank leaney

      Why put a hole in that ten pounders mouth? Your not ever going to cull it😞

      1. hoss011

        keep track of bass count, i know its only 5 but if u put 6 in its a 2 pound penalty.. not worth risking in a high pressured tourney...

    27. WestCoastFishing

      Why does Bradley Roy sound like a 15 year old boy?

    28. Brandon

      Steve Kennedy sounds like Bill Clinton. One hell of an angler. One of my favorites



    30. Harrison Wims

      1:14:31 was pretty unsportsmanlike

      1. John Doe

        Harrison Wims yes!! Thank you someone else noticed that I think he should of been disqualified from the tournament what a douche

    31. frank leaney

      Living the dream🎣 catch a ten pounder in the first hour and then can’t fill the bag and loose. How does that happen?

      1. hoss011

        its Conroe, i fish it.. 16 minimum on length.. can be tough.. highly pressured lake, tons of smart seasoned fish in there.. they shut down often

    32. Felix Luna

      Do any one knows if Scott Martin have ever won a Bassmaster Classic ???

      1. hoss011

        @6to8john he has close ties to FLW very close actually.. hints why he is not fishing the MLF next year either.. he gets tons of money from FLW anyways even if he doesnt catch a damn thing.. he is a great guy and a great fisherman

      2. 6to8john

        He's never fished the elite series to my knowledge. Why? Who knows,cause he is a very well rounded angler.

    33. drmrjon

      What is it that I see these guys tap with there foot on the bow of the boat when they catch a fish?

      1. drmrjon

        Than you don't know

      2. Bassmaster

        They are likely saving a waypoint, or dropping their shallow water anchor.

    34. manifestgtr

      Why have they queened this event up so badly? Guys riding into arenas like gladiators, some announcer using catch phrases “booooooooommm shakalakaaaaaaaa”...it’s like a soccer game.... What happened to the days when there was a small stage outside by the shore? I guess espn is to blame for this one huh

      1. hoss011

        this is the biggest tournament of the year, its like the superbowl so to say

    35. Downbeat4

      Man...if Ike could have could have landed 3 more little ones!!

    36. catch fish everyday

      Mike big fish yay Mike small fish yeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhh letsssss goooo never give up I love it

    37. LGNDWOLF00

      I wish they’d do the classic on the St. John’s River.

    38. Fryst 209

      48:00 KVD ジャークのリズム

    39. Raul rangel

      Ten pounder..repeat it like 50 times now, the crazy ike for you.

    40. Ivan

      i only like this because VanDam was in it

    41. ImThinking3

      I like both Ike and Ehrler. I also don't have a problem with people fishing that far from me. As long as you're not right up next to me (even if you troll on by, just give me 50 yards), it's all good. Glad Ehrler kept his chill.

    42. Carolyn Swander

      I would throw my starter and go to crank first in that upper shallow

    43. ScottTheBandit

      What was the issue with Jordan's boat ?

    44. Andrew Wang

      Did anyone else notice Steve Kennedy throwing a greenie curado in 2017??

      1. hoss011

        thats all he uses

    45. Mark Dillow

      It is so crazy to think that one fish could change your life this much don't give up on your dreams guys don't give up on your dreams

    46. Rodney Hanbaum

      Never give up! Adapt n over come!! Great job Jordan Lee! CONGRATULATIONS!

    47. M Jones


    48. ThunderCoopersmith

      Man I try not to hate but I can only tolerate so much ike

    49. Countdown City Fishing

      No scott martin?

      1. Felix Luna

        Bassmaster ; do you know if Scott Martin have ever won the Bassmaster Classic ?

      2. Bassmaster

        He did not qualify for the Classic in 2017. - Sara

    50. Scope

      God damn youve got to love ike

    51. Scope

      I just love the passion all these anglers have for the sport. 👌 👌

    52. GB Productions

      That was a great tourney. I was pulling for Lefebre but he fell apart at that end. Hats off to Jordon Lee , what to get r done young fella.

    53. Hunted Bass Silos

      pull em!

    54. CODY B

      steve kennedy is such a hoss man. i love the guy.

    55. Nick Cavazos

      This was such an amazing event to watch. Definitely competes with last year's in my home state. I was really rooting for ehrler. I feel like he deserves one. Which I'm sure he will get his. But man, Jordan Lee is something special. Especially when you see how consistent he's been since his epic win. He is a living example of what can happen when God gives someone a talent, passion & appreciation for that talent and stays humble and makes the right decisions in life.

      1. hoss011

        erhler needed a plan b, all those fish were burned out

    56. Out Fishing Your Bass

      I'ma picking Jordan Lee. Not because I know he wins (that is part of it) but because of his confidence👍

    57. Southeastern Outdoors TV


    58. Kao Yang

      Damn, I gotta go fish tomorrow!

    59. Crankbait Baron

      Lee is a beast

    60. Crankbait Baron

      Iaconelli, can't stand him.

      1. Taylor Wiegel

        But you gotta give it to him. The man can spell. G-A-M-E-O-V-E-----R! Ha what a doucher.

      2. frank leaney

        I know. He put a marker in that ten pounders mouth for nothing. Your not ever going to cull that one so why do that?

      3. joseph schrader

        me to

    61. addison5101

      Jordan being from my home town Cullman Al, couldn't be more happier for him. Congrats Jordan.

    62. Bradd Lemke

      Did any one else watch all three parts?! I gotta wake up in 4 hours lmao

      1. joseph schrader

        I have

      2. Harlan Thomas

        Bradd Lemke yep same situation as u lol

    63. J H

      am I the only one who fast forwarded just to see Dave Mercer? Dave is the best host!!!

    64. michael shoffner

      Sanders and Zona are the best commentators on B A S S

    65. naticedog

      Awesome vids!!! Congrats Jorden Lee!!!

    66. LoseTheAltitude

      Gah after that 10 pounder I would have thought Ike would put the tournament away for good but to see someone that nobody was really watching until day 3 come out of nowhere and win it that's the beauty of tournament fishing. Congrats Jordan Lee!

    67. your fuehra wanamaker

      forget mike the final announcer with the wrestle mania bullshit needs a bat to the face

    68. Michael Imbrenda

      Dammit Ike, you just had to take Brent Erhlers spot!

    69. britt murray

      Steve Kennedy seems like he would probably be one of the coolest guys to fish with...

    70. Urban Bass

      what was Jordan Lee doing to his plastic with the marker? that definitely wasn't a rage craw is he using a secret bait

      1. readable.not.today

        Looks like a rage craw

      2. zrulz

        Buy one and try using it on your plastic. It seems to glow. My brother opened my eyes to it. I like blue and chartreuse for our craw claws here in TN. Like a blue tip of claw and a chart bracelet at the edge of the blue. Then drop it in the water and have your mind blown. Before you mark one, flip a couple rocks and get a craw and hold him under water to look at claw tips, then pull him out, blow air on claws, then look dry and try to mimic that on your craw claw. Have fun and God Bless!

    71. ZaygonHD

      "Its all about winning"

    72. Kongmeng Thao

      A nice ending. A very good classic to watch.

    73. Northern Grit

      This was one of the best tournaments I've ever watched!

    74. Lil Baby

      Why would you put a cull tag in a 10 lb fish do you really think you'll throw it out

      1. frank leaney

        Lil Baby no kidding eh, I’m thinking the same🤔

      2. M Jones

        Ross Hartley makes it easier to get out of the well plus it's a easy way to piss you off

      3. Austin Chapman

        a lot of the pro's put cull tags on every bass to keep track of how many they have in the livewell. quick and easy and saves you from having 6 fish and suffering a 2lb penalty

    75. Lemko Dude

      Tommy Sanders is Awesome! Great to see him at the helm and I hope he stays b/c he is a pillar of this industry.

    76. Berto3511

      Good job Jordan! Congratulations!

    77. Edward Drew

      I could watch this every month! I prefer updated videos.

    78. nick bonikowske

      Anyone else think its weird Lee was never mentioned until final day at the end

      1. yourbudjerry

        Pretty similar to Edwin Evers the year before.... all you heard the first two days was Jason Christie has it wrapped up. Kudos to Jordan. Super nice guy in person.

      2. GoReyes

        He was in 35th place, and on the 1st 2 days didn't even catch a limit... He was not on the radar at all! Cinderella story, pretty cool

      3. Kels Outdoors

        nick bonikowske I mean, he was out of it. nothing BUT a 27lb bag would even put him in contention. all Ehler had to do was catch 15lbs

      4. Braden commerford

        ya i was thinkin the same

    79. patrick mcandrew

      awesome win Jordon Lee. Congrats Sir.

    80. badassjeep1

      glad to see the kid overcome mechanical failure and jump so many spots to win!!!!!

    81. Ryan Dubs


    82. St.Clair Eric

      Mr.Kennedy is an original, Great guy and Great fisherman.For sponsers not to be at his door step is a shame .I would Love to see him Win a few Classics and say "No Thanks" to those same sponsers.His style is refreshing in this day and age.. Amazing Classic ..

      1. bigjoecombs84

        12345gfsarytyiio MnbvccxA asfhklll)mmnb6

      2. hoss011

        @gabe craft depends, u know sponsors pay a lot of money to the top guys as well... a lot of those guys dont worry about make all their money just from winning tourneys.. steve is just a different kinda fella

      3. gabe craft

        Not having sponsors is the best way to do it. As long as your financially secure i wouldn't want sponsors either. i wouldn't want people telling me what gear to use. Steve is out there doing what he wants to do with less pressure than anyone else. He has it figured out in my opinion.

      4. readable.not.today

        He doesnt want sponsors bro, he says on the days he would have to do shows and events for them he can just go fish a tournament and make money.

      5. hoss011

        u know he doesnt want sponsors right?


      Man I have nothing but respect for Steve Kennedy... That man truly loves to fish and still gets excited after all these years.

      1. William Laws

        He’s an Everyman Sponsors don’t seek him But fisherman respect him

      2. Silky_Smooth 94

        Love his goofiness too man cracks me up

    84. N1K 5m1Th

      Am I the only one who wants to punch Iaconelli in the stupid face????

      1. Sickof Idiots

        Vince Brown Tell you what, I'll say what I want and you can suck on it.

      2. Vince

        Tell y'all what, once any of you qualify for an Elite Series tournament, much less the Bassmaster Classic, then you havre the right to negatively comment on a competitor. Otherwise, STFU about any competitor in these tournaments or don't watch it.

      3. stable genius

        Ike, needs a good bitch slappin...

      4. Out Fishing Your Bass

        I respect his fishing skills but he overreacts. Like I said, great fisherman. Just needs to settle down

      5. N1K 5m1Th


    85. Mo bass

      Jordan lee is the man!

      1. Bassmastr888 1

        Mo bass I agree👍🏻

    86. Fish Finder

      Fish On! Oh wait I need to watch this first!

    87. Ty Jackson


    88. Woodie Lynott


    89. Woodie Lynott

      quality is abd

      1. St.Clair Eric

        Bassmaster Thanks for the video,hope to see Ross Barnett and Sam Rayburn soon.Thanks Again .

      2. Bassmaster

        It should come through 1080p. I think it's still rendering the higher quality versions. - Sara

    90. Armando FishinTv

      #6 To Like Yes #BassMasterClassic FishOn 😎🎣💪🏼🤙🏼

    91. Ride Or die14

      Here we go 😁😁🎣🎣🎣

    92. Owen Leetch

      Let's go!!!🎣🎣

    93. David Fire