#CivilTV: Welcome Home Bobby Shmurda

Karen Civil

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    Welcome home #BobbyShmurda. Brooklyn's own Bobby Shmurda has touched down on his first home as Karen Civil & #CivilTV recaps his day from a family dinner with his mom, his first interview with GQ magazine and a private welcome home party with family & friends.
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    1. KanVien't Eveel

      He’s back


      Got the dude sneakers...they should have got him the Qu'ran


      Look at his company and their conversation...he is going right back to prison real soon.


      His dumb a*s will be back in prison within 2 years. They never learn.

    5. محمد العوض

      القافله #شقلح

    6. Mehdi

      Gangster 💯💯

    7. Stan Mboks

      Sad thing is that he wont change and will be in the statistics soon another gang victim


      stay safe young brother ,i want to hear more music

    9. Swaggy P

      Let my homies out the dog pound

    10. Teisha Woods

      Under the right care and guidance, he can help change the black community where he's from. I know mentally he can't still be the same after been in prison. I know and hope he wants to change other young men from following in his foot step and getting their freedom taken away. Was it worth it would be my question to him? Would he do it all again the exact same way, and if yes, why?...and if no, why? This is real life, not just a music video or movie.

      1. Teisha Woods

        I also like what Fabulous said at the end.

    11. myron X

      I wonder if they took his hat??

    12. AkadeProductions

      Quavo begging for a feature at this point lol

    13. Kendra Janaee

    14. Eibin Soliz

      Bobby stuck in 2014 lmao

    15. tooner gaming

      Welcome back Bobby and dang mans got big was skinny af and now hench af can’t wait for him to release the beast and show everyone he’s back but take your time my G get yourself sorted and had some time with the fam n extended fam

    16. Carter


    17. The Chosen Meme

      Welcome home Bobby hopefully he stay out of trouble

    18. Josh Nelson

      What's the song at 2.50?

    19. Marcus Pruitt

      he said “i’ll be lightskin and jamaican before i go back” 😭😭😭

    20. john N

      He'll be back in jail

      1. phragment

        not before he become lightskin and jamaican wit dreads

    21. TurboXII

      how he was in prison for 7 years, and with 69 he recorded a video 3 years ago

    22. Brian Smith

      The COMPLETE opposite of Takashi.

    23. Lorrd Hollis

      Big Ups to him getting out of jail but they was killing black people

    24. Lorrd Hollis

      You should get somebody to write for you as well

    25. Soso Lawson

      Ironically he looks better now than he did before being locked up

    26. Millix

      Not to hate but flexing money really have you seen your net worth xD


      Welcome back shmurda

    28. Jarvis stead

      Come on man Bobby did 1 ok track your going to be disappointed thinking this man going to take over the game he’s wack

    29. Ethan Benton

      “Hot boy” 🌞

    30. Excellence_ 85

      Anybody know them white high top Bobby rocking? They fire

    31. Paterne Igiraneza


    32. Paterne Igiraneza


    33. huseyin öz


    34. El Acme

      Ce cocalari imputiti lol

    35. Joseph


    36. em.

      this man be highkey soundin like kodak💀

    37. Tamia Donais

      👇🏾This how many times he said "know what I' m sayin"

    38. Eudes Anderson

      Nuff respect ✊🏾 to da real ones!! WELCOME HOME KING 👑!!

    39. SeanDaGo4t

      "Hot Boy" by Bobby murder

    40. branchyapple

      0:11 the pilot in his cockpit, sneaky old man XD

    41. 2020 Re-Imagined

      They literally dressed him in more money than a normal persons career

    42. WHAT

      Why is Bobby looking like a tall beetle juice

    43. Aaron Brown

      How everyone wants it when they get back from the pen

    44. Janine Frances Harrigan

      Welcome Home Like the weight you put on Healthy 🇨🇴♥️

    45. The Podhub

      Streets ain't dead til they kill Bobby Shmurda. God bless a n**ga who didn't fold.

    46. 全球反港狗联盟Fuck all Hong Cunts

      ahahaha,everyone in the rap industry wanna rock with this guy,because he served in jail and its a certified gangster.Everyone wants to be in a video with him and steal his fame somehow. I mean if he is a smart guy,he could just choose to select what is real or fake friends. I hope this guy just do his things and make music.

    47. Siar Enra

      Mans thicker than a bowl of oatmeal now

    48. The kid

      I'm so happy bro miss u man nigaa

    49. Trevon Johnson

      Is it me or he sound DMX a lil bit ( #prayforDMX)

    50. Bane Cush

      Bobby back !! Eviction time for those fake ones

    51. Shinobibxndits


    52. doge dev

      less go bobby let me get my cap

    53. joel vega

      Ahora a por 6ixtinay

    54. Andi Spahi

      He's gonna stay home watching vines 24/7

    55. Mehmet Basaran

      Bobby grow to a man in prison Not skinny anymore

    56. jason biernier

      7 years sheeesh

    57. Detective Pigeon

      This man doesn't even speak English properly

    58. Boss 971


    59. pakhrin sudhir

      loyal towards his brothers god bless this young man....!!!

    60. Antman BOI


    61. sergio weed

      Quavo ft shmurda😎

    62. lmfd7373

      This is what you call friends his Day1s are right there and made sure he was straight when he got out! Loyalty like this hard to come by these days ...

      1. Tom W

        Money talks man.

      2. Happy Generously


    63. Joshua Overman

      Did she just say hot boy it’s hot nigga

    64. Ghost El God All Mighty


    65. Isaiah Kannamore

      Real 💯

    66. I was born with Memes

      did he find the hat??

    67. Mouad

      i garantie all gangs can't do anything in our areas Moroccans Cartel's

    68. Sean Benghiat

      He will be back in no time... Hopefully he gives back to the community and spreads his wealth

    69. Theo personal

      Yo Beetlejuice why u posing as bobby

    70. Kelvin Henriquez

      Bobby Shmurda is the real king all new york 👑😎

    71. Hex

      they filmed this like big homie a whole mafia boss got released LMAOOO

    72. rahul Barot

      waited a lot

    73. Jah Senor

      Hahaha. He falling for the okey dokey again. You can't fix stupid.

    74. geovanny valenciia

      my best singer came out bobby shmurda desde columbia

    75. Blaxodus Sopraelas

      Hes fat

    76. VE-broth

      Welcome home king of NY

    77. StewdentMusic

      Sub to my channel!!!

    78. zextruh

      Dude not even tryna make music he knows he washed now

    79. Saint Kupo

      People act like he was the most fire rapper ever. One and half records and seven years in prison. Young MA got more records then him and NOBODY cares.

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    81. ianbenitez Official

      Ahora todos quieren cantar con bobby jsjajaj

    82. Suns10Rule

      The outstanding hyena corroboratively boil because brow analytically dream but a flippant patient. long, long-term stepson

    83. blazer qexy

      yo how a jamaican loooking at di vid

    84. Christina Davies

      Welcome home!!

    85. Colby Got Cars

      Surveillance in plain sight at it’s finest.

    86. DeNae' Bambolina

      Love how he keeping that Mask Strapped!! Welcome home yo'!!!


      I was 1 year old wen you went to jail

    88. Try This

      Getting out of jail rich must be nice

    89. Sheridan Collins


    90. Sheridan Collins


    91. Gaby Lopez

      His teeth is whiter than my future😂

      1. Emmanuel Wimberly

        this shit aint hit bro

    92. alfafaka

      Welcome Home Bobby, we wait for your next Crime then go back the Fuck to Prison boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    93. Tage Lovens

      Bobby holds the iphone 5 like everybody else holds their dick when they piss

    94. David Patterson

      Bobby the opposite of 6ix9ine. Took his time like a man and even took extra time for the homies. He’s getting a kings welcome back and it’s well deserved. Hype for more.

      1. Darth Sidious

        @Lex depends who the people are really.

      2. Eddie B.

        I would make like Lilo n Snitch

      3. David Patterson

        @UrMad I’m not shitting on 6ix9ine. I get why he did what he did. But he doesn’t deserve any sort of praise for it. I’m just comparing situations to show why Bobby deserves such a warm welcome and so much clout for what he did.

      4. UrMad

        @David Patterson if you would snitch too then why shit on 6ix9ine for doin the same

      5. Lin Wu

        @David Patterson shiiittt 6 months is a damn long time never mind a decade right 😂

    95. at space

      prob in studio cookin rn

    96. Tee Tyree

      They always trying to destroy The Black and Hispanic Man the same thing they did to us in Egypt Israelunite.org


      What fab talking about? All respect to Bobby but he don’t make drill music🤦🏾‍♂️

    98. Parks Alum

      The fanatical adjustment wailly sparkle because nurse contemporaneously preserve towards a superb paperback. wild, silky selection

    99. Black Pill88

      He had 1 good song lol and people act like he’s a rap god

    100. Tony Barrasso

      Good for Shmurda, glad to see him finally free 🙂💯