Painting The World's Largest Hyper Realistic Portrait, Everyone Thought It Was A Photo | ZHC Crafts

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    Nobody Could Believe How Big And Realistic This Painting Was lol | ZHC Crafts
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    1. ZHC Crafts

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      1. Marla Sofia M.Bascuña


      2. Angela Biju

        I subbed now draw me pls

      3. Amara Spence

        i rily want to be it your video

      4. mgmg mdy


      5. duckyyeet

    2. Qistina _Amran

      Viv really is the best artist I've ever seen

    3. Mohammad Mahmudul Huq

      i cant beleive how patient they are if i cant finish my art in 30 minutes i get very very angry

    4. Abdullah gaming

      I want you to be my art teacher



    6. Sejma Altumbabic

      WoW POP

    7. KRISTINE ALEXA sibal

      Viv is so pretty and talented

    8. The Power of 4

      did anyone see the shirt that viv is wearing is jaz’s and this awesome!!!!

    9. TY C

      That painting was sick

    10. Eva Nacovska

      Viv is so so talented i love her so much she is apretty girl ❤❤❤❤

    11. Fouziya Al awadhii


    12. belleislegirl

      I wish I could paint a big portrait of someone but I’m really bad at drawing

    13. • h o n k. •

      Viv’s parents: Do not draw on the walls, okay? Viv: Yeah.. *no.*

    14. Mayanka Rai

      It is turkey

    15. Maximum Roblox

      Can we take a moment to appreciate the art skills in this

    16. Xyzie Jumawan

      Omg 🤭🤭

    17. Rodante Barlizo Jr

      Sooooooo Cooòool!!!

    18. Chennai Passanga

      Viv I ruined it I was not looking at the preference Me start drawing me and ends up with donkey 😂

    19. digiboyz

      I thought there was only one tone of skin but after seeing this video I know there are a hundred tones of skin colour

    20. billy ng

      viv is so talented and so much detail

    21. ethan gaming plus

      im a subscriber of all yor channel and your girlfriend to

    22. Myra Malik

      Oh my god viv you are so talented

    23. kaafiso cadeey

      Assalam Aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    24. OPS _PRANAV

      Viv the best . The portrait is sooo good❤️❤️❤️

    25. david armstrong

      I want to be you guy's

    26. Janece Janae Williams


    27. Adrian Medina

      did you get the genes world wrecend

    28. xindi gu


    29. xindi gu


    30. Moa Green

      I Love Your KGup videos ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    31. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    32. mythic marwan

      That's cool

    33. Ella’s YT fun

      Why are ther not comments

    34. LINDA

      My mom : DO NOT DRAW ON THE WALLS HOW MANY TIME DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU 😑 Me : 😔 Me after watching this video : wow and I get in trouble

    35. Hernandez Fam

      Can you make me something

    36. Alex & Associates Recruitment

      Zach are you ok? You fell

    37. KumaraSwamy murthy

      I can't even paint on a paper you know

    38. Ahmed alsharji

      Wow you are u insane

    39. Mpindi zainah

      I wated. To p

    40. Gacha Llama

      When I saw the thumbnail I did not see you so I thought you were actually doing it so realistic

    41. Hasseeb .s

      So she spent like 100 hours, And you put this video for just 4 minutes? Why? Aha maybe because we focus just on the resoult.

    42. R_ 22

      Sixty years later zach paints the Great Wall of china

    43. Palak Khodabux

      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zoo koel😇😇😇😇😄😄😗😗😗

    44. Lola Wilson-De Balanzo

      How big the painting

    45. Hannah Strawberry

      It looks real the paint

    46. Rueben Saji

      My are teacher is like really strict that she needs excactly how your face lookslike

    47. Rueben Saji

      Such a great art work . Keep up the good work

    48. Mia Avila

      2090 Zhach hello guys! Today I bout the earth! And we are going to be painting it!!! Omggg

    49. Aimee Manley

      Hi there zhc

    50. final stage


    51. Angela Biju

      Imagine the next owner of the house paints over this Sheesh..

    52. erin jefthas

      Viv you do such amazing artist!!! 👇😗😗

    53. Beta Art-ik

      Why do you need scissors

    54. Guianna Gail Gonzales

      I don't know

    55. Guianna Gail Gonzales


    56. 셔내ᅥ혀ᅣ

      Okkkk ZHC

    57. Kawaiishan :D

      I cant even paibt a single cartoon or realistic people c

    58. Theresa Bowen

      Viv is your assistant ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh I did not not no r just h

    59. Melissa S. Smith

      She is so talented and really hard working

    60. inotJade


    61. Lorraine Morrison


    62. Theresa Pettway

      Hi I’m Theresa pettway and I just won’t to say y’all are some amazing kids... l have five kids myself and we our poor but we love y’all shell and we love y’all painting it is so amazing and we love what y’all do for other people is great keep up the good work and God bless

      1. Theresa Pettway

        I mean we love y’all Show

    63. Alexandra Turner

      Zach: WOAH *falls over*

    64. Charice Tinson

      Viv I like your hair

    65. Raed Hussain


    66. Ansh Ghuman

      She is my crush

    67. Preetpal Bhullar

      I feel bad they left this house and left this big master piece behind.

    68. Marizi2182's drawings

      Hello zhc I hav been watchin your vids for almost 3 years you have really good drawing and throughout the years I hav gotten better at drawing Coz of you... Thanx you a lot Love Mariya xx

      1. Marizi2182's drawings

        I am really good at drawing nowwww

    69. Gaming M

      Viv you are so sweet

    70. The McCamish Sisters

      The painting is sooo realistic and cool


      Me: Dad, can u buy me a tablet Dad: Why Me: Because I smashed the like notification bell


      I'm a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad artist

    73. nozha mezzi

      you are the best zhc You are best

    74. nozha mezzi

      You are the best zh

    75. Georgia Ice Klint

      great job viv!

    76. Amit Jain

      Awesome portrait of him!

    77. Lena Golicka


    78. sweeedfish

      I sub!

    79. akram mohamed

      pls paintme

    80. Ana Victoria Rodriguez

      I love how ZCH paints!

    81. Eva Jain


    82. BlaZe CorteX

      She is so talented, painting on that big of a scale is really difficult.

      1. BlaZe CorteX

        @Agata Pawlowska u cant say anything it was a troll and also dont like your own comment

    83. Lil_ peach Gacha

      Viv Needed a lot of time

    84. urb0yev3ryday

      Honestly Soo impressive how there so good at art

    85. Saqlain Hussain

      Ur are talented like Zhc props to you 👍

    86. selina queen


    87. Kolbie Boyer

      my room next pls

    88. iman riham

      Oh realy is your sister zag

    89. khumo mpebe


    90. Sara Tv

      Ok I subscribed

    91. Theresia Puji

      Charlie Charlie si make up on

    92. mino_sadaf adventures

      U should Coker airplane if u do we will give u 1m likes

    93. mino_sadaf adventures

      U guys should cover airplane if u do it we will give u 1m likes

    94. Michel Myburgh

      Paint one largest portrait of Michelle but she has to be very big

    95. geetha mahen

      Viv did soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good wow 🤩

    96. Hayinah_

      She's such a good builder, I wanna be like her.


      i love your videos zach.

    98. Alfred Credo Rubio


    99. Leen ALI (AL)

      I am your biggest fan

    100. Leen ALI (AL)

      You are so talnted