Watch Gordon Ramsay react to my food!!


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    #shorts #beef
    Really fun to make this reaction to his reaction!!
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    Rosemary salt
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    1. ThatDudeCanCook

      Honestly those carrots were mush and nowhere near as good as the perfectly cooked heirloom carrots. Gordon would never serve those carrots in his restaurants.

      1. NOTJUAN


      2. The Family Therapist

        @Alexis Galindo good good and how does that make you feel?

      3. Alexis Galindo

        @The Family Therapist dude and you say I’m tryna get attention you fix nothing

      4. Alexis Galindo

        @The Family Therapist dude shut the hell up like that makes you look cool

      5. TheDarkBlade

        @The Family Therapist glad the Family There is here

    2. Parker Zeigler

      I died i was loke nooooo the instant I saw you didn't use the carrots I said to my self jes going to roast you like them carrots lol

    3. Bobby Ramirez

      Noice! Congratulations!

    4. squishy


    5. Kane The Unsettled

      You have angered the food god

    6. WeebTheCuber

      guys hes a big boy :)

    7. Infiring Kookie


    8. Desmond Etinosa

      Intro: Let's Go Outro:YouKnowILoveYouAndI'mOut

    9. Martin Junior

      My question is how the fuck did he turned the carrots round?

    10. Lilly-R PinkEvoy


    11. Axel Mesina

      Yeah why did u change the carrots hehehhe

    12. Lucky Nkolonzi

      😂 😂

    13. MGS V

      I love when he calls people stupid doughnuts.

    14. eba chebal

      These are weird to me because Gordon clearly just has his front camera on and is staring at himself or the script😁

    15. Anagha Patil


    16. alan wiggins

      Now I want to see Gordon Ramsay reacting to your reaction of his reaction to your video

    17. NB Tavares


    18. Adán Cervantes

      My brother! Where do you buy your charisma? It’s excellent 👌🏻

    19. Artos Pepper

      Haha I almost grinned not bad

    20. Michelle xoxo

      Yeah bro where are the carrots 😅😊💖

    21. Exi Ellis

      😂😂😂 this was cute

    22. Anna Leigh

      Last last part holding like a half cut carrot 💀

    23. 6mehul9

      What is Gordon Ramsay's setup ? What is he watching the video on ? It looks like he is recording himself using a selfie stick

    24. S. Basgic

      You are too much!! Love your vids, mate !! They certainly bring my sons and I a smile and inspiration for the kitchen !

      1. ThatDudeCanCook

        Thanks so much

    25. Hashim Hussain

      Some say that to this day he still hasn’t the carrots

    26. tentyy

      when he said “show me ur carrots” i died

    27. Fernando Lopez


    28. Jay F

      Rumors say if you say I love thatguycancook you get pinned thatguycancook thatguycancook thatguycancook

    29. Lorans God


    30. KawaiiNai


    31. Failed Abomination

      Godorn Ramsay WERE ARE THE CARROTS That dude can cook shows carrots

    32. Failed Abomination


    33. Science Dog

      Gordon: "The carrots you doughnut!" You: "👁 👃 👁" 💧 👄 💧

    34. Jawed Iqbal

      Why you playing with those carrots 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    35. Ghettosuperstar .__

      Idk what’s better a gordon Ramsey “SHOW ME YOUR CARROTS” or captain falcon “SHOW ME YOUR MOVES” 😂😂

    36. Priboy12

      “Wait what the hell why you playing connect 4 with those carrots”😭😭

    37. Jasonups5

      Like CNN they don’t show you the whole story 😂🤣

    38. Nirmala Paul


    39. Sad Frog

      Fake that’s obviously a payed actor

    40. ARIF M

      You Chokolat Dooonut!!

    41. CrIMson Red

      Idk if it’s just me but Gordon Ramsay was probably saying it in a loving way coz he was overall happy with the dish. Kind of tough love 😁

    42. Cesar Flores

      Bet he stole ur rosemary salt technique

    43. VexQAAROU

      Your mom

    44. Quickest Waddles

      "I'm a big boy...😁"

    45. Conceição Figueiredo

      I'n the end is PRICELESS

    46. Nindy Sidhu

      So we started watching people, watch people, watching them, for content?

    47. Emma Coxen

      YOU DONUT!!!!!😂

    48. Alien Man

      "Show me your carot" - Gordon Ramsay 2021

    49. Priyankita Pant

      You remind me of Charles from Brooklyn99

    50. Ki E-Skate Mods

      You got to understand why good comments from Gordon Ramsey is a good thing. Because you can never satisfy him on KGup. He’s a professional chef with too many restaurants all over the world

    51. CallMe Gwalla

      That’ goes to show “Doing too much” is not always good

    52. Nydia Rojas

      The cook:puts the carrots on the plate Gordon Ramsey:what happened to the carrots🥕 that have flavor that you cooked for 2 and a half hours!!! Use the cooked ones you doughnut🍩!!!! Me:he called the cook a doughnut🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☠☠💀💀💀☠☠☠🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sorry that I'm such a child lol😂😂

    53. Anna Yeritsyan


    54. ReubenRevolution

      By big boy he meant grown ass adult that acts like a child.

    55. Magic Kuudere

      SHOW ME YOUR CARROTS [sacrifices Carrots to him]

    56. Magic Kuudere

      SHOW ME YOUR CARROTS [sacrifices Carrots to him]

    57. mea culpa

      What happened to the carrots? I agree with gordon i want the whole piece that you cooked i love them

    58. war32mec

      I mean its Gordon that was about the best review you could get from him on this type of platform. Good job dude I think ya did great with that dish!

    59. Souly The Sparten

      Gordon ramsy be like: SHOW ME YOUR CARROTS YOU DOUGHNUT!

    60. bordiguy

      Congrats on not being called a donut or a donkey or an idiot sandwich.

    61. Lego Yoda

      When you bout to beat the final boss then the power goes out.

    62. Shiv Raj

      Show me your carrots!!!

    63. Mary Castro

      BOI IF U DON'T

    64. Wolfie

      Rip the carrots

    65. Kevin J


    66. Ellie

      He is big bully

    67. Erik Zeng

      never expect gordon to say something nice.

    68. stuff happens

      No one: Not a single soul: Gordon Ramsay: *SHOW ME YOUR CARROTS*

    69. Negative Zer0

      So we all agree that Gordon Ramsey is that one kid in the back of the class right?

    70. Jonny Bean

      Show me the carrots!!

    71. big Dong

      Just let us fucking watch it bud

    72. Cj


    73. Markentz Louis

      What if you taste Gordon’s food and it’s not that good?

    74. OMG! Oh Mikko Gusi

      That's what you get for abusing your refrigerator. Just kidding 😂

    75. Mobile Gaming

      Im actually happy to how far this guy made it without a mistake

    76. amanda trevino

      It was going so well then at the end

    77. Ajaax Xix

      The carrot with the flavor ya donut

    78. Nick

      The way this is edited is hilariously bad 😂

    79. D R H

      Gordon Ramsay wants to see your carrot😉 I'm sure there's something to be said about that

    80. Mr. Carrolltucky

      You donut! 😆😆😆

    81. Eulises Montero

      Show me the carrots you donut 😋 lol

    82. prince zuko

      What if the carrots he cooked for 2 and a half hours were those but balled up?

    83. nili loko

      0 to a 💯 real quick!!!

    84. Mickey Salah

      Considering the other videos gordan reacted to.... you did a great job

    85. Almajid Bazbazat

      I love how he literally shows the carrots

    86. 3VILBUNNY 3

      u just made history

    87. ruben canas

      The carrots with the flavor you doughnut

    88. Monstrells F-W

      “ SHOW ME YOUR CARROTS! 😩” is Gordon’s safe word when he’s being pegged 🥕

      1. Jeremy Miracle

        “Why why would you do that???”

      2. PhantomGamer

        @James Hitchings ✂️🐓

      3. James Hitchings


    89. J.J Kid

      Show the carrots you cooked you dig bat 🦇 put this guy on Hell’s Kitchen

    90. Fresh Avacado


    91. 8C_Michael Christian

      Luckilly he didn't ending up with kicking his fridge🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. Ethan Lear

      SHOW ME YIUR CARROTS I’m dead😂

    93. Hannah Keane

      I’m a big boy absolutely 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

      1. Hannah Keane

        Show me the carrots 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    94. Pavneakh Sanghera

      SHOW ME YOUR CARROTS we all know what that means

    95. Minemaster 1337

      so close

    96. Wyatt Maxwell

      Everyone talking about the carrots but what about the “I’m a big boy”

    97. Bxby Sophieee

      “SHOW ME THE CARROTS” Him: 👁💧👄💧👁

    98. Azael Rz

      Click bait you Put your tik tok next him to look like he is reacting

      1. A guitar string.

        Go on gordon ramsays tiktok lol. Its not fake.

    99. Toenail Clippings

      I like your videos better than Gordon’s. Gordon thinks everybody has access to ingredients not everyone can get. In your videos I see regular ingredients. Plus you’re funny

    100. Min Yu

      Lmfao they asked for a review. This man tho. Great work on the food