Wounded Airbus A380, saved by Pros! Qantas 32 explained.

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    An Airbus A380 suffers a catastrophic uncontained engine failure on one of its 4 RollsRoyce engines. This sets off a chain of events that could have easily cascaded into a full blown catastrophe if it wasn't for the cool, professional and knowledgable handling by the 5 pilots and 24 cabin-crew onboard. This is a masterclass in CRM and how things should be handled when sudden technical failures appears on the flightdeck. This is the story of Qantas flight 32 and all the little details that you need to know without the dramatic music of air-crash investigations.
    I really hope this format I am trying in explaining famous air incidents from a pilots point of view. Please let me know in the comments below about what other incidents you would like me to cover.
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    1. Mentour Pilot

      The first 100 who use this link 👉🏻 www.blinkist.com/mentourpilot will get One FREE week and 25% discount on Blinkist subscription

      1. Prisoner Monkeys

        Airbus is so unreliable and dangerous

      2. Emanuel Malan

        After a flight, can you as a passenger notify the pilot of any strange smells or weird noise? Will the pilot take a passenger serious?

      3. My Name is Gladiator

        In contrast to this flight, I think you should do a video on the performance of the crew of Air France flight 447 that went missing flying from brazil to France.

      4. Helga Nagy

        I love your puppies-what are there names (?) I want to adoppt t hem

      5. Nikhil Naik

        @Richard McCauley cant share links but its on my channel :)

    2. Stanley Banks

      The Airlines give passengers pamphlets and pilots procedure manuals to read as you're falling to earth.

    3. GLOKD

      It's amazing to me that an aircraft with such complicated technology can still be landed with half of it missing.

    4. Michael Little

      Excellent video !👏


      Do ypu ever have nightmares about getting a seagull drliled through your eye

    6. memsybabe

      Somehow I didn't notice the brown head of the dog on your left, just his white legs. For a moment, I thought you only had one dog, the top half of him on your right, and his bottom half on your left. Had me very confused for a minute or two. Was thinking your dog had a really long body.... 🤭

    7. Galileo Chiu

      Qantas pilots are the best of the best.

    8. michael__N

      9:12 Not very smart to put the two redundant systems right next to each other, correct me if I'm wrong. But it's not the first time an engine has shot shrapnel in to the the wing or cabin.

    9. Darryn & Hazel Yee

      Listen learned today, buy Rolls-Royce car but don't buy its engine.

    10. Darryn & Hazel Yee

      21:02 Been so focusing on listening that I did not realize there is a doggo pillow beside you!

    11. Charles Kristopfer

      captain do a review on the KLIA on the take off and landing and the communication pls

    12. Saanguinee Fwedit

      do ur dogs wonder why the crazy humans sit on the couch and talks to no one for hours?

    13. billdaa1

      Last I flew on AA 737 I had the Emergency exit seat , Why is the door freezing? I had to put my hat between the door and my knee, same seat on the airbus location was not on the door and seats are more comfortable.

    14. Necate

      I feel the setup is the equivalent of having a drivers license practice test with your teacher being tested at the same time. And then the car is on fire! And it's flying thousands of feet in the air! And you have hundreds of people in your trunk that will die if you f* it up!

    15. husman

      What a brilliant crew AND aircraft, I will miss it very much

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Yeah, it’s a great aircraft

    16. Gary Baris

      What I don't understand is with all the extremely expensive equipment on a plane, they still haven't added a screen in the cockpit with cameras looking at the engines/wings. It is probably the most inexpensive safety equipment they can add to any plane that could shave quite a lot of time off diagnosing problems.

      1. Mentour Pilot

        It’s a good point

    17. Gábor Enyedi

      "Now, you have an engine running, you have white hot breaks, you have fuel leak on the left hand side, a you have passengers aboard." Don't forget that you have firefighters below the plane with all the equipment to fight a real plane fire, and there is no fire started (yet). I admit, the crew was cool, but this second is a big pro, isn't it? :)

    18. Lord Inter

      I would LOVE to see Concorde done in this series, its such a good series, i know there were more then just the one failure, over fueled, over loaded, hit in the wings over full fuel tank, engine on fire shut down rather then left running, please please please please do it :)

    19. Ascension Valdes

      I love listening to your clear explanations: you would be a perfect teacher!

    20. David Shields

      Of course we will always have the “Google expert” who’s total font of knowledge comes from watching KGup videos.

    21. Roger Leyster

      Your delivery is perfect and you are very engaging. These two factors are what make your channel the high quality that it is. Great job skipper!

    22. kirky org

      wow this is murphy's law on steroids what can go wrong will well in this case it all did go wrong all at once well done by the crew to get the people home

    23. TheMagnificentZoltar

      Quantas never crashed.

    24. Underdogg101

      How many pilots does it take to land an Airbus A380? Qantas: yes

    25. Marianne Fraser

      Petter, great summary, as always. Truly skilled storyteller, here I am sitting watching you and cant stop even if its in the middle of the night...

    26. E Markos

      I've never been an passenger on an airliner, but I was in an Mi-8 transport helicopter. And the pilot said before the flight "Gentleman, if we crash, don't worry. You'll die". I know it's sounds horrible, but it was honest. I that made the flight so much better.

    27. Mad Scientific

      These alarm system overloads are bitter sweet... They worked thru it in this case but have to wonder why things are designed in such a way that an alarm system either impedes itself, or worse, other systems. This has happened with non trivial results in numerous categories, the one coming to mind, nuclear. You'd think some of those lessons would translate to other critical systems...?

    28. tatiana kerina tarp

      Thats just that A380 gigant knew, that there were 5 pilots in it, to give enough of tasks to all of them :). CRM can do as absolut miracles as a terrible disasters (AF 447 and SU 593) Once more a perfect example that there is no computer, no matter how fantastic it is, that can be smarter than the human brain. Another important thing: pilots, fly your aircraft as much as possible manually! Land manually in the "difficult" aiports! And I wish a stress resistancy to everybody. At least, try to learn it. It will make a better world

    29. gukakmakuk

      Catastrophic,Uncontained engine failures have increased in frequency in recent years as engines have grown in size, it seems that materials ,however sophisticated, are reaching a limit

    30. Paul-André Larose

      This clearly shows that the human element will never be replaced by automation.

    31. Philip King

      Qantas uses Rolls Royce on the A380. What excuse did they come up with this time. Unforgivable with 400+ passengers onboard. I have no words.

    32. R Nies

      which of the dogs is your co-pilot?

    33. j2simpso

      Technically maximum take-off weight is the same as maximum landing weight. Landing a plane especially in an emergency situation like this is always an option. Can landing heavy cause some damage to the aircraft warranting a thorough inspection? Absolutely! But it's a far better outcome than wasting time reducing weight during an emergency like this!

    34. Claudia Bulla

      CRM is extremely important- let’s hope more airlines do that.

    35. Claudia Bulla

      Do one for QF 30

    36. Kath Davies

      Quantas have an excellant safety record. I usually want to fly with them if I travel overseas.

    37. BIG C

      Check check check FAIL HAHAHA

    38. Ronald Devalk

      I assume the crew passed the check ride?

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Actually, I think they didn’t 😂😂

    39. Kerri L.

      Ah! At last using an external camera! They should be on all planes focussed on significant parts of the plane and relayed into the cockpit..

    40. Chris Scott

      I guess the captain passed his check ride?

    41. martin warner

      Great videos, well presented, you are a very professional fellow.Keep up the good work Sir. And thank you.

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      At 14:21 the cappuccino colored pup assumes the massage-bed position. So cute.

    44. Лена

      Looks at the two puppies on the couch

    45. Michael R Murphy

      What an event! I think the computer did not understand what was happening and started to shut down. But they had enough redundancy to fly it back and land the plane. And Qantas paid 100 million to replace the left hand wing and engines. That makes sense on a 300 million dollar airplane. And where is it today? Still being flown by Qantas or parked by the virus?

    46. Debe Redman

      Did the crew pad their flight checks???😍😍😍

    47. Von Damn

      This serie is better than the discovery one, dno the name in eng and i won't dare to translate.

    48. john hodge

      Lovely chilled dog on sofa 🙂

    49. davefr

      Could have been one of worst aviation disasters, but turned out to be one of aviation's finest moments.

    50. HauntedShadowsLegacy

      Engine: grghlglgrgl Firefighter: 'Oh, just die already!'

    51. Robbie Quinn

      I hope they served free drinks

    52. Hat Hatley

      I just love the inspirational positivity that comes across in this and other videos from Montour Pilot. It applies to a wide application in other professional fields and endeavors. Thank you.

    53. greenola

      Again. Brilliant.

    54. Victor Agostinho

      Well done...thanks captain.

    55. Mark Napier

      I’d like to say as an Australian and someone who has followed this story since it happened I am very proud of the record of all Australia’s pilots, however this was no standard crew. “As told on 60 minutes AU Captain Richard Champion de Crespigny was part of a special training scheme setup by QANTAS for young school leavers who had an interest in Aviation by QANTAS themselves in the 70s or 80s. Hi was probably the most experienced QANTAS pilot in the air on the A380 and certainly the man you wanted at the controls that day.” In addition to Captain Champion de Crespigny you had a well rounded and rehearsed team and 2 Bonuses with the check officers who crushed the numbers on the landing, some might say it was just luck a coincidence they were all together that day but then again others might say it was Devine intervention an act of God. Personally I think the latter.

    56. Carles Paco Ribó

      Guys, don't buy coinbase stock!

    57. Mansnotprot

      Can they not see the same cameras from the inflight entertainment in thr cockpit? You would think thr pilots in 2021 would have cameras showing all spots of the aircraft....

    58. Raquel Löfstedt

      Thanks for another excellent video. After flying regularly for many years, both alone and with small children, I have come to realize also what a responsibility one has as apassenger as well. I ws on a small aircraft fraom Amsterdam to Copenhagen when one of the doors had a malfunktion and the pressure started to drop. from where I was sitting with my young son, I and the man sitting across the walkway against the other bulhead could see the cabin crew trying to deal with the door. A quick glance was all we needed to exchange to communicate that we were going to keep quiet, keep calm and stay ready if they needed help. It would have been easy to start demanding ansers, panicking, etc, but there were thirty other people ... We turned and landed back at Amsterdam without further trouble other than a couple of frazzled cabin crew. Cooperate with the cabin crew folks! they aren´tjust waiters and waitresses.

    59. Stefan Kolev

      Amazing story Captain! Great example of well trained team and team work. Really expiring. Thanks

    60. One Guy

      pilots exams are harder that i thought

    61. Graham Fairbanks

      I just watched your video of this flight. I was a passenger on this flight sitting opposite the damaged wing. Your analysis was very accurate and I suspect the whole flight and how the incident was handled by the flight crew will be an interesting chapter in the handbook for all future students of this plane and how to handle such dramatic incidents.

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Cool! Glad you enjoyed it

    62. One Race Through Adam

      Cripes, the day after I warned of woke pilot hiring by airlines, United Airlines pledges to hire pilots based on gender and race...May be time to invest in passenger ship companies.

    63. One Race Through Adam

      Airlines must not cave to woke culture and hire unqualified pilots. Politicians and media will push them to do so if not already. We just saw Delta enter a political battle on behalf of the woke side, a dangerous sign.

    64. Sijo P

      Kindly work on providing more video/animation than just ur story telling skills. And u dint tell the reasons why the accident happened in the 1st place

      1. Sijo P

        @Mentour Pilot sure thanks. KGup has its own way of suggesting videos so... Amd reason why u dint mention the reason for this accident? Or did i miss it

      2. Mentour Pilot

        I have made a lot of changes in my more recent videos. Check them out

    65. michael kalaluka

      Really appreciate your presentations, please keep it up. Michael Zambia

    66. Hans Etter

      I always thank the crew when I walk off the plane, that is the least I can do.

    67. Yankee Tango

      Air Niugini Flight 73

    68. Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast

      Why only use 1 staircase?

    69. Wayne Readshaw

      You can’t take anything away from the captain and FO, but it’s a stroke of ‘luck’ that there were six pilots on board that day.

      1. stephen connell

        Yeah but its how you use what you have at your disposal that is the most important take away

    70. Tony El

      I've watched the documentary about this flight. That Captain was one cool cat. The entire crew, and the Captain really were impressive. That FO was just being hammered with failures.

    71. Rick Estabrook

      Thanks Petter, Great video. Question: Since the flight crew's view aft is limited, are there no video cameras available in modern cockpits to give the crew a full perspective on the engines and wing?

    72. kiwi kirsch

      cool view from your secondary camera! interesting to see all that paperwork!! awesome!!

    73. John Thimakis

      Thanks for sharing. 😉👌🏼

    74. Gooner 72

      Great job fellas!! Qantas do have exceptionally high standards for their flight crews and cabin crews so it's no surprise that they were as good as this.🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿✌✌✌✌✌

    75. Robert Fernandez

      How do you find out a NTSB investigation results of a aircraft accident several years ago?

    76. G Brown

      They should really consider installing a fuel cut-off on each engine. What has the cabin crew been doing or the check/check check pilots? Nobody could be bothered to do a window check for fires, trailing fuel or still running engines on the ground? Delays in evacuation have cost many lives over the years. Also, do you only own one shirt? Ask one of your mechanics for a free Snap-On shirt or engine overhaul facility shirt. Approximately twelve-fifteen videos into your channel and still the same one. Do a generalized video on the root causes of accidents. The overwhelming majority of which are pilot error.

      1. Richard de Crespigny

        There is a manual cutoff for the LP Value located above the engine. But to get to it requires the electric cowls to be opened. But the electrics to engine 1 (including cowl motors) had failed.....

      2. shi01

        @jars6230 He's certainly not, otherwise he would know that commercial aircraft have fuel shut off valves for each engine. Of course if the cable are severed which control them, they won't work.

      3. jars6230

        @G Brown Because they made the decision after consulting the firecrews outside, and had been told the risk of fire was now almost zero? An emergency evacuation of that many people will certainly result in injuries, some potentially life threatening. They avoided the injuries a panic merchant crew would have caused, at virtually zero risk. I hope your not a commercial pilot?

      4. G Brown

        Two full hours to get 400+ people out of an aircraft that is leaking fuel, has hot brakes, and a runaway engine is insane. All five pilots should have been terminated!

    77. LE Bear

      Who checks the senior check captain?

    78. Marius bakke Larsen

      How would it work to flush the energien with CO2, to remove the oksygen and force the energien to stopp?

      1. shi01

        Well, problem is the amount of CO2 you would need is massive, because these engine can suck almost 900kg of air in every second when they run at full power. Even at idle they probably suck in somewhere around 100kg/s. Also as the shut off command could not be transmitted due to the severed wires, the FADEC would have tried to keep the engine running by trying to reignite the fuel until it would have spooled down enough that this would no longer be possible.

    79. David Benefiel

      It would be interesting to know if the airplane was returned to service, and what repairs were necessary.

    80. Floral Mogul

      Good video, Cap!👮🏼🙂👍🏼 ...would LOVE to SEE MORE Related 'Interacting-Video-CLIPS' and other types of 'diagramming-Type' aero-animation kind of input inside the video added in a little bit..it kinda helps us a tad bit to BETTER-COMPREHEND everything much more and adding it in allows it to be a bit more interesting, overall... Thanks Mentour, sir! Blessings!👮🏼👍🏻🌎🌍🌐🗺🧭🛫✈🛩🛬 Absolutely-FANTASTIC❗😃👍🏻

    81. larry gerber

      I've watched lots of your videos and enjoy all of them , Question , Is kevlor ??( spelling ) being used on all cml airlines to contain this type of engine failure ?

    82. Emanuel Malan

      After a flight can you as a passenger notify the pilot of strange smells, and noises?

      1. Cake vs Fondant

        of course, eg. they normally stand in front of the cabin as you exit, you can chat with them there already. or write a message to the airline with your flight number and date and time and what you saw. when i was on a flight where a flock of small birds were roasted in one of the engines (made the engine unbearably loud, i still can't hear well on my left ear since), many of us immediately pushed the button to call the cabin crew, and were pointing at the engine as we were still above the runway. the cabin crew then relayed our messages to the pilots. the funny thing was that the cabin crew had to communicate in writing with pen and paper, as no one could hear each other cause of the engine:D when the captain made announcements, the cabin crew was simultaneously shouting it and miming it. lol so yeah, you can even talk to the pilots via the cabin crew if needed.

    83. Kim Tan

      Please explain why Sq368 return to Singapore with E2 on fire and Passengers was not evacuated and made to stay onboard? Thanks!!!

    84. ronald cadorette

      I’m a little late to the party, but here goes. None of this had to happen, NONE, there is no reason, other than economics, why an engine cannot be outfitted with an explosion/shrapnel proof shroud. What would the weight penalty be? Maybe 5 passengers! Unacceptable!

    85. greenola

      Brilliant work. A question. What quantity of aviation fuel is dumped annually. And what happens to it!

    86. shop shop

      Considering the problems this bird had, where would the Captain even think of using the auto pilot?

    87. puhfrugherter

      For some reason Qantas has gained this reputation of being "bougie" or even "trashy" amongst a lot of Australians (or at least my friends and family), but I'll always trust Qantas and their crew for professionalism and safety.

      1. Darth Jacob

        @James Scully yeah. That's why Qantas has a bad reputation. They treat their workers like crap.

      2. James Scully

        @Darth Jacob There is the whole QF42 and how the crew of that flight was treated. That was the flight were an Airbus acted like a 737MAX and tried to kill them. Sullivan I believe was the captain's name and while the passengers were compensated, the crew who were injured, some seriously, were not taken care of properly by Qantas.

      3. Darth Jacob

        Australian here, ill explain to the best of my knowledge. For a number of years, the workers and Qantas management has had issues for a number of years. This led to industrial action (labour action) by the workers due to job cuts and workplace conditions, 2011 was one of the biggest in history and caused a grounding of flights. customer service has been an issue as well including the prices Qantas offers for their tickets. These sort of issues has caused Qantas to have a bit of a bad reputation.

    88. robbes7rh

      The handling by this flight crew is reassuring, but this type of engine failure is extremely unnerving. Maybe it’s an unusual event, but can’t engines be designed with housing to deflect moving metal parts away from the aircraft in such an occurrence? When the electronics are damaged like that on a beast like this Airbus you could find yourself with nothing but thrust levers to control the plane. The weight of the fuel on this giant plane is absolutely staggering. I’d prefer traveling on a helium blimp.

      1. shi01

        Well, jet engines are designed to contain a Fanblade failure, this though was something completly different. It's believed that the turbine disc that shattered and caused all the damage has become lose from the it's shaft because of the oil fire which means it started to basically freewheel in the exhaust stream right up to the point where the g-forces were so high that it was ripped into several pieces. The forces required to rip such a disc into pieces are absolutly massive and far exceed anything normally expected when something goes wrong in a jet engine. This kind of failure was unheard of before.

    89. Emily Evans

      Nice dogs!!

      1. Mentour Pilot

        They are!

    90. kd1s

      So in essence blinkist is Cliff Notes for the net. I'd prefer to read the printed word, in electronic form.

    91. Christian Geis

      Is that a GameBoy on the counter in the background?

    92. Mervyn Sullivan


    93. Shawn Elliott

      23:42 - It's also possible the engine was "dieseling" -- continuing to run due to a fuel leak into the engine, with the fuel being ignited by the compression of the still-running engine. It's a common problem with diesel piston engines that have leaky piston rings, because the compression ratio is high enough to make the engine oil ignite if enough of it can get into the upper cylinder. Since turbine engines also use compression ignition after they've been started, this seems like a plausible scenario.

    94. Brock Hoffer

      Om den här kanalen hade funnits på 70-80-talet, och jag hade sett det här då. Då hade jag varit Pilot idag. Otroligt intressant och väl framfört. Som alltid.

    95. Martin Whitfield

      Plane called "Spirit of Australia" sums it up nicely. Now flying an heavy, unresponsive, flammable, swiss cheese shedding s**t. Typical Aussie response ? "No worries". Gotta love 'em

    96. TheSulross

      gee, all these myriad cascading failures (that is a big take away from this story) - what does that say about Airbus aeroplanes?

    97. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

      hi Petter i actually saw this flight on a documentary chanel on sky , this was an amazing flight however with team work they got the aircraft down but unable to shut down one engine so they were on the runway for quite a while , but it was an amazing tv , explaining the event , that was amazing flying . thank you great vedio petter .

    98. Bob Rice

      Just a small point. The crew didn't have spectacles to operate the ailerons as you kept gesturing, its a side stick 😉 😜

    99. Nick Mullins

      Doggo First Officers best First Officer!

    100. Mike Bennett

      How very sad. I'm sorry that we have to learn those valuable and needed lessons in life, as well as in our position, professionally. This event has to hit home rather hard for you, Mentour. Two brothers, cabin crew, and passengers. So many people place their lives into your hands every day.