RESIDENT EVIL 8 Official Trailer (2021) Resident Evil Village Game HD

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    RESIDENT EVIL 8 Official Trailer (2021) Resident Evil Village Game HD
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    2. Luis Isturrieta

      everyone saying that's ethan's wife, but you cant really tell from the distance... people is so dumb

    3. Captain Spirit


    4. Anwar Samia

      Imagine the chaos that will follow if this game got a vr version.

    5. Mr. Dave


    6. I'M A CUTE SIMP

      RE zombie ; killing zombies is so easy RE village; lilling vampires\werewolves is hard me; looks like we need van helsing

    7. Marco Arroyo

      Van Helsing Remake 😂

    8. Tony Basterrechea

      They must be running out of ideas. Doesn't look that great. Looks like Van Helsing meets zombies. Also the background graphics and just player graphics don't look all that impressive for being available on the new PS5 platform. So far not impressed or interested. Looks kinda....dumb. The story and graphics just aren't it. But hey maybe I'll have my mind changed.

    9. DarkFrosty101

      Ethan winters gets forced into cross dressing and then dominated by BIG TALL VAMPIRE LADY!!!!😩💦💦💦

    10. Dark Haven

      I just started my new channel! I have a proper mic and webcam. I’ll be doing a walkthrough on this game when it comes out and Im doing a resident evil 7 playhrough rn! I’d love some constructive criticism and for people to check my channel out thanks! You don’t have to sub just be honest and tell me if my videos suck or if they’re good. I appreciate all feedback!

    11. CACHEADO Silva


    12. valter freeman

      Van helsing?

    13. FaZe_doggo

      Ethan: are shi* here we go again

    14. RanT Raven

      Re sucks now

      1. gtx 1050ti

        It doesnt

    15. Hrishi Dere

      Leon : Chris I know you will do the right thing Chris: Shoots Mia Ethan: Why Chris: Doing the right thing.

    16. Claudio Benitez


    17. Elias Barghash

      Chris totally becomes a werewolf BOW. The ultimate ending to a character: hero becoming one of the very monsters he’s fighting against. His story comes to a close.

    18. jose 888X

      Porque chris ahria eso donde esta leon y los demas jake

    19. Over :3 One

      Leon aparece cada 2 juegos -resident evil 2 -resident evil 4 -resident evil 6

    20. Kukki Manga VR

      I want to play it by curiosity but I am so scared XDDD ;___; edit: Ugh, can't even play the demo on pc or ps4. Hope the game won't be only on's sucks if it is.

    21. yafispider Gaming

      You save then you kill - Chris Redfield

    22. VTF Channel TH


    23. Bernardo Mesas Castells

      Aun me pregunto por que se llama Resident evil

    24. NotShadowPlayzツ

      Chris: shoots mia Ethan: WHY? Chris: Big Thanks to chinese woman for taking my boy leon so i guess your my next human now sleep with my sister the lineage must be continued

    25. kelli foster

      is Mia unable to get pregnant or is pregnant ???

    26. Antwane Walker

      RE game series is starting to get stupid

      1. Churlz

        lmfao, it was silly back then. Stfu.

    27. Preston Normile

      I'm calling it now. Either chris is working for a behind the scenes evil corporation/entity, or Ethan's wife was turning into something

    28. docofhell _

      Is Chris played by Keanu Reeves because it sure sounds like it

    29. Hrishi Dere

      Ethan: Why Chris: She was positive.

    30. Wrannec

      Oh boy, can't wait to watch someone else play this because I'm too scared to play :D

    31. Seema Devi

      Yeah!! I am waiting for resident evil village 🙂🙃

    32. Dayana Alejandra Moscol Tamara

      parece un castlevania

    33. Franz Varona

      Poor Ethan he still suffer from the re7 trauma now he's back for more tormenting.

    34. RAI

      Resident evil 4x2

    35. Gareth Watt

      I really wish we could go back too making games like RE 4 or like RE 6.You know the time we had actual Characters and not just some random dude,nah I long for the old days of Resident Evil Please return to the good old days

    36. SandwichPower

      2:08 Luis Sera (Resident Evil 4)?

    37. Kelvin Lee

      But I’m not going to buy ps5

    38. Kelvin Lee

      Yo Kevin ty❤️❤️❤️🍎

    39. Paigxw

      My biggest flex of all time, is that this comes out on my birthday

    40. ismael gingles

      I am so excited for village after seeing all the different trailers and gameplay footage it looks like it's going be a game to remember. I'm so happy Ethan is back and we have a merchant in the game to sale him stuff. I hope we can make silver bullets in the game.

    41. GNPS_Dimi

      Most hype trailer

    42. itsRysk

      If it ain’t a FPS like Biohazard I Don’t Want It. Good story lines but still think all these games will be best in FPS.

    43. Rümeysa Ipek


    44. Adam

      This comment section is the same joke over and over.


      Chris killed the wife of the game hero

    46. suckmy ass youtube

      Vampire lady is only 6 weeks away

    47. Mr. Fish

      Why would Chris do that!? and don't think about saying something about Claire! I want a straight answer, don't fucking lie to me!

    48. Deivis Vindis

      Omg so nice this ps5

    49. Grey hound

      I swear to God thats other guy looks like Luis Sera from resident evil 4

    50. citysoldier1


    51. Danger Danger

      Resident evil 7 game soldier chris and resident evil 8 in his game gun shoot mia dead why can someone please

    52. Danger Danger

      Ethan:Chris Chris:Sorry Ethan(Chris is mia gun shoot) Ethan:Why

    53. Kain VS Predator

      "Chris why???" I hear Carlos voice!!!

    54. Arthur Verardy

      I hope "his story comes to a close" doesnt mean "he will die horribly like joel from tlou 2"

    55. doX

      Chris: Kills Mia Erhan: Why?! Chris: Hey you. You're finally awake.

    56. spaL

      - WHHYYY??!?! +I saw her recording tiktok videos, but don't worry i've got a sister -Oh, then ok

    57. Stephen Sanders


    58. SpikeTheWolf

      Chris: so anyways I started blasting

    59. Mikayo Sousa

      0:02 Q SUSTO MANO

    60. Patrick M

      I wonder how long into the game before chris redfield gets his head bashed in with a golf club! Should be very exciting.

    61. Maverick Krodel

      Why did Chris’s shoot Mia I’m so mad!!!

    62. VitelloS

      I will choose zoe in resident evil 7 and chris will not kill mia BIG BRAIN

    63. Mako

      Kind of reminds me of outlast 2

    64. Jose Tan

      Chris redfield is a good person he knows what he's doing to put an end of the umbrella for years..

    65. FluffyMawileFan

      You all, simpletons: 2:01 Me, an intellectual: 2:09

    66. Eastern Traveller

      soo stupid, owning a gun in romania is ridiculously hard

    67. Efe Yavuz

      1:59 EndGame????

    68. GamerZrage

      No one really focused on the vampire lady in the first trailer.

    69. B M

      Looks good actually

    70. Davide Ploscaru

      Is the game taking place in Transilvania?

    71. Green Diamond

      I came to see the hot and tall mommy

    72. anthony adams

      this franchise has official just turned into a silent hill revamp and its depressing

    73. Melz B

      Ethan went to rescue mia and all of that was wasted

      1. Christy Shultz

        Well it would all depend on whether she's molded or not. If she's still infected it may not kill her. Yeah I know she's supposed to not be infected anymore but when you're playing her route in the game you notice that she is still hearing the little girl's voice and I don't believe that she was cured or that it didn't come back I'm reminded of what's your face Jill. Only I think that the molded is something you just don't shake.. I think Ethan is also infected I do believe that's why they want that child but I might be wrong.

    74. Benedict Badminton

      is the guy with the glasses a good guy?

      1. Christy Shultz

        Let me just say if he is the merchant nobody would recognize him because the merchant kept his face covered in re4.

      2. Christy Shultz

        I'm guessing he's the werewolf and since what's her face only really mentioned that she had a brother and he had friends and she was amazed that Ethan had gotten through them I'm guessing he's the werewolf strain of the village. Some speculates the merchant but who knows.

    75. Satyen Anandan

      Ethan: not again

    76. All Gaming

      Chris: *shoots Mia* Ethan: "Why?" Chris: "I could sense it in the air, hormones. You were going to add yet another character to this franchise! I saved the devs a job!"

    77. No Step on Snek

      it looks like they are trying to hard, it looks like a cheap story.

    78. OmArt Channel

      I miss the old Resident Evil.

    79. Jon L

      She runs.... Thru the fields of daisies. Ya it's just a shame cause they eat there own baby's.

    80. Bautista Sosa

      Dross, eres tu?

    81. Crokobos

      hehe big lady

    82. Heather Elliott

      Whatever that dream catcher thing is its connected to re7 you can see clear as day on the cover for re7

    83. Jason Already

      I hate how they Change up the RE games it needs to be like the Originals

    84. coco mo

      Man underworld looks great.👍🏾

    85. karatweiner

      I'm just gonna sit here and hope that Mia still has that regeneration thing and still survives. Don't care that Eveline is dead and shit. Still gonna be optimistic

    86. ArkerTheGreat

      Dude why the fuck does mia have to die, and by CHRIS' HAND wtf that made me so upset lol

    87. Dilok1988


    88. Mendonça Pais

      capcom for me was good in his time, and he finishes at the end in resident evil 7 and due to the lack of many characters ...... leon kennedy-jill valentine- (if nobody liked this character i don't want to know ... .I LIKED THIS CHARACTER sheva alomar, and still missing more others, to me unless Chris Redfield.....and each one has their own appreciation

    89. jhonny javier calle choque


    90. Assassin's Creed Fan

      This trailer makes me feel very uncomfortable. I can really feel the fear and tension that lies on the castle and the village. This trailer gives me a very creepy feeling - and I love it!

    91. Philip Cummins

      Under BrAyAynChhE

    92. ;RedbeanReindeer

      lyrics: CHRIS?! sorry ethan PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW WHY?!

    93. Cristian.A.Ch.

      Bando yo digo que si Chris es malo tons cagaron la serie pero si está rentable osea chirs igualito a Wesker Sino será que chira matara a un clon de Mía algo así como en Re 6

    94. Delcy Yorley

      This should be an eritic game

    95. xRAINY

      Had all respect for Chris in all the previous resident evils, fuck that I guess...

    96. Hirak Bala

      Ethan should marry Chris's sister Claire to continue the blood line.

    97. El NoobPro

      Gente hoy ay japa

    98. Mendonça Pais

      neither did I. it ended for me in resident evil 7

    99. Mendonça Pais

      I've played since the 1st game so far and i clung to the story of resident evil 7, but this resident evil 8 blew it

    100. Mendonça Pais

      I do not accept killing Mia and I no longer play the game and I spent and loved the story of Resident Evil 7 to save Mia and Zoe later on the DCL ...