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    EEE MY FIRST DAY BACK TO SCHOOL IN OVER A YEAR! This is the last year of high school and it has been all over the place. Thanks for supporting and allowing me to have an amazing life, I’m happy to announce that I AM MOVING OUT! More vlogs coming very soon and i’m beyond blessed for what I have.
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    1. Aaron Arquiro

      I need a homie like Roy😭😭

    2. Jayla Stewart

      What’s the song called at 2:16 when he was in the car? Pls help

    3. keyly ruelas

      2:53 when nat and jake are together

    4. Marianna Avani Reyes

      1:57 killeddd mee bruuu

    5. Querencia.tv

      Incredible Work 👍

    6. Yadira Arnold

      + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be . For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are ."

    7. EG_vNoqe -_-

      Let's talk about how they bring positive vibes and there so chill. Keep up the good work 😄

    8. AlanisDanetLopez

      U should prank nat by being over Protective for a whole day

    9. Jarumy Rosales

      I love how thankful he is🥺

    10. TaraAnaiyah

      the singing in the car😂😂😂😂😂

    11. ItsJanelle

      roy is so funnyyyy😭😭

    12. Jackie Rodriguez

      His relationship with Nat’s parents is everything✋🏼😭

    13. typical k

      what happened to julian?

    14. Jam Baxter


    15. 187 Pellon

      Broooo...... roy drives ay G35 what the

    16. Hoodie Blocc

      post more vids with roy and rango. they be dissn each other all the time 😭

    17. Dyann Bachan

      hiii im new to the chanell but i watched nats chanell an yall are my idol🥺🥺🥺💕💕💖💖

    18. LaTisha Anne

      roy carries the vlogs tbh

    19. Alexia Padilla-Avila

      When Roy said I’f the teacher wanted a pancake and he said SIKE I LIEDD had me dying 😭😭😭

    20. Dakota Marvin

      Where is this school at??

    21. lupe

      who miss Julian I do do a video with him plz

    22. Cousins Vlogs

      Broo yoir content is the best i love how appriciated u are toward us ilysm

    23. destiny lira

      I just love Jacob's energy and I like how he drives to school with his backpack on and how he is grateful youtuber I've ever watched

    24. Bunnys Gaming

      Jake And Nate Are My Fav Couple They Always Put A Smile On My Face When I Watch Them!

    25. Sonnie

      Good job on the move mad proud of you bro u inspiring asf thanks for making my days better Jacob

    26. 51o. Sam

      Did anyone notice how jacob did the middle finger

    27. Prism Haze

      Noyone:.... Jacob: laughing every second and listening to sad music💔🥶😋 LMAOO SORRY

      1. nieooj gotoy

        That hand sanitizer is when you know he into it 🤣

    28. rareswrld

      What jeans are those?

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Danm you know they friends when Roy gave jake a sandwich and jake bought him sonic 😄

    29. Rachele paul

      Stop I’m here but I’m very late sorry but I’m here

    30. Angellove

      New to the channel

    31. Emili Peralta

      I’m new to his channel but omg his energy matched mines so definitely subscribing !!

    32. yasio bolo

      homeboy was really gonna pay 1,000 just to get nat bad bunny tickets. that’s goals right there !!! 🥺💜

    33. Laura Castro

      Rango little brother cute no cap 😬🤷🏽‍♀️

    34. Its__Kimberly

      5:00 8:16 9:22

    35. Vanessa Cortez

      Roy should start his own channel 😃

      1. Vanessa Cortez

        @yasio bolo huh?

      2. yasio bolo

        Good luck my friend hope that you don’t crush my friend drive safe

    36. Vanessa Cortez

      I love how humble you and Nat are ♥️

    37. joud Eshtewi

      Love ur vids ❤️

    38. Karla B

      5:12 lmao that part 😂😂😂

    39. Camy Peny

      Lucky my suegra doesn’t text me good morning

    40. Elaiyi Fernandez

      More school videos

    41. dcoog anml

      jake is me driving with his backpack the whole time 😭😭

    42. Lydia Vasquez

      Danm you know they friends when Roy gave jake a sandwich and jake bought him sonic 😄

    43. Naomi Alvarado

      That hand sanitizer is when you know he into it 🤣


      Your so lucky to have her as your teacher she seems so nice and chill:)

    45. oiuet souiu

      Roy is funny as hell LMAO 🤣

      1. dcoog anml

        Congrats on 200k💯+💯

    46. carlus martinez

      You can video and Spanish

    47. Cameron Amey

      I KNOW WHERE THAT SCHOOL IS BRO but Ian goin say nun 🥲 I gotcha j

    48. Cameron Amey

      Bakersfield gang stand up??? Bro Idk how I haven’t seen him at the store or sum since he in Bako

    49. Melany Martinez

      I love how he’s always thanking his subscribers for the stuff he has

    50. arizandy gonzalez

      Good luck my friend hope that you don’t crush my friend drive safe

    51. Soley Flores


    52. Liela Ahmed

      ian never comment on youtube vids but roy is drippyyyyyyyy😭

    53. Unknown

      That teacher is chill

    54. Araceli Escamilla

      what happened to julian is he to busy taking care his kids lmao but fr what happened to him


      Anwyays he fine respectfully

    56. nieooj gotoy

      he deserve everything he has

    57. candice granados

      we stan roy💪🏽

    58. Just Driving 4K

      Thanks for sharing ... cheer up !! greetings from Just Driving 4K

    59. Yt_ Chetooo

      Congrats on 200k💯+💯

    60. Emmanuel

      tell the big homie roy we need a youtube channel

      1. nieooj gotoy

        :u got some funny friends at school🤣

    61. Naomi Medrano

      When u only watch Nathaly so u late for jakes video 🥲

    62. Nancy Reyes

      Everything you have is thanks to GOD not thanks to us, it’s a blessing from the king above us☺️💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙

    63. lizzy Marin

      nahh we need more vids of royy😭😭

    64. asioe kiou

      homeboy was really gonna pay 1,000 just to get nat bad bunny tickets. that’s goals right there !!! 🥺💜

    65. Abigail Hernandez

      What happened to juliannn I miss seeing him in the videos

    66. Zion Wells

      U hit 200k

    67. Makaylaaa

      He always says thank you🥺

    68. Willie Medina12

      I’m the 1,000 comment😏😏😏😏😏

      1. asioe kiou

        guys he is at 200k

    69. Jami Martinez

      this vlog made my day, got me cracking upp😂

    70. Humberto Jimenez

      you sh0ould go play paintball with the bois

    71. Alexandra Torres


    72. Esmeralda Lugo

      hey why is nat not in classs

    73. Melany Villagomez

      Roy is so funny 😭😭😭

    74. MKE- A’DRION

      :u got some funny friends at school🤣

    75. Leonel Cruz

      What about Julian where he go

    76. Yajaira Mendoza

      When i get to highschool i want a friend like roy he seem chill af😭

    77. ElCrazyGuyJr

      When Roy said to the teacher "sike I lied"

    78. Abraham Jr

      Bro Roy is funny asf😂😂😂

    79. Abraham Jr

      Anyone come from tik tok😂💪🏽my mans funny definitely subscribing

    80. Oskr

      Ma boy roy in that g35 🥶🥶🥶🥶 Vq gang

    81. Richy NYC

      200k yessir

    82. Vianey Carapia Chavez

      guys he is at 200k

    83. ROBERTO 10 Martinez

      Funniest video ever 😂

    84. Daneytza Robles

      Bye jake is so thankful 🥺💗

    85. jiana aliyah


    86. JJ R

      We need more Roy that guy hell funny

    87. Khadija Haji

      It’s funny how Jacob laughs like a Horse then goes sheeeesh

    88. Cebastian Wells

      Bro this is my first time watching you and I already subbed and liked dude keep up the good work bro mad respect!!!

    89. actinup

      i came from tiktok and im here to stay because this friend group is comedy 😭

    90. Coach.g

      What’s Roy’s yt channel?

    91. Kaylaa

      IM WEAKKK ASL ! We need pt2 wit Roy 😂😏ASAP !!!

    92. Mf Cel

      dudeee I love your content, you’re the funniest guy ever 👏🏼🤣

    93. tamiya's mix

      jake imma need a playlist 😭

    94. Trinity

      Poe nat it look like her day was kinda awkward while jake had a fun day l

    95. ruby garcia

      4:50 - 5:25 had me deaddddd😂💀 HAHAHAH

    96. M H

      sorry jake but roy carried the vlog 😭😭😭

    97. Sensibella Barboza-Martinez

      You guys need to make a group channel 😌

    98. Sensibella Barboza-Martinez

      She’s single 😭💀

    99. Sensibella Barboza-Martinez

      “Do u listen to king von” I can’t I missed Roy 🤣

    100. Sensibella Barboza-Martinez

      Jacob casually having a concert in his car😌