SCP-999 - The Tickle Monster (SCP Animation)

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    SCP Explained is bringing you SCP Foundation anomaly SCP-999, also known as "The Tickle Monster". SCP 999 is a Safe-class SCP under the SCP Foundation's containment.
    Description: SCP-999 appears to be a large, amorphous, gelatinous mass of translucent orange slime, weighing about 54 kg (120 lbs) with a consistency similar to that of peanut butter. Subject’s size and shape is easily malleable and can change shape at will, though when at rest, SCP-999 becomes a rounded, oblate dome roughly 2 meters wide and 1 meter in height.
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    Original Authors:
    "The Tickle Monster" based upon “SCP-999" written by ProfSnider

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    1. emckaylee

      Scp 999 is cool

    2. Deputies RBLX

      that bad boy can cure everything

    3. emckaylee

      Harad to scp 999

    4. Riana Carrero

      SCP-682's Madness: SCP-999: *I like ya cut g* **S L A P** SCP-682's madness: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA **Litterly dies** SCP-682: *oh my God I feel so happy, yas Ur my Friend Orange slime*

    5. Adam Nieves

      Ok, 999 is just Kirby in just about ever way and from

    6. Kareem Alsaraierh

      Scott o my it’s real o ya omg oh hahahahahahhahahahahaa not real

    7. Kareem Alsaraierh


    8. Lagry 1040

      bruh like if your favorite smell is play doh

    9. Smart bird

      The emo brother bonding with his extrovert brother

    10. Arsenal Arsenal

      Does anyone realize that the guards only used P90’s?

    11. Nastynades5000

      I love 999

    12. Andrew. :3

      Hmmm the raotile is idk

    13. Imelda Thio

      Wait... Why does this story is different from the rubber in the rubber the story is smp 231-7 did not have birth but here she did?

    14. Cactus_nade

      daim i think u work in the SCP foundation couse u know so much!!!

    15. Jeff Travers

      What of 999 died :(

    16. Filip XD

      buff SCP-999 is the most cursed thing i ever saw

    17. Jolelme2

      The jelly is going to save the world one day.

    18. Brennen Bateman

      Which scps can over power the scarlet king

    19. StarchBoi

      I gobble packets of m&ms by the truckload, and I like feeling good, so I hereby declare SCP - 999 my spirit "animal"

    20. Maricel C Mata

      and hey do you know that scp 999 is still a kid or a baby, no one knows?

    21. Maricel C Mata

      scp 999 is super safe and powerfull

    22. Cybernetic

      Depression has left the chat

    23. Flamingo’s biggest fan Henry

      Ok I need SCP 999

    24. Flamer Gabudir


    25. Saturn the Rings

      Scp 682: IM NOT LAUGHABLE SCP 999: i'm bout to end this man's whole career

    26. lemon lover

      We should put 999 up against I can't remember the number but it's a statue that cant move when observed

    27. Collin McCumby

      If I can I will make a slime ball desing for this only for the but it will take time and research also resources

    28. PineappleShades

      SCP 999 is like the ultimate pacifist shonen protagonist. The anti-Kratos, instead of using fists and weapons to defeat powerful beings, they just use the power of love and friendship

    29. Deva Kumar

      R all these scpp stroreis are real

    30. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Can I please buy scp-999?

    31. Yvonne Wilson

      Scarlet King: *I SHALL DESTROY EVERYTHING! NOTHING CAN DEFEAT ME! I AM MOST POWERFUL! MOST FEARED! MOST-* Scp-999: *purrs and hops up and down* "DADDY!!!!!" Scarlet King: (U w U) Founder: "And that's how the world was saved. It didn't go out in a bang nor a whimper. Nay. It sustained...with a hug." *closes book*

    32. Marauder from Hell

      Scp 682: doesn't die Scp 999: only can calm it Me: Ok fine, you wanted it, send in the *DOOM SLAYER*

    33. Tpok Z

      Can you do scp 100

    34. Aila Grace

      Where can I get one

    35. Walky Talky

      Well I could kill something that thing is depression that it can kill

    36. Christian Lorems

      SCP-999 is basically a Dog that gives unconditional love.

    37. SoulTribe

      How is scp 999 a monster?

    38. Lucas Letian

      Is this real?

    39. Scp 682

      Ya’ll know scp 999 was disgusting but it’s it’s not worst than scp 524 cus am scared of it

    40. mason king

      I cant believe that the nicest thing on earth is the son of something thats almost as bad as the devil. But if its scp. Anything could happen.

    41. gacha wolf 159

      Is there more cross testing for 999? I hope so!!

    42. FoxgirlLOL222

      hm... 682 is supposedly a son of the scarlet king, and so is 999. So are they brothers?

    43. SCP Foundation

      As the SCP foundation an actual job

    44. Rhinoboy2000

      So 999 can cure anti social disorder ... I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!!!

    45. Plasma Bolts

      Scp 999 and 682 are technically brothers.

    46. RaNd0mSTuFf

      who would win? an immortal god lizard who survived thousands of assassination attempts? or blob?

    47. Train guy 36 Wooden trains plushes vlogs and more

      Do a vid on scp 131 please

    48. jamesroad316

      Wait love? Didn't dream guy said love is the ultimate power? Could he be refering to 999

    49. jamesroad316

      Why is nobody talking about that one asian girl who beat the shit out of that giant lizard

    50. Sam Cat

      999: rolls around and stuff scp foundation: awww cute literally any other scp: does the same freakin thing scp foundation: *say sike right now*

    51. Kan Kanmingkan


    52. Finlay Evans

      How much is 999

    53. Amanda Hoeflich

      IS SO CUTE

    54. honey bee

      Out of all these scps this little blob is the cutest one

    55. sony samuel

      give scp - 999 10 m&ms every day to make it very strong

    56. mimi mukherjee

      what would happen if builder bear met 999?

    57. Daud Arthur


    58. Daud Arthur


    59. Ryderplays YT official

      Bullet:oh no scp 999 scp 999:ooo a bullet nom

    60. Lingenieur Stein

      i love the fact that the lore isnt just about murdering

    61. Rondal Glenn

      This thing is depression’s worst enemy

    62. The Amazing World of Nico


    63. Eric Simmons

      So it’s the nicest scp

    64. Benjamin Grubb

      scp-999 is the blob angel! *SCREECHES OF HAPPINESS*

    65. Vince onte

      SCP - 999 father is Shormaush Urdal and its mom is SCP -231/7

    66. prismatic poewk

      scp-999 should be a therapist

    67. Rancid Jacob Katigbak

      Your texture of everything is from the infographic show


      This scp needs to be free

    69. Aidas Baranauskas

      couldn't they use 999 to permanently convert hostile SCPs to good, like the lizard by having it stay around them for long?

    70. Thibo Meurkens

      Where can I get a SCP-999?!

    71. Creeper Freak

      Wait is that my cat

    72. Astrakuma

      Happy happy happy happy happy

    73. drew martin

      I want one too

    74. drew martin


    75. Beginners!

      682 is the thing 999 will ride on when fighting the Scarlet king. As siblings against their ... father?


      It has cured depre- MOMMY CAN I HAVE ONE

    77. Cas DJ

      This is the most happiest scp yet

    78. Janelle Rulison

      Can I have one

    79. Jakub Ceglarz

      I love the way that scp 999's whorst thing that it has done is spill a coffee compared to other scp's

    80. Quban Rowland

      SCP 682(me):What do you want from me you blob of goo. SCP 999(my cousin) *Trills* SCP 682 (me) Oh heck no

    81. John



      Rest of scps:*killing everybody*/ scp 999*being friendly and saving everybody*

    83. UltraJasperWorld

      infographixshow, is that you?

    84. Blood drop On bee

      Scp-999 is everyone’s small bean and everyone’s child

    85. Akarsh H

      SCP 999 exists Sadness: aight imma head out

    86. Hely Wijaya


    87. Tetiana Pavlova

      Hey maybe SCP-9991 the bunny killer

    88. Sofia Genova

      Scarlet King vs The Tickle Monster 999:Daddy? Scarlet KIng:S-son..... please 999: *Gets near Scarlet king* Scarlet King: _AHHHHHHHHHHHH-_ *Scarlet King died by too much happiness and jelliness by his son* The WHOLE Foundation:...... *_This is a very interesting situation-_*

    89. Lorenzo Navarro


    90. Louae V

      Plot twist: 999 will give so much joy it will kill us

    91. Louae V

      Apparently the 999 back story is available to only the 05 council lmao

    92. Omar Younes

      Honestly when I found this I looked at all the other videos but nah I clicked this video

    93. Daniel Fitri

      Next video: SCP-99999999999999 description: Just a card

    94. John Waynedel Marfil

      But still why did SCP still test humans i mean why

    95. capricorn 105

      Scp 999 is the cure for depression

    96. Leah Cura

      the best scp is the scp 096

    97. Greg Roderick.

      Scp 999 *comes to scp 049 again* scp 049: NOT AGAIN HE SHOT ME scp 999: wsp 049......Scp 049! Scp 049:*faints of cuteness* scp 999s mind: i think he fanited or died

    98. Daily dose of Among us memes

      Can any say is it real

    99. Janelle Rulison

      Best cars were created by a factory trying to create a long if you creating something that will make you live forever but it was a mistake venomous cars were created but their venom is only strong enough to kill a robot so just keep robots you'll be safe I mean they will be safe

    100. Janelle Rulison

      Cars also will come back if they die