What happens if you ROLL an airliner?!

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    What happens if an aircraft start banking (turning) more than it was designed to do? What would happen if it actually Rolled?!
    What forces are involved and how are pilots trained to deal with the situation. What is considered a "steep turn" and how does the Boeing 737 instruments look like when we practice them?
    In Todays video I have a special treat with you! I will show you exactly what I am talking about from within a real Boeing 737 Simulator which I got to borrow from VA Airline training in Cambridge.
    We will be looking at steep turns, what happens if we bank even further and can a Boeing 737 actually roll?
    All of that will be covered, discussed and shown in todays episode. Make sure you watch the whole episode in order not to miss anything.
    Thank you to VA Airline training For letting me use your Simulator!
    Visit them here👉www.virtualaviation.co.uk/
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    1. Frank Ross

      Would the engines come off their pylons at greater then 90 degrees?

    2. rustusandroid

      Just add some rudder and do a snap roll.

    3. Nick Duffy

      This was in a film called flight he flew inverted then turned around to crash land

    4. Steven West

      Really interesting and thought provoking

    5. Rohit Krishnan

      When the pilot plays too much GTA.

    6. dirtdude

      Will it fly at 90 degrees with full left rudder and maximum power to the starboard engines?

    7. J J

      I've done it in a 737-800 simulator. That was fun.

    8. KitsuneVoss

      The pilot of Federal Express Flight 705 rolled his plane to 140 degrees while loaded with cargo. Having a crazy person aboard with hammers inspired that maneuver however. They don't seem to have worked as pilots again but that was due to injuries.

    9. Autumnfalls89

      I have to admit that I spent half the video wondering if the dog was going to roll off the couch.

    10. Sean Book

      I understand that an airliner and a fighter plane have different construction and purpose. But I've always wondered how they do the "knife edge" maneuver and how they don't loose all lift while inverted.

    11. Conner Wilson

      Sky king did it

    12. xet

      awww your dog is so cute

    13. bigstupidgrin

      Watch for the informative content. Read the comments for the funnies. Love this channel.

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Glad to hear that my friend!

    14. KEITH Mussington

      A roll seems scary enough in a simulator.

    15. Andrei Cristian Florea

      But can you do a loop?

    16. Assfrontation

      you can probably do it, it's important though to ensure no one's on the toilet during such a maneuver

    17. Eric Chevez

      that dog really needs to get a job...

    18. Jp Meyer

      Keep the roll going.............

    19. paul bk

      Backpressure? Explain, what is it?

    20. Tom Lorien

      Tex Johnson says you can do a roll haha

    21. Ashley

      I love how you have your dogs in all your videos!!! I don’t know if this has anything to do with the pilots or not, but every time I fly I either get a nice smooth turn or a steep bank angel feeling like we’re gonna roll... wonder if that has to do with what ATC tells them to input?

    22. expls

      Not going to give credentials or brag but as someone with significant time in Flight Training Simulators I can offered a bit of insight. Trim is key here. Once the plane goes through 75 degrees of bank you need to quickly trim it significantly nose down. Also it's best to enter this maneuver with more speed then you had around 280 to 300 knots IAS in a shallow dive. Begin banking the plane and pull up to level rate on you vertical speed indicator. Quickly but not too fast continue your roll up to 60 degrees while also adding power. When you pass 75 degrees add alot of nose down trim and continue as fast as possible past 90 degrees. This is the critical part as the wings give you zero lift so you want to have as much forward momentum to keep the nose up. Once you get past 150 degrees the wings will actually act like wings again even though you are inverted with the nose down trim they will start to generate more lift as they level out at 180 degrees. Also you must resist the urge to pull back instead of pushing forward. At this point it is a matter of doing everything in reverse. Build some energy and when you approach about 115 degrees of bank trim the nose up. It will keep your barrel roll straighter and will actually reduce the g loading on the airplane.

    23. Noaerrr

      In fsx the atc just gets annoyed with you and kicks you from the server

    24. Mathieu D

      You forgot to mention Tex Johnston barrel roll on a Boing 707 in 1955 during a test flight! The day "steel balls" took a new definition.

    25. Stan

      The guy doing the recorded voice warnings sounds bored. They should have hired Don Rickles to do them.

    26. DoctorGibbon

      "oh nooo the plane is tipping 30 degrees" kayakers = haha cool

    27. Reggie R2

      Denzel did it!

    28. Juan Chemello

      VASP Flight 375 A commander made two Rolls in an attempt to destabilize the hijacker. It was a Boeing 737-300 Classic

    29. Stephen Villano

      I'm aware of one instance of a commercial airliner that was rolled inverted and remained stable only when inverted. Alas, one cannot have anything resembling a successful landing while inverted and the aircraft upset and crashed when attempting to return into a survivable orientation. The cause of the upset was revealed to be the complete failure of the vertical stabilizer jackscrew due to improper maintenance. For the want of a few dollars of grease and a bunch of man hours, an aircraft, crew and passengers was lost. As I said when the manifest wasn't ready, screw the air freight.

      1. Speedbird

        Flight 261

    30. Tuddec

      737 pilots actually use this technique to fly inverted a few meters above A320's and give the Airbus pilots the finger

    31. esce69

      I once had an Air China flight doing a steep roll on approach. It felt like a 90 degree bank because I could see straight down onto the fields from my window, but it was probably less. We were already quite low so luckily the pilot did not try a roll. He (or she) then went full throttle and we most likely did a go-around. By then I wasn't really paying attention to that anymore, just happy to make it out. Never flew Air China again because I thought they couldn't fly. Now I realize this was probably a wake problem and the pilot responded quite expertly...... Thanks Mentour Pilot!

    32. lincolnlobster

      Reminds me of the Denzel Washington movie, “Flight.”

    33. MWGrossmann

      Steep turns were always my nemesis.a Every CFI(I) taught me to throw in trim on steep turns to help relieve the force needed & then take most out while finishing, cleaning up once straight & level. All would say it's easier to push that yoke than to pull it. I know there's a huge difference between tin cans & heavy iron, but in a 73 with direct connections rather than fly-by-wire, why wouldn't you do the same? The STAB controls are right under the flaps to the right of the thrust levers. Not trying to soopr-smrt here, I'm just trying to understand because you can never learn too much. Muchas gracias y tusen tack for all of your interesting & helpful teaching vids. Keep your blue up and your brown down.

    34. ਕੰਵਲਜੀਤ Kanwaljit ਸਿੰਘ Singh

      wow, that was awesome to watch a roll of a commercial airliner, thank you for simulating the roll!

    35. Doctor Core

      Q: if rate 1 turn is 3 deg/s, so rate 2 turn is 6 deg/s? Q: for "normal" operation, what rate turn are you making at 45 deg bank? 60 deg bank? Q: during your roll over in that 737 sim, how much vertical altitude did you lose before flying level again?

    36. El Glu

      I have so much homework, I envy that dog

    37. SandhoeFlyer

      Wires, wheels and pulleys... old fashioned Boeing junk !

    38. greenola

      Coming back to this

    39. Eamonn McDonagh

      I told my instructor Abdullah that I wanted to try this. He reckons its a bad idea because it encourages the hostages to fight back.

    40. Peter Brimacombe

      the P8 is a US navy plane based on the Boeing 737. It is ( I think) designed to be rolled.

    41. DZL

      You can do a flip with the MAX courtesy of MCAS.

    42. David Thomas

      This guy is cooler than Dieter Sprockets

    43. Linda H

      This is your Captain speaking. By request we are going to do some barrel rolls. Please stay seated with your seatbelts fastened. lol

    44. Linda H

      I know a airliner is capable of doing fighter jet moves. But I think the people would be very upset. I read about how a plane shot straight up to 20,000 feet . The people were shitting themselves.

    45. Se7entynet

      I feel like he is feeding the dog with weed. Always sleeping on the couch.😂

    46. Ali Laldin

      Weeeeee! 😏

    47. cg one

      We have the same watch

    48. jonowee

      Ahh fun times, when the stall speed and overspeed red bars try to kiss each other on the speed tape.

    49. Kamadev888

      Funny how flight spoilers actually DON'T spoil a flight, but make it better.

    50. Henrik L

      Simple...You spill Your drink!

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Not if it’s done right

    51. Jacob Moses

      I saw a video of a Concorde pilot rolling a Concorde at an airshow, maybe Farnborough

    52. Kasper Pedersen

      Very informative videos. Good education and entertainment. Looking into starting my private pilot training myself.

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Best of luck!

    53. Matthew Groff

      There was a 737 years ago over Western PA, USA that had encountered a wake turbulence from another aircraft. Then suddenly had a "Rudder Hard-Over". If I remember correctly that aircraft "rolled" several times before the Pilots miraculously regained control of the aircraft. I believe many years later after sever other similar incidents and a few fatal accidents, the NTSB and FAA investigators found that the Rudder Actuator on the 737 was defective and could suddenly move without input from the pilots. If I remember correctly after testing it was found that there was ice build up in the actuator at altitude which caused a clog and caused the Rudder "hard over", but then the ice would melt and then not show any signs of any malfunction.

    54. asd

      dog 🤗

    55. yes it's me

      That dog has the answers for all our questions.

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Yep: 42

    56. Nigel Depledge

      This reminds me of something - I'm not sure about this, but didn't one of the Avro Vulcan's test pilots barrel roll a brand-new Vulcan bomber at an airshow?

    57. J M


    58. Nautical Navigator

      Yes you can but its recommended you do it in a 737max. The aircraft will simply nose down

    59. Andreas Zetterström

      I honestly expected the plane to complain a lot more than it did when he rolled it. Just a single bank angle warning and that was it.

    60. jamesTBurke

      Technically you can roll any aircraft. Question is should you

    61. Yue Rong

      The typical toothpaste numerically boil because melody ultrascructurally trip besides a rare season. complete, languid kick

    62. Prabhakar Kmv

      Nice video.Your doggie 8s so cute maan! His/her face looks like a jet fighter!!-Love.

    63. Yue Rong

      The ill-fated sampan unequivocally reach because drain legally practise like a unused var verbs = [aardvark. tiny, expensive gore-tex

    64. Bobby Digital

      I wonder if you can roll an Airbus A380 fully loaded! Now that would be interesting to see on the simulator!!

    65. Breno Santana

      A 737-300 was rolled by the pilot during a hijacking in Brazil, see VASP 375.

    66. Shawn Elliott

      "Is it dangerous to bank when turning in an airplane?" *Is it dangerous to lean when turning on a bicycle?* No. In fact, it's dangerous _not_ to. I know this from firsthand experience; I still remember when I was 5 years old, riding my bicycle with training wheels so it couldn't lean, coming up on a corner and thinking to myself "I'm going to fall over when I turn that corner," and I did. It hurt and I cried. Don't make your passengers cry; always bank when turning in an airplane.

    67. JYKDUTCH GamingAndFun

      GTA V

    68. aoe tje

      have to strongly disagree, I can feel the banking turns as well as descent/assent without having to look for a reference points outside of the cabin, I am not massively enjoying it but can defo notice even when the movement is small

    69. Cristian Dinu

      The dogs (also the white one) are very lazy. They sleep all day. They look like toys. :)

    70. Revnik


    71. Justa Youtuber

      That stall warning is a sound I hope I never, ever hear again.

    72. Justa Youtuber

      3:40 coordinated turn....the dog at 3:43 reacts.

    73. MrAkurvaeletbe

      When i landed in budapest the airplane banked almost 90 degrees when turning to land... almost got a heart attack when i looked out the window and saw directly down to the ground. Im convinced something went wrong there i wonder if i can find a report about that flight...

    74. matthew williams

      flight 705 md 10 he did a barrel roll I think but not sure after looking everything up I could. i would love to see you do a video on that one, to see what the pilot went threw and what decisions he had to make and what he did. even switching runways at last minute and how youd have to land being 16 tons overweight. everything he did even though it was under direst was a choice so he had to know he'd get out of it or had chance to. I'd just love to see what the pilot did and how he did it from a pilot perspective.

    75. Bradford Bridge

      It looks like your dog is bored with you talking about planes. I am not even sure if he wants to fly.

    76. John Rodrigues

      That's easy! Passengers spill their drinks! Pilots are afraid to leave the cockpit as annoyed flight attendants are waiting!😜🤣

    77. Odd One Out

      Imagine if commercial airliners inherited some fighter jet DNA in their software.... And suddenly, past 60 degrees bank angle in a Boeing jet, "Bitchin' Betty" comes on and talks to you like that extremely stern teacher that everyone was dead scared of in 2nd grade - and god help you if you hadn't done your homework. As a pilot, you would probably be terrified, go back to level flight and walk home later feeling guilty for the rest of the day, and possibly go to bed without dinner that night. ("Bitchin' Betty" is the nickname of the aural alert system in Boeing's fighter jets, most notably the Super Hornet. The name of the actual lady who did the lines is Leslie Shook. Pilots usually only ever hear her voice when shit was about to go sideways in a really serious way.)

    78. Jon B

      I couldn't make out the instruments very clearly, but it looked as if you lost around 5000 feet. Wow! I remember learning and practising stalls in a 172 and losing 200 - 300 feet per stall; I suppose a full roll would have cost me a lot more but of course they never let me do that. (Though I did do some exciting spins!) And the heavier and less manoeuverable the aircraft, the more height it would lose. But still, 5000 feet seems a lot.

    79. EdMcF1

      Saab Draken kort parad copy would be tops!

    80. Bakr Masaeed

      it will look like a hammer shark!

    81. Rick Blake

      Great video. Subscribed, and earned a spot in my private playlist I call Very Cool.

    82. Volvo Man

      Alaska flight 261....

    83. Beeline Pilot

      i thought the engines would shut down tbh

    84. Vinnecenne Mills

      What can cause an airplane to roll over continuously and what to do if this happen..had this experience on my flight simulator

    85. Charlie Irvin

      I saw a fighter pilot roll a Plane over then he came back up

    86. Corneliu Circiumariu

      I've personally seen a BAC 1-11 doing a FULL barrel roll at low altitude !! of course the airplane was empty and prepared for testing !! It was amazing !! the test pilot was the best !! you can not forget a moment like this !!

    87. vaaanilla

      Well they’re aerodynamically the opposite of fighter jets in a lot of ways. That’s kinda how I understood how fighter jets do what they do.

    88. Flávio Monteiro

      SPOILER Alert: He talks about spoilers...

    89. Gooner 72

      Fascinating lesson Mentour Pilot, thank you for posting.

    90. tactileslut

      "Okay, we'll just gently roll out of this." Simulator shows the roads and fields occupying the whole field of view and getting larger. The guy with the camera falls toward the panel.

    91. jekanyika

      Did the simulator freak out?

    92. Cybrludite

      A friend's father was a pilot for United, once managed to barrel roll a DC-10 in the simulator.

    93. Titus Tucker

      Stole my thunder, when they demonstrated the 707 (which was on the heels of the disastrous comet crashes), the Pilot was so confident of the aircraft's integrity he couldn't help but show off a little, believe he may have been slightly reprimanded but he also sold a whole bunch of 707's that day.

    94. Aggro Mando

      I have a flying phobia. If this guy was my pilot I’d feel so much more relaxed about it.

    95. Paul n bren Beven

      The guy that stole that dash 8 did a barrell roll, looked like he had about a whole 50 feet to spare!

    96. Oleg Negru

      Pacho will get soon the highest pilot qualification


      Although there is a faster way nose down and full thrust boom


      You know the fastest way to loose altitude is to put your wing perpendicular to the airflow as u guys know air hits the plane horizontally this is how we produce lift and when you put 90 degree from wing to the airflow the airflow to the wing stops putting you in a temporary stall you can easily level off though

    99. Paul Topping

      Huh. The dog was white in the last video. An accident involving chocolate milk or what?

    100. anothername

      “Bank angle. Bank angle.”