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    Halloween is here! And for today’s video, I wanted to create the scariest, creepiest Halloween look EVER… a look inspired by 2020! HAHA! Grab the paint and brushes, and let’s get spooky! HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY? Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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        @Emelia Ryan❤️ no one cares!

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    2. Sean Yepez

      Pls nikkie give me one wig because my hair is falling pls 🙏🥺 I'm back here to watch your Halloween make up pls nikkie I want to be pretty on my birthday and everyday pls give me wig 😭🙏🙏

    3. me me

      I love your background in this video. And this video is one of my favorites.

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      👍 Duivel @dayvenewhite ❤🎨💄💋

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      Nikki can you please try out the florasis beauty palette lipstick brush

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      Nikki Still looks amazing as a Duivel

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      I play among us a lot btw I am a dutchie

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      wow nikki i love all the makeup but i think its never ever gonna get off your face and happy halloween

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      Too cool

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      You are the best

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      OMG it looks so scary

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      I fking love that game!! Not as much as ily tho ! 💖💖💖

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      Why do you remind me of Monica from friends 🤣 It’s the hair for me ❤️😏

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      I play Among Us my character name is lemon.

    19. Sarah Lary

      Me: Spend 2 hours to finish the eyebrows. Her: Spend < 2 min to finish the eyebrowns.

    20. Bubbles The best

      Where can you watch her show and what’s it called


      Duivel @tweeder.7 I literally love this devil pool!! Yassss

    22. H&Mi Design

      You summed up 2020 very well. makeup is very good💕👏👏👏

    23. Jenna Bostic

      Anyone else getting "HIM" from The Powerpuff Girls vibes from this look?

    24. Dezzarae Lopez

      her face is so red that i got a head ache and i had to stop the vid in just the beginning like WHOAAAAA

    25. cheryl Yearwood

      Prayer,talking on phone, wearing a 😷...,gloves, loving MYSELF more

    26. Linda Cockburn

      Hi am a really big fan ❤️

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      Ouuu could you like an e girl look??

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      The red is as neon as my fingers after eating a whole bag of hot cheedos

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      W ho else is waching this vid in December 2020 👇🏻

    30. Kaylee Hage

      I do my makup everyday it’s fun lol and watch u

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      It sucks but I am so grateful that I am safe

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      What about Christmas gurl

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      Gurl-u give me life! God bless you We love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Luv from the Bronx 😉

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      My birthday month is your favorite month make me heart melt and my birthday is October 30th

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      i get HIM (powerpuff girls) vibes

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      Hope giveaway still goes on 🌙 my ig: @ninawilsson

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      My coping mechanism: nikki

    40. Александр Бабин

      Ты красивая

    41. Suzuki Hatari

      With your eyeshadow palette, you could create an angel or a duivel inspired look! Love the creation you did for 2020~ IG: suzukihatari

    42. Bold_Blue_Butterfly_Vibe

      well at least if it did stane you have full covrage fondation 😂

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      ur camera seems to have been a bich in this video

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      ok u snapped.

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      I play among us who doesnt

    46. Imma shimmy shimmy kokotrow my self off a building

      To answer you question Nikki...I sleep, go to the bathroom, go to sleep again, go to the kitchen, n then go to sleep ✨AGAIN✨

    47. NeonMojiNinja K

      Imagine if one day we discover a race of red skinned aliens and this video gets labelled as ‘red face’.

    48. Sid Jamison Walker

      2020 in the flesh!?

    49. kaibruh

      ahhh im a month late to this video but her skin is looking so beautiful in this video in the beginning

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      omggggg this gave me liiiiife

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      I play among us Love ❤️ you videos 😋

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      Oh wow he did a great job

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      @the_sunset_shop is my instagram

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      This was so close to being HIM from Powerpuff Girls👏🏽

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      I must say "EXTREMELY TALENTED" An "ARTIST" you are‼️🧿

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      Who would think to paint their face red. Amazing skill 👏

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      This is such an amazing duivel look! It's one of my favorite, you look amazing just as usual! ^^ ig : @suziebois

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