What Tiny Food Is This?

Good Mythical Morning

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    Today, we're seeing tiny food being prepared and seeing who can guess the meal first! GMM # 1917
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    1. bxlizzy-dont-need-mats

      hello is this among us impostor is this the impostor from AmOnGuS

    2. Demi Goddard

      Rhett looks so damn fine in pink

    3. SNIB DOGG

      I love how it says "don't do that" when they're talking about a tiny food diet

    4. The Stealthy Bomber

      This was an adorable yet deliciously funny video!

    5. Tullz

      I was rooting for link so much and he finally did it

    6. Mary Jane

      Roman lettuce is still good just get a head instead of a heart if your planning to use them as buns or for wraps, But roman really isn’t that good for you 😂

    7. Rory McEckron

      When link guessed bread pudding i was extremely proud.. love a good comeback

    8. Maren Hatch

      Butter lettuceeeeee

    9. Dillan Geiser

      There’s tiny squid in Florida

    10. Murpheria

      Link should've used his plus 4 on himself to gain extra shirts, thus sending more luck to him

    11. Zack Bartlett

      Get it? He said he's Rhetty ;D

    12. Sarcasm

      That tiny pizza was criminally undercooked.

    13. Sarcasm

      If you'd eat miniature sizes, would you take miniature poops? Asking for a friend who's considering buying a miniature toilet.

    14. Riley Goodwin

      Am I the only one that thinks the whole shirt thing is wicked funny

    15. Jordynn Cleek

      What if they tried the tiny food?🤨

    16. Taver Nello

      Shrimp tempura is fried shrimp. Wtf.. why the "be specific" lol ahhaha

    17. Taver Nello

      Link should have said " I'm Rhett-y"

    18. carl isntloud

      Tiny food tiny poops😅😂🤣

    19. l’ora di pranzo è una doppia illusione

      Small octopus could be moscardini? We fried them here in Italy!

    20. Kate Ashley Llave

      its adobong pusit (squid) :))

    21. Darth Vader

      I haven't seen this comeback since the cubs won the world series in 2016.

    22. BPEnergizer Bunny

      Title could be shortened to WTF is this

    23. tsukipuppy

      I saw a mini box of Eden cheese which becomes a giveaway that the channel owner is a Filipino. I even have to check the channel to confirm my guess 🤣

    24. trejkaz

      They're called shrimp because they're small.

    25. Angel's angels

      Walking With Giants makes tinier food its awesome

    26. Bryan Dalley

      Why didn't Stevie ask Rhett to be more specific when he guessed fried shrimp?

    27. C Thomas

      The shrimp are just small shrimp you can buy for a tropical aquarium. I definitely wouldn't recommend frying them lol

    28. Candice

      I love Link!

    29. Shaolin E

      This made me sweat literally on the edge of my seat

    30. Purple and blue Wolfe’s

      Where did they get that tree branch lamp from? Just asking btw?

    31. Cholo Galvez

      T-thats adobong pusit/squid right? 11:15

    32. Rman Nayr


    33. Rman Nayr

      IT'S SO TINY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    34. Vio

      If both Rhett and Link's shirts are NOT in the mythical shop, I will be very sad. :'( I want both of them please and thank you.

    35. Niclas Karlsson

      You cannot give points for "Spaghetti" when its a bolognese, I call bs! xD

    36. Johanna Singh

      It’s 🧁

    37. Leaf Camo

      Beef broccoli nice


      I want to see you guys try deep frying weird foods!

    39. Drewnax

      Shrimp tempura is a specific dish, Stevie and the mythical crew were right.

    40. Nick Lopez

      My birthday is in March and my favorite candy is jelly beans as well

    41. Nick Lopez

      10:25 why did link get 9 points for one answer ?

    42. Nick Lopez

      You guys have friendship issues

    43. l l

      Holy soy. Why does the cults smart weaklings always wear the same glasses?

    44. Hexalys Walker


    45. Fitzgerald Quilab

      Lil bits

    46. Truthh Records

      “Little pluckers” 🤣🤣

    47. Micro Tech

      Those shrimp are either amono shrimp or ghost shrimp. I feed both types to my puffer fish

    48. xɤ.fσχтαтσ.ɤx

      Not me screaming at my phone when I saw the bread pudding 😅😂

    49. Faith 2019

      Kinda nerdy but as She-Ra fan I like to imagine this would be Entrapta's favorite GMM episode

      1. bean wife

        For sure

    50. Casey Hoolahan

      I'm always so proud of Link when he wins 😂

    51. LeaMarie

      Does Rhett have a lebret piercing? Lol It looks like a stud shining from his beard.

    52. Suga Wife

      This, video is so cute them wearing shirts of each other! I find a cute bromance!!!!!! You, both are just adorable I can’t even

    53. Simon cool


    54. Shin Igami

      I loved this. Awesome! The whole Mythical team does a great job at keeping this channel fresh and interesting.

    55. Lipstick Lullabies

      Stevie: You wanna talk more about lettuces? Rhett: yeah. Lettuce do that. Missed opportunity for "lettuce talk about that."

    56. Charlotte Brackenbury

      Tiny food originally for lucky hamsters 🐹not humans

    57. Deepfriedburrito

      Links hair goes up and Rhett's hair goes down

    58. Aysia Norr


    59. Rascal W.

      Rhett looks good in this vid.. the hair man,

    60. McKenna Bowers

      Genuinely surprised how this one ended 💀

    61. Its Kriptic

      5:20 the mini mcdonald’s hamburger should be called the mc mini

    62. Leslie Page

      shrimp tempura... is fried shrimp o.o

    63. Charissa Oye

      Go to TINY CAKES - just as awesome to watch!!

    64. Victoria Hunt

      how many times will rhett mention scary spaghetti

    65. Jacob Minster

      Well freakin played Link, GGs

    66. Sybarite Sphynx

      Rhett was robbed in the fried tempura round...

    67. liyah Rhea’ann Houk

      Is it just me or does anyone else wonder if they actually record these videos in the morning”, like their show is call “good mythical morning” but is it actually done in the morning???🤔🧐......👉🏻👈🏻 Just a thought lol.😂

    68. my animals and I

      I'm upset that link said "big mac?!" and he didn't get a point....it is a McDonald's item and should have been excepted....this man doesn't have a good winning record and that why im upset but I can see Stevie didn't catch it but I gave him a point in my head

    69. Millie Collins

      How are there 480 dislikes on ANY gmm video when Rhett and Link are so likeable and fun?

    70. Leanne

      Shirtception. I love it.

    71. carlos delamora

      The tinyness makes me so happy.

    72. Kokos Nuss

      i thought they will eat tiny food

    73. Kuudan Fusion

      GMM: Battle of the Drip

    74. Kyle Fearing

      So..... can these shirts PLEASE be in the mythical store?!

    75. Famous Friends

      thank you good mythical morning

    76. skipl

      Yes, im on a diet

    77. SMILE

      I guess it all correctly hahahaha

    78. Beth Huston

      pygmy octopus is what that dude is cooking I believe

    79. Amara Ujasiri

      link should perm his hair.

    80. Rebecca Burns

      Sorry but isn’t shrimp tempura literally just fried shrimp? Link should have gotten it

    81. Bouvier Woullard

      It is fried shrimp but it’s Japanese fried shrimp so it’s called tempura

    82. Brando H

      Okay the clarity of rhett on links shirt is on par with the quality of this video and I thought we were like in 8D simulation for a split second....like watching a mini TV or teletubbies stomach reenactment 🤣🤣☠

    83. Sasha Carroll

      Okay CLEARLY I haven't watched in a while because last episode I saw Rhett had super short hair, but now he's rocking a Micheal Bolton look.

      1. Sasha Carroll

        With how cool Micheal Bolton is, I bet he'd be stoked. 🤣

    84. ThoughtlessGaming

      i never thought i’d see the day where rhetts hair went down and links hair went up

    85. Teej TheAnimation

      Little bittsssssssssssss

    86. Britney Smith

      I'm so glad link finally won something 😭

    87. Robert Pures

      The tweezers with the dip at the end are called "forceps." Will this get pinned or lost in a sea of comments?

    88. huafan1

      Guys seriously, this shirt inception thing needs to be kept going!

    89. Oybek Mamadaliev


    90. Paul L

      Video starts at 02:25

    91. dislocatedtexan

      Link: It’s pizZA! Stevie: “I’m gunna have to give it to you..!”🤦‍♂️ Pizza: Am I a joke to you?

      1. Maswiyat I

        5:10 just watch the next 20 seconds

    92. Lucy Tindall

      Me at the shrimp part screaming popcorn shrimp

    93. Krizia

      Was so frustrated when they couldn't guess shrimp tempura 🍤

    94. MightyWolfTV

      Little Bits

    95. yu mi

      i knew this was from the philippines when i saw the cuisines

    96. Raj Gill

      Can you BE more specific???

    97. Trippin

      Nice comeback

    98. Richard Phan

      It was shrimp in batter and they guessed surf and turf and shrimp scampi🤣

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    100. mrs. hudson.

      I don't understand the micro octopus either?