Fishing Battle on Lake Hartwell Against The Local Studs - Pt.1 SMC 13:01

Scott Martin

91 миӊ. көрүүлөр16

    B-Lat and me challenge Matt Arey and Brandon Cobb to a trash talkin, fish slingin, hard fightin Bass fishing battle in Anderson, SC on lake Hartwell. This is episode 1 of season 13 of the Scott Martin Challenge that airs on NBC Sports!
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    1. Scott Martin

      This is episode 1 of season 13 that airs on NBC Sports and Sportsmans Channel. We will be posting a new episode once a week for the next 13 weeks along with our other weekly content such as the Vlog series and Web series!

      1. TheyCallMeWootang

        This is my home lake, great video

      2. FireFishingVids

        Well nvm lol just seen this was in april. Man Id like to meet you next time you at hartwell.

      3. FireFishingVids

        Scott Martin dude if your still here, please let me come get an autograph or just chat for a couple mins.

      4. Chris Goodson

        I live on lake Hartwell! Weather getting hot, bite getting tough!

      5. Matthew gann9n

        Scott Martin you need to go to lake wateree in spring

    2. Brady Beyer

      Up here in northern wisconsin we call the wacky rig the cheater rig because it catches smallies, largies, and sometimes even crappie too. Any depth up to 12 feet too, works I. Rocks weeds any time of day or year... Best single bait ever.

    3. caitlynn clark

      OMGGGG!!!! I live on that lake!!!!

    4. Nick Ramey

      Love fishing from green pond landing.. Might go tommorow.. Party island not too farfrom their.. Hella good times

    5. #clap you bot

      Hey scott

    6. Rob Hand

      Just now saw this. I actually met Scott in a parking lot the weekend he was in town here. Super nice guy. Hope you enjoyed SC!

    7. Gus0gus

      That’s greenpond

    8. GG Owen

      Lake Hartwell is in Hartwell Ga

    9. OkayyVickiee

      I was at the bass master classic!! Wish I went to the expo to meet you!! Ugh

    10. Chase Spence

      I have to say you have taught me a lot thanks

    11. emmie

      yeah been a fan of b-lat good to see him on here

    12. Slickmouf87

      Woo hoo my home town. Wish i woulda known you were here. Wouldbe love to have gotten your autograph. Youre the greatest (G.O.A.T) Scott. TIGHT LINES & BENT RODS!!!!

    13. Fishing master

      me and my dad fish that lake a lot at the double Bridge

    14. Angler101

      Go check out Jethro Baits❗❗ Give us a call #8636964438 You name what you need we got we are located just by the kissimmee river Right next to Camp Mack❗❗

    15. Texas tex

      about time you shave that beard were starting to look older than roland!!!!!!!!!!! you look young again

    16. Scott R.

      Hey, Scott. Just wanted you to know that I, and I think a lot of people love your tournament vlog. I'm sure it's a lot of work and we love that you do it. I'm a neighbor of BLat. Can't wait to see him holding some trophies.

    17. Chris Kilby

      You guys really need to do an episode of fishing local lakes that aren't famous or on tour stops. Grab some locals and a pro or just yourself and do some episodes on some of the unknown lakes. I've got the perfect lake in East Tennessee.

    18. lotlifebmx

      Can't wait for part 2. Hope you win. I cut the cable because I pretty much just watch your KGup videos anyway.

    19. Dustin Hines

      ol school smc love it.

    20. MATT CORY

      How am I supposed to wait a whole week for part 2???

    21. Ethan Connor

      hate i missed yall. i live in anderson and fiah hartwell constantly. Greenpond is a great landing/ party spot

    22. Zachary Kreg

      Please do major league fishing

    23. Marnus Erasmus

      Good day Scott. I've been a fan for ages! I am from South Africa, and I have to say, after hearing your coming here to fish the Black Bass Championship, I had a freak out session! Really hope that I will have the chance to meet you!!

    24. John Paul

      Hey Scott I love your vids!!!!

    25. Nick Cavazos

      B LAT & BABY FACE BASSIN! I've always enjoyed these challenges.

    26. on the dry

      catch and drag in no play nothing and they call this fishing..these people have no respect for bass etc

    27. Tom Sullivan

      When was this filmed guys?

    28. miracle man

      but I know guys won tournments doing this I told them you just cheated broke the rules you not allowed to leave the boat

      1. miracle man

        I know money make people do all kind of things

    29. miracle man

      I have question have you ever did this in your life fishing any tournament?

    30. miracle man

      I have a question so tournament rules don't apply ? you jumped in the water got the fish off a brush pile is that not against the rules in events?

    31. Kevin Miller

      hey Scott do you have part 2 up yet?

    32. Scott Adams

      Hey Scotty! big fan grew up watching your pops Roland, and Jimmy Houston, Bill Dance, and Hank parker with my dad every sunday morning wed watch them. I got out of watching the tournaments tho when they started slowing down but its good to see your keeping the legacy alive! if you reply to this I was just wondering if maybe you would want to do a saltwater S.M.C. with Blair Wiggins or lawson lindsey on them Mogan snook in stuart or something I think it'd make for a great episode. I passed you on alligator alley fourth of July weekend I was coming back to lakeland from the keys you were heading down lol no seen the trokar battle wagon and it took me a second but once I seen the avftco ranger I knew it was you and was pissed I didnt get to see you in town or down there on the sandbar I was in ilsamarda. how bout that mahi bite? we killed em but no bulls just a bunch of cows and chickens any way lemme know about the stuart snook challenge maybe do biggest snook or a stuart inshore slam challenge

      1. Scott Adams

        Scott Martin you lucky dog! what are you going for this time ?

      2. Scott Martin

        +Scott Adams thanks man! Headed down again this morning. I think Blair and I are going to do something soon.

    33. Maine Man Bassing

      cliffhanger. nice video.

    34. Corey Johnson

      Enjoyed this one 👍

    35. Nathan Rodd

      How long will you be in South Carolina

    36. North GA OutdoorS !

      I wish I knew you was hartwell I live here and I could show you a killer rig for big deepbass

      1. Bass Matters

        Nathan Vaughn Please do tell I got a tournament in october there.

    37. admiral spiffy

      B-LAT!!!!!!! thats my fav FLW fisherman!!!!

      1. Brian Latimer

        admiral spiffy 👊🏾💯thanks for watching bro that makes my day

    38. Bradley Pettit

      Two of my favorite angler in same boat decking havok. Looking forward to part 2 of this video to see why in the hell Scott almost naked.

    39. Nathan M

      One guy put tape over a name on his jersey😂

    40. Mitchell Dean

      Always wondered why you never used a spinning rod, great video though!

    41. Bailey Guest

      I love the strippers in that lake

    42. Hunter Jones

      Hope to see you back in Somerset, KY next year for the 2018 Tour!!! You put on a clinic my man! Congrats!

    43. Kyle Bumgardner

      kicking it old school! before the vlogs this is all we had to watch!!

    44. D_ Huck15

      Woah woah woah where's the beard ?

      1. Scott Martin

        +Deacon Huckaby don't worry it's still here

    45. Shane Lancaster

      Scott, when is the 2nd part going be uploaded?

    46. Stickbo

      the next Scott Martin challenge: translate slounch donkey into Spanish .

    47. Brandon Gambrell

      me and brian went to high school together we used to fish back in the day good stuff brian you still got whipped on your home lake 😂😂😂

      1. Brian Latimer

        Solo Brann thanks for watching!

    48. Devin Harris

      Awesome videos brother!!

    49. JR87

      In episode 1 of season 13, Scott Babyface Martin teams up with Darius Rucker.

    50. ACDCRD

      Man! I thought you shaved your beard.. But then I saw it was your old Jersey

    51. 1205firefighter

      Didn't have a clue about bass fishing before! I enjoy the videos & the tips you give along with the links for products. Glad to see you won the 125K at Cumberland this year as it sets 30 minutes from me. Great small mouth tips.

    52. jake gude

      Love a good throwback, great video guys

    53. Nick Romano

      Scott did you like the lake? I am thinking of moving there from Raleigh NC

    54. Worley Pride Bass Fishing

      b-lat & spinnerworm

      1. Brian Latimer

        Worley Pride Bass Fishing we'll have to see if he'll fish with me next time 🤣

    55. Worley Pride Bass Fishing

      I'm happy & ready to watch every show

    56. Deerslayercodman

      Needs the beard back

    57. Tay H

      Scott- Needing some major help. Lived in alaska for the past 9 years and fishing was great. However, I just moved to Colorado and have been trying out bass fishing. Very different than salmon and halibut fishing. I have tried chatterbaits, frogs, walking baits, jigs, Texas rigs, crank baits, lipless cranks, wacky worms and anything else that I can think of with hardly any luck. I've caught 2 small large mouth and a bull frog.. Water is stained so I have been using darker colors and been fishing the banks of ponds, lakes and channels. Any other tips you could send my way?? Love the channel! Keep it up!

    58. Matt Wiederholt

      When was this filmed??

      1. Scott Martin

        +Purple Hotdog last year

    59. BassFinz TV

      Home lake I crush that lake

    60. gerald wells

      Awesome, keep up the good work.

    61. Jacob Wynn

      When I seen who was going to be fishing in this video I knew it was gonna be awesome!

    62. Eric Burns

      i prefer the new style content and regular blogs with the normal personalities. These network videos feel cheesy old school, dated and fake.

      1. Eric Burns

        Scott Martin they feel "fake" of course theyre not.....the regular content is better imo, with brandon, billy, collabs etc.. its in the moment and "real", just my personal preference. others may like the shows better, well see what the views do. ps awesome that you responded to me. Love your content, regular viewer. please dont take as negative!

      2. Scott Martin

        +Eric Burns far from fake

    63. Brandon Sermersheim

      where you been, gone for a week

    64. Charlie Lambour

      why are you at hartwell? come on down to greenwood and teach me a thing or two haha

    65. Evan Fagerty

      Mr. Scott don't shave the beard please lol

    66. Clint Y.

      where can i get that dope Garmin sweat shirt Scott!?

    67. Life With Joe C

      Great Video Scott !!!

    68. Kris Kapps

      When are you uploading part 2?

    69. BrewsandBass

      If you never watched them, Brians videos have a lot of good info.


      I love this channel best fishing channel out there. OMG its a GIANT.

    71. LOJO

      fresh faced Scott.....not sure how I feel about it

    72. Kevin Henderson

      You guys put out some great content. Keep up the good work.

    73. Justin Dawson

      I don't like when guys take bass off the bed doing tournaments

    74. joseph bailey

      awesome episode

    75. Table Rock Kid

      Yes sir! Kick some butt Scott.

    76. ant gfisher

      awesome. great video

    77. Brayden Kitchens

      Get your facial hair back

    78. charles brown


    79. Justin Irwin

      They taped his jersey so his Mercury sponsor wouldn't show 😂

      1. Justin Irwin

        Lobsta Jr look at 10:39 the guy wearing the gray jersey. It's right under the ranger sponsor

      2. Stickbo

        Justin Irwin lol yeah they did, good catch

      3. Lobsta Jr

        Justin Irwin where?

    80. Michael Imbrenda

      This is classic Scott Martin right here.

    81. Bad Batch

      Another great SMC Scott! So much fun watching you fish, I used to watch your dad too. Thanks for sharing buddy!

    82. Jennifer Hoelscher

      Hay Scott did you shave your beard.

    83. Kenny Brewer

      I can't fear the beard!!!😂😂😂😂

    84. Sponcer Kong

      This guy looks just like Scott Martin except he has no beard

    85. Oscar Sanchez

      Hey Scott. .Say hi so i can show my brother..

    86. Wild Fishing

      not digging the baby smooth look... You look like a kid...

    87. qCryptz

      Do the fish die in tournaments when out of the water to be weighed

    88. AllForTeags

      They cgi'd your beard off PogChamp

    89. archie melton

      Wats the date for FW cup?

    90. archie melton


    91. Preston Frady

      was Scott's dad a professional fisherman? on TV??

    92. Preston Frady

      what are the power poles for???

    93. Michael Wilson

      awesome... my favorite lake

    94. Rusty Blades

      WHO is this guy???!!? He sounds just like Scott and is wearing his clothes!!!! WTF!!!

    95. John Choi

      love It!

    96. Grayson Hudson

      I miss the beard

    97. Washman 1000

      Man Scott watching this brings me back to my days before responsibility. I remember weekend mornings when me and my old man would be watching your pops or Jimmy or bill. we would get all amped up watching and having a good hot breakfast and hit the lakes right after with what ever we just purchased at the sporting goods store ( thanks to all the fishing adds during the shows). Those were some good times which we still have just not as often. ( Darn responsibility ). Keep up the great work. 👍👍


      Scott didn't cut the beard lol

    99. Crispy

      Y'all put in at that new landing across from Portman! I'll be looking for you guy's out there for some tips! Good luck!

    100. BmxBobby

      Good video Scott..I watch B Lat too