Tokyo Tales - How do you Stay Playful as an Adult? (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 25)


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    We've always been childish at heart, as you can see through all of our videos, forever. How do we maintain it? How can you keep it, when your work might not be as supportive? How do you deal with friends who don't like your more playful side? We'll answer some of this and more, in this week's podcast!

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    1. Bushido

      interesting topic! im getting married and i feel myself changing into "adultness" thats kind of pushing my friends away. im hoping i can find a balance to this. thanks for the video 💖

    2. Natale LaPlante

      Checking in late on this video but totally agree on all points. I think we (and I mean society in general) has this idea that as soon as you hit a certain age (mainly 30) you just need to settle down and be a boring working schmuck because that's the only way you can be an adult. I think that type of thinking leads a lot of people to be unhappy because they feel like they "have to" give up things they previously enjoyed and they "have to" be more serious. I've spent my life holding into my playfulness and creativity because I feel happier keeping up that part of myself and I know it's not in me to "grow up" in the traditional sense of the word.

    3. jjmusiclover3

      Weird. It’s oct 23 today

    4. Debbie Weiland

      I loved the individual video I often “say too much” as well Martina LOL

    5. Maia Khalifa23

      +18 Adult only Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやらかしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね💕like 💋 💋

    6. Keelie Howell

      I've always been friends with 'nerds' who pride themselves on not liking the mainstream things, and I'm actually the oddball because I'm a diehard baseball fan (and I tolerate football). They make fun of me for liking "sportsball" and "oh it's the season finale of baseball" (but in condescending ways, not just poking fun). It's unusual from the stereotype I think, where someone feels out of place for *not* liking sports

    7. Kate R

      these podcasts are my absolute favourite!

    8. Ana Margarida

      Hey guys! BTW, is there a nasties community in Tokyo? I'm moving there soon and I wanna meet peopleeeeee T_T

    9. Misty Bradley

      Oh my gosh, I needed to hear this! There is a phrase I have been told or asked so much over the years, ever since I was a teenager, that I've permanently relegated to the forbidden list: "You need to act your age" or "Why don't you act your age?"I am acting my age! Just because it doesn't match someone else's definition doesn't make it wrong or inaccurate, it's just how I roll. And my definition doesn't make someone else's wrong or inaccurate either, we just live very different versions of the age and that's wonderful! How boring would it be if we were all the same? ^_^

    10. Rochelle Nel

      I like what you were saying about certain things only being considered "appropriate" up until a certain age. I often hear people say this about long hair. Apparently according to some unwritten rule everyone should have short hair by the time they turn 25 or something. According to these people long hair is only for mermaids and people who aren't serious about life. I like the idea of wearing your hair whichever way you want or like :-)

    11. Young Coconut

      1:37 Martina this is why people love you so much 😂❤️😂❤️😂❤️

    12. SusieTron FiveThousand

      My spouse and I have always been treated differently in our small town because the we embrace the 'power of youth!'. We are pretty content with being each others only friends. The furthest we have branched in terms of meeting people are for the local Pokemon Go community group on Discord. They urge members to raid together and put together an event in the park for each community day. None of these folks are people I have tried to spend time with outside of playing Pokemon and other Pokemon related events but its nice to gather with people that have no shame in being young at heart. There is even an older retired couple that come out to play, they are so cute in their very done up old folks duds but they enjoy the company and the game. I hope to be as young as they are when I am also in my 70s.

    13. DarkSailorEisblume

      I was always the weird one in secondary school. Now at uni (and with other friends I met at conventions), I'm known as the spooky person and friends come to me when they have questions or saw something about horror, literature, games, death related things, sfx make-up etc. I wish someone told me when I was 13 that other equal weirdos are out there and you will be appreciated. The people in your class are not necessarily meant to be your bffs.

    14. XoceanxsunX

      I just watched this so a bit of a later comment but... I'm 25 and in graduate school and I use a bright pink hello kitty backpack along with a totoro pencil case. I check out manga from the uni library and one of my biggest hobbies now is being an ARMY (BTS fan lol). I'm grateful that I have a loving husband that supports me as well as having friends with similar interests and others with diverse interests! I've tried not to let societal norms dictate my life and I've always been encouraged by y'all following your own passions. ^^

    15. AnaxErik4ever

      Dr. Seuss once said, "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." He was talking about keeping a sense of fun, curiosity, and nonsense even as an adult, or that's what I think the context was. Websites like MeetUp and going to message boards at local coffee shops can help to find local clubs/interest groups in an area. There are also FaceBook groups, tumblr boards, Discord servers, and other things for likeminded people. This is my experience, even if I tend to psyche myself out of going onto them when I'm in new places/meeting new people unless it involves books, which have been one of my favorite things forever and will be my career as a librarian for children.

    16. Sandra

      Anyone in the Houston area who have recommendations of places to meet new people?

    17. abominablyawsm

      As a 34 year old silly, cute-loving nerd I am really lucky to live in Halifax. No matter who tries to make me feel bad for liking what I like I know I live in a city with lots of people who may have similar interests. We're a little spoiled for options for a small city! Both in shops and events.

    18. Ryan Kwan

      My ex-girlfriend's mother gave me some of the best advice of my life. She said "the best part of getting old, is you do not care anymore" as she donned a giant wide brimmed, zebra print hat and strolled out for dim sum. The reality is, yes, people will judge you. However, if you let that dominate your life, you will be miserable. Wear your zebra hat.

    19. Emma

      I love you guys so much for making this video... I absolutely love being in tune with my youthful/ playful side but people do tell me I'm "too old" for stuff like loving my teddy bear collection/ watching kids movies all the time/ doing crafts. Martina you, in particular, have really inspired me to be in tune with myself and what I'm naturally drawn to / what sparks joy for me. Can't thank you enough for this great podcast xx

    20. kuvira

      Hey guys! I love you and always look up to you. You sharing your experiences with depression has been so helpful and I'm so glad that you guys show your love for us with such openness and sincerity! I wonder what your experiences with anxiety are and how you deal with it. I'm a recent college graduate and I feel like world is coming down on me and that I can't keep up. I've watched your video on how to stay playful but transitioning into adulthood is devastating😂 so i was wondering what makes you or made you in the past anxious and scared and how you guys push through it?

    21. SecretFiri

      In terms of this topic, I have a story. After I finished highschool, I decided to go to a videogame convention. I met friends and kept in touch, then went the next year and met my fiancé. We live in different countries, which makes it hard BUT we take advantage to travel and meet up with other friends.

    22. pri vate

      I love coloring, stuffed animals, and onigiri

    23. Sebastian Torres

      i think it would be cool for you guys to have your own individual instagram/twitter pages. it would be a better way to highlight your personalities

    24. Dead Sky87

      I tend to be able to find relatable characteristics and make friends easy but I never really make a truly meaningful connection. But I never apologize for who I am and feel like Simon if you dont like me it's your loss.

    25. marydangerr

      God I love you both. Your uniqueness is refreshing and your wisdom is incredible to take in and meditate on. Thank you for this channel.

    26. Melissa Prys

      Well, I have been smothering my eccentric side for so long. It's painful. But I live in France, and weirdly enough, for the country of fashion we are pretty stuck up here. Every time I wear something a little too extra, I get comments. I used to have purple hair for a few months, people would look at me in the streets and point fingers. I would hear rude comments behind my back. Sadly I'm not brave enough yet to handle this on a daily basis. The worse ones come from my best friends. They have very sober looks and are always afraid of being too extra. And so they will always comment on my clothes and that they dislike them, or gently make fun of me, but still... Don't get me wrong they are not toxic people, my friends, they are super loving. But like the average french people, they rarely frown upon eccentric clothes. I often dream of moving to another country just to enjoy a more open fashion.

    27. Zan Godden

      I used to be super into comics but found myself distancing myself from those spaces as comics culture became quite toxic online, so I felt like it wasn't a place for me anymore. However, this year I started going to a graphic novel book club at my local comic store every month, and it's been fantastic! It's awesome discussing something I love with people of all ages and I feel so welcomed there, and we even do social activities like bowling and cinema trips. I've nearly completed my Goodreads 50 Book Challenge with graphic novels too. Long story short, I definitely recommend looking in your area for what things are going on that relate to your interests. It did a world of good for me!

    28. bri gomez

      I luck out that my company doesn’t care about piercings or tattoos. I’m an accountant. But I have blue hair and tattoos. I just have a problem with making friends as an adult. Unless I’m at a con.

    29. Chris Fernandes

      People like you guys make me feel like i'm allowed to be quircky. It's weird to say it like this "allowed" almost like an unwritten rule on how to be an adult to some people, just to trow away our playful side, as if we lived our childhood/teenage years wrong. It botters me so much i don't even know how to put it in words, in the end we shouldn't care, the only person we owe anything is ourselfs in the end of the day

    30. Erin Pritchard

      You guys have helped me to find weirdos like me just by inspiring me to be myself. You don't realize how many people are like you and appreciate your weirdness until you are confidant enough to let your freak flag fly. Not ashamed of who I am anymore. I ignore the people who dont appreciate what I am and cherish the ones who understand me. Thank you.

    31. Samantha Goodwin

      Simon: That might be the next step in terms of playfulness. Me: .....dancing to your rice cooker's alarm?? 🤔😄

    32. kitty G

      Im 27 and ive done lots of things in my life that some people think I might have regret for....but honestly I just have a single regret and thats trying to "grow up" when I hit 12....I gave away all of my pokemon stuff 😭😭😭😭 cards and figures and collectables...all because I thought get older meant sacrificing now in my own home getting married to a nerd and we are having a video game wedding! Some things you dont outgrow dont force your personality for others opinions...for futher research check out the dangers of "group think" 🤯

    33. fellinna369

      when Martina said all salary men have black hair or normal hair .....nooooooo don't ruin the dreammmm that Japan is a big anime world..... thanks for the u both....#purple hair person

    34. Tina H

      This strikes such a chord with me because I am the type of person where my outward appearance doesn't match the things that I do and enjoy. I look mostly like a serious person but I like to joke around and I love to buy certain things that other people will consider childish. I like to buy blind Box or surprise bag toys and collectibles. I like to buy squishes. I like to play pokemon go I do have a lot of McDonald's toys that are pokemon related. My home looks like a child lives here and I have been told that before. Finding friends who like the same things as I do is hard not only that but trying to get people to understand who don't like what I like why I like that. My home is filled with so many different things child related or not that no one understands but I really do like. Mostly because the see that I don't actually have a child. And you guys were right I do have a very small friend group that does understand. It is very hard when you don't conform to societies norms to be part of it. Most of this of course stems from the fact that for a long time I had to be serious out of job and I think that's what makes me outwardly look serious even though I'm not. Please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes as I use voice chat to text.

    35. keithtko

      How you act is what makes you adult not your age.

    36. Larry David

      Thanks you two for staying real. I really like your vibe. As I growing old,I also understand that is pointless to force myself to make friends with people who don't know how to appreciate my personality. It turns out life is more easy!

    37. gkygrl7

      Well, I’m glad I waited to watch this one because I needed to hear that this week. Thanks!

    38. C B

      I wish I could hire you as actual therapists! You regularly touch on issues in my own life (tips for a happy marriage was everything I needed to here and still rewatch it) This was so insightful as I realise sometimes I start talking AT people when I get excited and now I know how to react instead of panicking and totally withdrawing in embarrassment. You two are just so grounded, genuine, caring and insightful, I think that is why you give great advice.

    39. River isthename

      It's so hard to meet like minded people near me but I feel like that's more because of my scocial anxiety, but one of these days I'll be able to go out and make friends. That's my sultanate goal

    40. Alondra Acevedo

      💕this talk was awesome guys 🙏 thank u 🐥🌺🌸

    41. Kimberly Deverell

      This topic makes me happy. As someone who has struggled to fit in my whole life, I'm learning as an adult that I prefer to just be myself and be proud of the fact that I'm a nerd and love anime and manga. Hell, I got my degree in Japanese language because I love the language and the culture. I had an easier time making friends in Washington, and we had/have a big support group there that we've built. Having recently moved to Kentucky (in the Louisville area) and not knowing anyone, it's been really difficult to meet people and make friends. We probably won't be here past February or March (as husbands job contract might be up), but not having people to hang out with has been really depressing for me and I really want to go home to Washington.

    42. Chris Contreraz

      I can honestly say that i love you guys. I hope one day to be able to share a beer or some whiskey with you guys and just bs for a night. I feel like you guys are my brother from another mother and sister from another mister. Keep doing what you do.

    43. Elizabeth Welch

      Martina I agree with you about being yourself. I am in my late 50's and I have purple hair, nerd out on Marvel movies, love video games etc. I have come to a point in my life where I don't care what others think, as long as i'm not hurting anyone or breaking the law who cares. I am going to do what makes me happy and anyone else should do the same.

    44. Amanda Macdonald

      I'm an English teacher in Scotland, and many of my students love how weird and different I am! I was a club mentor for students playing D&D during lunch, would often show HP or other fandom based film/tv shows during lunch, and would display posters or figurines which the kids also loved. find ways to embrace your inner child whether at home or work in whatever way you can!

    45. VN2L

      When I hit my early twenties and I didnt suddenly stop liking all the things I did as a kid, it became clearer and clearer to me that the idea of adulthood is a complete scam. I'm convinced that most people are just pretending to not like those things anymore because everyone else is also pretending to not enjoy those things because they also think others no longer like those things and so on and so forth. That's my theory anyway, so my 27 year old butt is gonna continue to play at the arcade, be an unashamed bts fan and sing along to the cardcaptors theme every single time an episode starts.

    46. Megan Russell

      Martina! You should check out PixieLocks! She is a Canadian too, and spreads the same message of "wear what you want!" I like her alot, so I recommend her videos! They bring a really great happy feeling to my day when I watch her. PLUS she could introduce you to more anime that is current and as cute as Sailormoon :)

    47. Danielle Nicole

      Your advice on making time to go to events and meetups with like-minded people is spot on. Especially when you've moved to a new city and don't have any friends there, it's so important to get involved with events based around your interests. That's how I've made my best friendships post high-school, and my life would certainly be less rich without all the weird and wonderful people I've met through nerdy events. In my case, I started volunteering at conventions and other events, which is a great way to break the ice and reduce social anxiety, since I have a task to do and tend to build closer friendships than when I go to an event by myself

    48. Cori Dulou

      11:10 Does that hand sign have a specific meaning? I've been living in China for nearly a decade and they have different hand signs from what I am used to in America. For example, 8 is like a finger gun.

    49. BoopsNStuff K

      This is so lovely, I’m so glad to see both of your wonderful faces. 😁😁😁 build a ladder boo!!♥️♥️♥️

    50. M.R. Martin

      Sincerely, thank you!

    51. Yeo Ana

      I'm 28 years old, I'm a tanatopraxista (a mortician/embalmer) so I work in a funeral home. I sprayed paint my white working boots pink even before my first day of work - so yeah, I may be known as the weirdo embalmer with the pink boots -, I use crazy colour lip stick - even though I have to wear masks most of the day and I obviously wear fun t-shirts under my uniform. My mug at work is my jigglypuff mug and my waterbottle is sparkly with an unicorn on it. I always bring a book to work from when I have a break and well, I might have brought a manga or two a couple of times. Specially in my line of work, when you have to deal with death everyday, I find that is crucial to try to bright your day in many ways as you possible can and be yourself as much as you can without worrying about being apologetic.

    52. Ness G

      Theres an old lady at my gym that has pastel purple hair :)

    53. Tímea Kovács

      Hi guys! I'm 27 yo, and my boyfriend is 35. We are fire and water. He is a childish comedian 7 yo boy and I'm the queen of adulthood. We often arguing because I want him to be more serious about life. But now I see different. I'm watching you guys - I don't know how many years now- and I love you because who you are. Why am I trying to change the man that I love whos himself? Thank you guys for giving me an other perspective of this. I love you! ❤️

    54. Amanda Panda

      So I am a almost twenty-eight year-old zebra mom went to zebra kids my son is 8 years old now and my daughter is 5 and they do everything that I love doing with me. We play video games together we go to Anime conventions together. I have been going to anime convention since I was 12 and I never stopped going every single year I go every single year I got dressed up and I have been going even when I'm pregnant even when my kids were babies I brought them with me so long as it was safe for them. There was one year my daughter couldn't and it was because she was 4 months old and that's obviously a very good reason to keep her home. But I have always kept my playful nature and I feel like my kids have always kept me playful even to this day. There was a time in my early mommy years when I thought that I had to change how I was in order to be a good mom and I realized no I don't need change who I am I can just be who I am. my husband and I are both pretty nerdy geeky computer geek type smarty smart anime loving weirdos and it is great. We have been together for 13 years he's my best friend he still is my best friend and our kids are turning out just like us and I'm really proud of all four of us and how we have all grown together as a family at this point. Last year I found out I have ehlers-danlos syndrome I have been watching your KGup channel since the first or second year you have been doing this and I didn't even realize I had ehlers-danlos syndrome until last year which is hilarious but yeah. I for a little bit to try to put that in me and try to be serious mom but I just can't do it I can't I hate it it makes me so unhappy I already have PTSD and so many other issues why am I adding to my issues by pretending to be something I'm not. I will never pretend to be something I'm not ever again because I had to do that a little bit in my high school life and I pushed against it and then after having kids I ended up doing it again and I pushed against it again. I learned my lesson both times just I really don't need to be what everybody expects me to be. I'm perfectly happy just being Amanda and I'm trying to learn how to love myself I have a lot ofproblems with my self-esteem and everything so I think those moments could stem from that and moments of weakness but I feel all over all I'm not a bad person I've just had a lot of bad things happen to me but that doesn't necessarily mean I have to change who I am just for people to accept me. I'm perfectly happy being a weirdo for the rest of my life with my husband who is also a weirdo and I'm so happy with my family. Also my miniature schnauzer who is also a total dumbass sometimes hahaha. Thank you guys for sharing this video it's really refreshing and it's definitely something I needed to be reminded today

    55. Pamela Johnson

      Thank you for this wonderful video. Twenty-ish years ago i was taunted constantly for liking my little pony as an elementary school and then middle school girl. It was very hard on me, but i stood up for what i liked, but many days i felt like i had no friends in the world. Then one day the heavens opened and i found the internet and all of a sudden i learned there were so many other fans of happy pastel things. Now as an adult I have moved to Tokyo and I insist on wearing a bike helmet while riding because I lost a dear friend in a car/bike accident.... But my coworkers all laugh at me on days i ride my bike as soon as i leave the room and consider the helmet and me to be childish... I know it is not their cultural norm and i have explained to a few, but sometimes it is tiring explaining it to everyone and somedays i just dont want to be reminded that my friend is gone- i just want to ride my bike and feel safe. So this video was a nice reminder to keep doing what makes me feel happy and safe, and if they laugh, for whatever reason, then i guess i at least made someone else smile that day. I hope this video finds others struggling for acceptance so that they know they are not alone. Simon and Martina, Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    56. Colin Macleod

      Japan is an interesting place for this topic - people are so good at finding their niche in terms of hobbies and interests, but they can also put the suit on on Monday and nobody will know anything about what they did at the weekend. I think having to “hide” part of their identity in order to do the salaryman/lady thing really contributes to mental health issues here.

    57. Sunshine Cakes

      I feel like ever since I started university I haven't spent time trying to connect to my hobbies and having fun. I feel so old and boring, and i'm only 23. It's been really bothering me recently. I feel like each season comes and goes without me having time to just enjoy it. Like I have too much adult stuff to do, and that I'm too old. It makes me feel sad, but I think after watching this podcast, that I will try harder. I don't want a boring life anymore!

    58. Kayminjo zenith

      Thanks for always being the voice of reason. Stay your corky selves, because no one else is like you. When I was a teenager, I was super creative and myself, but as I got older became a parent, working in a conservative job in a new place with people twice my age, I tried to fit in. I felt like I lost who I was and couldn't afford to go back to my carefree likes. But I'm 27 now and I've learned to let go of my past and try new things that catch my eye that my family could do together or maybe just a small hobby. It's important to try new things that inspire you and practice if it's important to you. You will meet new friends along the way.

    59. Amelia Bathory

      I work at a church as a preschool teacher and have to dress somewhat conservatively. I can't dye my hair funky colors, but I do wear bright colorful sweaters with anime characters, cats, sushi, etc. The kid's favorite is my sushi cat sweater. At 30 ill swear anime shirts, Japanese style clothing and I will get weird looks when I go to school functions but who cares? It's my style and who I am. I dress up when necessary but I will rock my legend of Zelda backpack.

    60. Merry GoGirl

      Hipsters get lost in Disneyland at Halloween! Can't wait for that video!

    61. Angelwriter Speaks

      I've connected to mynquirky friends via podcasting sites like twitch or, through the vaping community, activism and also while gaming...but I've always been weird..was voted the weirdest girl in my class when I graduated high school...

    62. KittyStitches

      The most adult thing anyone can do is be themselves and do the things they love.

    63. The Dale Tribe

      So excited for you to go to Disney for Halloween!!! I would love to do that! I loved this podcast so much!! I totally relate to maintaining playfulness and it’s importance in our lives. Being a mom of 4 kids, 2 with chronic illness...being playful keeps things much more joyful. Now my oldest is in England studying animation. She’s making a career out of her nerdy interests!! I am always considered the “weird” one in my circle of friends and I am totally fine with that. When you feel free to be yourself it makes life much lighter (wearing a mask all the time can be heavy and smothering). Much love!!

    64. Grace Kumolontang

      Wow, you really have your way to make serious topic fun 😃 Thank you so much Simon&Martina 💟

    65. Mango Puddin

      Thank you for posting this. It really cheered me up. I saw ma dad today and the first thing he said when he sees my anime shirt "ur getting too old for that. Start acting like a grown up" So this made my day. Thank you

    66. Beverly Jensen

      I met my friends in fencing. Wow 20 years ago now. At 48, survived 2 cancers and looking for adventure, a friend told me to try fencing and I found the Swashbucklers in Southern Cal. I'm in a different and better club now, Gryphon, and it's a community of friends, who attack each other with swords made of steel. True friends stab you in the front. (Tshirt saying 0 Love you guys

    67. Made by Milo

      Martina you really remind me of my older sister and you inspire me so much, I always watch your videos when I’m having a bad day, thankyou for being you! 💖

    68. Sidney Raeanne

      I'm so glad I have you guys. I've been in a weird state of mind... I needed this. ❤️❤️ I love you guys.

    69. NickiMickeyB

      I met my bf through the Cowboy Bebop anime. We're coming up on 15 years together now and yes we have a Corgi together (named Edward, not Ein though) Through anime, I developed a love of visual kei music and we recently went to our first Jrock music event in Toronto. How I inject me into the daily professional grind? I listen to my music at work. I listen via an iPod and docking station (cause internet use is often monitored or strictly controlled) I don't blast it to make people angry, but loud enough that it brings me happiness and boy does it spark conversations. People that like it will stop by my desk and ask about it often. It is a great ice breaker. I personally find that I am grumpy all day if I don't have my music. Also Martina, I often get comments about my bands "just making noise" and people questioning how I can listen to music in another language, but I don't care. I love what I love and it really beats top 40 radio (same 40 songs all day every day) My most recent music discovery involves guitars and Mongolian throat singing. Pure awesomeness! Aaaand most people that I recommend this band to often really love them even if they are reluctant at first. Most people always give new music a chance. 🤭 Oh crap here I go nerding out on my music again...

    70. Giyibiti Vam

      I love you guys! Nasty for life! Wish I could tell you guys more but I have so many midterms. Thank you for your advise and tips ❤

    71. Jenna G.

      R.I.P. PomPom Purins FACE!

    72. Jenna G.

      I will forever see those nice whipped-looking clouds as mashed potatoes for the rest of my life! a small story for you guys, i was talking to a co-worker when he made a silly remark in a weird voice. then he stopped himself and said, "that's weird, I've never done that voice before." to which i immediately replied, "well, whatever it was, it was awesome! you should practice doing move of them!" then i mentioned you two and the voices you do for Spudgy and Meemers; and of course how you say things like 'Shepherds Pie with Vegetables'. ♥

    73. Britta Fitzer

      I didn’t know I needed to hear this talk today. Making new meaningful friendships as an adult is difficult, even for an extrovert like me. Thank you for being honest and sharing! Love ya, nasties!

    74. Claire Watson

      Love the idea of sparking joy, I bought dinosaur dungarees the other day just because I loved them!

    75. Christy Troutman

      I needed this video. I am 32 and man people are so not into fun and playful. When I found you guys like 8 years I had become so serious. Martina especially made me remember I love enjoying life and all the fun things. It was so invigorating to see her living her best life. I stepped out that day and I have been joy sparking ever since. Thanks guys for being a life line to color and fun for so many years. Love you both. Xoxoxo

    76. Kimberly Sadberry

      No matter what anyone does, someone somewhere is going to not like it. Everyone is different, you can't please everyone. You gotta make peace with who you are😊always be yourself

    77. noein road

      I wasted many years trying to not stand out and I still have difficulty with dressing the way I would like. However I no longer worry about if people like my tastes in music, food, etc. Besides they are plenty of people who have similar tastes, I just had to find them. What breed of doggie was he? So cute!

    78. Mahrukh Khan

      reachin the end of a simon and martina video is very rewarding , despite sad because its over , :( . BUT ITS WORTH IT

    79. Kraftster

      Martina I am really sorry that someone couldnt learn to think before they speak. I think you are awesome and spontaneous and amazing for having so much confidence and passion for being yourself. I have been and continue to be bullied for being myself but I think its so much better then to be someone who you are not. Amazing Podcast and love from Canada!

    80. Short Pockets

      Thanks for the extra stupid thing, it made me giggle!

    81. Regina satchell

      Love this chat! I’m a teacher past my 30s and I love unicorns. I have a unicorn coffee cup and a unicorn lunchbox and I love them. I like it when I can put a little silly into my life and it often makes others smile

    82. Le Fahrrad

      This whole potcast reminds me of my favourite quote „I tried being normal once, worst 5 minutes of my life“

    83. czuczmon

      I was bullied as a kid. Just because I've looked different than other people (I'm half Asian in a a country full of white Caucasians).It taught me that there will always be people who will not like what you do or who you are. And that's ok, and it doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you. It wasn't nice but I'm so grateful for that lesson because thanks to this I've never second guessed myself and I live my life the way I want it to be without worrying what others my think of me.

    84. claire carlton

      to be honest, i don't think bad of other people for coloring their hair bright colors when they're "too old" or coloring in coloring books when they're past a certain age. i always think it's amazing that they're not afraid to do things they like no matter the stage of life that they're in. but for myself, i can't help but feel like i need to be perfect and part of that is not seeming "childish". i have this need and unrealistic expectation for myself to be the perfect amount of adult/mature and the perfect amount of childish. the right amount of "whimsical" and but not too whimsical because i can't have people thinking i can't be serious. and it's such bs. thank you for this video and thank you to op for the comment. every day i'm trying my hardest to just be myself in a world that judges you no matter what you do. this video is extremely encouraging and i cannot thank you enough! love you both endlessly ♥️

    85. KrishnaWashburn

      I'm 37, and I think that every year I actually learn how to play better and better because I'm more honest with myself about what makes me happy. When I was in college, I was also really lonely and felt judged for my playful, young personality. Now I have lots of friends my own age and every age, all of whom can find joy in the little things in life: running around in the sculpture park, dancing, making costumes, doing cooking experiments, playing with animals. As you learn about yourself and learn to be happy with who you really are, things fall into place!

    86. Domilyons

      As a 38 years old mom of four, there's a lot that I like that could be considered kidish and silly. I like kpop, manga, anime, comics, stuffed animals, crafts, rap, rock ,metal, get it! I balance it out by observing TPO. (Time, place, occasion). There is a time and place and way to be silly and a time to "sober up" and be an adult. I have a pretty cool circle of friends who accept my weirdness even if they're not particularly weird themselves. But when it comes to my husband and kids, all kidgloves are off! I'll pull up to my son's high school blasting NF or Korean rap and he'll just get in and nod his head with me!!!!😂

    87. alee

      What kind of camera do you guys use during the random snapshots!!!?? XD

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        Usually the Sony A7iii

    88. phil

      this was so meaningful for me to hear. i've had a lot experiences of people close to me making fun of me for my interests, even when they like the same thing! i recognise that it's often because of their own insecurities, but i'm learning not to be ashamed of my interests just because someone else is. i would also like to add that i think often shared values are ultimately more important than shared interests. it is so great to have friends who like the same quirky niche things as you, but in my experience it's the people who fully accept and support whatever interests who have, regardless of whether they also like it, who are the best people to be around. love you guys!

    89. Amy

      Great to hear from you guys! Love this video about being playful and having fun unashamedly as an adult. I really connect with this idea. I'm a primary school teacher and I think bring around kids all day helps me find joy and laughter in lots of everyday things. I learn so much about what they like and they love learning about the weird things I like. I've gotten lots of my current and previous students into One Piece manga as well as other types of literature I love. It brings me happiness to see them discovering new things and getting excited about them. For myself, I've gone to kpop concerts on my own, anime festivals and sneaker festivals and just revelled in the wonderful things to see and experience whether I'm on my own or with others. I've NEVER gone to something like that on my own and come away feeling embarrassed or disappointed, I've always connected with at least one other person about something I'm interested in at that event. I hope more people push themselves to do that type of stuff and not worry so much about what other people think. I'm about also about to start a hip hop dance course as a 31 year old (who is a bit on the chubby side...) and I'm feeling very nervous about it BUT I know I will have fun and I believe people will support me and not judge me.

    90. Vashti Perry

      Thank you

    91. Alia Elwy

      I grew up surrounded by adults who knew how to be silly and playful, my mom raised 3 daughters on her own and worked so many jobs to do it, but she never let any of her circumstances change her or make her stone cold serious. My grandparents are great fun and we always laugh TONS when we have dinner as a family. I find that some people in the world think that being an adult means being serious and bland all the time. But in reality being an adult means having fun and being silly and playful at any chance you can, because working and paying bills, having kids and all the other things take so much emotional energy that the only way to decompress sometimes is to be goofy!

    92. verbena lime

      October 23?! You recorded this on my birthday! Happy 24th to me!! Love listening to your podcast, especially while working on my Halloween costume!

    93. McKenna Ross

      Thank you!

    94. Kimberly

      I love this!!! Such a great question. And thank you guys for doing a podcast/video on this topic!!

    95. sophia neves

      So my mom would always tell me to be more “womanly” (instead of liking pink I should like red and not buy cute “little girl” things) so I did for a short while, but after watching Martina in videos and being envious of her style because it’s so similar to how I wanted mine, I completely ignored my mom. I started buying things I thought were cute. My mom would comment on them being for young girls but after a few years I rubbed off on her!! She has all pink bed sheets and cute figurines that she would have NEVER bought before. Surprisingly, she also likes the decorating I’ve done in my own home. Love not hearing my mom telling me to be womanly anymore. Martina has indirectly influenced that!

    96. Adam

      I’ve been very fortunate to join a discord community for my Pokémon Go obsession! It’s been great to be around a community of like minded individuals. Even if I don’t spend all of my free time with them, we see each other pretty often and always have common interests to talk about. It’s very freeing surrounding yourself around people that like you for you! Thanks for helping get all of us nasties into such a great mindset!

    97. Jensen 18

      I've been blessed to be with my highschool friends for 12 years! We started out as a small group of 5 girls and expanded to 11 individuals. We would usually hangout and play board games or MTG. I totally agree with you on not choosing the main or over hyped route! We all have our own quirks, if someone doesn't like what I like its fine. We should just respect each other's differences.

    98. Claire Schabacker

      I like your videos BECAUSE they aren't just the mainstream topics!

    99. Anthony Nelson

      Here for all the extra stupid things Martina! LOL

    100. elf_child9

      Absolutely agreed about staying true to your interests! One thing I would add is that connecting with other people is less about your "weirdness" level, and more about reading body language and empathizing. Martina touched on this with talking about her Wolverine tattoo: watch the other person and look for that "spark of joy" in their face. If it's not there, ask them questions until you find out what they truly love and care about. Also with silliness -- if the other person is sad or stressed, they may need a listening ear instead of jokes. I've grown up with a lot of weird friends, and I hang out in the cosplay/historical costuming crowd. The ones who make friends easiest aren't the ones with "normal" interests; it's the ones who practice empathy and pay attention to the other person's signals.