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    Shall we play a game? The new War Games Event features five rotating takeover modes with never-before-seen modifiers, a new rewards track, and new skins.
    Maggie warned the Legends what would happen if they didn’t deliver Fuse to her. Now she’s following through on her threat. Say goodbye to your precious games -- Salvo’s War Games are here instead. Play five rotating limited-time takeovers over two weeks. Shields regenerate in Shield Regen, round time is reduced whenever a Legend dies in Killing Time, automatically retrieve fallen banners in Auto Banners, compete for top loot in Ultra Zones, and get a free respawn in Second Chance. Plus check out the store to get bold new cosmetics. Everybody loves a little Mayhem -- get out there and make Maggie proud.
    Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.
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    1. Slubus

      Remember what they promised us? Nah we only got 2 modes

    2. WolfOfMen

      Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.

    3. ghino.

      ngl I only managed to play one mode.

    4. Jacob Carlson

      For some reason second chance only worked for a couple games for me then it crashed and went back to shield regen. Also never got to try killing time I guess I just missed it but I checked everyday.

      1. Fulky

        Only 2/5 of the gamemode that they promised worked correctly so we only got to play those for the most part

    5. Starwolf479

      I know It's late but the song in the background is the same accustic when Fuse was playing at the start of the mayhem trailer

    6. CyberShiroGX

      Yes KGup... I would like to report for false advertising!

    7. Deathproof

      Remember when we were promised 5 game modes? And we got 3.

      1. Deathproof

        @bad aimer 1 lasted a day so technically 3.

      2. bad aimer


    8. Vawes

      When the octane q skill runs out, let's punch After 3 seconds I get slapped and that's why I'm so dead!

    9. Krishnamacharyulu Eyunni

      And they said it was 5 modes

    10. Manuel vidal

      El tráiler más engañoso de apex en xbox solo estuvo rotando el de regeneración de escudos y ultra sonas

    11. DarkChar

      Am I the only one who noticed we didn't get killing time???

      1. Daswarskomplett

        Whe only get 3 of 5

    12. JoeyTheThing

      It was fun to play 2 of the 5 promised game modes Not to mention they were the worst looking ones

      1. AuroraDarkAge

        Tbh Armor Regen was pretty good. Ultra Zones goes to the garbage dumpster

    13. Nathan Rupprecht

      Love how they say 5 modes, how about 3


      Where was "Killing zone"? I didnt play the mode, and I played semi-24/7 this 2 weeks ago.

      1. Sam likes Ham

        It was canceled I think


      Jugué todos los dias y en ningún momento vi el "Killing Time" o modos como "Second chance" no duró ni 24h. ¿Por qué? Pero luego el de "ultra zone" y "shield regen" como 3-4 dias cada uno

      1. Angel Alvarez

        Solo pusieron 3 modos y uno de ellos duro 2 horas porque estaba bugeado xd

    16. Jonathan Childs

      Is it just me or has anyone else not played killing time yet?

      1. Biwwy Is Dumb


      2. sudha bhatt

        We only played 3 I think. Armor regen was for a whole week idk why.

      3. Ryan Kempter

        They canned it because of bugs along with the other modes. It was basically 1 day of Second Chance, then a week of Ultra Zones and a week of Armor Regen. This event was a complete failure.

    17. Christian Catimon

      There's actually only 2 modes

    18. Faridz Fadillah

      who's here kinda disappointed cz they don't really bring all of those game modes :(

      1. Faridz Fadillah

        @PHOENIX XD they only bring armor regen and ultra zones cz those are only modes that run well in the game. the rest are buggy and the devs decided not to bring it to the game. hopefully, those modes will come back in the next event.

      2. PHOENIX XD

        Ya why didn't they tho?

    19. Dieselnaut

      This did not age well.

    20. Mellow J

      Shield regen has been active for 5 days...

      1. Ryan Kempter

        @Mellow J Bugs. All the modes had to many bugs. Worst event ever

      2. Mellow J

        @David Osorio why did they even release the war games trailer if they weren’t gonna do the game modes they showed?

      3. David Osorio

        Only 2 game modes will ever be played

    21. Max Verhulst

      Wow, this is so amazing, I love how three out of the five haven't been released or came out for like 2 seconds. Good job respawn. You failed to do your job once again

      1. LooseLeaf

        @oh well haha got to play second chance, armor regen, auto banner and ultra zones

      2. oh well haha

        @LooseLeaf I only played 3 and 1 of those was only for a few hours and I played this game every day

      3. oh well haha

        @LooseLeaf WHAT MODES DID YOU PLAY

      4. LooseLeaf

        I've only played 4 of the 5 modes, never got to play killing time :(

    22. Giorno Giovanna

      Im mad i missed this

      1. Giorno Giovanna

        @David Osorio oh ok I oy rlly play some events fkr cosmetics coz theyre boring and nothing else The exanple of a fun evenent was that one in the season were reveneant was realeased i forgot what it was called but it was fun Also i kind of dont like the new comics I liked the missions more I atill like the effort they put in but its not the same It wss more dun slaying through shadow enemies then getting like a story that lasted 20 pages Not like 8

      2. David Osorio

        It was only 2 modes, and both have been active before so you’re good. Your time was better spent elsewhere

    23. Reaper LM

      If there were a negative star rating that I could give this event, I would give it.

      1. AuroraDarkAge

        There were only two modes which were actually good. I hate ultra zoned

    24. ???XZ

      2 weeks 2 modes

    25. Nikolas Mason

      Eh,it was alright

    26. Loydred

      Shield regen the trailer


      me to

    28. John Evans

      For those who want to know the song, it’s called “the outlaws oath”

    29. Dylan Hernandez

      Ultra zones and armor regen everytime

    30. StaySic4Ever

      I mean cool, though would be great to have different gameplay modes in general.

    31. Captain Deadpool

      Boy, this event didn't go as planned, did it? I was really looking forward to Killing Time :(

      1. David Osorio

        As a wise man, Mr. Incredible, once said, “Me too kid, me too”

      2. Captain Deadpool

        @Reaven Farrugia all of the game modes turned out to be completely bugged. The only modes that worked were Armor Regen and Ultra Zones.

      3. Reaven Farrugia

        What even happened?

    32. Netto el Nerd

      I love how only 2 modes are actually funcional, and the rest are bugged, great way to high our expetations

      1. 13samfootball

        They do a pretty horrible job, don't they?

      2. A YouTube Account

        Which ones were bugged

      3. bruno nicolas cavicchioli

        I have only seen 3

    33. Zany 0116

      This song is better than fuses ult

    34. Morbo Maximo

      Fix the audio

    35. ravenska aqiltama zulfikar fikar

      Respawn pleash fukuda battle rifle

    36. Voidable gaming

      Everyone fix the game Respawn DiD SoMeYoNe SaY AnOtHeR EvEnT

    37. 24moneybd


    38. Jordan

      Can you please bring the new mode already I have played dropzone for half of the event and we only had like a half day of the others

    39. j Sancripa

      good game

    40. Naye C

      Only 2 game mode out of 5 worked :/

    41. Phobias

      More like 2 modes for two weeks since ultra zone and shield regen are the only two that worked

      1. Tony Diaz

        Is that true? Cause I've hopped on everyday and all I've been playing is the ultra zones

    42. Juan Nicolas

      VERY GOOD...

    43. Gaming_Is_Art88

      the events all buggy - Maggie won

    44. Clean Energy

      Why arent the game modes changing? Its been on ultra zones for days.

      1. Gaming_Is_Art88

        the modes broke the game so they had to cancel most of them

    45. INCURSIO

      can u add a new LTM pls

    46. George D.

      Or due to excessive server load: Ultra zones, ultra zones, ultra zones, ultra zones

      1. Ryan Kempter

        @Noah Martens Also don't forget more Armor Regen

      2. Noah Martens

        Don’t forget armor regen

    47. Necxuz25

      5 days have passed and the same mode (Ultra zones) still active, they only change the gamemode once and it was on first day

    48. Bob Simmons

      I would play the game on the Switch but I don't want a fresh start. Apex, want more players there? Then add Cross Progression. I'm not gonna grind for all my Legends when I already have them on one platform, and the same goes for cosmetics.

    49. Александр gaming

      Дорогие любимые разработчики апекса сделайте что то пдалусто с Алексом на Нинтендо свич там мало онлайна в игре сделайте там колаб с какой-то игрой шоб повысить онлайн в игре

    50. CloudyToast

      Dis music doe

    51. Tofu


    52. lali ho

      Fuse singing is making me cry

    53. Emmanuel Matos

      The most shitty event till the date

      1. Youngboy LaFlame

        It’s not even fkn changed yet, it’s already been past 48 hrs smhh

      2. EcoWindd

        it's a filler event it's not gonna be top notch

    54. Alex Wolf

      "Legends bring me this traitors other arm or say bye bye to your precious game"-Mad Maggie


      This one is really bad look at what you get at 5000 point for real Apex you have to do better than this

    56. yaboii alexis

      Dog shit

    57. Silverfish

      What happened to all these modes? They just replaced them all with ultra zones? Or was this bad marketing?

      1. Evolution Is A Blatant Lie

        @alxandro for the banner one there was also an exploit players were doing.

      2. alxandro

        @Lmg no longer mounted And loaded i didn’t even have a problem when playing auto banner a

      3. supermeteor33

        Yeh it was really buggy

      4. Lmg no longer mounted And loaded

        Server issues. I played auto banners and the servers were crashing every match

    58. Brandon White

      Can we please extend the event because I have been on ultra zones for 3 or 4 days now. And it's only supposed to be 2 right. Like my game hasnt updated since thursday

      1. alxandro

        it’s supposed to be 5

    59. Arata

      Hİ Friends we are new in youtube and making gaming content and our first video is from apex with a song we make for it in intro we will be really greatful if you can check it it wont take your time hope you have an amazing day

    60. Braden Innes

      They should make a ltm where it's a bunch of different ltms jammed into one game mode, example being have ultra zones, with second life and like ring fury. Or shield regen with ring always closing and auto grab banners. Just to see the chaos of multiple game modes, probably would be super buggy though lol

    61. Faddah Bubba

      How about full health regen when we revive a teammate? The hassle of having to heal after a pick up is crucial

    62. Mario

      Apex trailers are getting cheesier every time. The song is just terrible. Stop transforming the great sci-fi universe you built back then in titanfall into a freak show for normies

    63. ILOV

      The only game ea has not ruined. Yet.

      1. Television

        its because respawn made it titanfall 2 wasnt ruined by ea

    64. タイガーウッス


    65. ModZ V

      please make campaign for apex legends because its full of hackers :( or at least pay for some anti hacks

    66. ty lee

      in next season can get 100 apex coins just 100

    67. Payback Alpha

      U guys should make so Bangalore has thermal vision while in her smoke

    68. Puggy Brycen


    69. Puggy Brycen

      Bring back the old maps I miss them

    70. Kirsten Kelly

      The music sounds like fuses voice actor

    71. ReesesPuffs ._.

      I guess no one is talking about the false advertising of the fuse skin

      1. alxandro

        that’s not false advertising

      2. Fox Palenkova

        They will put other things in the store

    72. Isaiah Votor

      I want back solos I can't Stand a chance of these teammates

    73. Wabby

      This should be in normal apex

    74. XthunderStoneX

      Respawn!!!! The new wraith skin doesn’t have a texture on the jump pack

    75. Sheik S

      The legend game

    76. King Netherite

      I only watch these for the titanfall characters lol

    77. GD Grape

      you know what would be a better nerf for horizon than nerfing her que? make it so she cant strafe on her que because on her que SHES OUT OF COVER FFS, I MAIN HRIZON, I KNOW HER WEKNESSES respawn, pls dont nerf her que, nerf her strafe capabilities on the que k? PLS READ THIS RESPAWN spread this comment as far as you can

    78. Kurexy On eu

      Hey my apex legend is not letting me go on the lobby

    79. fish talk

      I wish they brought back anniversary event for switch players

    80. seeni gzty

      Me : ”WoW cool a new event it gonna be interesting!!!” EA: skin recolor,same place, 0 new weapons

    81. Pazir

      bring back worlds edge

      1. supermeteor33

        They will in season 9

    82. Dmkumi

      is this true

    83. Sallu Bhai

      No deathmatch ffffff

    84. Sleepy

      Im addicted to Apex Legends, havent played any other game besides Apex for 2-3 weeks😂. Ive been playing it since it came out, great game👍

    85. Markus G.

      Please remove Maggie, hate her voice with a passion

    86. Forno —

      Yeahhh but the servers sucks

    87. danilgalka

      Soloooo plz

    88. おれおれ


    89. vbddfy euuyt

      I'm still in debt man I'm gonna lose everything soon man

    90. Peter Panda

      Make Loba’s Bracelet recovery faster.

    91. Jonas Kammhuber

      Bring pk back

    92. たなゆき

      0:04 ライフラのシールドが無いのはなんで?

    93. bhupinder shehria

      I love this trailers

    94. Jane Duncan

      hype for season 9

    95. THA MARK 2

      It’s only 3rd party clips in the trailer

    96. shyam prakash bl

      Sir when will apex legends come to mobile

    97. Albert Inshtein

      У меня постоянно вылетает игра , так что я требую помпенсацию !

    98. James abc

      Stop dropping 3 stacks of sweat lords into casual lobbies. It ruins the game 🖕🏻

    99. 🌈♊🎮/\/🎮♊🌈

      I really love all the Apex Legends trailers but I just wish I could play the game. Not because I don't have any systems for it but because I don't wanna be the reason for the team's loss. Welp! Back to solos.

      1. 🌈♊🎮/\/🎮♊🌈

        @FindingmyDeen 💜😊💜

      2. FindingmyDeen

        @🌈♊🎮/\/🎮♊🌈 Your welcome mate. :)

      3. 🌈♊🎮/\/🎮♊🌈

        @FindingmyDeen Seriously? No way. That's noice. I don't mind getting rekt by a squad as long as I'm playing solo. Thank you for letting me know. Random Fact : I still can't play cuz I don't have any platforms to play this. Hahaha! Still, I appreciate you for letting me know.

      4. FindingmyDeen

        They added a thing call "no fill" option. It lets you play the game solo. (works well, especially in duos)

      5. 🌈♊🎮/\/🎮♊🌈

        @Television Yeah. About that. I don't have any friends who plays this game. Well, it's alright tho.

    100. FarFishnet

      I love olympus more but.. Everytime I wanna play apex its kings canyon duhh..