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    We dyed our hair lol
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    1. ZHC Crafts

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      1. Vitória Mendonça

        @Live Sync jaaayi

      2. Vitória Mendonça

        @Live Sync saq3n b k

      3. Vitória Mendonça

        @Blimormy usjeuusus

      4. Vitória Mendonça

        @Porombovits Vanessa 7ht

      5. Vitória Mendonça

        @KingJ_ 27 uxya😙😙😙😙😐😐😐😙😐💚💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💚💚💚

    2. Zethan Yeo

      Zach hair looks so soft

    3. Erika Hall

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    4. Michelle Longden

      the fact that he didnt show the before lol -_- how are we supposed to remember what it looks like but anyways you are amazing!!!!!!!!! i subscribed and my notifs on all ( that was ages ago lollzz )

    5. Sophie EICHSTAEDTER

      I havve a challange for U. So U have to call michelle for 24 hours bebe. pls do it

    6. Aiden's Vlogs

      I love jaz because she has a gorgeous cute smile and she matches with the purple hair

    7. Vivien Englund

      Anyone else think Jaz's hair looked awesome

    8. Judy and Phoebe

      Zhc: and that’s Michelle Michelle: I m. N o t d o n e y e t

    9. Aritro Huda

      I love BTS

    10. mirabelle

      Viv pls fix ur teeth

    11. Student-IPK Mira Abdulla Matar Bin Sabt Al-Ali 1E

      I love your hair blue and pink 👛🐳👕👚

    12. Claudia Ramirez

      I am Subscribed to all your Channels

    13. Amelie Nordkvist

      RIP viv's ca 10 cm hair

      1. ZHC

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    14. Salmina Mustafoska

      I love the hair vo michelle

    15. Khadija Alnaqbi

      the before did not show

    16. srisa Bastola

      Jason my favorite color is purple 💜

      1. ZHC

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    17. Audrey De Leon

      The humble house has their own color😍

    18. Abbie Chalmers

      Why does zhc look like he’s wearing a wig

      1. ZHC

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    19. Cherish Lawrence

      I don't like his face but I'm a big big fan but yeah

    20. Backtesttry

      1:32 before 1:33 after

    21. CallMehLexi

      Zach get a haircut!

    22. BAD GREL

      Waw so good

      1. ZHC

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    23. Hung Chan

      Michelle’s hair looks like princess bubblegum

    24. Flower the Hamster Hamster

      That is pretty

    25. Maria Art


    26. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    27. Braden Poh

      I am only watching zhc or zhc crafts to see everyone except zach

    28. Zuju Li

      I never knew that Zach liked kpop

    29. jk

      ZHc is a member of bts

      1. ZHC

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    30. Anslee Reaves

      I think at the end they forgot to put a photo of the before lol

    31. Stuart Bone

      This is so crazy

    32. Tracy Clowes

      I love u guys 🐷piggy for Michelle 🦋for zak

    33. Tracy Clowes

      I love Michelles,bright pink hair its so cuteeeeee

    34. Maricel Reano

      Do you love bts or black pink,

    35. Amelia Marsh

      Omg you all look so nce

    36. JOHN AKILI


    37. Sara Girl

      When Zach side here's the before and After there was nothinggg 2:30

    38. Samaira Do Rosario

      Wow you'll look good 💜💜

    39. Baekho's jams


    40. Roberto Castro


    41. Cora Mooney

      So cool NOT

    42. Coreena Crawt

      The hair looks like a wine Michelle hair looks more wine look like by it looks good on you

    43. Fátima Pandita

      Hi i want an iPad Pro of a panda but i leaf in Saltillo

    44. Jessica Paessler

      I want a I phone 12

    45. •itz Gacha Wxnter•

      ZHC:I look like a kpop star edit me one Fans:oh there is a BTS picture I'll screen shot it

    46. Kika Ozukum


    47. Emmie Hunter

      Zack:Turques Michele:PINK Viv:Yellow Jaz:Purple Makenzie:Red

    48. imran khan hoti

      I like bts so much any army here

      1. ZHC

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    49. Karmila_ official

      Vivs is so so so prettyyy and funny And her hair is so long

    50. Nurisya Sham

      Your hair look so awesome! 😍 I like it

    51. Madison Palosaari

      My first fav is Viv then ZHC and the Michelle

    52. BiancaYeet

      All subscribers= LIKE THIS

    53. ViviLO Oneal

      You’re amazing

    54. Peter Akiki


      1. Peter Akiki

        @ZHC you think I'm gonna believe you?😂🤛

      2. ZHC

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    55. JJ The Celestial Galaxy Gamer

      Poor suga

    56. Terrence Flowers

      The cotton candy twins🐩🐚

    57. Baka Rebwar


    58. Alexandria Williams


    59. Udite jaiswal

      When I saw your video first time I thought it was rm

    60. Chantal J Viens



      He looks like before Rm

    62. Robbie Staton

      Zach the Olive and Michelle the Strawberry. lol

    63. Pumpkin Spice

      I like that the editor edit out suga from bts gets cut out and chanced for zach

    64. Macey Greene

      When Zach says the before and after they don’t show the before lol

    65. Ankita

      The new version of Suga😂😂

    66. ψcheery blossmψ

      xD THAT iS SO FUNNY..🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. Baby Dragon

      Dying your eyes brown

    68. Luis Lopez


    69. 에반젤리스타

      Bro! Army Stan here BTS!

    70. Paige Wickstrom

      I actually haven't seen Jaz without purple hair

    71. Liisa Lister

      Is it just me or does ZHC wear the same shirt every video....

    72. Naomi Dias

      This is what before and this is after 😂😂😂

    73. Ovea Moganadass


    74. PIKU & KATU

      The colour sets so perfectly 😍 🎀

    75. Gililah Martinez

      I like the hair and my little sister name is Jazmine

      1. Gililah Martinez

        And my sister like teal and I like pink

    76. that one guy


    77. CAD IMAGE


    78. Vocal V

      Purple hair suites Jaz well

    79. Alexander Menjivar varela

      I love the Nintendo switch video I want one please I love it..

    80. Cho Shinoya


    81. Vilmante vilma


    82. Vilmante vilma


    83. Nataly Ibrahim

      Hi zac can you give me the next iPhone 12s

    84. MRR_GAMING19

      2:30 there was no before pic

    85. Vimlesh Singh

      1:28, u look look like japanese version of donald trump .

    86. Kaye Lam

      Michelle hair it's really pink

    87. Kaye Lam

      I want to say you have no before

    88. Sabrina May Pangalilingan

      I like the way your color hair is like magical unicorns colors and others too.😍😘

    89. ALA Beauty


    90. Judy&Phoebe

      I love how’s it called humble house! So cute!❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

    91. Veronica Deeb

      232 did u see the person getting there hair washed in the back round but like this video and cooment if u did

    92. Maddy and Paisley Mcmrry and Proctor

      Y’all should have a mini Zach

    93. Georgia Ice Klint

      Jazz's hair belongs to laurenzside!

    94. Isla Cummins

      Omg your guys hair looks great

    95. Shiv Karwal



      He forgot to edit the “before” version of the hair

      1. GALAXY LION


    97. arlene deandra

      HE look Like Draco

    98. David Bishop

      you and michell are together right still ?

    99. angel yadir

      2:30 like wen your editor dosent understand

    100. Actually Isabelle

      How could you try to replace bts ;-;