Introducing Microsoft Mesh


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    Microsoft Mesh enables presence and shared experiences from anywhere - on any device - through mixed reality applications.
    Mesh allows for connections with new depth and dimension. As digital intelligence comes to the real world, we’re now able to see, share, and collaborate on content that persists. This common understanding ignites ideas, sparks creativity, and forms powerful bonds.
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    1. SciSaif

      Nice, when is the movie releasing?

    2. Tofan Jena

      An amazing thing msft 🤔

    3. Anuj Kalra

      How expensive is this going to be?

    4. kiran ranjitkar

      J.A.R.V.I.S. where are you ?

    5. Aditya K

      Insane!! That's a giant leap towards futuristic tech. #AlwaysAFanofMicrosoft

    6. Soumi Mukherjee

      This is just amazing! So futuristic!

    7. Valkyrie

      I really want someone to tell me this isn't a movie trailer again....

    8. Manish sonu

      Oh, this is the iron man era ,wait aa sec. Is this true

    9. Krishna Chopra

      Human's next great addiction

    10. ಠ_ಠ

      This is not real, right?

    11. Rudra Shah

      Microsoft Lens from 2015 to 2021! This is an insane development.

    12. Amal

      1:42 I thought my team is ringing.

    13. Travis amatya

      Iron man halographic interface getting real... Omg 👍👍👍. Really gud time to be alive.

    14. Brahvim

      I thought I got an ad when it started. _it was the actual video._

    15. rene cabuhan

      Wow.. amazing.

    16. Kaitlyn

      Nice concept but I looked into it, right now it looks like miis from the wii lol

    17. Anuradha Ranasinghe

      So what part of my body should I sell to buy this?

    18. Official Hashmat Sediqi’s amazing

    19. Shobhan Kumar.R

      What? wait!..are you kidding

    20. vkgaming platform

      The field of view is not that much good as it is shown here.

    21. OMS EmperorVan

      😲 that's just awesome

    22. Boba Fat

      We about to reach Tony Stark levels. Wow

    23. Karthik V

      Is this how the future gonna be?

    24. Aniruddh Mukherjee

      Given that Microsoft is doing this, I'll be happy if the product is half as good as this.

    25. EARTH _


    26. electricity

      I'm too early. I wish I was born in 2050.

    27. Tomi Depth

      All the Covid things just for this sake !!

    28. 5th Star

      Is this our world?

    29. Fauzan Syauqi

      Shut up and take my money!

    30. Halpuda Mikko

      Hella sick!

    31. Muhammed Irfan

      I double checked to make sure that this isnt released on April 1st!! Absolutely Amazing!!!

      1. THOPE

        I thought the same wahhaha

    32. Carolina

      This is cool sick and scary.

    33. Flash Rex

      Exciting for the future! But I think It will only available for the rich if government s introduce them I will be insane.

    34. diaz connell

      Tony Stark: "hey jarvis!"

    35. Saptarshi Pramanik

      Future is Awesome!!🔥

    36. budak baik

      just like tony stark technology..

    37. Bikram Saha

      This is like real life iron man movies

    38. Mystery Man

      is gordon ramsay narrating this?

    39. IT Tech View - தமிழ்

      Tony did it better 🔥

    40. NightsMay

      In the future, everyone is going to be completely dependent on the gov't. To travel, to rent a house, because no one will own things like cars or homes anymore. This video gives off the exact same dystopian feeling of living in such a future.

    41. Wiggy Tjihenuna

      By 2080 people will be 3D printing their own cars


      I neeeeeeed it Now,💯💣👌

    43. prime alpha


    44. Dhanuja prabashwara

      Is this real

    45. Plin Chavez


    46. Joe Martinez

      Just imagine having somebody that passed away come out and start talking to you or teach you something

    47. Hotshots

      That was just wow!

    48. Shilpan Shukla

      Ironman Tech

    49. Carbon Gamer

      Can I please also get Paul Bettany's voice as Jarvis?

    50. Carbon Gamer

      Tony Stark tech... But for REAL!😲😱

    51. Mustafa Abdulrazaq

      How about cost? it looks very expensive to implement! Isn't it??

    52. Umang Vatsal Tyagi

      In order to project a person in 3d like it's shown in the video.. It'll take atleast 4 360 3D AR cameras paired with LiDAR. Why only a headset is shown here then?

    53. santosh gadamalla

      wow ..that 's beyond where here with this our imaginations come live

    54. ChaZ-E

      This is how I want my WFH to look like


      Is this sort of like a newer version of HoloLens ?

    56. Raj Aryan

      Why am I getting sense of black mirror and it's horrible endings😢

    57. King Mesrine

      Cool but we don't need it

    58. Alessio Yu

      Iron man tech

    59. Joel Ezeamaka

      OMG....We are already in the future

    60. Emmanuel Ayomide

      😨 GOOSE BUMPS😨 This is amazing😍

    61. Sahil Chand

      woah finally moving towards the future seen in movies.

    62. Devdutta Bain

      well!!! life is becoming flight simulator!!!

    63. Rachna sinha

      I thought i was watching black panther

    64. Alim T

      Is it 1st april?

    65. Adithiya Galih

      The Microsoft collaborate with Marvel Inc.

    66. SkateTube

      Greater question is if these fortunate dudes will make skateable architecture.

    67. Trinity X

      So this will be the vaccine passport future huh..

    68. Bharath

      OK! .. now this is a next level invention

    69. Silambarasan Subramanian

      What if it’s April fool ???? 😆😆😆 Google does this every April !!!

    70. Starchy

      You are on this council but we do not grant you the rank of master

    71. GenericYoutuber

      now imagine 3d modeling a someone, using ai to generate his voice and personality, voila you got yourself a ghost!

    72. saurabh hiwrale

      That's it , I must work in microsoft

    73. Ymphaidien Sutong

      i thought it was an April fool stuff😃

    74. Amalesh 414

      Black mirror is here

    75. Acedev 003

      This is insane .... Wow ^ infinity

    76. Padmaj Rane

      Well, i am not going to be fooled easily, all I can imagine is people doing tik tok videos as holograms.


      Star Wars Inspiration😍

    78. Prima Nur

      The future is not commute, its communicate

    79. The white Rabbit

      This will be like google glasses and no one will buy it.

    80. Zee Shan

      Now I can do Iron man's hand movements.

    81. Leonardo BrawijayaMRQ

      this is remind me of ghost in the shell scene

    82. Suyash Bhatkar

      That looks so sick


      Technology= end of the world 🌎

    84. Aalok Jha

      Thats AR not Hologram 😑

    85. D J. J

      I’m so excited for the future ✨

    86. Toxic Aristotle

      But what about the Droid attacks on the Wookiees?

    87. Devi Adyan Ibrahim

      Holo lens. Im wating since 2014 😂. When google lens was fail too. And oculus or vr was sucsesfull. But still im wating holo lens

    88. Ravi Kavi

      Ready Player One

    89. Fayz Ansari

      thank you tony stark

    90. Jedediah Fanuel

    91. Shyam Mendiola

      Ready Player One

    92. Navneet singh

      I knew tony stark was alive

    93. Naufal Amirul

      No longer can hide during online class hahah 😂

    94. Martian

      Very innovative

    95. allan1064

      This is damn scarry as well as marvelous

    96. Raul Dias

      Ain't no way

    97. Physics&Math


    98. Rakesh Sinha

      Looks like sci-fi movie trailer

    99. srirama sharman

      How do I subscribe?

    100. KimchiMan

      The new CEO is amazing