Lures for FLOODING and RISING Water Conditions

Scott Martin

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    Scott Martin a few of his favorite lures for finding and catching fish in flooding and rising water on lakes and river systems.
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    1. Scott Martin

      I love giving y'all tips and tricks like these! What videos do you want to see in the future? Let me know!

      1. Rowdy Gilbert

        Winning this weekend 🙌

      2. Hayden Farmer

        I would like to see swim jig fishing it seems like a really good bait but i don’t know the proper way to fish it

      3. George Talley

        Have you tried the perspective mount on the panoptix yet

      4. George Talley

        Thanks Scott I’ll be using these tips tomorrow

      5. Justin Biggs

        How about a detailed video on how to use that Garmin Pan optics unit to help catch fish?

    2. Thomas E Chavis

      I got a feeling your going win bassmaster classic I'm a big fan of your show

    3. Kris Martin

      Scott it could be that they follow the bait as well I know that this happened to me especially in the fall if the bait stays they stay and if the bait moves the bass move with it

    4. Walter Doerksen

      What are the best colors in Clearwater in Spring

    5. Andy Garcia

      Caught my pb today

      1. Scott Martin

        How big?

    6. Andy Garcia

      Love the content as always man 🙏🏾💪🏽

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Andy!!!

    7. Marcos Hernandez

      So a quick question i always had for u mr.martin , do u do and hunting and if so u should rlly do some hunting videos ?

    8. Dirk Tucker

      Please make more videos like this

    9. Daniel Kalson

      I learned a lot during this video. The 2 days you spent fishing (practice sessions) was incoherent babble. I suspect most people would agree: no-one cares how you wake people up. Just get to the fishing. LOL

    10. Kevin B

      Watching this as it’s raining here in Texas 👍

    11. christa graves

      I love your videos!!! I have learned so much from them. It is my dream to become a professional bass fisherwomen lol. I would love to be able to fish with you!!

    12. M Jones

      I've been buying up hand made balsa baits because of you, let me tell you that's a rabbit hole and there are some amazing artist out there painting these things. They are so good I'll hate throwing them, but I'm going to 😃😅

    13. Bryan Hunter

      You are an expert. So smart but here is my thinking. Find a calm creek. It they were in 5 a week ago, try the same spot. Just work your way up from 10 to 5. Don't forget the dam with a crank bait. Do not forget the dam. Good luck man.

    14. Daryl Granger

      You’re gonna win it, trust me....

    15. Bryan Hunter

      Good luck Scott

    16. Jonathan Mattson

      Where did u get those full length rod covers

    17. Logan Cline

      Congratulations on 3rd place after day two Today. Keep grinding and hopefully get you a BASS trophy!

    18. Rowdy Gilbert

      Tha man Scott Martin is sitting in 3rd LET'S GO!

    19. Smitty Fam

      Love the vids keep it up your kicking butt at pickwick just watched you weigh 22+ pounds moved into second make smart moves on day 3 let the lord take you where you need to be this is your tournament bring home for the Martin name and to stamp your seal in the elites were all behind you got this god bless and good luck

    20. keeganic84

      What’s your thoughts on UV baits? Specially Tightlines UV brand


      Today is 3/21/2021. If Everyone that watches this channel hasn't been watching on Bassmaster Live/BassTrakk, you should have. Let's just say Scott started with a 6!! Let's GO!

    22. Ben Francisco

      I see your in the top 5!!!!!!! Pulling for you!!!

    23. BilletSPIN

      What a start to day 2!!!!! Got a solid chance to win this one. Cannot wait for the tournament videos.

    24. Mike Parker

      Niiiice tutorial on how to adapt, improvise, and overcome those type of conditions!!!👍😃. This is kinda how we do it on the James River and Chick a lot. Like your choice of baits toooo!!! Goooood luck in the tourney!!! 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🍺

    25. Lance Knight

      Love all the videos, You are the Gold Standard in the Bass Fishing Video world. My favorite was the fishing stories video, simple but very nostalgic, I still laugh about the Rusted lids on the Uncle Josh pork chunks lol, keep it up!

    26. Michael Wildman

      Hay scott i wish to go fishing with you some time to get some fishing tips i have a abu garcia black max reel on a 6foot 6 medium action black max rod what line would you recamend i love fishing with a 8 inch zoom june bug worrm i also have a few crank baites

    27. Md Doit

      Great video. Thanks keep this up. Really appreciate this. Thought process during event.

    28. Brian Patrick

      Good stuff! Because of the current doubling, should translate into stained water. I’m liking the chatter with a big profile to move some water at a slower retrieve. Swim jig is always tied on, and I do like the crank bait options!

    29. David Rogers

      Your videos are awesome this one in my opinion is the greatest watched you weigh in on day one--Saturday then watched this it is so awesome seeing you put your tips and knowledge out there and then back it up with 18 and change lbs awesome job pal love your videos best of luck

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks very much David! 👊🏼

    30. BamaBassFinder04 4

      I remember year before last Logan Martin flooded all the way up into people's front doorstep, so we were throwing A-rigs pretty much on the front decks of people's houses.. LITERALLY.. I CAUGHT A 4LB ON A JIG RIGHT NEXT TO THE BOTTOM STEP OF THEIR HOUSE 😂 TRUE STORY pics on my IG..

      1. BamaBassFinder04 4

        @Scott Martin it was VERY...

      2. Scott Martin

        That’s wild!! 😂

    31. Parker Moss

      I live on pickwick lake and and I saw you on The tournament on tv I live in iuka about and hour from Florence it would be awesome if I could meet you

      1. Parker Moss

        @Scott Martin I wish I could but we’re leaving tomorrow and did you happen to go toward the other side of pickwick

      2. Scott Martin

        Come on down to the weigh in!


      I just logged on and saw a YT video of Buddy Gross catching a biggin. And not to put bad juju out there but SCOTT MARTIN IS IN THE FRICKIN LEAD! COLD CHILLS!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!🇺🇸


        @Scott Martin I wish also my friend. Don't worry about the pressure, as you know your Daughter just fished her first Tournament. You WIN! Congratulations 🎉 I know you badly want to win, your fans want you to win, Bassmaster I'm sure wants you to win, I know the sponsors want a win, but you already won. The circle is complete.

      2. Scott Martin

        Wish I was still in the lead but I’m going to go out tomorrow and get back in first! ....Hopefully lol

    33. Twin Sisters

      we saw your boat and truck at bucees Warner robins and took some picture with my husband, we really wish we can see you that time you were at Bucees

    34. Chris H

      Scott i paint shallow diving crankbaits, I would love it if you tried one of my custom paint jobs.

    35. BilletSPIN

      Oh baby!! Our boy is leading, got a ways to go today but what a great start!!!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man!

    36. Glock 1

      Been using Googan Bandito bugs and 4 inch Krackin Craws for last 2 years and have been slaying the bass, I love both of them!

      1. Scott Martin

        They are like candy to those bass.

    37. Brian Huffstutler

      I live in al and go by wheeler everyday it is up and they pulling alot of water be safe out there

      1. Scott Martin

        Will do, thanks Brian!

    38. Ron & Becky Beasley

      Good luck Scott. Your the man.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!👊🏼👊🏼

    39. BilletSPIN

      Must be brutal down there! Had to actually work instead of following along lol. Stay safe with the high water. Awesome video. Sounds like a solid plan. Tear them up!!

    40. Zach Riffey

      Wazz up Scott where y’all at are y’all in Tennessee

      1. Zach Riffey

        @Scott Martin Ight dang it

      2. Scott Martin

        Fishing out of Florence, AL

    41. Ryan McAneny

      Awesome Video! My college team is headed down to Pickwick in a few weeks, wish the boys good luck!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks dude! That’s awesome, good luck to them hope they slay some BIGGENS!

    42. Ozark Wild

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to deal with these situations, and your experience!

    43. James Stuber

      Scott I just watched the video of the smc with your mom on the caloosahatchee river in la belle from a few years back. brought some memories back from fishing of the dock there in La belle Fla

    44. rickey hall

      good luck great information that you shared thanks

      1. rickey hall

        @Scott Martin I enjoy all that you share I follow the googans and all their friends

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks Rickey, glad you are liking it!

    45. Chris Harrelson

      I will be fishing the KBF trail up there next weekend. Lets see if the boys from C-town can bring it home!!

      1. Scott Martin

        I sure hope so man. Good luck next week!

    46. Tyler Babbitt

      Lake of the Pines last year was up 17ft and I took my wife fishing around the same time and she ended up catch 5 fish in 30 mins and catch her BP the next day

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome!

    47. Maddox Adams

      I am on the fishing team at obion county central and we where going to fish at pick wick tomorrow but it got canceled

    48. Jamie Johnson

      Call Luke Dunkin, he knows the juice on a flooded Pickwick!

    49. Gregory Chuhta

      Me and my buddy John cox were just talking about this. Do you know him? There is only one

    50. Mike Green

      I have a question. I see a lot of anglers once they hook up on a fish, yourself included. Peel line off of their reel by hand especially spinning combos. What purpose does that serve?

      1. Scott Martin

        Checking the drag is set correctly

    51. wesley harrington

      Love the channel but you don’t seem so confident in the googan lures lol you don’t know the name of the colors and you didn’t know the name of the klutch. But I feel you on that because I don’t have much confidence in their baits either.

    52. Mark Marshall

      Good luck Scott on winning this tournament. Go towards Florence around the Matchez Trace because I see a lot of bass fishing in that area. 👍🙏🙏

    53. Jolly Giant

      Red bladed spinnerbaits or Mondo worms in flooded timber.

    54. Computer Guy

      Sorry to hear the tourney has been pushed back. Was looking forward to replacing work with Livestreaming Pickwick tourney, LOL RIP Jack Franklin-Lee Hunt

    55. Bill Besser

      Good Luck Team SMC. More important, be careful. All that rain, flooding, and current is just asking for bad lake debris conditions. BE SAFE!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Bill, we will!

    56. Liveit ca

      go Scotty

      1. Scott Martin


    57. Eli Saint

      Somebody will smoke them at the dam

    58. A-Rizky


    59. james luttrell

      Hey bro I am so exited for the bass master elite I am so happy that it is happening in pickwick lake I actually live in Muscle Shoals. I hope you enjoy being in north Alabama. Good Luck!!

      1. Scott Martin

        I’m really enjoying it! Thanks James!👊🏼

    60. John Falasca III

      We still have ice on our lakes up here in Maine ! Waiting for ice out !! good luck Scott !!

    61. bryan turner

      2 words "jabber jaw " nothing else just "jabber jaw ". If u didn't want to hear that hybrid hunter would work in a pinch.

    62. Travis Craver

      Awsome video learn alot. In sc we have river that rise so that a good one

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Travis, glad I could help!

    63. Eric Lawhon

      Great info, love your stuff. One question, how do you fish rising almost clear water, not necessarily moving just flooded clear water.

    64. Johnny Thompson

      Thank you for the great tips Scott

    65. Pete Cook

      U said clear water w swim jig....cox caught his fish on swim jig the water had color not alot of visibility maybe 1 ft or so..clear water to me is 2' to 3' visibility bass will destroy a swim jig in 1' visibility agree??

    66. Aj Wenzel

      I fished a regional event in Kansas at Milford, the lake was 20’ high for several months. It’s primarily a small mouth lake n lemme tell ya it was TOUGH. Come to find out the fish were on the original bank line. I woulda never thought.

    67. mrtennesse

      go catch a 25lb bag scott

    68. mike shields

      Don't forget the spinner worm. LOL

    69. Ragtop Chevy

      Went to Shelton's in moulton , picked up all kinds of baits so when it quits raining and the wife don't kill me for spending to much. Will wave if I see y'all .

    70. Bassfisher78 !!

      Thanks for the tips Scott 👍👍. How do you always get lucky and get the garage lol lol definitely came handy with all the rain!!!!

    71. Ragtop Chevy

      Want to see more tenn river vids , bring the rug rats up and vacation in florence make a video of the family fishing and having fun .

    72. Dillon Sliva

      What would you change for a flooded river system? Or keep the same?

    73. Rick & Jennifer Vaughn

      Take off the trailer on the spinner baits. I don't know if I ever caught fish with a trailer on a spinner bait. Win this one Scott. Catch some Biggins!!

    74. Eddie Kish

      Appreciate the insight and good luck on day 1

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Eddie!

    75. Michael Kaufmann

      Dude when it's raining like that I put a bobber stop a couple inches in front of a 1/4 bullet weight with a green pumpkin swim jig wit the the green pumpkin rage craw in front of the weeds or off a ledge. Maybe turn to the brown colors if that don't work( cause the rain kicks up the water and everything. Just work it faster than normal. I'm no professional put it works great for me

      1. Michael Kaufmann

        Dude nevermind I wasn't even paying attention to where you were lol. I goes lakes and private ponds lmbo(laughing my butt off)!!!

    76. watdosenz _

      Absolute dream of mine to come over to the USA. And catch a bass, big fan of your work mate, go get em 🤪

      1. watdosenz _

        @Scott Martin would love to one day, once the worlds back to normal. Good work today. Hopefully tomorrow brings you nothing but big ass bass 🤪

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks very much! Come on over to south Florida man!

    77. katiedid713926

      The very best of luck to you.

    78. bloodhound122

      I would love to see this won on googan baits.

    79. Passionate Outdoors

      Love this video! I learn this way! I live on the tuffest fishery n the country the Ohio River, so it’s hard for me to learn how to adjust with conditions bc it’s always extremely tuff anyhow! Thanks for the insight Scott it helps dude

      1. Scott Martin

        I’m glad you are enjoying the content man, thanks very much!!

    80. William Brown

      Ok #1 McCoy gets a raise. 4 real. #2 I know you are a bass fisherman but a lot of us just fish for anything and we don't have boats. It would be nice to do some videos with white bass, striper, crappie, catfish, etc. #3 I want to see some wins this year and #4 keep making awesome content! #5 show us your bill dance style bloopers.

    81. Elmi Outdoors

      looks like saturday through tuesday now due to the storms and unsafe water scotts in c bucket and on my list

    82. Said Marcos

      Do more videos like this one with everything you said I have learned a lot. Thanks.

      1. Scott Martin

        We will

    83. J Tee

      Is it my imagination or is that wedding ring more shiny?

      1. Scott Martin

        The same as always

    84. Matthew Druckenmiller

      Last spring I got a chance to fish with a good buddy on his boat on the Susquehanna in PA. River was up 6’ from snow melt. We were fishing the normal stuff, current breaks, big rock piles, island eddies etc. well I noticed a fish bust in some flooded timber and saw some baitfish jump. We both immediately tied on chatterbaits and fished flooded timber the rest of the afternoon. Put 40 in the boat in 3 hours, all 2-4 lb fish. Catching smallmouth on a chatterbait and braid in flooded timber is pretty awesome

      1. Scott Martin

        Chatterbaits are awesome for this

    85. William Stansell

      You fun to watch and I've learned lot from you on Bass fishing

      1. William Stansell

        @Scott Martin I watch your dad when he was a Bass professional

      2. Scott Martin


    86. Rsquared

      Go Get 'em, Scott!! Good luck.

    87. Shaun Roberts

      Your fu--ed... it sucks. Never had much luck when conditions are like that.

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s gonna be super challenging

    88. Derik Drinkle

      Go get em.

    89. DeepSouthBassin

      I just can’t catch any fish so far but I’m still stoked to meet u 😂

    90. Brandon Smith

      Man I just really like your content rising water can be one of the toughest challenges a fisherman can face thank you for the tips and good luck this weekend

    91. eric yokley

      Better call Dave!

    92. Reid McCall

      I’m staying right beside you😂

    93. joshua lee

      can u give the exact colors u use? its wierd... at this point unless u dont wanna share scott! if u dont wannna share its fine... just show a vague winner winner chicken dinner u think that does good

    94. LakeAnnaFishing

      No practice video???

    95. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      This is well known but a spinnerbait around here in the rain is hard to beat.

    96. Joe Cavanaugh

      I’m in WI, snow is melted, rivers are fishable vs lakes with ice on them. Does this hold true on flooded river systems as well? Or does the moving water keep them in the deeper parts of the river?

    97. Michael Burroughs

      Seen your first video and knew this weather we had yesterday would change your pattern. Was curious how you would adapt to find other techniques to overcome this challenge. I'll stay posted to see what works. Good luck and stay safe out there this weekend.

    98. Preston Mire

      Awesome info thanks good luck I hope you catch a 11 pound lol

    99. GreenPig Hunter

      Thanks. Goodluck

    100. RESTLESS!

      I like to throw a slow sinking bait on a flooded lake close to the shore or structure I did this last year at lake whitney in texas and land an 8.8lb biggin!