Haaland Scores First Two Goals in Der Klassiker - FC Bayern München vs Borussia Dortmund


282 миӊ. көрүүлөр38

    What an impressive way to start Der Klassiker!
    It's this big match again the whole world is watching: FC Bayern München vs. Borussia Dortmund, it's time for Der Klassiker. And what a way to start. Haaland scores two goala to put Borussia Dortmund in front. But still some time to go.How do you think the big game will end? Let us know in the comments!
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    1. Bundesliga

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      1. Yupp Dupp

        Nice try😂



    3. Max Mata

      0:08 just like Ronaldo

    4. Philippe mudu


    5. dcoog anml

      Everyone: Haaland is really quick Me: Have you met adminho?

    6. bcvbb hyui

      Bayern Munich next season:Let’s buy Haaland😂

    7. Mohamed Sankoumba Fadiga

      Haaland is too powerful to stay at Borusia. A bigger club will soon take him away

      1. dcoog anml


    8. Aldorf Luthanus

      Adminho,edit the description,goals no goala,THANKS!!!!!

      1. bcvbb hyui


    9. Royal


    10. Jack Sparrow


      1. Jack Sparrow

        Old man Bayern keeps him b,ecause of Muiller

    11. Jack Sparrow

      Bayern Lewy replacement yes Lewy is old

      1. Jack Sparrow

        Lewy is old as muller,halland future

    12. Jack Sparrow

      Halland simply the best

    13. Elite abhiNaV

      If Haaland joins Barca Haaland's English with Messi's English🤣 Joan laporta on the way

    14. Apple Peel

      BvB are as bad In defence as good as they're in their attack

    15. Harry j

      And After These Goals......The Sunny Day Of Dortmund Changed Into A Stormy One! ⚡( Lewandowski, The God Of Such Thunders, Got Angry )

    16. Mr Munzir

      if only haaland play 90 minutes.

    17. Ryan

      I’m a Bayern fans but I love him too 😂

    18. Ade Bimbim

      Lewansgolski 3 gol.Mia san mia bayern munchen

    19. Mr. pluto yt

      Its crazy gool 😱

    20. azman abas

      Welcome to madrid

    21. Steve Kamau

      Lewandoski: hold my beer

    22. urmil das


    23. luật đoàn


    24. luật đoàn


    25. palash reja

      Everyone: Haaland is really quick Me: Have you met adminho?

    26. Nabil Ashrar Pidim

      Do y'all remember the 8-2? Bayern smashed Barca 6 months ago XDDD

    27. jashwanth reddy

      Once Lewandowski is done at bayern , bayern will eventually buy haaland from their sister club, Dortmund. Bayern is stacked with young and old horses.

    28. Achilles C

      That first strike though. 👌

    29. vinayak more

      Lewandowski shows who's better

    30. Crazy മലയാളി

      Adminho:Iam SPEED

    31. Sameer M

      And then Lewa showed his game🔥

    32. Deep Patel

      La liga and seria A is now sucks , Bundesliga deserve more recognition. I low . I like ,how they play with attacking mind, and teamwork

    33. Bala Kumaran

      Omg, that short sprint to get in place for the tap in 👌

    34. Haidar Al Farsy

      Hazard assist, art painted!

    35. Moist Peanut

      Ok but did they win?

    36. hala Madrid


    37. woot3979

      Welcome to Chelsea

    38. The Fourth Chairman

      Haaland scored twice Lewandowski *comes out from the front door with his wife. She fixes Lewa's tie. He kissed his wife in her forehead "Bye, Sunshine" he says, "Bye, Honey" she replies Lewa gets inside his car and goes to work

    39. Keon5100

      Haaland hustled 100x harder than the Bayern defense on that second goal

    40. Calin Niculescu

      Halland outstanding,but not enough!

    41. M a r i o

      It hurts knowing that they lost after they were winning 2-0. But it is worse that I'm a fan of the club ✌🏼🟡⚫

    42. Manuel Z

      Who more? Just LewanGOALsky 👏⚽️⚽️⚽️👌

    43. yie _TW

      sulë just watching at the field.. 😂😂


      Increíble jugador va llegar muy lejos va ser top

    45. SELALU GEMBIRA channel

      The two best strikers in the Bundesliga. And Lewadowsky came out as the winner ... congratulations

    46. Francisco Santiago

      Florentino, ya sabes

    47. Charly abraham

      Is haland good? why not.

    48. black tube

      When haland hace 2 but lewandowsky 3

    49. Around The World With Football


    50. Alexander Lliguisupa


    51. Yogesh Sngh

      First goal deflection, other tap in. Great player but Lewa is his daddy.

      1. Ha Kr

        He is just 20 ffs and he' olaying for dortmund while lewy plays for the best team in europe He could be better in the future in a complet strong team not dortmund

    52. daniel velasco

      Clear PEN on Reus btw. rigged match.

    53. Bundesliga

      Exploding into this game like he did in the Bundesliga WHAT a talent 🇳🇴 💛 🤩




        But too bad bayern are beasts XD



    54. Yupp Dupp

      Aged Well I guess

    55. Jonah Sevume

      His run for the second goal though. He clearly knows where the ball will be

    56. Carlos Tito

      Alguien me puede decir porque cambiaron Erling Braut Haaland

    57. Carlos Tito

      the goats es Erling Braut Haaland y lewandoski es un buen goleador.

    58. Loftus Blake

      Halaand deserves better but don't worry him and Sancho are on their way to Manchester.

    59. Guh Bug

      prank wkwkkw

    60. THE AGJR

      Bayern Munich to Lewadoski: Thats got to be the greatest Bundesliga goalscorer I've ever seen Dortmund: So it would seem

    61. Archangel Tyrael

      Match is about to start, I turn it on. Me: wait let's get some snacks and a drink first. And quickly to the toilet. Coming back WTF hapend 0-2???

    62. kenneth theg

      I love this admin they giving us highlights so quickly❤

    63. Georges 0722

      I dont like that bayern win every kkassiker

    64. Yoga PS

      Lewangoalski: Our battle will be legendary!

    65. بافاري


    66. Henry Powell

      bayernliga at it again #oneteamleague no offense adminho

    67. Bisayo Awude

      Well this didn’t age well 😂 😂

      1. tango elgort

        Not for bayern but still a good night for haaland

    68. Tassio Gomes

      Cara tira halland muito burro esse técnico

    69. Samuel Ergando

      I want haaland at Chelsea London awaits his majesty

    70. Jeffrey Garcia


    71. Ron 95

      Full game highlight?

      1. Andy


    72. Ranjan Kumar

      And then wrath of lewa strikes the dortmund team


      i'm laliga fan. but this admin something else.I love his response for the audience.

      1. Tomas Lagos

        La Liga Suck corrupt league

    74. Davian C-Sequal Evans

      And loose !!

    75. Jason Au

      Aged like milk

    76. Bit Frost

      Lewa scores a hatrick.

    77. Bram Wisnu

      The next ibra... badanya yg tinggi dan pencetak gol handal

    78. Emmanuel Enaiho

      Tap in and deflected shot, well still thinks Tammy is better suited for Chelsea than him

    79. Maldini 3

      Bayernsliga is the worst league in the world. Not for the quality of the football but for the competitiveness of it. Just read Flick wants Haaland at Bayern😒

      1. Maldini 3

        @Dasfa Müller Even if Bayern were 14 points adrift they will still win the league. It doesnt matter if it is close they will still win it. Liverpool won last season in the Premier League and look at them now.

      2. Dasfa Müller

        oh my bad they're not 13 points ahead, they're 14.

      3. Dasfa Müller

        Manchester city is literally 13 points ahead of the second placement, Bayern is only 2 points ahead. even Ligue 1 is more competitive than PL this year.

    80. Sashwat Desai

      what happened after that Mr. Bundesliga Admin?

    81. pdp x

      0-2 in 9' 4-2 in 90' Hahahaha this Bayern🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    82. Danny L

      Without that reflection nuere would have got that.

    83. Maldini 3

      Yet Dortmund end up losing the game 4-2😤. I hope Leipzig win the league for a change.

    84. Wahyudin Wahyu

      Welcome To Man Utd

    85. Angelo Alpha

      Bayern 4-2 Dortmund

    86. Vitor S.

      Lewandowski to Haaland: Kid, you have a lot to learn yet.

      1. Was a lawyer .


    87. shah raj

      Haaland scores 2 in 10 minutes Lewy scores a hat trick Haaland: you just gave me free motivation.

      1. Jack Sparrow

        Lewy for Halland is Prehistory,he’s doctor old doctor

      2. Jack Sparrow

        Another 3-4 years and Lewy going to history,Halland just started and how he started,pls be The same or maybe better good as you are in camp and outside,be yourself

      3. shah raj

        @Vainile Tron Moreau true but next season our defense wont be as weak. Upamecano and the other guy. We will be even stronger. But i like haaland as a guy. I respect his talent. This was just a joke.

      4. Ryukishi07 'The Creator'

        Dortmund was much weaker today, yet he was able to score a brace

      5. Aram Movsesian

        @Vainile Tron Moreau what r u on about it's a joke from 442oons


      and after that lewangoalski hatrick......

    89. AddlePate

      And the match ended 4-2 with Lewandowski hat-trick 😶😶. Lewandowski is on another level.

    90. Marcellinus Yuniar

      Halaand the next Ibrahimovic 👍

    91. Allan Jbara

      welcome to Chelsea

      1. Dasfa Müller

        keep dreaming

    92. Vaisakh Krishna U B

      Lewandowski : hold my beer

    93. HA21 Yang

      Yeah he isn't staying at Dortmound for long cause they are trash and won't fulfill his ambitions.

    94. 2 1

      Okay now post lewangolski’s hat trick 🔥🔥

    95. WhoShootYa

      But , finished 4x2 Bayern ..

    96. MayiZzZ

      And yet they lost, haaland really needs a better club

    97. HMS Unicorn I-72

      Then the comeback incoming

    98. jesse lingard

      Haaland needs a bigger club

    99. Tymur Abdelhamid

      Who’s here after Bayern won 4-2

    100. Minecraft Noob

      Bayern: And I took that personally.