Couples Therapy With Dr. Drew - Frenemies #7

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    A big thank you to Dr. Drew for mediating! Check out Dr. Drew After Dark on @YourMomsHousePodcast & his channel @Dr. Drew
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    1. makenzie andrews

      This is a great episode!!

    2. bethy 123

      please don't have dr drew as a guest again

    3. Morgana Maxx

      it’s interesting how their postures switch with their costumes 😅

    4. Marleah Puckett

      Wow their relationship has come a long way.

    5. trishaaloo

      I find it interesting that when trisha said "im not apologizing" in that one clip towards the end she was in a really rigid state I never noticed

    6. trishaaloo

      From here to january 2021 they've come a long way!

    7. Aijay Reuben

      The half fallen mustache 😂

    8. Oliversandys

      Ethan looks like he’s gonna star in the next Adam sandler movie.

    9. skarlet

      Ethan looks like he should be on jersey shore

    10. Asia Weiss

      Honestly this episode really helped me see Trisha in a different light.

    11. s ii

      Gotta love the information age, doctors be like pull up the video, we be like aigh bet.

    12. melissa j.

      Hahah I love this so much.

    13. Jessica Giebelhaus

      Lol when you start to notice your own symptoms

    14. Onlywitalan

      Half of Her mustache falling off is annoying 😭

    15. Mary Jane Peterson

      Omg.this is the BEST video of Trisha I've EVER seen ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    16. bored af

      I'm weirdly attracted to Ethan in this episode

    17. Laetitia Pohl

      i think ethan is more insensitive than he thinks. and trisha is more sensitive than ethan thinks. strange, but interesting show.

    18. Spanish Navaja

      Also why does Ethan look JUST like Jaymes Mansfield?

    19. Spanish Navaja

      Honestly this isn't entertainment. This is educational. I really enjoy the relationship these two share and the effort they go to maintain that relationship. Very interesting and not like anything else I've been watching and I commend them for putting ALL OF IT out there cuz they are being mor real than a lot of people on youtube these days.

    20. Louis 05


    21. robert hardy

      Ethan looks like snooky.

    22. DrNogueiras

      Trisha looks like Peter Monn

    23. DrNogueiras

      He looks almost exactly like one of the queens from drag race and I cannot figure out who 🤔

    24. Nicole Tsai

      The lip liner of ethan.

    25. TDH

      Ethan looks so good holy shit lol

    26. Sarah Price

      Holy shit, I fucking knew I'd relate a lot with Trisha. She needs more kind people like Moses and Ethan in her life. I wanna hug her so bad. Crying along with her, feeling angry and embarrassed and a self-sabotaging mindset is a lonely scary place and im so glad she's got a more positive, patient, and understanding support system

    27. Miss Alexia


    28. I'm Someone

      Dr Drew is a snaccc

    29. Dominique Haynes

      omg this is so funny

    30. Judith Lemay

      Trish looks real good with dark hair

    31. Isak Persson

      By far the best episode

    32. Emma Caldwell

      Is it worth Ethan doing some form of therapy with Trisha ? Like I don’t know what is best but it seems Dr Drew taking it through helps open Ethans eyes & helps understand Trisha. Also really worried for Trisha think she needs Dr Drew on speed dial

    33. desie232

      Just dont comment on girls looks Ethan lol

    34. Emma Maystrenko

      To be honest I think this podcast made me love Trisha and actually understand her :)

    35. Sophie . Ahlberg

      This is one of my favorite videos of 2020. Its educational and emotional to listen to Trisha, there are some wonderful and hilarious moments, and watching a relationship develop is awesome! Just what I wanted at this time and place. ❤️

    36. Tay Clift

      Brilliant show!!! On so many levels !!! I've got so much respect for you both ! And actually beautiful that you're now family , u wish u all the very best for the future xxxx

      1. Tay Clift

        ***I wish you both for the future 😘

    37. Miss Mantis

      Dr. Drew navigated them so good and asked all the right questions

    38. toorf

      This is why I don't believe plastic surgery should be that accessible: it DOES NOT help self-hatred how a lot of people suggest. Sure, for some it might do it, but it usually doesn't. We should learn how to love our uniqueness.

      1. flipflapflop

        People should still be allowed to do whatever they want with their own bodies.

    39. Kassandra Young

      Seeing the thumbnail I was so confused at first 😂

    40. yeroroo

      He called shane his bestfriend in this podcast aiyahhh :,(

    41. maria mina

      i really hope trisha can get better, i feel like she's genuinely a really funny and nice person but yknow

    42. Sasha Black

      This is one of the best podcasts guys . I love how you both are playing with looks and Dr.Drew is spitting the truth. Trisha has always been problematic in my eyes but Ive never cancelled her because I get mental health issues and I really believe at her core she is sincere. I admire their friendship between Ethan and Trisha

    43. Well wouldn’t You like to know

      Ok wait Trisha looks like Tim Pool

    44. ewer sdf

      The invincible fan covalently stitch because hope embryologically explode before a outstanding luttuce. dreary, afraid ashtray

    45. Madilyn B

      As someone who is diagnosed with bipolar seeing trish describe those moments where you KNOW you’re hurting people but you just cant pull yourself in made me cry. 🥺 it sucks.

    46. C K

      I really respect Trisha for being so open and honest. I think this not only showed Ethan boundaries, but also the people watching. You did great Trisha, I'm so proud of you and I hope for the best for you!

    47. bzleo

      I love Trish more and more. I also like the admitting to certain videos being trolling and some serious. It helps me know the difference.

    48. bzleo

      I think Ethan learned a lot :p When D'Angelo said Ethan might not have the ability to deal with Trish, this is what he meant. People need to learn about how to deal with people with mental health issues, as in boundaries, anxiety, triggers, etc. That's what Dr. Drew meant with Moses getting therapy. Not so much about him, but to learn how to manage himself in regard to Trish. So, the code word thing for example. It's a strategy and you have to learn those strategies so relationships stay fun basically.

    49. Amber Canbek

      Ethan looks like the step sister from Shrek in this episode lol

    50. Nao Ooo

      Trish is my internet mom

    51. Airpod ASMR

      this was the realest video on youtube

    52. Alanoud Fahad

      bro this podcast is so entertaining... i paused my netflix show to eat while watching this episode. give me more

    53. Saara Pöllönen

      I love how Dr Drew is able to control this craziness with humor and real empathy. Damn if I had the coin I would go to see him too.

    54. Alicia De Los Rios

      Aaaaannnnnndddddddd I love Trish so much after this. Forever girl! You're amazing and thank you for talking about this! And it's amazing that you're working on your struggle and deserve all the praise!!!!!!!

    55. Lucky Ducky The Cavapoo Puppy

      The reason Trisha got so much "shit" for the DID ting was because she triggered a lot of people who actually have it. For example DissaciaDID split into a new alter because of it. No matter how many episodes of this podcast I watch nothing can justify that and I will never support Trisha.

      1. Lucky Ducky The Cavapoo Puppy

        flipflapflop I agree. That’s really fucked up too.

      2. flipflapflop

        I'm mostly upset the doctor tried to say/ insinuate that D.I.D. isn't a real mental illness

    56. Hannah Bush

      orrrr ethan can stop having opinions on women’s bodies

    57. Grace Holgerson

      In any other context the statement “you can’t come out as a chicken nugget” is fucking hilarious😂

    58. Rossana Di Salvo

      im so grateful to trisha for putting herself out there and showing the not so glamorous side of a mental health journey like hers

    59. Maek

      They have like anti-chemestry it's hilarious

    60. Minnie Manson

      I love how I’ve never seen a friendship like this. I love that they do really care for each other and you can see that underneath being big personalities they’re really good people. I love them

    61. Hank Fournier

      I love Trisha she really is trying her hardest to overcome her mental health issues, we need to stop judging so much

    62. uyua

      can Trisha just google, like, genderfluidity...

    63. Magdalena Ruiz

      Ethan loooks so cute here

    64. David Gligorevic

      plastic Post Malone on the left

    65. Persistent One

      Trisha do you feel attacked and get defensive and then throw.low blows?

    66. Marykate Gose

      This my favourite episode

    67. Mirisha Tobin

      Trishas lip is hilarious I can’t hahahaha what’s with the expression on her face

    68. DHOOM- z7

      This feels like a face swap

    69. Olivia Gunn

      I'm almost positive I have BPD and I resonate with literally everything Trisha is saying. Its so weird watching someone who has the same issues.

      1. Layla Mae

        Seek some psychiatric help!! I was diagnosed with BPD several years ago - I have bipolar and ADHD as well which can only be treated (in my case) with medication. The BPD however I have managed to get under control with lots of therapy. I’ve worked hard but it is possible and now my traits are very mild and when I have flat ups pf my BPD it’s much easier to get it under control. The worst I struggle with now is disassociation. So if you have BPD getting it identified ASAP will be so helpful and then know that you can heal from it and it’s not forever, you can manage it and you may actually be able to be completely free from BPD which is such a relief to go into therapy knowing. Good luck if you seek professional help for a diagnosis and therapy❤️❤️❤️ BPD is really really difficult to deal with when it’s not managed/treated :(

    70. dana g

      Damn ethen this side of you is really bad. Improve yourself and show at least a little bit of respect to her

    71. Sarah Andrews

      this show is gold. lol ♥️

    72. Foxleaf

      Why does this podcast make me LOVE Trisha Paytas?? What is happening???

    73. Amanda Lampron

      I absolutely fricking love Trisha!! She is the funniest cutest little dork!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    74. Sierra Babcock

      Used to watch you both all the time. Finally came back to youtube after 2 years last week and I cannot stop watching this podcast. I'm straight up binge watching, this is day four. Love this iconic duo!

    75. Alex English

      I love watching Ethan in Lashes 😂🤣 I can’t stop watching him blink all weird!

    76. kraXoom

      Ethan playing with with his hair is everything 🤣

    77. Isadora Obsidian

      Why does he look just like Olympia from the channel Novympia? I literally cant🤣

    78. Unicorn Rainbow 🌈


    79. Charlee Worhol

      Omg lol trisha looks so funny i love it!

    80. Ashley Albright

      Ethan has nice girl hands

    81. forestorchid

      So they're just not going to let Ethan talk?

    82. Redbar Radio Replay

      Ethan's eyeshadow 0.0

    83. I Want To Be A Hive Mind So Bad

      Them fighting isn't "the magic of the show". I don't know about other people but I actually really enjoy it when they get along. Positivity is much more fun to watch than negativity.

      1. Outcast Pokemon

        Yes some of the new cohesive episodes are amazing!

    84. Maria James

      Omg I screamed 😂 this is fun

    85. Laura Baker

      Trisha!! You are an amazing person

    86. McLovin

      Not gonna lie I’d probably sleep with Ethan here if I met on a night out

    87. AmyButtafuoco1989

      Djezus this doc is a Trish simp 😅

    88. Jayne Carr

      ethan looks like ariana grande's auntie

    89. Erica Elizabeth

      I think the problem with how they dealt with the DID thing is how they (I’m not exactly sure what pronouns Trisha wants to go by right now) called the person with DID crazy. My partner has DID and one of the biggest thing they deal with is the stigma around it. Society really shits on people who talk to themselves, and so calling them crazy, even if you personally find the word liberating is wrong in my opinion. But this interview does give me more insight on Trisha and how they view the world

    90. Fred Johnson

      i wish they went back about 10 seconds farther with that clip of them arguing from when she walked out tho, they both forgot that ethan did say that she didn't turn out "okay"

    91. NinjaOutfitInTheWash

      I wanted to give trish a hug too. That shit isn’t easy at all. Proud of her for getting help. Ethan is pretty damned ignorant. Well I guess he’s trying to understand but he sounds like he’s trying to be a therapist and he knows nothing about bpd.

    92. kaylashalaylaaaaa

      Wow I sooo relate to not wanting to be hugged or touched when you're upset

    93. DeadShot

      almost like shes still on meth 💀

    94. DeadShot

      trish is fucking crazy lmao

    95. Sydney C

      Damn... This episode really helped me understand trishas pov. As someone who had been diagnosed w bpd in the past, I have felt a lot of these same feelings trish does. I feel a lot of sympathy for them now. What they really need is validation and people to listen, not judge...

    96. Cheryl Stone

      Bummed I have to skip this one because Dr Drew is trash... sigh.. oh well.

    97. Eva Freeman

      They should have swapped spaces as well

    98. Nini K

      Unpopular was never Anthony Padilla's place to call out Trisha for "faking" DID and I get her frustration. I hope she gets the help she needs, you can tell she's got a golden heart on the inside

    99. Annie Lawn

      I just started this podcast today and cannot stop watching lmao this content is way too good to be free

    100. Cindy Alvarado

      I don’t normally like watching podcasts but im addicted this is like im watching a real convo