How I BREAK DOWN a new body of water!

DC Fishing

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    During a break from the MLF Bass Pro Tour, Dustin sets out to provide an educational video on how he breaks down new bodies of water that he's never fished before.

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    1. Wiggins Racing

      This is a great vid. Thank you!

    2. Pillow Pants

      Say goodbye to 1.25 gallons now that Biden is in the white house and just signed the order to cancel the pipeline.

    3. previn blalock

      Thanks for the info bro! I love your enthusiasm.

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      Not anymore lol

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      I subscribe to you because of Bfishing and I'm glad I did you are a awesome guy.

      1. 84neilbone

        Bfishing is also a awesome genuine person.

    7. Brandon Baker

      DEN-G water.....😂

    8. Johnlacy

      Come down to weddow only about 45 minutes away awesome largemouth fishing and some big spots !!!!totally different than any lake you have ever fished located in weddowe Alabama

    9. Mike Rich

      What size rod does DC throw the swim jig on?

    10. Stuntman D29

      I subscribed after the “trash in ya truck” tip! 😂😂😂😂

    11. Saturday7x

      Heck yeah thanks for this vid.

    12. Jeff Barrett

      Would love to see a how to video on working your swim jig and your floating worm.

    13. Kris Lewis

      DC, you are the future of fishing. Thank you my brother

    14. Fish On!

      Love this episode. It made me subscribe. Would love to see more like this. Real fishing instead of just catching cobbled together.

    15. Chaddd

      Love these types of videos!!!

    16. SMD Fishing

      I appreciate you, keep it up.

    17. Tyler Farnsworth

      this kind of content is pure gold ! love that ole gobbler hammering at the dinggg

    18. Barry Roberts

      DC. Thanks for this instructional video. My sons love it, Keep them coming. DING Nation!!

    19. Pierce Statham

      That Takahiro Omori reference though..

    20. ricoisbeast11

      the subscribes vs views on this video are substantial! I See this channel blowin up glad to see it happen, keep on rippin

    21. Jeremy Gilreath

      Good video bro!! Appreciate it

    22. 7INEntertainment

      This is best fishing video ever.

    23. Dustin Weinberg

      I got a challenge for you. Come down to fish river and try to figure it out. Fish River and Magnolia River.

    24. Captain Young

      DC GREAT VIDEO ooooyea I was pulling for yea with jwheels and MDJ YESTERDAY

    25. Mike Estes

      I have enjoyed watching you fishing on MLF and on Wheeler's Channel. Glad you have your own channel now. Good Luck !

    26. Artificially Made

      Mans showed all his waypoints haha

    27. John Burgess

      Big DODO on the front deck haha

    28. Tom F.

      I subscribed just because of this video. thanks for teaching.

    29. Whitetail Addict

      Could you do a waypoint system video I noticed yours is pretty unique

    30. Jerry Valentour

      You will have to keep doing this videos

    31. Steve Voelker

      Great stuff DC. Doesn't matter if you got a ton of bites. You had a goal in mind and that was to teach lake break down and you did a great job of that in the time given. Weather forced your hand but you made the most of what you were given and made it very informative and easy to digest. You're one of my faves on tour. Love your enthusiasm, personality and skillz. Thanks for sharing. Catching bigguns is eye candy. We can't catch bigguns without finding them first. Keep bringin' the goods. Well done.

    32. Leave or Liberty Fishing

      DC sir you have the sickest hook set !!!

    33. hook'em pescados austin

      A one-on-one with you and Kyle Welcher would be a hoot! Good ole Alabama guys who get bit all of the time!

    34. Nick James

      Awesome video! Trying to learn basics and love these types of videos!!! Keep up the good work.

    35. Jaybird Bassin

      Man I got a kayak tournament on this lake in 2 weeks. Never been there before and caught 6 small baby bass lol. Great video man, I gotta get you out on a kayak one weekend!!!

    36. Liam Walsh

      This is easily the most informative fishing video I have ever watched.

    37. Jordan Behlen

      Great vid. Good luck this season if it ever gets going. My question is how are you not running a navionics card lowrance unit? I've switched away from lowrance and have gone to humminbird units and lakemaster just for the amazing mapping and MDI and MSI But do keep an hds on the nose for the 2d. My point being with how much you have to get around on the trail I would think navionics would throw you some cards to help you out. Or do you feel you don't need the cards and detailed mapping and depth?

    38. J C

      I got it for $1.19 today.

    39. BBynum Fishing

      Mannn Yates got some good fish for real lol

    40. One Dream Fishing

      This dudes awesome always bring the best and HONEST fishing information

    41. Wesley Markham

      Explain that back handed cast. That's awesome

    42. Reel Journey

      I like these types of videos. Thanks dc! Thanks for the nuggets

    43. Michael Morris

      Great info... Very very helpful💪

    44. Maximus Henkel

      DC I love your videos man but this one right here, this is my favorite video of any KGupr out there. Not only me but the rest of us who watch you really want to see more of stuff like this because not only are we learning so much more but we are seeing how hard it can be to fish a new lake. I am really starting to get into fishing and you are going to help me a lot in future years for fishing

    45. Adam Smith

      Thanks brother. Solid info. That was one hot gobbler. Thought you were gonna call him right to the boat. Funny to me that you consider that real clear water. I live outside Buffalo N.Y. lots of the water I fish is clear as vodka. Been hammering some big smallies on the upper niagara lately. Stay safe everyone.

    46. Messick Outdoors

      The turkey gobbling made the whole video

    47. Barry Eslick

      Really good stuff! Although I hope you don't have so much spare time later this year. A video like this in early summer, late summer, and mid to late fall would be good too!

    48. TayFishingTv

      Should i use my swim jig more aggressively like that like what does that cause ? Them bites were crazy

    49. Outdoors with Pipp

      Awesome content DC but in my area we have a lot of rivers I’d love to see a river break down video of you have the time. Keep u the great work buddy and stay safe

    50. Corey McKibben

      Great information and your a highly entertaining individual. Never a dull moment.

    51. Gale Watson

      Great video!

    52. James Taylor

      Ding Ding!

    53. Paul Govensky

      DC..Met you in Eufaula. awesome time chatting with you for the brief moment that you had. Thanks for the invaluable information that you share...Wow only 30...I thought you were younger than that. I take it that your house is done or are you still in a rental???

    54. Spies Hecker

      What's the best swim jig?, weight, size and color.

    55. Joe McKinnon

      Enjoyed your video DC. Like the fact you are trying to show us how to do it. TY

    56. Chase Wallace

      Enjoy your content can’t wait for more 2 a week lol

    57. Full Circle Outdoors

      What's up with the transducer mounted up high on your trolling motor shaft?

    58. Jaime Salinas

      This is awesome!! Great stuff D

    59. Dean Williamson

      Ross Barnett should be open next week or the next, after being closed a few weeks. You need to come on back. They gone be snackin !!

    60. Tyler Broadway

      DING!!! waiting on ur Favorite rod to release I’ll be the first one ordering. Thanks for the info love the energy

    61. Lee Yarbrough

      Ya you from Alabama we all alike haha love that country voice haha I’m the same , love in Florence pickwick an Wilson lake Great Lakes you should come on up an catch some of these big smallies. Great video.

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    70. Caleb Peterson

      Gas prices are down but a lot of people are out of a job in the industry.

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      Cheapest ive seen it is $1.13. I instantly thought about my childhood gas prices.

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      What brand of frog are you throwing.?

    74. Shaun Fowler

      great vid man !! getting me through a dang gum snow storm in April !!! Happy easter !

    75. E.L. Outdoors

      This video helps sooo much on figuring out a pattern and trying to break down a new body of water.

    76. Michael Chism

      Nothing better than a great big'ole spotted bass tugging on the end of your line!!!! Enjoyed the video and look forward to more!!!!

    77. Mr. Lapin

      Do more of these! Videos full of fish? There’s hundreds of them. Real life scenario “how to’s” like this one. Not much... I’m already waiting for the next one. :)

    78. victor swinson

      Great info DC cause most anglers don’t like to share info about how to catch more fish or breakdown a body of water

    79. Jeff Barrett

      Excellent video Dustin!

    80. Brett Belcher

      Thanks for all the awesome info Doing more vids like this will surely grow your channel. Loved the lessons DC!

    81. andrew meyer

      Dude these type of vids are awesome/ I am 13 and can use this when I am fishing ponds

    82. Matt Phillips

      Great job with this video. Very informative. Thanks man!

    83. Riley4140 Voltz

      Teach an offshore or current fishing video please please please

    84. Captain Young

      Break down lakes sorry typoooos

    85. Captain Young

      DC. If you do this type of videos you will I promise you will blow up KGup video. Plus the biggest thing it helps out everyone break down makes. Remember folks its fishing not catching lol

    86. Chris Tinnell

      Thanks for the education DC

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    90. HF Racing

      Hello DC! Just so you know, your fuel is "basically for free" !!! Up here in sweden it´s about 1,50 dollar a liter. Believe me i´d love to have sweet truck like most of you pros have to pull my boat around, i am currently looking for like a Kia 2.0 diesel if i´m going to afford some fuel for my boat ha ha!!! Keep up the good work man and keep on filming !!!!

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    92. Russell Taylor

      Love this video man keep it up

    93. CWF TV

      You should make more lake break down videos. Especially in Al. My home state!

      1. CWF TV

        @DC Fishing DING!!

      2. DC Fishing

        More videos are on the way! Especially in alabama!

    94. Jay Lublang

      This was great DC. Keep it up! We'd love more of these!

      1. DC Fishing

        Glad you enjoyed it, Jay! More videos are on the way! Stay tuned!

    95. dustin pitts

      I think this has been your best video, alot of good information;;;;;;;

      1. DC Fishing

        Thanks, Dustin! We plan on doing more videos like this to help educate y'all! Hopefully the next one will have some more fish catches!

    96. Justice McCormick

      Top notch by far! Thank you for helping provide incite for how you make decision. Very few pros break it down like you did! Class act man and thanks for taking the time to do what you do. This is the stuff that helps the little guys build confidence like me! Hope to see many wins your way brother!!

      1. DC Fishing

        I'm happy to help in any way that I can! I hope this video helps you put a few more bigguns in your livewell!

    97. Jose Martinez

      Great video awesome tips

      1. DC Fishing

        Thanks, Jose! Glad you enjoyed the video!

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      Great video. Thank you

      1. DC Fishing

        Thanks, Adam! Hope it helps you catch a few more bigguns!

    99. Kevin Smith

      Awesome video ! Your the man !! I love the mindset type videos, I like the trouble shooting of finding fish, sometimes when grinding and finding nothing what to do next is what stumps me sometimes.

      1. DC Fishing

        Thank you, Kevin! Always remember to use the process of eliminating water. Fish fast and cover as much water as you can. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. When you get a couple of bites, then you can slow down and figure out what it takes to get dialed in!

    100. Steven Sanderson

      I've been waiting on this vid. Thank you DC for relating to us common folks.

      1. BACUpNorth

        Steven Sanderson he was a common folk at one point too!