Soda-Soaked Gummies Taste Test

Good Mythical MORE

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    Today, we're eating gummies that have been soaked in soda for 12 hours. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1867
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    Try making YOUR OWN soda marinated gummies!
    Gummy Bears:
    Gummy Worms:
    Swedish Fish:
    Cream Soda:
    Root Beer:
    Grape Soda:
    Mountain Dew:
    Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola:
    Cactus Cooler:
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    1. Jayy Goldsmith

      I Whoop My Dogs Ass 🤷🏾‍♂️

    2. Jesse Stockton

      Stevey is the vegan of lesbians. Almost every episode she reminds you she's lesbian.

    3. king james

      Where I’m from, North Georgia, dogs still get spanked since I was a little baby


      "How am I supposed to respond to that?" -Link

    5. Jenny Darby

      Hey I’m going home to grab my stuff and then I’ll be there

    6. Turtleproof

      I raised dogs all my life, speak in their language just like their moms do: little swats when they're bad, demonstrate proper behavior, reward goodness. It's simple, it just takes time. There are photos somewhere of me sleeping with the pups after cleaning the pen.


      Lol wtf they never had cactus cooler

    8. alexis godbee

      My dads a dennis lol

    9. iconik 2333

      really link you dont know how to spank a

    10. Frank

      my stepdad is a dennis

    11. Mr Fox


    12. Nick Dennis

      Hi I’m a Dennis

    13. Dennis Longmire

      This is awkward

    14. miathemuse ღ

      I love Cactus Cooler!!! Its so underrated

    15. Brandogamer YT

      Someone called bunny? I think your talking about the creator of soulshatters

    16. X.S.



      Now what You guys should do is drink the soda that the gummy bears were marinating in.🔥🤘😀🤘🔥

    18. Nora Lerdalen

      im from norway, and i would recomend comming here. The nature here is beautiful

    19. Michael Gatlin

      I know a dennis, he's a doctor that I used to go to. And I know a bunny too, he's a guy, and he looks and acts like a drug dealer but idk he just comes and gets lunch from where I work

    20. Austin Neel

      Wait a vlog for that 1 month hike 🤔😳

    21. Joshua Bynum

      My mom whooped us and the dog, and imma whoop my kids and the dog.

    22. AlwaysMG

      Completely forgets about Dennis Quade 😭

    23. Kat Name

      I love squirt soda.

    24. Words of Wizdom

      Before I even watch Sprite gummies should taste the best in theory. Sprite remix gummies would probably be even better

    25. ember

      my grandma married a dennis once

    26. Ace Rdgz

      Isn't Squirt supposed to be grapefruit?

    27. Nicole

      Dennis Miller!

    28. TheShaman

      Y’all need to go to Budapest

    29. Throw away

      LTAT is better

    30. mathieu moses

      It's pronounced: ``Duhnee`` dont say the s in canadian french XD

    31. Daniel Lundahl

      just want to clarify for link, Fresca does not have sugar lol

    32. Clokyy

      What the f**k I just guessed rhet was gonna say Martha

    33. Jaclyn Van Meter

      Norway is AWESOME. So gorgeous

    34. Jaclyn Van Meter

      Try biting all the way thru ur tongue. That hurts.

    35. Dennis Francis

      I suspect Martha of marination

    36. dfsgirl

      I’ve come to the realization I know way to many Dennis’s. And they are all basically the same person 🤔 a old , plump, bald, Midwestern man with a overgrown beard. Who looks scary but is really a teddy bear.

    37. Daki Gaming

      Can I just say we in New Hampshire spank our dogs not extremely hard or anything but they are the best they love us they listen they are trained very well and never hurt anyone they are just big love bugs and that’s from spanking or normal discipline for dogs

    38. Tyler Mulligan

      Sweetish Fish probably one of my favorite candies

    39. Ariel Jackson

      Dang Rhett and link r some real southern boys fr 😭😭

    40. Dom Glover

      Squirt is a grapefruit soda

    41. Tag Deeds

      Okay but we needs some suggestion for those lesbian romance novels bc I need more in my life

    42. Morrigan KASA

      Screw Kindle books are meant to be read from actual paper based book. Seriously screw E-Readers.

    43. Bill Smith

      Can't trust those Denni, no one should be close to one

    44. Super Starched

      my friend has fobbed so many batches of really overly-saturated vodka gummy bears on me... Just looking at these gummies made me feel bad.

    45. Lucy Engman

      As a person in the south I can say people still spank their dogs

    46. Emily Schallock

      Umm...Dennis Quade?? Am I the only one who thought of him?

    47. Maia Stenger

      16:26 Sadness

    48. Dr. LumpyPants

      I was beat as a kid, our dogs also were. My children and dogs will also be beaten. Within reason of course.

    49. Kat the Destroyer

      my dad still spanks his dog when he’s bad. my cat likes to be spanked tho

    50. Cold Spoons

      Wait it isn’t normal to spank your dog if they pee on the floor or something to show them it’s wrong? (Btw I don’t hit the dog it’s a spank)

    51. YuPei

      "Villa-new-v" just loooool

    52. Logikure

      If you decide to travel to Sweden I will gladly show you around.

    53. toughluck8012

      6:58 I thought she was gonna go full circle and say "lesbian romance novel"

    54. Robert Sibley

      Squirt is grapefruit flavor

    55. Michelle Michelle

      I spank my dog with a sandle hahaha she knows im seriously serious

    56. Micah Maciel

      For some reason Link reminds me of Dana Harvey at times

    57. Thomas Higgins


    58. [: shivanshi :]

      Boom done

    59. [: shivanshi :]


    60. [: shivanshi :]


    61. [: shivanshi :]


    62. [: shivanshi :]


    63. [: shivanshi :]


    64. [: shivanshi :]


    65. [: shivanshi :]


    66. [: shivanshi :]


    67. [: shivanshi :]


    68. [: shivanshi :]


    69. [: shivanshi :]


    70. [: shivanshi :]


    71. [: shivanshi :]


    72. [: shivanshi :]


    73. [: shivanshi :]


    74. [: shivanshi :]


    75. [: shivanshi :]


    76. [: shivanshi :]


    77. [: shivanshi :]


    78. [: shivanshi :]


    79. [: shivanshi :]


    80. [: shivanshi :]


    81. [: shivanshi :]


    82. [: shivanshi :]


    83. [: shivanshi :]


    84. [: shivanshi :]


    85. [: shivanshi :]


    86. [: shivanshi :]


    87. [: shivanshi :]


    88. [: shivanshi :]


    89. [: shivanshi :]


    90. [: shivanshi :]


    91. [: shivanshi :]


    92. [: shivanshi :]


    93. [: shivanshi :]


    94. [: shivanshi :]


    95. [: shivanshi :]


    96. [: shivanshi :]


    97. Travis Steinbock

      Growing up in California, Cactus Cooler is the Nectar of the Gods! I believe you can only get it in California, and some parts of Arizona and Nevada. Some 7/11 stores used to have Cactus Cooler Slurpees. Probably contributed greatly to my childhood obesity lol

    98. Justina Smith

      I work for a Denis with 1 "N"

    99. Cooper Clapp

      Then you should watch Dennis the menace

    100. Eazy_B_ Bandit

      My dog is intelligent enough to not need to be hit and he listens great. It’s a sign of ignorance in yourself if you use violence to reprimand. Js