Digital Fish Scale of the FUTURE?

Scott Martin

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    Probably the Smartest fish scale ever..For more info check this out . Lake Okeechobee showed out again in the end..thanks for watching.
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    1. Steve Hogan

      SCOTT, stop selling and go fishing.

    2. Carson is Fishing

      Your with skeeter now

    3. SolidRock Outdoors

      I’ll stick to my connect scale. Nice scale tho


      How much $$$$

    5. Tom M

      Where can I get one?

    6. raymond hill

      Hey Scott do you think you could send me a favorite fishing rod? 7.3 ft med heavy. Thanks.

    7. Bassing around

      Nope , like the digital tester electric meter it take forever to set the weight. , I like more de all one that give you the weigh right away

    8. Trick Shot

      Scott tell James I’m right here! Where you at Scott? 😂 Thanks for the snap man! Good luck!

    9. Cody Phillips

      Scott’s the man!!

    10. Rogbass

      Yea there’s a lot of fishing shows on tv and net. I watch a lot of em. Some are great like The Sea Hunter with Rob Fordyce. Flip Pallot narrating another good one etc etc. My point is Scott. Is a question. Do you realize how dang good you are at talking about fishing? No I’m not just some super fan. I firmly believe you could make a scheduled show each week on a big network that could and most likely would be huge for fishing. This is a weird time in history. Fishing is booming. It’s not just a passing fad. Please keep working hard like you are. Be YOU Your a good person. The kind we all love waking up to on a Saturday morning to watch some fishing. Thank You Roland. You gave us so much over the years. Topped it off by raising an amazing Son. Thank you both for all the hours of peace I achieved with your shows.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you sooooo much!!

    11. Miguel Perez

      Why did McCoy flinch lol

    12. OneWheel_Jaymes

      more of james

    13. Livonia Outlaws

      How are u supposed to lie about the 5 pounder u caught

      1. Scott Martin


    14. Evan Burns

      Hey Scott remember me from Scott Canberry

    15. crdnlboy32

      Just curious... why didn’t you have a paddle tail trailer on that googan spinner bait you had in at the 11:48 mark in this video.

      1. crdnlboy32

        @Scott Martin is that for a better hook up ratio, or just a personal preference?

      2. Scott Martin

        I don’t use a trailer often..

    16. Anglers Pursuit

      Scott, be cool to talk to whoever designed and made this. I have an idea on how to prolong braided line and I bet they could make it. Would be a game changer for braid.

    17. Kingbassin85

      I’ll stick with my bogagrip scale

    18. Andrew Edwards

      Can we just watch a fishing video with out you trying to sell me something!

    19. Rowdy Broomstick

      Beautiful Skeeter FXR 21 Apex!!!! That front deck is huge! And the boat is 5 inches wider! Makes it nice for filming like you're doing all the time!! Check out Buck's island and take a ride in that Skeeter ZXR 20 , would love to hear a pro's thoughts on that boat!

    20. Wills Urquhart

      Anyone notice he is in a new Skeeter??

    21. SF7Dragon

      But is it waterproof, not water resistant, but waterproof?

      1. SF7Dragon

        Hmm, something to look into.

      2. Scott Martin

        Not sure about “waterproof”

    22. Rogbass

      This goes out to Billy. Think about this Billy. Roland is 80. Still a bass fishing machine and headed to the Elites of all places. Now Billy if you take good care of Scott. You know like make sure he eats and sleeps good. Safe from bug bites and junk mail. Etc. Then you could have a place to be for the next 40 years at minimum. Think Billy. This like a Bass fishing pension. If I was you I’d be washing Scott’s feet 🦶 and ironing his socks and stuff.

    23. Zach Riffey

      Scott you are literally who I wanna be when I get older man your a amazing fisherman I hope u do a contest where one of us can go fishing with u bc I want to fish with u and Hillary so bad

    24. Robert W. Coleman Jr.

      I been using the Connect Scales. They have a App for your phone also. With the same kinda tournament setup for them.

      1. Scott Martin

        Very cool

    25. R Mach

      Man, I love futuristic stuff! Hey, you ever thought about water and how it moves? They got these power generators, right? They work off wave motion. I am sure you know about that. But, brother, you ever thought about how much GREEN energy we could make by producing smaller scale models for folk with Parkinson's?

    26. Randy Arnhart

      I wish Miss Hilary had the opportunity to do what her dad is doing, because she is great at bass fishing among other species. Scott needs to start WBASS for the young women. She can kick his A-- or mine for that matter any given day. Seeing her BOWED up on the front of that boat with that fish a ways out there is AWESOME. 2 Points Hilary 1.5 point (.5 because maybe he {Roland} taught her) to fish (CATCH) like that!

    27. Wyatt Azelton

      i have a the same scales

    28. Rusty Scopano

      Please Scott I am desperately trying to find out how I can view my sonar recordings from my GARMIN 93svUHD on my cpu but I cannot figure it out. Does Garmin has a program to do this?

      1. Rusty Scopano

        @Scott Martin Thank you very much. So just use the active captin app? Do I save it to a microsd first or just go straight from my phone?

      2. Scott Martin

        You have to use the app to record to your phone then transfer to computer

    29. Mxchael-soldYeu

      You should come fish lake cumberlsnf

      1. Mxchael-soldYeu


    30. Lloyd Rush

      I noticed that skeeter you were in Scott. You got something you wanna talk about?

      1. Scott Martin

        Still running Ranger

      2. Lloyd Rush

        @Nick Witkowski all good no worries!!

      3. Nick Witkowski

        @Lloyd Rush I was too focused on the fish I guess...I never even looked at the boat until I watched the vid a 2nd time. 👊

      4. Lloyd Rush

        @Nick Witkowski yep definitely a skeeter on the big o hard not to notice and you’re right he was in his ranger in the first part

      5. Nick Witkowski

        Hey man, my bad. He was in his Ranger in the first part of the video, I didn't notice he actually was in a Skeeter on the Big O.

    31. Don’s drones And stuff

      It everyone has your money , if they are under 50$ maybe but I doubt it

    32. Cash Hammer

      Do a video with trash talking james

    33. Brandon Newsome

      That yamaha is absolutely disgusting. Just a shame that Evinrude is gone

      1. Nick Witkowski

        It's absolutely beautiful bro! What you be trippin on? Better looking than the ridiculous CONEHEAD cowling on the Merc's. Plus Yamaha's overall are way more dependable and a longer lasting motor...J.M.O.🤙

    34. Photo Bob

      I love the concept of this scale!

    35. the_enthusiast

      Compare this to the connect scale. The connect has been out a while and it uses an app too and also has a tape measure. The main difference is the clamp vs the hook style on the connect. Price will make a difference too considering the connect is only like $55

    36. Abe_Sinclair

      SMC = Scott Martin Commercial channel

      1. Scott Martin

        Be very glad that occasionally company’s want to help support the channel. Just remember I support good companies with products I think are cool. Traveling all around the country cost a bunch. Plus the boys eat a lot too.. And the last time I checked KGup is free for y’all to watch. 👍🏻

    37. Steffon Lindrud

      Should have done a comparison but he already knows its not accurate. Cool thing for shore fishing ponds and stuff.

    38. Tyler Denlinger

      Is that an Skeeter FXR I saw😁

      1. Scott Martin

        Still running Ranger

      2. Tyler Denlinger

        @Nick Witkowski we both right!

      3. Nick Witkowski

        @Tyler Denlinger You are right! My bad.

      4. Tyler Denlinger

        @Nick Witkowski I watched it again already. He is in two different boats. The first part of the video he is in his Ranger. When he is on The O. He is in a Skeeter. Say Skeeter on the Live well when he takes out his fish.

      5. Nick Witkowski

        @Tyler Denlinger Your wrong bro. It says RANGER right at the step down from the front deck. Plus if you read farther down in the comments, some other dude asks him if it's a Skeeter and Scott says himself "Nope, still runnin a Ranger". Look closer, re-watch the vid man.

    39. Chadwick Medlin

      Hey Scott I just realized when did you start running a skeeter I have a skeeter and I love it

      1. Nick Witkowski

        Yo bro, my bad. The first lake he was on he was in his Ranger....I didn't notice that when he switched to the Big O, he was in a Skeeter.

      2. Nick Witkowski

        Yo...your trippin bro. He still has his Ranger. He just signed a deal and changed to the Yami a month or 2 ago because Evinrude went tits up.

    40. wildlife explorers

      Those were some giant bass

    41. Robert Jacobs Fishing

      Thought you would need Hillary to test the scale properly ;-)

    42. Mitchell Traxler

      I tend to like scott Martin recommended products.

    43. Dale B

      Scott, im sorry i clicked on the link in your description and i do not support BLM

      1. Scott Martin

        Don’t blame you

    44. Jerry Thao

      Its a digital scale. Idk of the final msrp going to be but a digital scale is a digital scale. Notice that its on kickstarter. Theres probably a good reason why the developers have not really gotten any investor(s).

    45. Wattdachshund watt

      Does it float?

    46. Doug Atkins

      Why has nobody made a solar powered scale?

      1. Nick Witkowski

        Or solar powered Go-Pros??

    47. James Haeberle

      What did you put over your knot on your spinner bait

    48. Rusty Wells

      Scott is going to sell a lot of scale's for that company it's a good product!

    49. ChaT

      You should do a test with how accurate that scale is with measurement and weight and compare it to a official weight scale and official board measurement. Would be interesting to see how close it is.

    50. Patrick Minor

      "dun dun did it" LMAO!!!!!

    51. Pringals

      Bought time someone was able to invent this. I've had a similar idea for years. Could be good for Kayak fishing tournaments. ... but sadly, there will be cheaters who will like to add weight. Much harder to cheat with lengths on regulation boards.

    52. Shane Hall

      So...commenting again....I get that some people are not fans of what Kickstarter may be donating some proceeds to, I don't either, but it's not about that to me, it's a place for people to try and get their product started, it's where new and inovative ideas come from, you don't have to agree with everything in the background to want to back a product...I think I can look past it all and say " I like this product idea, let me help them out" so ya....I'm in and back it....why not

      1. Michael Anderson

        Couldn’t say it better, I hoped in the second I got done watching the video, the BLM on the top made me take a second guess but hey as long as I’m only donating a couple cents to them then they are not going to get much with it

    53. Brian Cook

      That show you still got it

    54. Kevin Grace

      Ask McCoy if those are hey dude shoes he's wearing and if they're really as comfortable as they say. I heard they're the new best thing.

      1. Rusty Scopano

        Hey dudes are very comfortable shoes my son swears by them

    55. RedNeck Fishing

      Use the tape next time show we see the length lol

    56. Alfonso Rodriguez

      He was on a skeeter hell yeah

      1. Nick Witkowski

        @Laken Corley You're correct. My bad on Big O coverage...don't have a clue why he's in a Skeeter there, but he is still running his Ranger in tourneys and sh*t. Oh well, who cares at this point right?

      2. Laken Corley

        @Nick Witkowski you can clearly see when they get to Okeechobee and he bends over it says skeeter on the side next one of the boxes

      3. Nick Witkowski

        You're both wrong boys. That's still his 2020 Ranger 520L! Just because he has a Yami now doesn't mean he's running a freakin Skeeter! When Evinrude went tits up, Scott signed a new contract with Yamaha. Watch the video a little's a Ranger dude.

      4. Laken Corley

        Only way to go

    57. J Tee

      Not a fan of the scale. 1) The name sounds Arabic or middle eastern, obviously not thought through for the English speaking market. 2) The outside of the box is marked in cm & kg, not inches & pounds, obviously not aimed at the American market. 3) The box is too fancy to the point where it adds too much to the price but it's not a real established company, it's a Kickstarter funded project, they'll probably offer it blister packed when the start mass production in China or Korea 4) The length taken isn't the same as using a bump board. 5) That clamp style is a bit much (rip through & lower jaw damage!) for American freshwater fish. I think I'd rig a wider plastic clamp style to it but that kills the tape measure & clamp & lift function. Maybe they could make wide feet to add to the tips of the clamp jaws. 6) It's waterproof! What an awesome feature, hello Rapala, are you listening? 7) The concept of having a scale with wifi to tie directly into an app like Fishbrain is an excellent one, these guys had a fantastic idea, if a major corporation doesn't make their own version these guys should do well, the entire world is their customer, it's easily sold online and could even be direct shipped from China. I've had friends get stuff from china through ebay in less than 10 days. Shipping time to Europe would probably be half that.

    58. Mike Patterson

      You ever have an idea of something and someone else invents it ? Well that was my idea about 2 years ago. I'm stupid ! Also the digital picture frame , my idea . I've learned my lesson. 😂😂

      1. Mike Patterson

        @pocbass b I said they were ideas , I didn't say I invented anything Smart Ass

      2. pocbass b

        i heard you invented the light bulb as well.

    59. Rogbass

      Hey folks. Think of this. Roland has exemption to elites. Scott is getting in. Two Martins traveling the circuit. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. there can’t be a pro bass fisherman on elites who isn’t a little worried about this. Super cool.

      1. Rogbass

        Scott Martin I would love to cross paths someday. Just to thank yea for making me a better bass angler and to your Pops for sure. I grew up pulling out the vcr taking an hour to set the timers to record his shows and Bill dance and flip pallot and of course Jose. But what I always do is go back to some of those old vids before I go fishing on the exact lakes. Yep still have the vcr. Lol why I don’t know. If we ever meet I’ll buy the drinks the meal and the ten shirts I’ll need you to sign. Maybe get Rolands and your fam signed as well. I’m a salt man from Martha’s Vineyard. Love my billfish and blue fins. Mostly entered the cash tourneys like Bisbees black and blue and big rock and white marlin. Now I just let my buddies use the Viking. I’m too beat up. Lol. I’m babbling sorry. Lol. You and your fam and your crew just bring back memories. And I’m loving it.

      2. Rogbass

        Scott Martin you got this. Lot of people praying on this. I know there’s a lot of pressure. Thank you Scott Martin. For creating a family tradition. Takes the second guy to do that. Your daughter not far behind. It has everything I’m looking for. Family. Fishing. Good people and some fun times. I am enjoying this ride. Lol hahahaha. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

      3. Scott Martin

        That would be amazing..gotta keep working hard. 🙏🏼

    60. Preston Siroka

      Hillary taps the belly of the biggest fish so funny

      1. Preston Siroka

        @Scott Martin omg no way it’s him

      2. Scott Martin



      Thats a sweet scale

    62. Fishing MW

      Another pos junk scale that will brake Ina week or two.

    63. Bassassin

      That way of measuring isn't nearly as accurate as laying them on a flat board.

      1. Scott Martin

        Agree..but still consistent at least

    64. Bassassin

      And how much they paying you to pimp this?

      1. Bassassin

        @Scott Martin True that

      2. Scott Martin

        Not much at all..just trying to help them get this going. If it all comes together well it would be pretty cool

    65. Detstormvet7991 Rider

      That scale is cool

    66. Dbars19

      Scot whens the best time to come fish big O during the winter?

      1. Scott Martin

        Starting in Nov

    67. Javyn Maxton

      Really good scale! What GoPro mount do you use for capturing front of the boat? (3:10)

    68. Michael Anderson

      Hey Scott you should definitely link the kickstart campaign into this video to see if that will help get this product into production.

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll do that.

    69. Larry Corley

      That’s a cool scale

    70. BassAddict717

      Scott you seriously have a great family and crew. It is awesome to see how into fishing your little girl is and I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to really enjoy it. You're living my dream man and I'm so glad you share it with all of us. Keep up the great work dude! 👊

    71. Matt Clark

      That scale looks cool but for 100 Bucks and you won't get it till March 2021 it says for delivery . But great video

    72. BanG

      Some competition for ConnectScale

    73. Sergio Rubio

      water resistant? does it float?

      1. Scott Martin

        Not sure about floating but water resistance for sure

    74. Lane J Fishing

      Did you switch to skeeter

      1. Lane J Fishing

        @Scott Martin oh

      2. Scott Martin

        Still running Ranger

    75. Brendon Bradford Fishing

      He is in the skeeter

      1. Nick Witkowski

        OMG....Everyone sayin he's in a Skeeter are wrong! He still running his Ranger 520L. When Evinrude went tits up, Scott signed a new contract with Yamaha. Look at the video a tad closer everyone!

    76. Jim Snyder

      Ya just keep amazing me !

    77. Taylor Lawson

      How can you get one

    78. Shane Hall

      That was a cool scale. I see they aren't actually out for retail yet. But I did get on Kickstarter and pledged to back it....hope they reach their will be a nice addition

    79. robert oneski

      Love your videos, is b-lat gone tho?

      1. Scott Martin

        Not at all..

    80. Emaculate

      Did Brandon get fired? Where's he been

      1. Emaculate

        @Scott Martin 😂😂😂

      2. Scott Martin


    81. Terence Robinson

      Do it have a cull system made into it

      1. Scott Martin

        No but it needs it

    82. Brock Johnson

      Dude that scale is a game changer with social media!

      1. Scott Martin


    83. Scott Collins

      I love how Hilary gets excited about a big bass, even , if it’s not her bass.

      1. ICatchBigFish

        I hope anybody does that, if not they might be selfish or very competitive

    84. Fishing With Azzy

      All lives matter

    85. Fishing With Azzy



      Glad you got off the drink. Cause remember your holding lightning rods.

    87. Mike Bailey

      Scott, I like the scale and the fact you can use it with your phone. Don't think I would us the ruler especially in a tournament. I like when you show us new fishing items or lures. Blessings to your family.🎣🐟

    88. Travis Craver

      I see a sweepstakes to win one of those. Come on scott u like giving things away

    89. DG Mills

      Nice little fishing day. I like that scale a lot! 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣😎😎😎👍👍👍

    90. Leslie Tincher

      The ONLY cool person named Hillary. 🤣

      1. Scott Martin


      2. Steve Fisher

        Know any cool people named Donald?

    91. Jake Martin

      Great video man, Like always keep up the hard work and tight linz🤙🎣

    92. Lars Vegas

      also those clips work on bass only.. for other fish use a weigh sling or some kind of bag/plastic contraption..

    93. YankeeUseMasksOrDie

      Well the thing breaks you can always use it as a weapon for yer personal protection. Its as big as a club. No room in my boat for that paddle.

    94. Richard McGowen

      Looks like a good scale easy way to keep track of fish and prove that you caught them and their weight

    95. Thatboyrick25

      That googan spinnerbait on fire

    96. Michael Dillard

      It seems to be a little windy lol


      I think the mouth should be closed for correct length measurements.


        TheBlindkiller85407 that’s tough, sounds very familiar.

      2. TheBlindkiller85407

        @ILLUMINATHAN79 I hear ya, for me I’d be thinking about the tournament on Conway (dink capital of central FL). 14” minimum and I’ve had nights where I caught 30 bass and only 4 were over. Watched a guy that crushed everyone another time by 5 lbs, DQ’d for one bass an 1/8th inch off.


        TheBlindkiller85407 I guess that’s just the kayak bass tournament fishing in me. So used to measuring length on my Ketch bump board.

      4. TheBlindkiller85407

        First thing I thought as well. I mean, it’s nice that it’s an all in one unit, with an app. But it’s not the correct measurement.

    98. StaticTuna34799

      I never knew Macoy used to live in Pennsylvania. One of the boys repping PA

      1. BassAddict717

        I'm also in PA! About 25 minutes outside Gettysburg!

    99. LT1BURNOUT

      Seems like a cool scale...but lost interest when I saw their using a website that is donating proceeds to a BS organization...

      1. Allen Bishop

        I was in until I noticed that. I'm out!

      2. isaiah vanmaanen

        Gavin Doh the first link in video discription is for the fish scale

      3. Gavin Doh

        @isaiah vanmaanen what website?

      4. isaiah vanmaanen

        I went to the website and saw that🙄

    100. Nick Witkowski

      Great vid Scott! Like that scale alot. Seems pretty cool with everything it does. 2 Questions: #1, Is it completely waterproof? #2, What kind of price range are we talking here? Nice fish BTW!👊BAM!👊