CTGTV: Episode 3 - Essen 2020 Special!


3,8 миӊ. көрүүлөр0

    2:16 - Show Starts
    21:41 - Community Highlight
    34:49 - Cloudspire Factions Overview
    54:13 - Nobster Mash
    1:54:05 - Build a Tyrant with Ricky Royal
    2:55:05 - Burncycle Gameplay Update
    3:31:00 - GIVEAWAY + Learn to Draw Ediin from Cloudspire
    4:13:39 - Unboxing the Very First Copy of the Original Hoplomachus
    4:57:35 - Cloudspire LIVE Gameplay with the New Factions
    Welcome to our Essen Spiel Special! Join us for an epic 8 hour show. Grab a coffee or some snacks and enjoy new Cloudspire faction gameplay, sneak peeks at Burncycle art and gameplay, Live group design a new baddie with our Artist Anthony LeTourneau, Lab Rats with Ricky Royal, plus so much more!

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Daniel

      Nice Lab Rat show by Ricky. But one question. Ricky used the backup plan with the rightmost dice. Is this correct for the rat labs? Other Gearlocs use the BP from the left, so the purple die were removed as Helix used the BP

    2. Henrique Ribeiro

      shit I miss this live and lost a free dice tray :/ Bought 3 expansion for TMB day 23/10

    3. Eriquarius

      I'm excited about Burncycle. But at the same time I'm excited to try all the new TMB content I just ordered. Undertow, Splice n Dice, and the rest of the gearlocks!

    4. Yan Hey

      I'd love if you renamed "IP addresses" to "ghosts" or "network exit points" of some kind. IP addresses are something that is very well known to anyone with even a little computer skill, and this just sounds... I don't know how to say it, but underwhelming for sure. "Amateurish", probably. I didn't want this to be just a criticism, thus my suggestion. I'd love ghost as you're "ghosting yourself" into the network. Just a thought! ;)

    5. wingmansion

      I was happy to hear about the ESSEN2020 code only to be met with this error message when checking out Cloudspire upgrade pack and Hero‘s Bounty for Europe: The coupon code doesn't apply to the items in your cart. Are there any restrictions, like only available for the USA?

      1. wingmansion

        It worke after adding a dice tray to the cart.

      2. wingmansion

        @Ryan Picklesimer No, I thought the code would add it.

      3. Ryan Picklesimer

        Did you have a dice tray in your cart at the time?

    6. RocketMagnetUK

      Ok you got me.. the background audio hum at the start had me checking my PC fans and fan profiles. Burn Cycle looks like its coming along nicely and definitely will be checking out the KS.

    7. Alberto garth

      Subtitles please!!

    8. Maarten Zoomer

      Great essen specials! Can't wait for burncycle on november the 10th!

    9. Julius Müller

      Could you add some timestamps to the description?

      1. ChipTheoryGames

        Added, thanks for the reminder! :) Enjoy the show.