*wears AirPods Max once*

Trevor Wallace

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    if u ain't tryna (airpods) Max out, you better back out.
    s/o to @Jonathan Morrison for the cameo and AirPods Max hook up !
    check his page for for tech reviews! Like this one!
    Shot by @Ryan The Leader
    Come see me live in Phoenix, AZ. This weekend Jan. 21-24th (6 socially distanced shows)!!
    all other stuff go to my website!
    Book me on cameo this valentine's day!
    if ur still reading that, go comment "cat probably got Soulja Pods"

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    1. Trevor Wallace

      doing shows (SOCIALLY DISTANCED) in phoenix, AZ this weekend! bit.ly/2LMa01Q

      1. Joey Breeze

        You stole that mcchickens joke from m2thak

      2. Russian Federation

        1:35 is the funniest

      3. Joseph Reagan

        Don't forget about the Air Pods Max Pro-PROS. They are the same as the Air Pods Max but with no case (it is built into the Air Pods Max Pro-PROS) AND it has the apple wheels built into the earmuff. It is called the PROS because of the "Premium Rolling Ossolation System," which delivered stunning sound on the go. (You can play music while the Air Pods Max Pro-PROS is rolling around your counter.) The Apple Air Pods Max Pro-PRO can be yours for only $3500.

      4. Tyron Mathis

        They changed it 2 years ago so think

      5. Maurisio’s PSVR channel

        I subscribed you definitely made me laugh 😂

    2. Steve Johnny

      Tune at 0:45?

    3. Frogo’s Channel

      I mean Trevor 😔

    4. anon 832

      Wtf my Alex just started playing a song for Hamilton

    5. kerry riley

      Apple kids are either very furious or laughing there asses of

    6. Not Your Average Joe

      Soooo damn happy I watched this video lol 😂😂😂😩😩

    7. Jared Tuzon

      I like how his audio changes with the headphones

    8. Nathan Lambert

      who else didn’t know they had maxes until this vid?

    9. Christopher Arvid

      Why am I learning about apple releases from a Trevor Wallace video

    10. Turtle

      Daft Punk line hits a little differently now.

    11. Gameless

      you set off my alexa

    12. Jugg Dekaprio

      I need a pair just flex daddy’s money 😉


      "Dad: gone" Ouch

    14. Coco casswell

      $550 fucking dollars

    15. lilalexzrtree

      Cat probably got Soulja Pods

    16. Dirt Bikezz

      camera man:Thats the case for the headphones Him:that was the case from last night Camera man:(worried voice) u got a case last night Him: NO NO NO

    17. Eli Auger

      There not even AirPods anymore they are just headphones

    18. zachy

      This is basically just one long ad for Apple.

    19. Geo Neo

      0:59 little did he know...

    20. AntiSocialBlender

      I've never seen a video better represent the apple cult

    21. Anthony Levasseur

      Trevor reminds me of Durz from workaholics

    22. Elena Enroth

      “Sometimes maybe you should just stop being poor” You mean PURR

    23. Elena Enroth

      I can’t tell if this is the guy that’s also in some smile squad videos

    24. Ben

      4:27 my alexa turned on at this

    25. SaKridy

      Him:dad gone Me:gets AirPod max Dad:yo what’s poppin can I try those I’m your dad

    26. iDrxp XD

      Cay probably has soulja Pods

    27. nicolas dawirs

      "I feel like I'm Daft Punk" *crying noises*

    28. Steven Jarreau

      "cats are like androids"

    29. Destined Merican Patriot

      i hate whole foods

    30. Benjamin Heim

      Thumbnail gives me american psycho vibes

    31. Games will be on this channel lan

      My VR headset is more than the air pods max is worth my VR headset is $1,034

    32. Rainy

      0:43 That could lowkey actually be an apple ad not even going to lie.

    33. Mesziah The Messenger

      Do you like rap music? Anyone that sees this who does please check me out. I'm a self taught white rapper and producer that lives in a rundown trailer in the middle of nowhere in Georgia who's just trying to one day make it somewhere in the rap game to where I might can help the world in some ways one day. I try my best to bring some heat when I spit. I can only hope for a fraction of the fame as any GOAT out here. If anyone sees this, please give me a listen. If not, I just hope everyone has a great day or night wherever you are. Y'all keep up y'alls grind and stay safe.

    34. doydle

      when he points to his head and says vagina

    35. Orange Troop

      "Cat probably got soulja pods" dude I LOVE YOU

    36. JesseisFitness

      Pretty convenient they release something for under 600 dollars right after giving that 600 stimmy

    37. Wayland Barnola

      Daft punk😭😭😭

    38. INHALE MEMES 665

      Skullkandy Crusher EVO are better

    39. Jack's Productions

      I swear this guy could be an apple model

    40. Dante Chappell

      ngl they look cheap as fuck

    41. Mordecai

      I feel like Daft Punk Well didn’t age well...

    42. OG Curly

      I got money but damn $550 tho?

    43. yeetedon2000

      Airpods aren't sound cancelling they just block out the poor

    44. Dozzy MeGusta

      Anyone knows the techno track name?

    45. julian galindo

      He gave us a hint about daft punk.. it’s not a coincidence

    46. E.CONEJ0

      "Current bank balance is -500 dollars LOL" *EVERYONE JUST CRIES*

    47. TROY2048

      This future of advertising is here

      1. Ved Animated

        Facts, why do I feel like Apple might reach out to Trevor for a commercial or something O_o

    48. Rawt3n

      "I feel like daft punk". Too soon Trevor, too soon...

      1. norris alexander

        What happened with daft punk? Sorry i live on cave

      2. Bảo Trần Quý

        That didn't age well

      3. Ved Animated

        Took me a while but I get it

    49. illsakc

      that daft punk foreshadow

    50. Mr_White 29


    51. elim nido

      In this when he said his dad broke last one it said one call to Dad later when he got his airpod Pros

    52. Seth Greenbeck

      1:01. RIP Daft Punk

    53. Brhianna Kirven

      That cat prolly got Soulja pods

      1. Ved Animated

        That cat should've gotten Boze wireless (cuz their more expensive AND THATS A FLEX)

    54. R K

      3:49 me watching this video with airpods gen1 on💀

    55. miggy


    56. fear oldblood

      they gotta call them pods still because if they didn't it would shatter the illusion

    57. Graham Cracker

      That daft punk joke didn’t age well..

      1. Sam The Lucario

        I agree

      2. E

        I was gonna say that

    58. kush

      Shit Trevor...wrong timing with the Daft Punk!!!!

    59. JustBenny

      Not daft punk 😔

    60. Isaiah Kellum

      I’m definitely subscribing you’re hilarious 🤣💯

    61. That Guy8579

      The episode should have been called f***ing pilot to dumbazz

    62. Ciaran Coghlan

      It's like an office chair, point to $1500 Herman Miller

    63. marco polo

      The music tho lmfao

    64. pneuma

      Dad gone lol

    65. Altamish Tahir

      "back of an office depo chair" bruv I spit my drink because of you hahahahaha

    66. Ry Fh

      Wait they made AirPod Max?

    67. Yeet Delete

      Cat probably got Soulja Pods

    68. Steph

      Cat prolly got soulja pods

    69. Tyler Curran

      I don’t have a Kia Soul

    70. Joseph Fraser

      Is he not male Gina Linetti?

    71. shepherd_b0y

      Did anyone else notice Alexa instead of Siri lol

    72. the postman

      Ok no joke the "photo shoot" at 0:41 is sick

    73. Howie Kopecky

      lol my dad legit works at Ralph's. Nice video Trevor, love your content!

    74. 4rsh1

      Airpod max mfrs when they realise they have wires inside of them 😔🔫

    75. Charlesman435

      U made my Alex play weird stuff man

    76. Jed Martins

      I’m done LMAO

    77. k's Wifu


    78. A Person

      At that point it’s just wireless headphones

    79. SolarBllur

      There's a difference between Airpods and AirPads.

    80. Craig Digennaro

      I love how you think its over and he just keeps going lmao

    81. Stick Bird

      Cats like: what are u doing in my house with my clothes and my headphones

    82. Pedro Giglio

      where is the "one quick call to daddy later?"

    83. rafael ramirez

      Once a man said “sir we should do research to see if the people like it!” The other man said “they don’t know what they want! they will buy what ever the fuck I’ll give them!” -Steve jobs.

    84. Panic Rabbit

      "It's not whole food" had me dying 😂

    85. max2082

      Why do they look so generic?

    86. StarZ Gaming

      Me when I realize I have 28 missing assignments due: 1:38

    87. Unavailable gamers

      cat be like: THE F**K YOU SAID TO ME YOU LITTLE SH**

    88. Gaunter O'Dimm

      You know Apple fucked up that even Trevor Wallace kinda struggles to sell them to us Broke MFers...

    89. KASH WASH

      AirPods came out in 2016

    90. •Hawke SFM•

      Fun fact: he accually had to buy these terrible headphones. F in the chat

      1. •Hawke SFM•

        @Sinus Lebastian no

      2. Sinus Lebastian

        They're not terrible they're some of the best

    91. Tano

      *sponsored by apple*

    92. Eclair Lacroix

      When you called your alexa, my alexa played by broke af playlist.

    93. Sins闇

      Anyone with these headphones are they really worth the price😂😂

    94. SentientCube[GD]

      In with the pods, out with the poor

    95. A&A Entertainment

      Trevor what ever happened to Flight 36-Dumbass?

    96. Mr.MovieReveiw

      if anyone ever actually buys those and walks out in public you deserve to be bullied

    97. justin shimon karborani

      "cats are like Samsungs, you don't need them" *processes to get bodied*

    98. justin shimon karborani

      the max are trash

    99. williepChamp

      1:34 hit different

    100. sinekonata

      Cat : leave me out of this thinly disguised commercial.