4044 M&M's Challenge (17,690 Calories)

Matt Stonie

3,5 млн көрүүлөр574

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    A couple weeks back I competed in MLE's Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we're eating all the M&M's I still had!!...
    4044 M&M's..... What a bad idea....
    Proof - kgup.info/get/aqKiponJpniUnqU/video


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    1. KingLui285

      Diabetes:I fear no man but that thing “MATT STONIE” Diabetes:it scares me

    2. Amy Wiseman

      4044 is my address

    3. Nega-Mogeko

      Bet he was able to shit them out whole like a gattling gun

    4. Kerry Reichs

      he might be the first person to have rainbow poop and I'm surprised he still has a full family

    5. FaZe_Tehrai

      when santa delivered my christmas wish to the wrong house 15 years ago

    6. Prone_shot_YT

      Are you mad?

    7. ss*Saeed*ss AHZ.14

      You swallowing them😐😧????

    8. Devon Savard

      How many has he swallowed

    9. Denis DC

      How the hell does this guy not have diabetes till know I'm amazed!

    10. IslandBoy Leek

      I can’t swallow a damn pill 💊 and he’s swallowing 20 m&ms at once 😂😂😬

    11. Shrijal Sharma

      Cheating you chickbate 4044 but it's 4043 not expected from you I m unsubscribeing

    12. fba a

      **this video is sponsored by diabetes**

    13. Jacqulyn Little

      I just hope and pray that you'll keep on being healthy and I only junk food just eat healthy food too you know

    14. إيهاب عبد القادر حسين محمود

      I know it's gross , but man I really need to see his shit and what it looks like after this.

    15. Crystle_ pr99

      Nobody gonna talk about those 2 purple M&Ms from the container?

    16. Aadhithya Jayaprakash

      this eater

    17. LunarAbyss PG3D

      Wait I forgot to record can you do that again?

    18. poo man

      that is around 7.5 pounds of M&M don't worry i did the math

    19. Avik Chatterjee

      Its like swallowing 4044 pills for Matt

    20. aadi sharma

      He is going to shit whole m&ms......he can eat it all again😂😂😂

    21. your local waifu

      *Cheater!!* You didn't eat your hands!

    22. Priyan Subramanian

      I couldn't handle it when you bought so much MnMs' and did not even chew and enjoy the taste and just swallowed it.

    23. sehhi vooty

      Matt when he eats 4044 m&ms: skinny as a rail Me when I inhale air: 🤰

    24. James

      he just swallowin.

    25. carl sta ana

      He got MnM for teeth

    26. Cooper Doucette

      You won me money 😎

    27. Jyotika Pal

      Are you even chewing them 😂😂😂

      1. sehhi vooty

        He do be eating them like pills 💀

    28. Yszackel Donald

      Super im dying if i eat that

    29. Jack Jill

      If Stonie can't do it.. it can't be done!!

    30. D X L U R ツ


    31. Itss Mae

      this isn't good for u ☹️

    32. Red December

      Matt : Dropped M&Ms Cameraman : Aaaaa

    33. Jakubix

      how are you not fat xD

    34. albert zeng

      My my... You swallow ed them whole! Imagine taking 4044 pills at once. 😱

    35. Angel Rocha

      Should’ve ate them with milk

    36. Ansh Goel

      Did we all saw a man inhaling m&ms Yes we did

    37. Ashley Phanor

      Do a stake challenge 😎

    38. Kcg 455

      Couldn’t he have just gotten the Weight of one then the weight of the glass Instead of counting

    39. 어쩌라구용

      O m g

    40. BreadGod

      Matt should eat honey next to show appreciation to his sponsor

    41. The Ishaan and Ankita Show

      He do be eating them like pills 💀

    42. fernando nando

      When doctor say u must drink ur medicine for entired ur life but u did it in 30min

    43. Timon Hakuna matata


    44. SKYRON single

      You count better than you chew

    45. PNW Puget Sound

      This looks so unhealthy. #savemattstonie

    46. A-1712, M Kakhuankaolung

      Man, that mouth is a grinder.

    47. Beanie Bots

      Do you think if he chewed more of them he could have eaten more??? That was CRAZY!!!

    48. GP

      im literally disappointed that you didnt chew them

    49. Fardan Madani

      Plott Twist: those are Xanax

    50. C0NST&NC3s

      Diabetes: *exists* Matt Stone: *we don't do that here*

    51. daniel barrera

      The way he swallowed them like pills hurt my soul

    52. Venz Alorro

      Damn your poops is gonna be pure m&m's😂😂

    53. Chad The Vegan

      Let's see 1,000 CBD gummies

    54. Jase Kelly

      This mans craps are probably bigger than ever body’s head

    55. D.A.

      Right when he started eating the M&M’s I’m like oh.... He’s not even chewing them, he’s just straight up swallowing them like pills.

    56. CX_ LaZeR

      I dont like how your just putting in your mouth and not eating it's like your taking a madasint

    57. A Normal Panda

      Wouldn’t it be easier if you counted it by weight-

    58. Esteban Gamboa

      Why didn’t he use the glass to scoop the m&ms

    59. jaime jr


    60. KikoTakahashi

      You need to make a holiday jingle from all of your burps!!

    61. Edward Garcia

      Imagine how colorful that toilet gonna be

    62. Thodoris Michos

      Every time i watch a video af his i just wonder how this guy is still alive

    63. Aidan Browne

      His poo probably hurt very badly after this 😅

    64. kriss mg

      That looked very painful.

    65. Briana Anthony

      he didn’t chew i-

    66. Zarek Plays

      Me: dang how is he gonna eat all that? Me after watching the video: oh never mind he’s just making a video taking his daily pills

    67. Zarek Plays

      Matt stonie’s allergy pills:

    68. k_be

      Matt makes eating that much food so easy

    69. T F

      nah he really swallowed them this man is so terrifying...4000 m&ms sitting in his body like fish tank gravel

    70. T F

      why not divide them all and then add them up so that you wouldn't have had to do allat by yourself...

    71. Reece Bernhardt

      The dentists are not gonna be happy but at least he has that giant toothbrush to brush his teeth

    72. Mike Z

      Why didn’t you just weigh them?

    73. Kent Adams

      That's just dumb that is ... No fun in that at all

    74. Jad Bahlawan

      manz could have just calculated the amounts of servings by the weight of the bag

    75. Vanilla Bean

      matt: takes 30 minutes to eat all those me : *takes 10 minutes to eat 12*

    76. Britta Yasodhara Hetzer

      I really don’t wanna know how his bowel movement was after that 😂😂😅👍

    77. hal ball

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    78. CARNAGE

      Dont swallow directly its dangerous, it hurts me ahh.

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    80. Reina Arana

      Just imagine if he took that giant container to a movie theater

    81. Reina Arana

      You should eat buzzfeeds giant foods made by Alvin

    82. Mo Hammed

      This guy gonna get some serious heart problems just saying

    83. Kamru nahar

      This is noooot fair 😬😡 you forgot to chew them 😒😒😡

    84. Saverio De Giglio

      Vattin va, puerk

    85. eioshen boboi

      He shoulda added “without chewing” wtf

    86. [JKF Gaming]

      His shit is gonna be a rainbow

    87. Ex-Al 93

      I have not eaten that many m&m's in my entire life

    88. Karene P

      Ça m'a écoeuré. Purée in estomac sur pattes je suis choquée

    89. Berina Emy

      If Matt stonie ages well eating like this , I definitely will complain!!!

      1. eioshen boboi

        Are you kidding me?

    90. Arts Xoxo

      Esophagus : Yes life is hard, I understand

    91. Даниил Гончаров

      Чел ты.....безбашеный

    92. Peter Hoffmann

      holy shit he looks horrible at the end

    93. San Antonio Transparency

      Not sure that counts as eating, looks more like swallowing...

    94. San Antonio Transparency

      How many were red tho..

    95. Lloyd Kerfunkle

      you didn't have to count them. Just weigh one of them, and then weigh them all. Do total weight / weight of 1 and you have your answer.

    96. Fridebert Võrk

      do 69,420 calories

    97. Galmon

      Русские вы здесь?

    98. Daksh Verma

      U could have finished all but you were swallowing it with water, it made it harder as u drank much water.........

    99. Michael Mitchell

      Chew the M&M FFS!!! Ridiculous!!! Stopped watching load of shit!!

      1. Michael Mitchell

        @Cloudless me

      2. Cloudless

        @Michael Mitchell who asked you to watch anyways

      3. Michael Mitchell

        @Cloudless I get that! Making him self gag not right atall in my eyes!!

      4. Cloudless

        Why lol it's called competitive eating

    100. TeppyPotato

      For him to count all that m&m's? I'm giving a like ❤️ such patience tho. If it were me i would just eat it right up 😂😂😂