Graham asks FBI director if the 'Proud Boys' are a domestic terrorist group


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    The Proud Boys gathered at the Washington Monument at 10 a.m. on Jan. 6 dressed “incognito” to avoid detection, and then fanned out across the Capitol to prevent law enforcement from identifying them en masse, prosecutors alleged Monday in a legal filing that provides the most detail yet about the group’s actions on the day of the insurrection.
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    1. TRIBE & CLAN

      The United States Congress are the biggest terrorists in the country... by a long shot.

    2. TRIBE & CLAN

      Lindsey Graham is a snake in the grass

    3. John Sarlo

      The dirt that trump has on Graham would make your head spin.



    5. Emmons Leroy

      The misty teacher macropharmacologically remember because arrow infrequently fasten upon a simplistic freon. ajar, shy kohlrabi

    6. Glen Breeding

      Antifa is attacking our freedom and courts and burning them down has proud boys done anything like this on a consistent level

    7. CorndogMaker

      The republican party is a domestic terrorist group

    8. Marian Lincoln

      If they ( the Proud Boys)AREN'T classed as a TERROIST GROUP than they SHOULD Be, And so should and so should so many OTHERS.

    9. Isaiah Medina


    10. Paul Holland

      Lindsay doing recon for where to get donations from?

    11. Kamala Nenavath


    12. Michael Jean Baptiste

      What a useless ( not a) man.

    13. K Jayanth

      Nice video make more related videos👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    14. Sean Moore

      In other words, the Government can designate any group as Domestic Terrorists...there is no formal mechanism or definition... Holy shit.

    15. Marvin Robinson

      Bravo Lindsey Graham. It’s about time indeed.

    16. Vitalabyss

      He's asking cause he wants him to say they aren't. But the man straight up says they have no laws or guidelines to determine what a domestic terrorist is. Canada has designated the Proud Boys as terrorist because they have a list of criteria. And whether you're foreign or domestic you can make the list.

    17. Raysa Abreu

      Graham loves the proud boys racist SOB!!

    18. Frank Solis

      How about the siege on the Capital does that answer your stupid question!

    19. Shauka Hodan

      Are they terrorist? Only if they have oil supplies

    20. Havana Smoke

      Mr Graham The American people they wants to bring truth and justice about September 11 It's very important . It's extremely important. It's number one recovery for the American people .

    21. TheExpatriotInBangkok

      Well Lindsey, members of the proud boys and the oath keepers were involved in an attack on the Capital building. What does that make them?

    22. Willyb Gates

      Is Lindsey Graham on the list? His duplicity terrifies me.....

      1. Shauka Hodan

        Is the GOP a domestic terrorist group or a legit political party? Let's think about this for the next 47 seconds.

    23. Jackie Lewis

      Yeah right

    24. aola wili

      The main problem with listing Groups is that it would be too easy to get your political opponents listed if you have the numbers.

    25. sajid bashir


    26. Mick B

      For years the GOP and of course “ some “ Dems have voted for what the people who give them money want and not what the PEOPLE want. Won’t end until you cap election spending ( about 100 million for president, much less for everything else ), no secret contributions over $100 and 10 year term limits.

    27. Jose Corona

      not they're white doves😂😂😂

      1. aola wili

        What a minute!!! Now we are getting somewhere!!!! Please look into these organizations!!!!!

    28. Colin Maharaj

      The FBI is making a stunning point here. Just as one can say that, that bad person is black or that bad person is white, it tends to create a rhetoric that resembles racism. What you should do is look at the individuals who claim to be part of a group and see what they have done. A concept of a collective cant be guilty of a crime.

    29. almost there

      Add the GOP to the list?

    30. bilinas mini

      A senator asking rhetorical questions is the most ironic shit I've seen today.

    31. PeacockPoverty

      Proud Boys are designated a terrorist group in Canada. WTH is wrong with y'all.

    32. Mr. Marcus

      All of those groups should have been labeled as such and charged. Infrastructure destroyed and prison time - go ahead and start cause that’s the bs that keeps half this racism shit going and teaching it to their kids ... start tacking on 20-30 year sentences and this shit will go away.

    33. Greg O’Hare

      If Lindsey was serious, he would have had his staff research the issue and asked more specific questions. Instead he just provides theatre. Freedom of expression and the right to peacefully assemble are protected by the 1st Amendment. We prosecute individuals for their crimes. When is the last time we prosecuted an organization? Unless it is a legal corporation, it doesn’t happen. So Lindsey what is your point. Your a lawyer. Stop the nonsense.

      1. bilinas mini

        how about that 😜😂🤣🤣😂😂😜😂🤣😂😂😜😜😜 Democrats don't like cheaters

    34. S Garrett

      What a stupid question! Lindsay Lohan knows exactly who the proud girls are, he saw them at so many rallies, probably knows some by name(maybe handing them yellow envelopes with something, and it ain't Confederate Money!!

    35. Richard Block

      Is the GOP a domestic terrorist group or a legit political party? Let's think about this for the next 47 seconds.

    36. Roger Armstrong

      I dont know about the proud boys but if I were asked I would not rule out Democrat politicans or Republican politicans because they are not representing there constituents they obviously are representing themselves there actions prove it in spades.

    37. Terry Simmons

      Why do you care Mrs Graham.

    38. West coast

      I'm from Canada we've already designated the proud boys and oath keepers terrorist organizations.

    39. Dion Wharry

      What a minute!!! Now we are getting somewhere!!!! Please look into these organizations!!!!!

    40. Joe Deanda

      Once an idiot always an idiot, how does he look at himself in the mirror and say I'm doing a great job.

    41. Phyllis Cooper

      That Wray is crooked. He never answers! No to him.

    42. Bay Bye

      they are listed as a terrorist group in Canada

    43. Charming nowhere to hide

      Graham is just trying save his ass and political career

    44. David Gleim

      They have been classified as a terrorist group in Canada.

    45. defar666

      It was not a riot, it was a Coup. And in typical 'traitor trump' fashion, it failed. 'traitor trump', the 'gop' and 'traitor trump patriots' are not Americans, they are Cowards and Traitors.

    46. powderkings

      The next day. Lindsay has never heard of any of these groups before.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide


    47. Jackie Lewis

      It was not the proud boy's fault it was the Republicans fault that led to January 6th we will not forget Democrat voters will not forget that so y'all can get ready to lose ever it time how about that 😜😂🤣🤣😂😂😜😂🤣😂😂😜😜😜 Democrats don't like cheaters

      1. Snow World-Hamilton Town Center

        Um...Bidens a cheater. Jackie you dont want a civil war with 100 million Republicans that are well armed hunters that believe in the 2nd amendment. Its a scary thought. Lets not make this worse!

    48. G. Martinez • 14 years ago

      Proud boys are a far right homosexual group on twitter, not terrorists

    49. Avadhesh Sharma

      Yes, Sen Graham the Proud Boys is a domestic terrorist group and you know it very well. Sir, if I may ask you one question, " Does sun rise in the east?" Just wondering......

    50. The Original Lexa

      What an incompetent fool. How have his constituents allowed him to represent them for so long?! Editing after the end of the video. : Wow, did Graham just make a pertinent point?! He’s right, we need actual legal designations for “Domestic Terror Groups”. He’s wrong that “Antifa” is even a cogent group, though. I’m so sick of hearing about them, because there is no group that is Antifa. It’s literally just people and smaller groups were/are fighting fascist practices in different policies departments. How difficult is that to understand?!

    51. TheHojirt

      True facts : 99.4 % of trailer park residents are Trumpers and 99.5 % of Trumpers are below average intelligence. Too bad you cannot fix stupidity !!

    52. barbara young

      Lindsey Graham is a part of a domestic terror strike group so he knows the others without asking.

    53. bsav 2

      Lindsey Gram is the serpent in the book of Genesis ....🐍

    54. Kistinga Tuhuxz

      Why didnt Wray just say yes to oathkeepers n proud boys being domestic terrorists they're just another word for KKK

    55. Nolscor Ramos

      This dude is lying.

    56. Chef Maximus

      This despicable swampy creature is following in Trump’s footsteps.

    57. Jayster

      Lindsey Graham is trying to tell you people something!! Wake up!! I He is being extorted!!

    58. MMonroe

      Yeh, sure, put 'em on a list if it will shut Graham up! What a waste of time and taxpayers money Stupid question...

    59. Izhar Ab Rani

      Whitewashing at the highest level

    60. Devon Lindsay

      This FBI director needs a new career as does djoy. They do not know how to do their jobs and it is long past the 30 days to prove they can catch on. Fire them on this spot. No more.

    61. Dixie Thompson

      Canada made them a Terrorist and unwelcome there.

    62. [vq]nismo.knight90

      Body language ghost wya

    63. carlos ortega

      Well they sure don't golf

    64. zijuiy wttuy

      Graham is just trying save his ass and political career

    65. Derrol Price


    66. Carmen

      The question should be, is Graham a member of the "Proud Boys"

      1. Carmen

        The so called proud boys have no brains, and when faced with the Country's National Guard, run like frightened little puppies. Graham certainly knows who the proud boys are, so why is he asking?

      2. Thunder Swag

        Maybe the mean girls, but not the proud boys

    67. Michael Barron

      Proud bous dont give a shit what they call them. White boys will prevail

      1. Michael Barron

        @zijuiy wttuy why dont you ask them. Lol. Thatd be great

      2. zijuiy wttuy

        Hey, are the Hell's Angels a terrorist group ? Just another nice group just like the proud boys. Maybe if their name was the cute kids it would sound better ?

    68. Martin Medina

      Graham is garbage

    69. Rodney Thompson

      Lindsey Graham is pathetic.

    70. Mickey Flick

      Listen to this slimey weasel Graham acting all smug and cocky, when he shares in the responsibility for encouraging this riot!

    71. Joseph Mele

      I hear the proud boys hang out in air ports Lindsey graham maybe you should go there and meet them

    72. Curtis Grissom

      Start the damn list!!!

    73. LaShay Dillon

      5 people died and several injured officers and this man is the kind of people Donald Trump wants to keep in power the last four years under Donald Trump have almost destroyed our democracy and trusting our constitution these people clearly don't care about the people only Donald Trump

    74. LaShay Dillon

      Republican cowards

    75. Francis Karangwa

      I really don't understand who makes policy but Graham knows but American people know he knows who to designate as a terrorist 🤔 he shouldn't pretend otherwise

    76. Bryan Harris

      That's because they dont want to put the KKK on that list

    77. John Doe

      I can't believe that Lindsay Graham said something that I AGREE WITH ! 🤔

    78. Mr. Avery

      Why don't you think about resigning Graham you cowardly Llama.

    79. Second Advent Messenger Ministries - Anthony Burns

      ANTIFA= Anti Fascism. During WWII, the countries that made up the Axis Powers were Spain (Fascist) Italy (Fascist) and Germany (FASCIST). These countries were led by Fascists: Franco, Mussolini and Hitler. The U.S. joined the world, in part to fight the spread of Fascism. Therefore the U.S. is ANTIFA. However, all those fascist countries were espousing Nationalistic dogma, the same as Donald Trump, the proud boys, the boogaloo boys, etc. This is not more that a dog and pony show for Graham to signal to Trump that “I’m still your lackey!” That’s all.

    80. Blaze45

      The answer is yes. The proud boys are s domistic terrorist organization. You can't call antifa a terrorist organization because they would actually have to commit acts of terror for political reasons. What we saw was them protesting while the police attacked them and helped the proud boys burn shit down so they can blame BLM and Antifa. We wouldn't even be here if congress would just do something about police brutality. Literally all of these problems this country has is because of racism.

    81. Baboo Ll

      I hope trump and his ilk are on that list

    82. C. Gibran

      Hey, are the Hell's Angels a terrorist group ? Just another nice group just like the proud boys. Maybe if their name was the cute kids it would sound better ?

    83. Bo

      Enabler graham.... STFU

    84. Mary Thomas

      Wonder if he asked was BLM a TERRORISTS group, what his answer would have been? Wray sounds like he's trying not to piss off the A-HOLE that appointed him!!!!

    85. Mark Dornon

      Think about how to get a better senator

    86. CbeDunnnella

      Get em Lindsey! Hold em accountable! The Proud Boys are NOT domestic terrorists!

    87. T Funk

      Antifa is not an organization

    88. Eleanor Hinton

      Graham zombie

    89. Blue Patriot

      Why, yes, Lindsey, they are. And your contributions to them are criminal. Enjoy jail!

    90. j wally370

      Graham continues to try to define various groups as Terrorist groups or organizations. Someone should explain to him it's not the name. It's the actions and ideology that should be examined.

    91. Richard Martinez

      He knows that well they are. He is just trying to get the FBI to say they are not. He is playing to the cult leader so he won't lose his spot on the leaders fat ass.

    92. Jon Trammel

      Number 1 on the list. Lindsey Graham

    93. Paul Heads

      Yes they are.

    94. jannmutube

      ---- > A domestic terrorist list would be a political tool for Republicans or whoever was in power used for persecution of the individual conscience and the elimination of civil rights.

    95. Cynthia Hawkins

      What are we to make of this clueless, antiquated man who cannot think and speak at the same time..We need to move on past the faintly sad...Graham often sounds like a character out of a bad Tennessee Williams play.

    96. John Disher

      Look in the mirror Lindsay Graham

    97. Ithad Beenso

      Yeah Graham and YOU'D be first on it for spewing the big lie about election fraud/stolen election from your high position easily capable of starting a countrywide civil war and DID cause the capitol raid. You're banned first from ever standing in public speaking EVER again

    98. Tony Stewart

      Here's a question how do you class antifa and BLM

    99. Ruben Lopez

      The Republi-con Party is a Domestic Terror Organization 😡.

    100. Sheltonious Maximus

      Antifa: The current Nazi Party, it's no surprise they support the Democrats.