From the Earth to the Moon (2019): Moon Landing (Clip) | HBO


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    It’s been 50 years since mankind first stepped foot on the moon, and to celebrate, we’re showing the full length clip of the moon landing from miniseries, “From the Earth to the Moon. #HBO #FromTheEarthToTheMoon
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    From the Earth to the Moon (2019): Moon Landing (Clip) | HBO

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    1. sabas srivastava

      May be there is only one gravitational force acting all over in solar system that is connecting in such a way that every thing revolving moon and planets and sun. If you see. Nature of movement never stopped and everything is moving around. Might be i think so only one force in nature that is connected in such a way that affecting all over. Nothing can move itself accept if there is life in it. May be certain mechanics responsible behind this.

    2. John Roache

      Even though we know the outcome, my heart was throbbing.

    3. Luiz Otavio

      Moon landing in 69? Pls

    4. Ali Mahnd

      لقد صرح مصور الفلم وقال بالحرف الواحد ان الفلم تم تصويره على الأرض .ويبدو ان ضميره ايقضه اخيرا

    5. Ali Mahnd

      Where are the stars, especially darkness. Many have reservations about this malicious American deception

    6. Ali Mahnd

      In which American state was this video filmed to deceive the world ... the capsule was found by warships in the Soviet Union and confiscated with sealed holes.

    7. Ali Mahnd

      The trick of the landing of the ship on the surface of the moon

    8. Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim

      Long life for all humaning

    9. Below asmelash habel shutel Gebremaraim

      I this world good working is best one

    10. Nguyễn văn Thưởng


    11. Gajengi prabhakar

      New videos pls

    12. kenshi_cv

      This is the moment that heisenberg became buzz aldrin


      Please add this channel to airtel DTH

    14. Samuel Matheis

      (i rather watch the documentaries. they r without heavy drama and they have more humor)

    15. zemiorka

      Hey Heisenberg was UP there!! 😎

    16. Шура Московский

      Так же снимали настоящую высадку?

    17. Keith Lillis

      They actually got the 1202 and 1201 alarms 5 times, 3 of which were due Buzz asking the guidance computer to display more than the minimum data, which overloaded it 3 times, so it did a soft re-set 3 times, to loose the extra work. In Buzz's defence, he had done the same many times in training and never had an issue. The other 2 times were due to the rendezvous radar, (used by the LEM to find the command module on ascent) inextricably turning itself on. Something that never happened during training. Also, it is a bit of a misnomer that Neil took 'manual control' It is true that the 'manual control' gave him more independent control, but the guidance computer flew the ship to landing, with more input allowed by Neil. There was no fully manual mode and the landing could not have happened without the guidance computer. An amazing bit of kit, developed by M.I.T.

      1. rockethead7

        Also note: the exact/minor details of the modes slightly changed on the later missions.

      2. rockethead7

        There was a fully manual mode. But, no commander ever used it. There was also a fully automatic mode. But, again, no commander ever used it. P65 = full auto. P66 = semi-automatic (hybrid). (There were a few different options here.) P67 = full manual. After the P64 landing phase, the computer would go to P65. The commander would then put it into P66 or P67. Armstrong moved to P66 early, however. The sub-mode of P66 that the commanders all used was the mode called "rate of descent." That means that the commander has a toggle switch to tell the computer the desired descent rate. Each click downward on the toggle switch added 1 foot per second descent rate. Each click upward decreased the rate of descent. The computer constantly analyzed the amount of throttle required to maintain the desired rate of descent (as the fuel burns off making the craft lighter, lean angles, etc.). That way, the commander didn't need to worry about the throttle (other than the clicking up or down of the toggle). The commander controlled the pitch/yaw/roll through manual control of the RCS. There were a couple more sub-modes in P66, but those are irrelevant, also never used. The story about Buzz Aldrin inducing the program alarms is still unclear. Yes, that's his version. But, some of the engineers think it wasn't due to Aldrin. Personally, I lean toward trusting Aldrin. But, my recollection is that he is the one who turned on the rendezvous radar, not that it was inextricable. But, I am just going on memory, and could be remembering wrong.

    18. Mario Gaspol

      looks unnatural, they don't float around, when pouring water in the glass, it feels like in the kitchen and not in Apollo... 😂😅😆

      1. Dan Severns

        It was wine, and it wouldn’t float around because the moon has gravity.

    19. Mario Gaspol

      looks unnatural, they don't float around, when pouring water in the glass, it feels like in the kitchen and not in Apollo... 😂😅😆

    20. Pale O'Pterix

      the biggest lie in human history since jesus aka christ

    21. Yoctopory

      If you haven't seen it yet: Watch the landing scene from "First Man".

      1. J Shepard

        @juan Hear hear! First Man was all wrong but Apollo 11 was amazing.

      2. juan

        If you haven't seen it yet, watch Apollo 11 (2019) It is real 65mm footage that was supposed to be made into a film back then, but instead was converted into 35mm during the time and the 65mm was stored for 50 years... I watched the First Man movie last year and thought it was incredible, but then only today I discovered Apollo 11 and it was absolutely breathtaking, as it was real pristine footage. Please give it a watch, it's on netflix

    22. Pranjal Srivastava

      Proud to be American

    23. Owen Jako

      apollo misions is great

    24. Toms Bunk

      Go nasa go spacex God speed bob and doug to the mars.....

    25. billsixx

      Uhhhhhh, what happened to the LM Rendezvous Radar?

    26. Marco Colleli

      No UFO No party

    27. Ruhi B

      When it's land nd when he step on the moon, I can't explain this feeling..

    28. Gregory Lu

      Even in the 21st century, I'm still thrilled to see the show.

    29. Gregory Lu

      I'm Chinese. Hats off to the ancestors of space exploration!

    30. Puneet Verma

      That's how nasa fooled us 😂😂 just to defeat Russia.

    31. Баба Валя

      Безумцы обречённые на обман!!!!

    32. Saddam Technology Center


    33. Sgt.Monkol photakul


    34. Chris Effpunkt

      I honestly am so tilted from the fact they needed to make you hear the RCS firing. IT'S SPACE YOU IDIOTS.

    35. KVFutureGamer

      Fun fact: The lunar module used for this show is an actual lunar module that was intended for Apollo 19.

    36. G-MONEY1996

      RIP Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

    37. AKZ

      Сколько можно переснимать оригинал кубрика!))) как в Салли: вы не проверяете всу сразу разворачиваетесь и летите на посадку, словно хлеба забыли купить... сколько дублей ушло на съёмки этого ремейка кубрика? но выдавая эту постанову за правду все пять раз из пяти и сели и взлетели даже не вспотели памперсы за неделю не запрели!)))

    38. Сергей Образцов

      Well done Stanley Kubrick !!!!! The secret of filming in the pavilion of the landing of the Pindos on the moon, took to the grave!!Молодец Стэнли Кубрик!!!!!

    39. Joãozinho Garcia

      Meu pai assistiu o pouso na lua ,eu torso pra ver o pouso em Marte.

    40. Suwit Pespan


    41. KING DEVA

      Very dengrous video



    43. Vincent Roux

      This looks so bad... Best proof that the Moon landing wasn't faked.

    44. dubunknow


    45. Derek Greene

      Whats the boosters for, space is weightless, ehh no atmosphere, but yet there up up there even now in jet packs just boosting around, but I'll bet only America has the secret how to do it😁😁

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        your comment displays only your ignorance; nothing more while one may be weightless in space; they aren't massless...

    46. Erica Fontaine

      so real!~ the difficult in space is not start to move is landing out there and the astronaut is the chemistry drug dealer in breaking bad ?hahaha

    47. Random Ami

      I was 5. My parents separated me from my toys and friends. They said: you have got to see this! You will remember this moment for the rest of your live. Man, we’re they right! I learned those 3 names (Amstrong, Aldrin, Collins) before I knew who Columbus was!

    48. Александр Лин

      Великие люди и великая держава....

    49. g7usl


    50. Alex Schmidt

      what communication systems do they use? i cannont call my parents 65 miles away without interruptions

      1. Stubrit

        @J Shepard With some of them, that would explain a few things.

      2. J Shepard

        Are you living in 1740?

      3. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        Alex, your question has been answered countless times. You don't actually care about the answer. You are a drive-by troll.

      4. Stubrit


    51. mesmerxx

      I remember my young ignorant years when I didn't even see a picture of Neil, and yet bought into conspiracies of fake moon landing. In retrospect, conspiracies come from subjectivity (what you want to believe). It's very hard to get someone out of the conspiracy bubble (fake moon landing, flat earth, stolen election, 2012 doomsday, etc). Because it's based on lack of self-trust. Person doesn't even trust themselves. Instead of addressing it (which takes courage and strength), it's much easier to PROJECT it onto government, society... and that's how most conspiracies begin. It takes years for mind to mature to see it's own errors. But by then most either (1) lose interest in subject matter (2) too busy with life and never actually CONNECT with the REAL person.

      1. rockethead7

        It's also a shortcut for the weak minded people to feel better about their failed lives. They didn't spend the extra decade in schools, getting advanced degrees. They didn't spend decades in upwardly mobile STEM careers. Instead, they basically wasted their lives. So, it's a wonderful shortcut to watch a few conspiracy videos. By watching a few hours of conspiracy videos, they feel like they have surpassed those who spent a few decades getting the education, training, and experience. And, it has the added bonus of believing that the most accomplished people, who achieved the greatest technological feat in all of human history, have actually accomplished nothing (just like them). They get to feel that all of those people who dedicated their lives to Apollo, have failed just as badly in their lives as the conspiracy nutjobs have in theirs. Rather that working to better themselves, they seek to bring everyone else down to their level, by committing slander and libel.

    52. 1a

      we will make the cities in the moon, Mars, Titan and planets beyond our solar system reality.

    53. Owen Jako

      is the apolo 11 ?

    54. Steli c

      That was great moments. I hope to see this again. And I HOPE I will see first steps on mars.

    55. f c

      In Apollo they trust.

    56. Ravi

      Lot of goosebumps. I felt like if I was landing on moon for a moment!!😨

    57. Maximus_23xx

      There not floating lol smh 🤦

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        @Maximus_23xx There is nothing inherently special about space that makes astronauts "float". What you perceive as "floating" is nothing more than the result of the astronauts, everything around them (including the camera recording them) being in a state of free fall.

      2. Maximus_23xx

        @rockethead7 astronauts float in space tho. Lol 😆🤣

      3. rockethead7

        Well, it's just a TV miniseries. But, why would you expect anything to float?

    58. Игорь Серофф

      rotten lie you've ever told

    59. Hiraghm

      "See what free men can do" - Dr Jerry Pournelle

      1. Harvey Laursen

        I agree with Dr pournelle. H.d. laursen

    60. jay jay

      This was one of the few good things that happened during the 1960’s

    61. Chris Rico

      Hope for SpaecX and Starship, we can repeat this!! For Mars ;)

    62. Dva Nerdi v Kanadě

      God bless America

    63. Soumyojyoti Kayal

      US exceptionalism is what drives them

    64. Briana sasthap

      The bizarre plasterboard ironically challenge because reason computationally produce round a ethereal albatross. delirious, tidy chest

    65. Alan Reynolds

      What a great time to experience! When they initially said it would be HOURS before they went outside the LEM, I thought I would die of excitement! We need this today!

    66. Haci Askerov


    67. Kevin Marak

      Praise God Amen

    68. Beautus Homo

      They found oil.

      1. AndeemenGaming

        breaking news: immediate missions to the moon by nasa within microseconds

    69. Nakul sri

      Goosebumps when ever I watch it . What about the people who were there live hearing it on radio. Thank you America

      1. שירלי צינצולקר

        the first one

      2. Nakul sri

        I am from India we started using KGup some 15 years ago on dial up modem. For the past 5 years we are using high speed internet.

      3. Woody D

        How could you, and why would you want to get goosebumps watching a remake of the landing with actors.. when you can get goosebumps watching the real thing, which is also widely available on KGup.? A little bit backwards ain't you.

    70. prumbrum

      one of the fakest moment of the history!

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        @prumbrum So this is your response to my challenge to explain how orbits work?

      2. prumbrum

        @Willoughby Krenzteinburg blablabla.... nasa is fake, they use computer graphics, astronauts are on a wire or in the wahter, u can see bubbles ,,,,, wake up, man.... WAKE UP!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES, MAN, YOU KNOW, WHAT IM SAYING>??????

      3. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        Explain how an orbit works. You don't have to accept that orbits work. I want you to explain how science explains how orbits work - - - - just to get an idea of whether or not you actually understand what it is you are rejecting.

      4. prumbrum

        @rockethead7 no, you r blind...u got rocket instead head... omg

      5. AndeemenGaming

        @prumbrum how tho

    71. মোঃরাহিম পাটোওয়ারী

      অপেক্ষায় আছি মঙ্গল অভিযানের

    72. মোঃরাহিম পাটোওয়ারী

      Buj Aldrin.First Man landed moon

    73. Dakshin Deva G


    74. Kareem Salessi


      1. Dan Severns

        That is a joke video. It’s a mashup of scenes from a bunch of different movies and has Kubrick video shopped into the situations.

    75. Kareem Salessi

      18:50 makers forgot to eliminate stars, according to the NasTronauts who claimed they saw NONE !!!!

      1. Paul Ward

        @Kareem Salessi Ah - true Scientific answer!! I see that you're obviously familiar with the photographic properties of seeing dim objects in bright light. Because of your initial statement, I volunteered my Accurate explanatiion with the honest thought that maybe you were unaware of the reasons for what you've read. But from your reply it now seems otherwise. So there's no point in trying to illustrate a fact to you when you'll just ignore it. Enjoy the day.

      2. Kareem Salessi

        @Paul Ward===Outright-Lie:::they saw NO stars, anytime they were ON the Moon, or anytime on the way to the Moon!!! Because they never left Earth to begin with!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Paul Ward

        @Kareem Salessi That's right. Because they were in direct sunlight --DAYTIME.

      4. Kareem Salessi

        @Paul Ward KGup:::(Apollo astronauts dont remember seeing stars on the moon)

      5. Paul Ward

        Incorrect. The crews could see stars while in the shadow of the moon. They were unable to see stars when in direct sunlight.

    76. Dirk-Uwe Karras

      . . . . good luck Mr. Gorski! ;-)

    77. cHeeKo BandiT

      why they saying (2019) this litreally came out in 1998🤣

      1. cHeeKo BandiT

        @rockethead7 didnt even notice any difference🤣, but appreciate the knowledge

      2. rockethead7

        This was the re-make version. They enhanced (not for the better) the special effects and some scenes.

    78. Stephen Skinner

      Very good and a truly remarkable human event. However, I doubt Neil, Buzz or any of the team frowned with any of the 'events' that happened. Actors always have to characterize professions especially pilots. It's not necessary.

    79. DeaN Dilchan

      Mashallah this looks so real i can feel the emotions of the crew waiting in earth for the first foot on moon. Ghoosbumps moment is capturing the image of earth from moon.just wow. Love from India to America. Hope to be collab of both Nasa & Isro for future mankind land on Mars

    80. GESSO217

      They say there's a planned Moon shot for 2024. I wonder if that will come to pass and who will be the astronauts to land on the moon.

      1. GESSO217

        @rockethead7 I'm actually surprised they didn't go with the international route like with the space station. Multiple countries working on a moon mission rather than the USA alone.

      2. rockethead7

        Make no mistake about it, congress never approved Artemis at a pace of funding that would put people back on the lunar surface by 2024. Trump pushed Pence and Bridenstine to publicize the 2024 date as a method of pressuring congress to make it happen by the end of his second term (if he had gotten one). But, if you read the White House OMB (office of management and budget) memos, they make it very clear that congress didn't grant enough funding at the pace to make that date, and they asked for faster funding (they did not get it). And, with the pandemic, it's a virtual impossibility at this point, even if they increased the pace of funding. Who knows what will happen? Funding can go up. Funding can go down. Funding can be cut altogether. We'll see. But, the current pace puts people on the lunar surface around 2028-2030.

      3. GESSO217

        @Dan Severns If they actually go through with it, and NASA's funding doesn't get cut to the point the whole project is cancelled between now and 2024, I wish them luck.

      4. Dan Severns

        NASA announced a team of 18 astronauts for the Artemis missions. It will be two of them. One will definitely be a woman.

    81. István Tóth

      That's not what happened. We know.

    82. Nirob Ahmed

      চাদ মামা খানকির পোলা এখনো কিভাবে বেচে থাকে । বুজলাম না ।

    83. jagruti jaware


    84. jagruti jaware


    85. Paopaowell Pao

      how wonderful all those hollywood beautiful imagination fake movie story some more are get trophy award from grammy

    86. juan asanelli

      La mayor gesta de la humanidad Un pqueño paso para el hombre ,un GRAN salto para la humanidad.Ese dia lo mire por TV y salia afuera y miraba la luna No lo podia creer

    87. April Baumeister

      That looks so beautiful!! I couldn't imagine how that must have felt to do something like that.

    88. Eddie Lap Lap

      NASA biggest liars ever.

    89. Christian Hardwick

      2019 ?! More like 1998 !

      1. rockethead7

        This was the 2019 remake version, with new special effects (not for the better, if you ask me).

    90. loganthearcher


    91. CaptainNerd

      I was a week short of my 10th birthday, watching it with my parents, we were visiting their friends' house, and I had to beg my parents to ask them to watch. Mom and Dad didn't want to, it wasn't important to them but I persuaded them that it was history and their friends had no problem, so we all watched. I was glued to the screen, and they'd every so often asked a question, since I was the "space nut" of the family, I had been following the space program since I was able to read. It was so exciting I practically passed out.

    92. конрад-карлович иванов

      Сняли фильм о фильме про полёт на луну.

    93. John Sincak

      Sorry, no ignition sound in AIRLESS space

    94. Corrado Orazi

      Super big émotion ..

    95. Johnny Macaroni

      RACIST movie !!! Because its pure white with no blacks Mexicans exkimos etc

      1. JayJay Aviation

        When you want to change the course of history just to include minorities

      2. Lovro Rukljic

        You do realize this movie takes place in 1969, right? Minorities didn’t have the same acceptance and rights 50 years ago than today

    96. Öcal Yilmaz

      Old 1960 shot it movie man on moon Hollywood studio video s you show an lie an being proud of that piple belive than they invest lots of dolars than some live good life mostly poor s R paying bills

    97. Öcal Yilmaz

      You still dont have that good tecnol.. that you can make it become tru man on moon 😆😆😆😆

    98. Öcal Yilmaz

      First make it become tru that USA moon landing imagination before you spend billions of dollars wich belong to american citizen populations that what you still from everybodys woled pocket 😅

    99. Öcal Yilmaz

      You just can make movies on studios Not to land on moon Because it is not tru