My Pride: Episode Nine


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    The son of Starmane out here doing his father...proud?
    Stunning thumbnail art was done by @TonyWatkinsArt!
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    HUGE THANK YOU to our musical partners, In The City! They composed all the music in this episode AND created our credit song, 'Once in a Dream'!
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    My Pride was produced with the support of the IPF and Ontario Creates.

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    1. tribbleofdoom

      Tune in tomorrow at 1pm EST for Episode 10!

      1. emaan tariq

        Ok if this was good episode ten will be brilliant

      2. Fione Edits and Games

        @sliver star stables its Hover not long run :)

      3. Emily Cozzolino

        Excuse me I seem to be a full grown lion don’t even ask for me to clear out

      4. Lindsey Rainwater

        Your animation is really good by the way

      5. Lindsey Rainwater

        I’m excited 😁😁😆😆

    2. Nevaeh Olivos

      the lions: talking talking* the lions: hunting a animal the animal: A N I M A L S O U N D * me: how come the lion's can talk but not the animal j e e z

    3. AlphaG235

      That moment when the trailer to this episode has Feather saying “There’s the IMPALA”. But the episode has him saying “There’s the GAZELLE”. Has anyone else noticed that??

    4. cee cano

      Episode 10 is coming up pretty soon

    5. Arlee Romero

      Can you make a lot more episodes

    6. Nexer Karigum

      I can vibe with feather he is as idealistic as i am, its little naive i know but it is what it is

    7. SRGG Uwu

      Am i the only one who realized Nothings small scar on the top of her left eye is gone?

    8. Sharon Cantu

      Why do I like the long quiet part at 6:42

    9. Gena Jude

      8:35 Barkmane’s Death

    10. Najma Khan

      im just thinking if there will be a tiger character in my pride because tigers are dope

    11. Olivia Daignault (Student)

      Im 9 and i whachted it

    12. Harien Gradford

      Wow imagine if Nothing attacked Quickmane when her dad was still alive, this all could've been avoided.

    13. TheGamingDude TgD

      Fire the loser how would he hurt feather

    14. Meko Draws

      I swear when you watch this a second time the whole thing hits really different

    15. Alpha Wolf

      RIP Barkmane

    16. Rotschweif11

      Fire:tangle helped me escape Me always thinking of rapunzel: *WHEEEEEEEEEZE*

    17. SORA


    18. Random Person

      Starting to like fire less, and less

    19. •Circus•

      No he can't!!!!! I changed my mind I hate him! I hate Fire Mane!!!! He for one needs to learn manners when talking to Nothing! And he can't kill Feather!!! I still loved it though! ❤️🤚

    20. Abel

      yeii I finally found it! jajja, I lost this masterpiece when I was in episode 7 and today I saw an add in another video and was like "OMG!! IT'S YOU!"

    21. Maria Vitória

      There Will Be continuation

    22. Tiara Wafford

      When episode 12 coming out?

    23. Browneyes

      Actually feather had a right to stay alive in the pride because he helped defeat the old mane too

    24. Galactic Phoenix

      I have a feeling...... I wont say incase I make others think it and then me be wrong but I have a real good/bad feeling about Fire......

    25. Mini Cheese revlis

      God damnit feather hit puberty...

    26. Eviroll

      Fire in the first episodes : *a chill and cool dude* Fire now : WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A BITCH!?!?!?!?

    27. Thunder Wolf

      I love this

    28. Pepper Hot pepper


    29. røse_gøld

      *Irish Boy*

    30. Suni Glow Lite

    31. Murky Storm

      If only Nothing's mother thought the same way as this hunt chief

    32. Akita_YT

      My pride is not intended for children. Me:I’m 10 but I dont give a......... FU-

    33. Błû3 Fłøwër

      I grown on to feather I don’t want him to die.

    34. amal whale

      where's more episode

    35. • R3d r0s3 •

      Me loves this when I’m not an old person- 🙄💅

    36. ds4 ds3

      Man i will like see this fight between quickmane and proudmane

    37. Samantha Brown

      Fire mane: hippty hop pity this is now my property

    38. Esmeralda Salcedo

      Yo no hablo ingles pero me gusta mucho la serie(le veo con subtitulos) alguien sabe como se llama la cancion que sale en los creditos

    39. emaan tariq

      Or what

    40. emaan tariq

      Has fire got a tuff spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Bethany Busa

      I am a kid

    42. Boglenight

      I have now chosen that the last two episodes don’t exist for me. I don’t want to engage with a My Pride world where Tangled is dead and Fire is an asshole.

      1. Boglenight

        Whatever happened to the two cute bois? 😢

    43. xmishax

      The tails be like: 💃💃💃💃

    44. Stryker

      I've watched this episode like 10 times now, and I just- EeE- Feather is turning into a little moody teenager, It's adorable- QwQ

    45. Twinks Twinkie

      Let me say something before I watch the other episodes, Fire sorta has no choice but to kill Feather, with the “pride law” he would most likely die out there even with Feather and Nothing. With the previous episode it showed that dry season won’t get easier so Nothing and Fire would die out there regardless of how good they can hunt.

    46. April Wyatt

      I think feather is lite think about it when fire tried to kill him he was alive I think its feather I want explain why well I kinda just did but i think its feather

    47. sφuirmish


    48. ````COOkIe``` ```Weirdo```

      Feather: saw fire fighting a no mane* I have to brave like nothing to!! Feather: RaWr!! meh: he sounded so cute!!

    49. Hazel Hart

      hey if you look in the background when feather is with nothing after the fight you can see barkmane still moving and when you see the body when it zooms in you can see unnecessary claw marks on the body meaning fire made it more painfull than it should have been he could have just bit his neck and killed him quickly but the claws on the body means he drew it out creepy

    50. Lion guard lover

      3:03 awkward moment of silence

    51. Nellie smith

      Me whacing my pride My pride :Fedher dying Me: o-SHIT o-SHIT o-SHIT

    52. Mohammed Maksood

      THE DESC

    53. Spacekid Productions

      Bro the character design of all those pride members looks awesome

    54. Spacekid Productions

      Feather hit puberty

    55. Snek Anatomy

      /IBurstIntoTears 🥺😭

    56. Niva Lindroth

      The return of fire RIP tangle

    57. eastern woyer

      Couldn't they have just started their own pride i mean having to goddesses reincarnations breeding would create unstoppable babies

    58. Katfoox

      1:32 bookmark for me so i know where i left off because im going to sleep now

    59. KingCed

      Feather is speaking facts

    60. Feu


    61. multirainbowhawk

      Feather: “It’s what you’re afraid of. Nothing.” Batman: *Also named after what he is afraid of* Low key genius

    62. Zozo Bananna

      I started watching My Pride on my iPhone, Now I am watching it on my Laptop. I've finished every episode wondering "Can Tribbleofdoom make a 11th episode?'' so that's my question here

      1. Iftah Haziqah

        No, she said she will continue with another season which is season 2, Episode 10 is the last episode of season 1. She said she continue her writing journey right now since she done season 1 so she said she gonna be on a break. And she hasn't confirmed when season 2 is out but probaly after she finish her writing journey. It probaly gonna be out in 5 month or 1 year because she gotta need a lot of time to rest so you just have to wait when the series gonna be announced. Thats it hope you understand :)

    63. Miletty Animations

      I really like the characters in this series! Their feelings and interactions feel very genuine

    64. Sharon Cantu

      Feather: I didn't do it for him Fandom: :D

    65. GhiraLink

      i am sick of this feather. she is such a toxic femininity, manipulative and dont care that the name 'nothing', is acociated with BAD memories! she just want keep things how SHE wants and not what nothing wants.

    66. Lucy Starmaker

      8:35 OWA OWA

    67. PipDog makes things happen Xd

      Is this gonna be feather kills fire story -_-

    68. Harien Gradford

      Am I the only one who thinks Barkmane looks like he is related to Proudmane

    69. Sharon Cantu

      3:57 My mood everytime someone annoys the heck out of me

    70. _cheLOVEk _

      2:55 *purrr*

    71. Al D

      7:00 does feather's mane look similar to a trench coat to anyone?

    72. Sofia Alcantara Muñoz

      It only had past like 3 weeks and I inpascient about the t2 I don’t kare the time I just Care that it will be I don’t want the series get canceled please.

      1. Sofia Alcantara Muñoz

        I think so.

      2. Al D

        Are you referring to My Pride Ep 10? I believe its out by now.

    73. Juggle Brain

      Feather is jelly

    74. Cassiboo Koch

      make another seson

    75. Samer Drazanin

      Bark mane a *C H O N K E R* a ded one

    76. Evan Carneal

      Poor Nothing! Shes so sad.

    77. CountingOnStatic

      why do some lions have the whisker like markings on their muzzles and some done?

    78. BlueGirl460

      Has anyone found the hidden cheeto

    79. Darkness

      Fire scared me so bad in the beginning

    80. Kayleigh Enos

      There was a reason she had that dreamin the previous episode, she had to find that lion

    81. Lindsey Rainwater

      I love this so much I hope it NEVER ends ☺️I always watch it on my phone

    82. Tiger King

      I think proud is a Barbary by the size of his mane

    83. Spot The Ice Mudwing

      The old mane sounds like stoic from httyd

    84. The Silver Rose

      History is repeating itself 👁👁

    85. Kira Field

      Please let there be a season 2 please 🙏😍favorite show

    86. Alpha Wolf

      Feather has balls you gotta give him that

    87. Axt9n

      Om girth I skipped out for a couple of weeks and it’s ALREADY TO EPISODE TEN? AYYAYAYAYAYYAYA

    88. That Masked Person

      Moonstrike is like my 3 fav lioness

    89. Queen Jay Jay

      Part of me feels like Fire is going to play Lite's role

    90. Foxycat

      Feather x Nothing

      1. Philip Nativio

        @Foxycat yeeeea

      2. Foxycat

        @Philip Nativio fine then ghost x nothing

      3. Philip Nativio

        @Foxycat feather is waterhunters cub and Waterhunter is powerstrikes sister and nothings mom. Also rains voice actor said it in a livestream

      4. Foxycat

        @Philip Nativio How

      5. Philip Nativio

        They're cousins.

    91. Abszilla 203


    92. Copper Bunnies

      I thought Fire was going to kill Feather

    93. Mia Nelson

      Feather: “ if a no-mane tried to hurt me I would do the same thing” Then does the same thing that Nothing did when she was a cub

    94. Joelle Hawes

      Did anybody ever find the cheeto?

    95. Akita

      I just got an ad for this. I’m so honored-

    96. daveneps

      I got this episode as an ad. Are you trying to get the videos out there to more viewers or something? If so that is a nice way to do it. Definitely gonna rewatch the series again

    97. Sleepy Bunny

      It has been one day a single day and im already obsessed with this show XD

    98. CCvids ?_?

      I really didn't want feather to die

    99. • H O P E •

      Feather has the mind of ending the cycle, maybe that's why he's with Nothing, to let her know what Sharptongue and Rain meant.

    100. Bert McMod

      What I’m just what