Mission Control Live: NASA Lands Perseverance Mars Rover (360 video)

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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    Watch an epic journey unfold on Thursday, Feb. 18 as our Perseverance rover lands on Mars. Watch here for a 360-degree engineer's-eye-view from inside Mission Control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, with picture-in-picture commentary.
    To reach the surface of the Red Planet, the rover has to survive the harrowing final phase known as Entry, Descent, and Landing.

    Only then can the rover - the biggest, heaviest, cleanest, and most sophisticated six-wheeled robot ever launched into space - search Jezero Crater for signs of ancient life and collect samples that will eventually be returned to Earth.
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    Credit: NASA-JPL/Caltech

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    1. Jim Metcalf


    2. Lt Dan

      Not A Space Agency.

    3. Kelly Gillies

      Actors at least have the decency to take your money for acting. These sell-outs of America should be ashamed to look their kids in the face! Disgusting.

    4. Dnelms11

      Who is this guy talking about 20 minutes in? Sounds like the character from Looney Tunes. "Yeah uh duh uh... we uh duh uh are trying to convince people we are uh real.... yeah uh real"

    5. Free indeed

      While our country is falling apart piece by piece, we're still paying NASA 60 million dollars everyday to give us cartoons, nothing more than cartoons, CGI brought to us by Satan's mouthpiece, AKA, NASA

    6. Free indeed

      NASA=to deceive

    7. Zach Anderson

      MARS = GREENLAND + Red Lens Tint Dont be fooled friends, these people are straight lying to you! Wake up, find Jesus!

    8. dj traBBiz Ramage

      The fact that most people believe this is real, is astounding. Come on people wake up use some critical thinking skills and discernment you are being deceived

    9. CS Romine

      This is all FAKE!! Wake up people! NASA LIES! It's all one giant lie! WAKE UP!!!

    10. JoeyTheChin

      Congratulations on the Perseverance up in Greenland!!!! satellites are a Great thing to spy on you with!!!!

    11. Justin

      Yay we're all spinning on a cartoon ball!! It must just be coincidence that NASA means deceive in Hebrew of course. Just like it's coincidence that all these Freemasons are astro-nots. Who's ready to punch some Freemason throats in???

    12. Justin

      Fake agency

    13. They eviL

      More lies from NASHOLES in the worlds largest swimming pool.

    14. JosephPaul

      NASA is as fake as a killer virus originating in Wuhan China Fact Check me... the W.H.O. Went to wuhan THIS YEAR in January and stated they had no idea where the "killer virus" originated from.

    15. JosephPaul

      Put one of these on the space station

    16. Charles Stevenson


    17. KDurschmidt

      My brother worked for them, actually did their real work..invented anti nuclear system and his name is on the satalite circling Mars etc...he invented non detectable missles, worked officially for JPL, Boeing and other subcontractors of NASA, the REAL perpulsion experts..

    18. Keith Mounts

      Fake news. NASA keeps stealing our money and soon it will all be revealed.

    19. Teena Wood

      There is colonies on Mars. Their just lieing as usual.

    20. peter knapp

      Ridiculous all of it, puppets laughable.

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    21. seba22345

      Hahaha what a liars, all faked all CGi, hahah it's so funny when u know true .

      1. seba22345

        @Final Stand I'm not trading

      2. Final Stand

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    22. perry barkhurst

      What a waste of life to spend it fabricating lies to the public.

      1. Final Stand

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    23. TheTime OfTheEnd

      Research flat earth @DITRH!



    25. Tracy Redwine

      Never A Straight Answer this is what they mean??

    26. Tracy Redwine

      With the technology we should be able to have a visual as we are landing and so on!

      1. NebTheWeb

        Lol, what technology would that be, slick? You do know that there is a long delay depending on where Mars and Earth are in their orbits. It generally takes about 5 to 20 minutes for a radio signal to travel the distance between Mars and Earth, depending on planet positions. And that is just one way.

    27. Tracy Redwine

      WTF is this ???? Another NASA show that pisses on our shoes and tells us it's raining?? Again!

    28. Troy Kaz

      Yeah it's so much harder to land a remote-controlled Rover because of Corona!!! 😂🙄

      1. NebTheWeb

        Try making some sense next time you comment. You have no understanding about anything so stop pretending to.

    29. Troy Kaz

      What a fake joke

    30. Richard Spiegelmacher

      ist das hier Real?

    31. Sir Baron Von Count


    32. Pablo Esteban Bottini

      Más fake

    33. Pablo Esteban Bottini

      Fake . Más lies

    34. KathyPapineau

      NASA....Never A Straight Answer...

    35. Billy W

      Roses are red, Violets are blue, NASA is lying, That’s the only thing true

    36. Cashboijay

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    37. emit

      Whats the carbon foot print Nasa dose to polution leves to the Earth

      1. Cashboijay

        *Not everyone can do this but glinsnetwork1 did m¡ne at 1G*

    38. Matthew Maxcy

      Houston.....we have a problem..... I'm seeing life moving around Uranus..

    39. LOGY POP

      Me encanta el video excelente tecnología

    40. Stream Games

      Such a feigned garbage horror!

    41. Tripp Canada

      NASA losers. Satanic.

    42. Eddie Bowman

      why go to mars waist all that money for what . we were prob already there millions of year ago .they should be worrying about the nuetron star out there instead of going backwards !!!! better off going to the moon

    43. Paul marsh

      I think that girl got lost on her high school field trip and they're letting her play with the control board, Can I get a cool shirt like all the crew has and I can tell everyone I work at NASA?

    44. Paul marsh

      5356 Wow their internet speed is like fast, wish I had their ISP

    45. Paul marsh

      BooooRRRRing!!... When does this video game start??

    46. Colonel Angus

      There are millions if not billions of people on Mars, Phobos, these cocksuckers lie about everything. Yes, for over 70 years.

    47. Cristina D


    48. Aaron Poole

      The Earth Is Flat.

    49. Boogie Man

      I don't know what you guys are pretending to control - you're not going anywhere, launching or landing anything. Get outta here with that. Nobody believes you but your parents!

    50. naveen kumar

      Nice prank guru ji

    51. Brett Naugher

      An associated division of the theater is labeled EM (Electromagnetic) Propulsion Laboratory that provides for hyper electronic propulsion. There are many programs underway in the revelationary power systems.

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    53. Tsasoni Tsamiwas Wilu

      So silly its sad..

    54. White Knight

      We have bases on Mars, moon, and moons of the outer planets, we have for decades! SSP 20 and back, Solar warden hack exposed non-terrestrial officers within NASA. All flying Triangles are ours, TR3B, TR6B, Aurora, etc.. The big secret is that we are on the inside, not the outside.. My uncle (high military rank) WW2 R.I.P, told me many “secrets” before he passed! SEEK THE TRUTH WITHIN YOURSELF, TO UNLOCK THE “SECRETS” OF THE UNIVERSE!

    55. Christine Vincent


    56. Trevor Lee

      You sheep will fall for anything. How can any free, critical thinking individual, still believe this ridiculous nonsense.

    57. Jesus Christ is my God To the glory of the Father

      Hay! Do something over there!

    58. Leaders France


    59. Elizabeth F. Kaplan

      Yeah. Sure they did. Thanks, NASA 👍🏼👍🏼


      Amazing beyond limit

    61. Richard Karger

      Yeah right......

    62. dharmaangel g


    63. abba dejo kim

      if u can communicate millions of miles why do we have a problem with a few miles?

    64. abba dejo kim

      how does the human body handle 3 G force for 8 1/2 minutes or 590 sec?

    65. abba dejo kim

      have a question NASA do u have 1.9 G force or 3 G force escape velocity on the space shuttle?

    66. Richierich 1

      We live on a flat plane, nasa aint doing nothing other than dumping rockets into the sea. . Keep up the hoax guys.

    67. Syed Imran SHAH

      JPL is the most prominent unit of NASA historically but the news is about NASA. NASA has been given under the control of UNO (last year). Its new name is USA (United Space Agency). Verification and compliance of international treaties globally through satellite imagery. The same technology should be used for Indus Water Treaty by observing construction of dams/reservoirs, always on tributary rivers. The excuse of tributary river dam cant be used again and again. The commercial satellite launches have been taken over by SpaceX.

    68. MyBrothersKeeper

      Boring. We're already there and they don't go by rocket propulsion.

    69. Everything Tydre

      Let’s just hope we don’t get hit my the astroid we have to pray

    70. Manuel Gomez

      To blurry. It sucks

    71. Poyfs

      /cam 4

    72. Joe Barbosa

      Disney world studios 💯🐰👈🤡

    73. Violet Biggs Productions

      All paid to lie to humanity.

    74. elson ramos

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    75. Tom Midd

      Nasa is fake !!!!!!!

    76. MyworstEnemy

      How much did this cost us?

    77. Misty May

      I have met two persons who worked for NASA thought they would be of high intellect was so wrong..Both had cool sounding jobs but very low IQ persons.

    78. GetoverYourself

      As soon as they started speaking. Spanish, I ended it.

    79. Carl M

      wow turn back now, this comment section is infested with trolls

      1. Kelly Gillies

        Haha aha. Ha!

      2. Feel Jesus In You

        The only trolls is you!

    80. D G M

      Wait until the June UFO disclosure. Then EVERYTHING will be forced to be broken down and revamped: energy, gov't, history, science, old legacy finance, religion, etc.

    81. Yafo, Is

      LOL LOL LOL, Ya OK If you claim this is real. LOL LOL LOL. Suppose youre gonna tell us here you actually pierce the upper ATM into the “ perfect -1 vacuum too RIGHT? And didn’t cause the PRESSURE EQUALIZATION DISASTER too with your rockets. LOL LOL LOL.

      1. Feel Jesus In You

        Lol. Those globetards are dumb to think we haven't noticed you cant have gas pressure next to an vacuum, they lie about "space"., Everything is contained under the firmament that covers earth.

    82. Mark Allen

      There is a housefly on Mars(Devon Island,Canada) now! Amazing fake, NASA....😂

    83. Nikita Maan Apostol


    84. CAM

      Still pretending I see

    85. Scotty Bampot Law of The Land

      Great!! more FAKE space!! hahahhahaha love it

    86. Russ Blevins

      All of these people are terrified you will find Eric Dubay. Find Eric Dubay.

      1. Feel Jesus In You

        Eric Dubay is self confessed neo n+azi. He even said he support Hit - - -l*r



    88. Devina Tusi

      It's all lies

    89. Devina Tusi

      How much are they getting paid for doing nothing?

    90. Mandy Manning

      where are the reptilian and the 10 and back program

    91. Devina Tusi

      No one is doing anything, are they playing solitare on the computer?

    92. Devina Tusi

      Why are you all working with masks on?

    93. Don Grant

      Are they studying the Nevada desert again? You know, with the sepia tone added for the red planet look. $$$$$$$$$$$

      1. Zac Mason


    94. George Vossen

      Are you kidding JPL how many ppl know the story of Alan parsons Crowley and Ron Hubbard it's true sick and wrong can't believe in 21 they still have the unholy alliance with NASA

    95. William Gibson

      Welcome to the Fabulous world of state propaganda Are you woke now. I hear C.S. is tha new way to avoid the c. v..

    96. George Fallon


    97. Björn Porsche


    98. ercichewman

      The woman at 36:00 talking about Mars is reading prewritten lines and responses. You can see her glancing at them and her speech is clearly not spontaneous. Fake interview.

    99. Seosamh O'Fionnaghain

      Eric Dubay says NASA is NOT on Mars and he is CORRECT!!!

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