Tim Kurkjian GOES CRAZY Dodgers win the 2020 World Series post game Dodgers def. Rays 3-1 in Game 6

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    Tim Kurkjian GOES CRAZY Dodgers win the 2020 World Series post game Dodgers def. Rays 3-1 in Game 6
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    1. Larry Bays

      Dodgers should have won the world series in 5 games. Rays only looked good in one game.

    2. MIKELIN8

      So, why the " " around the word "Cheating" Astros? Didn't they come out and admit it to the commissioner?

    3. paul VON

      LA Dodgers #1

    4. Mario

      I guess the data that shows Snell shut down every top dodger hitter didn't matter to cash.

    5. Thunnus O

      As a Dodgers fan, Snell should not have been taken out of the game! Mano to mano, you want to earned it against your opponent until he is beaten. Data analytics cheated both teams what could be one of an all time classic end to the game. Cheating Astros/Asterisk in 2017 was already bad enough!!!

    6. Olympus Knight

      The game took a hit this year. Gonna hurt for awhile.

    7. PolinGuira


    8. Joseph Ortega

      If snell would of stayed in we might of had a game 7

    9. G Buz

      The Dodgers still would have won the game, the Rays only scored 1 run and Snell would come out soon enough for the Dodgers to score the 2 runs off the relievers that they actually did.

    10. S

      2020 team played better small ball than the 2017 team. Good win Dodgers.

    11. 23BAINER

      102 games will change a season big time!

    12. Allen Chevez

      How does the front office decide when to take out the pitcher ?

    13. edd flow

      Dodgers Finally Beat Dave Roberts n the 2020 World Series FIRE DAVE ROBERTS!

    14. Jason Lee in Taiwan - 李源生在臺灣

      What a playoff run for Urias. He won two starts, and closed out the NLCS and World Series on the mound. His jersey sales are going to be off the hook.

    15. Manuel Silva

      It was a Mexican win!

    16. John Medina

      Sucks for Justin Turner not being able to celebrate with his team.

    17. Jc Carmazzi


    18. Brandon Penn

      The city of L A,are champ-champs

    19. Commonwealth

      TIMMY! Nationals fan here. Good job guys great team. Go blue!!!

    20. FartimusPrime

      I was so excited that I slipped the driest ripper between my cheeks. And my wife popped the moistest oyster crackin quief as she rolled out of her chair to celebrate! What a memorable evening.

    21. W Flint

      The rest of us have to be Covid lockdown. Not sports!

      1. EL34Glo

        Nobody is in lockdown

    22. oAPXo

      Cash pulled a Roberts, that's how Dodgers fans feel every single time a pitcher is dominating and the next inning Roberts has a new pitcher. Just super glad he kept Urias in, URIAS THE LEGEND.

    23. V Dan

      Cash needs to have a picture with the Commissioner’s trophy. He had a hand in it.

    24. fwdfdfsa111133

      "goes crazy" 😂🤣😆

    25. chassis807

      Bellinger needs to go

    26. arnold oliver

      Kevin Cash had no confidence in Snell why? He went by computers spreadsheets past films not good old fashioned instinct manager got to let this guy know hey you got this

    27. Justinflow

      Remember when Robert asked kershaw if he is good to finish the inning. Kevin should’ve asked snell if he is good instead of just pulling him out with no saying

    28. Brody Vaughn

      Can you imagine if the Giants took out Madison Bumgarner in 2014 based on what numbers on an excel spreadsheet said? Analytics and moneyball are suggestions to managers, not requirements. If you’re going to do everything based on analytics, then you might as well have Microsoft Excel as your manager

    29. cardsblues219

      Any other manager and the Rays easily would have forced Game 7. Unfortunately when you have a Minimim Wage Payroll you have to settle for a Minimum Wage Manager.

    30. Wilfred Felida

      All the comments to take Snell out or not make sense only of Snell pitched a complete game. It was just a matter of when they 're going to take him out.

    31. sychophantt

      MLB base all strikeouts and a couple of homeruns. Unwatchable

      1. Diane Veilleux

        You know nothing.

    32. jacob bogner

      Did anyone pick-pocket Barnes?

      1. Diane Veilleux

        I'm sure he put it in there tight!

    33. Slaymyface135

      Did your team get to the postseason? Did your team win the wildcard. Did your team win the division series? Did your team win the championship series? Did your team win the world series? If you said no to any of these questions youre excuse is "Well its a 60 game season so it doesnt count" Stay mad

    34. Roberson De

      Thanks guys for your great show .sometimes we react early too emotionally i think the coaching staff has seen in Blake maybe a sign of fatigue of something else.we always point a decision when a team lost but teaching watching and coaching a team that's totally different.congratulations to the dodgers even I am a die hard fan of reds Sox .

    35. thaimbomb

      Baseball is all about the other team taking advantage of mistakes so hell yeah for the Rays taking Snell out because it almost looked like a cold night of hitting for the Dodgers. 🎉⚾🧢

    36. kushnavs

      Blake Dodgers will pay you lol come to LA get that ring

    37. macocwbyz72

      Taking out Snell was one of the worst managerial decisions I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe it but I said at the time this is our(Dodgers) chance now. I would fire that guy just for that decision alone.

    38. artistamisto

      Long time Dodger fan here. Ecstatic that we won the WS with the proven best team in the MLB. But during the 1st 5 innings I was getting really frustrated watching Snell shut down our hitters. I was very surprised that they removed him. And then the Dodgers captured the lead and won it... to my absolute glee. But still I am not biased to say that the Rays robbed themselves of a possible, not guaranteed, but possible game 7 by doing this.

    39. elenaXanthony


    40. Anne Collins

      Oh boy the manager of the Rays is kicking himself lol...And if I was him I wouldn't show my face in Tampa Bay lol.. What in the hell was the manager thinking?

    41. Scot Slater

      Most !!! CLICK BAIT !!! Titles on KGup. #unsubscribed #peace #GoDodgers

    42. CelestialWoodway

      Asterisk Season.

    43. George Swift

      Who gives a damn! Perhaps these kneeling bastards won't ever have a world series again!

    44. Huizhen He

      Give us a break media -- it’s was MLB botched high school-- schedule astrek Dodgers squandering obscene money on players and have choked this year they lost money again....it’s a pathetic choke franchise....it was a botched season ....not rays fan either ....or As-Tros....

    45. Tommy Grofcsik

      Thanks Tex for calling them cheaters

    46. Jay Dee

      Dramatizing Turner's positive Covid test was so unnecessary.

    47. FULLmeltHASH

      Where’s the part where he GOES CRAZY?

    48. Whats shakin Bacon! Nothin Just Sizzlin! Bars!

      Hindsight is 50/50. As a Dodgers fan watching Kershaw flame out in the playoffs due to over pitching with a tired arm I support the Rays coach decision.

      1. APTC APTC

        So played scared and lose a chance to lose a World Series? They played only 60 regular season games and less than 80 pitches in a elimination game. Whose to say they don’t make it to a World Series? This is coming from a Dodgers fan.

    49. Joe Trump

      Hey you know why it’s their 3rd time through in just the 5th inning? ...Cause the kid is pitching lights out!

    50. javier book shadows contributor du

      178th comment

    51. Salvatore Sultana

      It was the worst decision I have ever seen. That includes Terry Collins leaving in Matt Harvey, Hinch taking out Zack Greinke and not putting in Gerrit Cole, Dave Roberts not using his best hitters against the Red Sox until it was too late. It was terrible. And also can someone answer this? Other than the Royals in 2014-15, when has bullpenning worked? Cleveland tried that in 2016, lost. Teams like Oakland and Tampa have done that over the last 2-3 years, lost.

    52. Robert Ridley

      The only nick Anderson who's any good is the one that used to play for the Orlando magic

    53. Jonathan Aguirre

      Mark Teixeira makes a great analysts you can see how wisely he uses his words.

    54. Jason Lassiter

      BLAKE SNELL SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. Piri Hern

      Im from Brooklyn new York miss the Dodgers in new York. Congrats

    56. Robert Bolivarr

      kevin Cash just set history. Taken out his on fire pitcher and made Dodgers the World Series Champion.

    57. Rap Brown

      Year of Los Angeles

    58. Sung Ha

      Im glad Roberts did not repeat the same mistake and did not put in Kenley Jansen the last two games.

    59. Iggy Martinez

      congrats Dodgers and all the Dodgers fan and everyone in Los Angeles. Come chek out my channel friends join y community and subscribe.

    60. Robert Casale

      Blake Snell really felt like saying, " You suck as manager Kevin Cash ! Thanks for nothing, in tanking our Championship ! Here's a token of my appreciation!! 🖕🖕"

    61. Patrick Corbett

      Great job guys now I hope to see you next year at the World Series, Gerrit Cole vs Kershaw, congratulations to the Dodgers your suffering is finally over I didn’t really care who won but as the series went on I found myself rooting for the Dodgers, because they’ve been so close and been there 3 times already it would have been cruel to go 0-3 in the World Series, last year was easy so I wanna root for the Astros who just won in 2017 or the Nationals who never won gee I wonder that was an easy decision so I’m all for another drought ending.

    62. Daniel Trimboli

      Thanks Kevin Cash For Giving The Hook On Blake Snell !! The Dodgers Needed The World Series Title. !! We Haven't Won Since 1988 !! 👍🏆🏆

      1. Robert Casale

        Absolutely! It's nice to add in the our 7th title in the trophy case! It was hard earned and well fought for !

    63. Tony De Leon

      2 Mexican peoples Gonzalez ,,nayarit ,,Urías ,,Sinaloa

    64. Kali213


    65. Larry Howser

      Kurkjian identified what I have been feeling for quite awhile. Baseball players are not machines - two times through the order and they are done? Especially since he went to a pitcher who surrendered a run in his 7th consecutive postseason game?!

      1. oldfrend

        data is nice but it shouldn't be the end all, and i'm a huge sabermetrics proponent. this game just showed the rays' shallow understanding of it. it's good for long term results but it can't be the only determining factor in individual situations. also a real data geek would know that anderson's success was pretty much the definition of unsustainable, meaning he ain't that good cuz nobody is, he just got lucky A LOT, so putting him in against an elite hitting team like the dodgers was asking for trouble when the numbers revert to his real talent level like they always do.

    66. adadsd adsdsadasdsa

      The best thing that happened in this WS. Jansen was a bum, Will Smith was a Bum. AND THEY NEVER PLAYED AGAIN, THAT'S HOW U WIN. take the people who are not playing well OUT. Jansen should not be with us next season.

    67. Beerus Sama

      Julio Urias is the unsung hero of this post season.

      1. person 1

        @Dimas Esquivel Julio isn't taking Jansen's spot. He must start.

      2. person 1

        Julio was among numerous heroes this postseason.

      3. Gulagsports US Mex

        Julio was the shit!! Hey man we all winstop crying we all know what he did an alot of the bullpen did!! Act like you been here before!!!! Because we have!!!!!

      4. Dimas Esquivel

        Agreed.Jenson just lost his position next season lmfao

      5. Bronson G

        Fans will be singing for him. Trust all real Dodger fans KNOW he was clutch

    68. Jay Quintana

      I love that Tex is bringing it. Too many former players and managers are afraid to criticize current players and managers.

    69. Armando Ceja

      It’s the pitching count he had 70 they always get 80 to 90 before they take a pitcher out so they might have felt he couldn’t we had the same problem so if you keep him maybe he would of gave up a home Ron who knows

    70. Bambu Soulja

      Congrats .. But Put A Asterisk On That Like Whole Year Too !

    71. Restless Mind


    72. Jairo Estrada

      Game 4 just pist them off instead of bring them down

      1. Jairo Estrada

        @Diane Veilleux dodgers bro

      2. Diane Veilleux

        Which team are you talking about?

    73. Nick Hugue

      Cash made a blunder taking out snell in 6th.

    74. brain smith

      Snell sounds like a brotha !!

    75. BR

      All the GMs in MLB, if they haven't so, should watch Clint Eastwood's "Trouble With the Curve"

    76. Just Fabe

      It was a tough decision to make, yeah Snell was on fire, i would have kept him in, but the reasoning behind him being pulled was valid. The game has changed so much, Starters just cant go 7-8 innings anymore because of how the teams offense are being built. Everyone is more aware on how pitchers throw, and how well teams are adjusting. Dodgers are a prime example! Doc's offensive approach and what hes brought to that organization along with the FO has and will change how the game is played. It all came together to Dave and the FO. Let's face it the age of Starters that can go 7 innings + is coming to an end.

      1. Diane Veilleux

        I grew up in Dodger stadium and pitchers going 7 or 8 innings was normal. If a team was way ahead, they would let someone else pitch for experience but you expected a pitcher to pitch the game. Maybe we should revisit that attitude.

      2. Robert Ridley

        I thought the reason they took pitchers out was pitch count. That's why so many people are upset. And in this case, he has the whole offseason to recover, so they could have left him in until he started throwing underhand.

    77. Cristian Gomez

      Kevin Cash!! Made a Dave Roberts decision with Snell

    78. Oscar Hernandez

      Much lobe to rays

    79. scramuel

      Tim kurkjian MVP

    80. gorutra

      False positive?

    81. Javy C

      Rays fans: Your team is poorly coached and your manager makes horrible decisions. “It makes no sense. It’s poor judgment, poor coaching, it’s just poor teaching what they’re doing and what they’re allowing to do.”

    82. elwerouno1

      RIOS#1 ⚾️🏆💪💯

    83. Rosa

      Beautiful Dodgers! Congratulations to Urias and the whole team!! But am I the only one thinking of Tommy Lasorda tonight? He had heart surgery this weekend and I can remember he was our beloved manager in 88. Hope we get a parade somehow soon. Maybe all along PCH from County line to county line? GO DODGERS GO!!!❤

      1. Diane Veilleux

        Yes. Hello to Tommy. If winning the World Series doesn't make you feel much better, I am afraid nothing will! Take care and get ready to party!

    84. Kristof Huijbers

      Man the Lakers and Dodgers champions that makes this year alot better

    85. AJ Constantine

      12:14 🙏, KURKJIAN!!! 👏👏👏👏

    86. Richard Gaines


    87. Alejandro Garcia

      I’m not so sure one should be this hard on Cash. Snell has not gone longer than 6 innings all year. The data shows that Snell’s era goes up 3rd time in the batting order. Had Cash left Snell in and Mookie hits a home run, the story would be ‘why did Cash not follow the script that made Snell successful all year long?’

      1. Alejandro Garcia

        @itz Duffy I understand your sentiments and respect it. Hindsight is 20/20 so I was trying to give another prospective. I’ve been an Dodgers fan all my life and played baseball for many years . It seems today that MLB manager’s either manage by analytics or gut feeling. Managing in both, is a talent a few can do well. Human factors always plays a part and getting it right more times than not is near impossible. As a Dodgers fan I can say that Dave Roberts has been on both sides of the Cash phenomenon many many times.

    88. Joseph Gualtieri

      Truthfully, the Rays were lucky to be in a Game 6 in this series. What these guys are overlooking is the fact that Roberts’ terrible decisions lead to a Game 4 loss for the Dodgers.

      1. Joseph Gualtieri

        @Just Fabe Understand, I’m not one of those throwing Roberts under the bus in general. I just don’t understand his trust in Jansen. Jansen had two good outings prior to Game 4, but he had comfortable leads. He’s not the go-to closer anymore, and bringing him in in that situation was a poor decision, especially after he’d recently lost the closer role.

      2. Just Fabe

        Terrible decisions hardly, they are only terrible because players failed to execute. Pitching is a peculiar thing, a pitcher can have his stuff one day and he next day be off. Dave made solid moves this post season, he was firm and was doing everything in his power to put his players in a good position to succeed.

    89. True Blue

      The issue with the Tampa bay bullpen was simple. Most of them rely on there fastball and the dodgers look for the fastball to hit. Snell should of stayed in no doubt in anyone's mind except one man tonite and that man was the person who pulled him.

    90. True Blue

      Julio has been AMAZING. But a name many won't Remeber from this postseason is Barnes. He has been AMAZING this postseason when LA needed something the most!

      1. musicman785

        Wasn't he hitting like 800 at the start of the WS? It was something crazy lol

      2. Ruthless 12 street

        Defense Yes!!! Offense he was kinda quiet

      3. Adrian G

        From my current hometown Riverside, California!

      4. sofie xxx


    91. Play Book

      Julio should of gotten MVP

    92. ashunt29

      Hold up, can someone say something about MAGIC JOHNSON! He was on the Championship Lakers '88 team, when LA Dodgers won it last. Magic use to be the GM of the Lakers and brought LeBron James to the Lakers. Lakers won the championship team and now Dodgers won this year. Doesn't Magic Johnson have some ownership in the Dodgers? Magic Johnson...WOW!!!

      1. Joseph Ortega

        And freddy Freeman

      2. Joseph Ortega

        He needs to get snell on the dodgers

      3. Tommy Grofcsik

        @StrawHatMatt yep, and he is also the public figure owner. I had never seen that other guy that accepted the trophy from that snake Manfred last night.

      4. StrawHatMatt

        @Tommy Grofcsik exactly idk how much he bought the team for but still part owner is an owner not a mascot

      5. CelestialWoodway

        Who cares?

    93. Richard Gaines


    94. mario salgado

      so we really not gonna give Urias his respect for being the ace of the post season?! locked it down when ever it was asked of him no matter the situation.. none on base, bases loaded? send em in. starter/reliever/closer my dude did it ALL

      1. C M

        Super Buenò

      2. G Buz

        I would still give Seager the MVP for the postseason but Urias would be a close second or third.

      3. drizzle

        As a Cubs fan, I saw his very first start at Wrigley in 16. He got roughed up, but I remember thinking “this kid really has something.” I’ve been waiting for him to emerge

      4. furleyforever

        No worries. The whole world witnessed Urias close it out.

      5. Just On Tv

        @Jesse Dominguez he is not stealing it from kevin cash

    95. C.A. Toro

      Every Dodgers Player: Hell yeah Every Dodgers fan: Yes! Kevin Cash: Analytics

      1. Bronson G

        @Just Fabe it felt like the Rays were the Dodgers a few years ago.

      2. APTC APTC

        Dodgers Hitters: it’s free estate

      3. C.A. Toro

        @Just Fabe Can't argue that but ignoring the mental aspect of the game is a shame. Snell was a Death Dealer out there.

      4. B3B Parker

        Cash did a Dave Roberts lol 😂

      5. Just Fabe

        Dave played Analytics too, its just that the players he brought in executed to the fullest. It was also a feel, and experience.

    96. MTG Revealed

      If that’s Tim Kurkin going crazy then he must be a zombie 🧟‍♀️

    97. Frank Almanzar

      game 4 in this series is historic. Congrats Dodgers though, the best team won at the end.

    98. T D

      Winning in 2020 after years of being #1 and choking is neither memorable nor impressive. This dodgers era is a failure

      1. C.A. Toro

        @T D Only 1 team can win it any given year.

      2. T D

        ​@C.A. Toro cool. Still choke

      3. Rebelpunk 13

        Failure? They just won the World Series you dumb boomer. I’m sure 29 other teams would love to win their division 8 years in a row, play 3 World Series, and win one. Jabroni take

      4. Anthony Cincotta

        Somebody missed nap time and needs a diaper change.

      5. C.A. Toro

        You know that those pitchers haven't even entered their prime, right? As a Giants fan, it's going to be hard to win the NL West the next 5 years with the Padres also young.

    99. Manuel Lizarraga

      did blake snell just say f that in that replay when they took him out

      1. artistamisto

        He said "f*kin A!"

      2. Ibex

        He wasn't backed up by rubs but yes, it's hard not to criticize cash

      3. El Dude

        F@#* yeah he did. Go Dodgers baby!

      4. C.A. Toro

        Thankfully there wasn't a microphone on his thoughts.

      5. Steven De Armas

        Yeah he did

    100. Alina Stas

      0:25 awesometeens.online