How JFK's Clever TV Strategies Helped Him Win the Election

Smithsonian Channel

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    Seventy million people tuned in to watch America's first televised presidential debate in 1960. They were met with a well-prepared, well-dressed JFK who outshone his opponent, Richard Nixon.
    From the Series: America In Color: The 1960s

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    1. A River

      What you wear mattered to voters?

    2. gvmnt failure

      All green oil lamp

    3. Brandi Lord

      You mean the mob in Illinois....fixed it for you

    4. karl marx was right

      jfk always best love from asia

    5. Mantikal

      There's something that wasn't touched on (or shown) here (it's visible if you watch the whole debate) that did way more damage - "Presence in the room" resulting from "Body Language." Nixon is spending more time looking at Kennedy than the camera. That communicates on a more subtle level - that's "the leader" to others watching. When ever new people walk into a room they're trying figure/feel out who's the leader - it's usually the one the most people there are looking at. That person has "Presence."

    6. ZeroToPatrick

      Joe Kennedy Sr. stole it for his boy. Period.

    7. Gary Kerns

      Never knew JFK lived in the Bronx (0:20). I learned something interesting more years ago than I can remember; namely that radio listeners thought Nixon won the debates, while TV viewers thought Kennedy did.

    8. Charles Mack

      When Nixon lied about Watergate, yes, that was wrong. However, he was bipartisan when passing brand new EPA and OSHA legislation. But when he messed up, the other side was sure quick to crucify him.

    9. Ibrahim Ahmad

      He was a Bronx Boy. Good to know!

    10. Potato 🥔

      Now THIS is a proper presidential debate, without insane amounts of interruptions *ahem* Trump and Biden

    11. The Everything Channel

      They probably elected him because he was more handsome 😆

    12. Edebiyat ve Tarih bizim işimiz

      Galiba buradaki herkes Amerikalı bu kadar Amerika lının arasında Türk olmak

    13. Edebiyat ve Tarih bizim işimiz

      Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy

    14. sheltv100

      Back then people voted based on merit, not by political tribalism.

    15. notdeadjustlazy

      I wonder if this would work for someone like businessman Donald Trump?

    16. nachocheez99

      I really doubt anyone was influenced by these trivial factors

    17. askjiir

      Form over substance. American politics in a nutshell

    18. jimiweezer

      Then there was the mafia assistance as well...

    19. Monsieur Marques

      Kennedy asking, Trump was elected?

    20. Joe Barksdale

      Kennedy’s hair wasn’t really that blonde right?

    21. 山口宏なりすまし注意

      I think JFK has very highly 6th sense...that's why.

    22. Jason Spades

      Wait a minute....if you're here.....but he's.....what?!?

    23. ADAMAS Carisma per tutti

      Ho analizzato il confronto in uno dei miei video, andate a guardarlo 😉

    24. Sean Webb

      Neither had a fan to cool their crotches.

    25. Sean Webb

      How many American viewers had a colour TV to watch the debates? How many watched on black and white sets?

    26. Lord Shrek

      Don't forget about the Irish Mob cheat code during the election.

    27. Mitchell Abercrombie

      "He's gotta look good on television!"- Doc Brown

    28. TETA Toto :

      The Chicago mafia also helped him with electoral fraud ... At that time, there were not yet the DOMINION fraud machines.

    29. Tom Ace

      The Man never drank a Duff in his life!!!

    30. Nap Horse

      Modern day Donald Trump!! Loved and respected by every body except the fake news and a handful of people with purple and blue hair.

    31. Pop-Actor

      Kennedy was more sick than Nixon in real life

    32. Nominay

      What a cynical title. TV didn't win him the presidency. He won it himself through his persuasion overall. People paid attention to substance then over the course of the entire campaign.

    33. kozmon0t

      JFK won because Democrats cheated then as now

    34. 伊東智美

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    35. Dwight Gilman

      He won because of election fraud.

    36. ̊

      I mean this is all well and nice, and probably a solid strategy winning the debate on presentation. But Nixon won the debate on substance. Kennedy was certainly the more talented politician, but Nixon was arguably more formidable in actual policy.

    37. Jamie Steinhauer

      Kennedy won because Nixon never drank a duff in his life

    38. Beatrice Nkundwa

      An important moment in the social history of America.

    39. broadstreet21

      I might mention on the radio audience, both candidates scored well in content. Nixon was a better orator - on the radio, his voice conveyed a sense of steady authority and self-control, while Kennedy sounded a bit excitable and over-eager (even so, he exceeded expectations). Ironically, the visual conveys the opposite.

    40. Lom Timer

      Watching this after biden n trump. jeez, what a time.

    41. Ada Montgomery

      The good ole days! Back when politicians stood together for the same cause, to better the country. They had disagreements but were respectful and candid. I would love for us to get back to this!

    42. Domo

      Wow, when the last time we heard any president mention Americans enjoying their full Constitutional rights.

    43. Dave Morrison

      Out of all the color footage we have of JFK, this is probably the best

    44. Vsauce4

      Nothing bad ever happens to the kennedy’s

      1. rodger

        I'm a Kennedy, I'm not accustomed to tragedies !

    45. Joey Baseball

      This just ridiculous. The color of the suit has nothing to do with anything.

    46. broadstreet21

      I might add that in a debate, a candidate also runs against public expectations, not just the other candidate. Nixon was well-known to be one of the best debators in the nation - appearances notwithstanding, the fact that JFK actually managed to hold his own on content, that dramatically raised his profile. Besides that, I believe JFK also had a strong campaigner in running mate LBJ - he made a difference in holding support, particularly in the south. Moreover, Nixon's aim to campaign in all fifty states (in two months) meant wasting energy in solid states not projected to flip. Kennedy focused all his energy on campaigning the swing states. Given how close the vote came, not to mention allegations by President Ike of voter fraud, just reverse one of these factors, it's safe to say Nixon would have been president.

    47. Daniel H

      .....that and the ballot box stuffing in Chicago for Kennedy.

    48. EAT SHIT

      JFK won by watching tv

    49. Mark L

      We need a younger president in America.

      1. Steph1890

        I agree. We need young people, interestingly enough though our presidents are getting older instead

    50. wolf man8494

      I fell in love with the presidency and I understand why it's so important for polititions to become president.its really the only office to get things done.

    51. Michael Piziak

      Good looking women at 0:12 !!!

    52. wolf man8494

      He was the man

    53. Mr. Napoleon

      This isn't a debate, where's the name calling and the consent interruptions ?

    54. John Green

      Ahh... Kennedy wasn't as wonderful as everyone made him out to be. Remember the Bay of Pigs? Just one example.

      1. Jan

        Was planned by the Eisenhower administration and the CIA, who mispresented it to him, it failed and he eventually took the blame.

    55. John Porteous

      The man sweats charisma

    56. Stalin John Manuel


    57. Aidan Kremlin

      JFK was was one of the greatest presidents in history besides Abe Lincoln an Ronald Reagan

    58. J J

      Radio listeners were older though no?

    59. Joseph Herbert

      The good ole days! Back when politicians stood together for the same cause, to better the country. They had disagreements but were respectful and candid. I would love for us to get back to this!

    60. Haim Ben Avraham

      I hope his pulling strings for us. What a waste of great political talent. Will not be replaced. Will never be forgotten.

      1. graciemaemarie11 jones

        for being the overrated president of all time...

    61. Mohammed Eesa

      The person that killed JFK was probably a trump supporter💀💀😂

      1. AĎAM James


    62. Marvin M. Messier

      JFK won a death sentence, ultimately. This theory proves the public are gullible and prone to trivialities and psychological influence. Perhaps this was the beginning of the modern age of phony, ultra image conscious politicking. I sense people often vote with their hearts and not their brains.

    63. Reprogram Your Ass

      In the picture for the video, JFK and Nixon doing the FREEMASON handshake.

    64. Jasmine Surreal

      I always think he looked a bit like Clinton, he was quite the reformer, moderate but progressive, sensible, as society has "progressed" the Presidents regress, and the next President I assume after Biden will be a robot or an protozoa, depending on which way society goes.

    65. Greg Lialios

      0:39 I dress just the same when I watch TV!

    66. Greg Lialios

      Wow, it's in color. This changes everything.

      1. Greg Lialios

        Watching this after biden n trump. jeez, what a time.

    67. Eric Schuster

      He stole the election. That’s how he won.

    68. John Zeszut

      Helped that his old man came to Chicago crying and having the election fixed. JFK could not lie straight in bed.

    69. Abe McGee

      so Americans were superficial and shallow back then too.

    70. najalatte

      im becoming such a nerd help

    71. Daniel R

      The man never drank a Duff in his life!

    72. Notable Squid

      Back when the Democratic party was good.

    73. Dark Zhiro

      Trump is feeling like Nixon and Biden is feeling like..... well, I wish he felt more like JFK.

    74. Rebecca TH

      Very interesting

    75. Ishwor Parajuli

      We are very very sad because we missed our diamond from the world. We have nothing to offer him only the rememberance...

    76. Agent Smith


    77. Joban pahra Kahlon

      John f Kennedy my hero

    78. Generic Male

      Just like trump

    79. Ramani .G

      What a wonderful moment. They respected each other. Thanks to Smithsonian! Why Smithsonian does not operate it's channel in India?

    80. Jakemufcfan

      Best election ever. 2 well qualified articulate intelligent candidates. Look where we’re at now

    81. John F. Kennedy

      I did my best.

    82. Hi Jack

      Imagine how 50 years later they would make about Trump using Twitter

    83. nig gaTron

      Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedy's

      1. Ben Kenobi


    84. ReddoFreddo

      Radio listeners thought Nixon won the debate. I wonder if that's because conservative people tend to be less early adopters of technology?

      1. Joe Gauthreaux

        my guess is that lower income people at that time didn't own as many TVs as the middle class that Kennedy appealed to. Nixon mentioned "too much government" several times, a talking point by Republicans that works well with lower income, less educated voters.

    85. Justice L

      If Kennedy were alive today, he would be a Republican. The Democratic party today is more like Communists that Kennedy fought against.

      1. Charles 8777

        If kennedy was alive, USA would been a much better country at all, but unfortunalely his biggest mistake was not using a bulletproof car

      2. Dominic Colangelo

        I wonder if Caroline Kennedy (JFK’s daughter) would consider running for president. 🤔🤔

    86. MG

      we need to go back

    87. Commando303X

      1:21: "Tanned and glowing"? It's false-color (look at the edges): the debate was made in black-and-white. Trust no one, Internet-Dwellers.

    88. M L

      A lot of substance in this debate- I thought Nixon did pretty well overall. He did look uncomfortable though

    89. Bryan Anthony

      Why does it matter about the colors of their clothing and background and glowing as stated in the begging on the video for tv presentation? It was black and white tv ?

    90. A B

      Both suckers and losers

    91. Deborah Barchard

      I was ten years old. I remember watching this with my parents.

      1. Deborah Barchard

        @John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Politics,Gaming,Vlogs!!! Yup.

      2. John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Politics,Gaming,Vlogs!!!

        @Deborah Barchard are u 70??? Its jfk

      3. Deborah Barchard

        @Charlotte Suozzi What? That I'm still alive? : )

      4. Charlotte Suozzi

        that's amazing!

      5. badass773

        Isn't it funny that they are talkin about some of the same things we are talkin about right now in 2020?

    92. MLBftw

      I find this very mind blowing

      1. Dominic Colangelo

        Me too! 😳

    93. aaronpenyami.

      years from now, the future will tell the tales of how twitter made trump president.

      1. Dominic Colangelo

        Us in the future: “Oh son back in my day we used Twitter, not this new app, uh...Screech! Yeah this Screech app is something different than Twitter from my day.” 😂

    94. David Beckham

      The mob got him elected and they had him assassinated

    95. Mya Hollandia

      Jack 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    96. Shawn Dougall

      So this is what a presidential debate looks like... I just recently watched my first debate last night (Trump/Biden) What a disaster

      1. Pixel Phantom

        I want to bring class back into the election process but no matter what side you are on, I think we can all agree it is unlikely to happen again.

      2. Declan Gill

        Who knew politics once had class when it came to debates? Shame its gone the way it has

    97. Gkb

      Anybody here after the comedy show

      1. Robertx Ortiz-Wilson

        @Dr. Dan Burritoman No. And I just found this video.

      2. Dr. Dan Burritoman

        @Robertx Ortiz-Wilson lol he did, and why did u respond so late?

      3. Robertx Ortiz-Wilson

        @Dr. Dan Burritoman in no way, shape or form did he win that debate.

      4. Dr. Dan Burritoman

        @best proto Biden also acted less rude and actually won the debate.

      5. best proto

        Boath of theme at least trump we know that his caracter biden however did it on purpose

    98. thatonegooodtree

      Watching this after biden n trump. jeez, what a time.

      1. Catch Generics

        @Robertx Ortiz-Wilson - Enrich himself? He was the poorest senator when he was in the senate. People like you will never truly be happy. You will always long for the “good old days”. Wake up boomer.

      2. Robertx Ortiz-Wilson

        @6 true. He doesn't really have any solid goals or values he believes in. He goes with the Wind. Even worked with segregationists at different points over the corse of his career. Ambitions of his own amount to obtaining more power for the sake of it and continuing to enrich himself and his family.

      3. 6

        Biden is not a good person

    99. John. F Kennedy

      I did very well, friends. Dont worry, Im doing fine in heaven. Jackie And John John are here with me as well. im doing fine.

      1. Ronald Reagan

        Yo heaven kinda wack still

      2. splender

        I’m laughing so hard oh my gof

      3. Jackie Kennedy

        @Marilyn Monroe leave

      4. Brandi Lord

        That's too bad

      5. Pres. John F. Kennedy

        @Marilyn Monroe How could I forget you