10 Years on YouTube

Simon and Martina

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    May 30th, 2008: we landed in Korea to start our careers as teachers, and started filming videos for our families as a hobby. Boy, what a wild ride we've been on since then.
    Now that ten years have passed, we'll tell you a few things we learned about KGup, about ourselves as creators. What are our thoughts on the Algorithm? Is KGup getting better or worse? What about company sponsorships? MCNs? Any advice we can give to people starting KGup now? We'll tell you a lot about what we've learned, and for newer people, we'll tell you a bit about ourselves as well. Buckle up: this is a long video.
    We've got more thoughts we couldn't share here, on our blog!
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    1. Matsu

      Love you Martina, love you Simon. Thanks for all your videos, it means a lot to me

    2. Bárbara Gondar

      watching this in 2020 and crying, haha. we will always love you!

    3. Elahnna Bennett

      Why am i crying at the end montage :'( haha omg amazing !!

    4. Elahnna Bennett

      I love this so much xxoxoxox

    5. Elahnna Bennett

      Simon and Martina are ICONIC !

    6. LadyHoozer

      Can I say I love your homemade music :D

    7. Forrest McFarland

      The sweetest and most authentic couple on this platform ❤️

    8. Treat Trooper

      Martina looks soooooo pretty here. that makeup on her is *chef's kiss*

    9. Bethany Lingle

      o wow,,,, the nostalgia in this video with martina's intro tracks + the montage at the end TTTT i haven't been on this channel in so long, but after simon's most recent video I've been back and binging , , , may have to catch up on everything I've missed xDD really love simon and martina so much ;-;

    10. Grace Mia

      One those songs were epic! Two I'd never seen Meemers as a kitten OMG!! Glad I watched this..

    11. Michel Limón

      I am happy to grow up together with you. I had a lot of fun watching your videos and I recently came back to your channel. I would love to see you in ten years from now.

    12. Matt B

      New Change. Moved back to Canada. Hope you guys are safe. I’ve been binging y’all this week. Had sushi twice because of it.

    13. Anthony Ingram


    14. Hope-Keisha James

      I have been watching you guys since i was 22 and i am 30 now . its amazing how my interests along with yours have changes since then .i love your videos and i love how you guys are not afraid to try new things , move to new places and have new experiences . your videos take me back to my kpop and korea phase 😂🤣🤣 which i am glad i outgrew. i am so excited to see where Gods takes you guys next ❤️❤️

    15. kokeshiseagull

      Japan Is a great country to live in if you love food, I've been there 4 times and I miss the food so much ;_; they really know what they're doing

    16. MeowOfA.R.M.Y

      OMG KPop Music Mondays :( Still miss it

    17. pher cy

      Simon' hair migrated. .....

    18. Andie Ingram

      It is amazing to look back on all that you two have contributed to the world. You have made us laugh on numerous occasions, invited us to view things/others differently, and above all made us feel welcomed in the community. Thank you so much for helping us build our ladders. I've been watching since 2012 and will keep on watching. Much love!

    19. Crossnote

      The beard was a good call my friend :)

    20. David Johnson

      I think you both are beautiful and I love your energy 😍❤️ ! Don't change, you are my kind of people!

    21. nitaforreal

      I used to watch u guys reviewing u-kiss and kpop, years ago, and i subscribed... then i stop listening to kpop in around 2013, i got a job and bla bla bla, and i heard you move to japan... and so many things happened... and yeah, we all have changed a lot... and life is great... hahahhaha i dont know what im saying

    22. Tokyo gamer

      I love simons little comments when Martina is talking Martina: says anything Simon: right/ mmhmm/ yeah/ correct

    23. KawaiiHinari

      Fun facts I watch your guys for the K-pop video when I don't know anything about K-pop because I want to fit in my school because everyone like K-pop, but when I watch your guys video talking about the dark secret about K-pop I didn't even try to fit in and choose not to get into K-pop, right now I just a big anime fan 😂

    24. Quackledoodle

      I love you guys!

    25. Ekaterina Zakharova

      It were the best and funnies years!!! Thank you for mine... seven or so.. Not sure enough, but I loved pretty most of your videos and somehow improved my english since sometimes it's hard to get all the words when you speak fast... or play the ape haha. Which I still love coz so lively and honest. Fun fact: in 2016 I went to South Korea for studying and my first place were "you are here" cafe... Sadly you left already, but I made my first friends there. Thank you for helping people even without being there ahah Well.. that's pretty same you do with your channel. Keep up, wish you all happiness ;)

    26. Katharine Eder

      You are my top 5 favourite channels on KGup 😍 please never stop making videos I rewatch the same ones over and over again 😂

    27. Madalina S.

      I'm feeling all the feels! I've been watching you since the early days and it's been so cool to see you grow and change throughout the years. Also, everyone is saying this, but your relationship is goals!

    28. kalissa bearden

      wait do you have jobs outside of this then? since you're prepared for the worst?

      1. Simon and Martina

        Nope, we’ve been full time youtubers for about, 7 years now out of the 10 now 😯

    29. ChiZillaaa

      Ahhhh. Listening to all the songs Martina made brought some tears to my eyes. Especially when I saw and heard Spudgy. Makes me so nostalgic. I know I'm super late to this video but I decided to binge all your stuff again and this video just put me down memory lane. Love you both!

    30. brofenix

      @4:27 pssssh! Martina's songs are super awesome!!! They are way catchier than so many other songs online, seriously! That you composed those is actually amazing, Martina. The Adventure and TL;DR themes :O

    31. nav

      you guys make me so happy

    32. Echo Gillette


    33. Meghan Mckellar

      I subscribed around 2012 and it’s been great to see


      Bruv I really hope u guys do well and you’ll go so far wherever you go next, back to Korea? Idk Indonesia? Germany? Hell even Antarctica! Wel all be here

    35. H Yano

      The tteokbokki game video was one of my favorite episodes! When Martina threw the cupcake, I replayed that one scene over and over again because it was so funny XD

    36. Sophie

      hey martina and simon, do you guys think you'll move to another country for new adventure, or forever settle in japan

    37. Mikala Thompson

      I have been binging you guys since I subscribed today and it's crazy. I used to watch yall but then something very bad happened to me and I ignored a lot of my interests but like coming back and hearing yall talk about y'alls change in content and looking over how y'alls lives have gone is crazy. I am glad to hear that yall made a healthy decision to quit talking about kpop after seeing the toxicity of the industry. I listen to BTS but for the most part, I try to avoid that world. I see what it did to certain people, and it breaks my heart. This isn't strictly to kpop but it isn't coincidence that CERTAIN issues are prevalent. So good on yall for knowing when to leave when its healthy to. Just thought I would add that. Also, the mean comments. I know Kpop fans give yall a lot of shit for a lot of things, and honestly, f those people. They usually come in the form of fake woke people who want to speak for others. "Hey, Anna from Ohio. I would've love to hear about your opinions of this subject and how Simon and Martina are so ignorant, go ahead and tell me from your home and phone instead of me listening to the couple who worked directly with Korean citizens, and most of all, Korean music artists." Lol sorry random rant on a comment from a video one 1/2 year old lol OUOUOUUHHU oh yea! So I saw No Brain live in Dallas! I wanted to let yall know that I love Korean music outside of Kpop! Thanks for supporting these underrated artists!

    38. Melanco

      Hell yeah we do Simon! 😉

    39. Amy Lyne

      I know I am late to the party but wanted to say your both beautiful inside and out :)

    40. Alys Lim


    41. Nilo Baranda

      Weed analogy for trolls is a bad metaphor. If you ignore weeds, they will soon take over your garden.

    42. yvette nino

      Simon's style is soooo much better now than before. Martina has always looked pretty. Congratulations guys for your hard work during these 10 years!

    43. Justus Castillo

      The Spudgy music got me in tears ;_;

    44. quiaan

      OMG! I remember starting to watch your videos around 2011, it was all because of the kpop at that time. The thing is, that back in those days I knew zero English (LIKE ZERO), but I loved your content and kept on watching anyways. Now that so much has changed, I can say that I sort of get by with the English I know and continue following you guys. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us. Hope you stay healthy and positive. Greetings from Chile!

    45. supersmex

      But that McDonald's video is life !

    46. ViVi 123

      Martina you are so beautiful just the way you are, and Simon looks very manly indeed. My daughters love your videos.......me too :) I found you while searching for kimchi recipe and it is the video you made with your friend with in Korea. It is so up beat, we still watch it sometimes. God Bless you guys!

    47. Knit & Read

      As a rather new content creator, I really appreciate getting to hear your feedback about your 10 years + on YT. Really reassuring stuff, actually, so thanks for that!

    48. Sunny Days Ahead

      Ive been subscribed to you guys for the better part of 2.5 years now :3 i still have yet to watch all of your videos but you are by far my favorite content creators on the internet. Thanks for doing what you do, when i can help you guys out more, i will :) ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💗💜💙💚💛🧡❤

    49. Lorie Fernandez

      Y'all are seriously the best! I love you guys so much! Y'all are like a mom and pop of KGup. Idk what that really means...buuut, I send y'all lots of love and luck to keep doing what you do best :). Thank you for being awesome :)

    50. BETHULU

      Simon's glow up is the manlihood every man (and some women) strive for. When he started talking beard I knew he KNEW he was the cause of male demographics. I have been a fan for 9 years and noticed more guys in the comment section in these past few years. mwahahaha.

    51. anna lei

      Jan 2020 you guys are awesome!

    52. bea marie

      Rewatching this made me weirdly emotional for some reason

    53. M. G.G.

      I just found your channel the other day and I love your content because of your personalities and how down to earth and real you guys are. 😄 My dog and I are having a Simon and Martina marathon today.

      1. M. G.G.

        @Simon and Martina working on it lol.

      2. Simon and Martina

        Welcome to our channel! :) you have lots of years of watching to catch up on! 😂

    54. Little Things in Japan

      Your story just give the strength and power to new creators to go ahead! Thanks!

    55. Emily Buckalew

      You guys are so creative and fun! I’ve loved every era of your videos!!

    56. Juanita Baker

      Kids I am so happy this grandma found you.. Luv Noni Nita B

      1. Juanita Baker


    57. Daryan Brooke

      I know you guys will probably never see this but I have been watching your videos for a little over 5 years and I absolutely loved the tl;dr and adventure time videos and I honestly just love you guys so much and seeing you guys grow and move to different places and navigate a world that is so different from mine even tho I’m in america has always just been so fucking cool and inspiring. And idk I’m just so happy for you guys and love you guys so muchhhh. 💕💕

    58. Wink Blue

      So I'm from 2nd gen kpop, I also fell out of love with it. I still keep up with the odd groups, but I just dont have that same love for it? Like, I still watched 2d1n s3 every week, I kept up with shinee, fx (first group I listened to that got me into kpop) and BAP. I think it's also the industry and fans that put me out of it. Especially 3rd gen fans. No offence to u gooduns, but all the fan wars is just too boring and defensive for me to witness. The industry is just ...unfair...I actually had a 3rd gen army telling me that KPOP INDUSTRY ISNT BAD DONT SPREAD MISINFORMATION WHAT ABOUT BIGHIT ARE U SAYING THEY TREAT BTS BAD EDUCATE UR SELF...icbaaaaaa. I'll still support the groups I love, bol4, shinee, bap members etc but yeah I'm just so not into that much. Even anime, just so damn generic now 😩 Manga though u my love always ❤❤

    59. sage

      To be honest you guys only look better with age

    60. J L

      Who called Simon and Martina ugly? Come out so I can fite you!

    61. Oria Aspen Alexander

      Remember when you could have a background on your page? I miss that.

    62. Kenni shiro

      Dang that's alot of videos

      1. Kenni shiro

        I still think u guys are awesome though 😊👍

    63. DrgnMage2536

      I started watching you guys back in 2014 when I was in South Korea. Loved the food videos. Gave me places to visit. Used the train app you recommended to get around Korea. Simon, you finally grew up! You no longer look like a boy. Martina beautiful as always.You guys look happy and healthy. Congrats!

    64. Nina Dees

      spudgy and meemers themes are so cute and match their personalities so well! I'm so proud of you two, from the title screens, composed custom music, and geuniuinly connecting with and TEACHING your audience, and exposing people to other sides of the world, you deserve ALL the success you've had. You guys had high production value before it was expected. Huge respect to you for making something thoughtful and high quality from the get go!

    65. Jacob Connelly

      Simon without a beard just feels..unnatural. Please don't shave lol.

    66. fumeokid

      Meemurs used to be thin? Wth!😝

    67. Abigale Richard

      Awwwe the Sexy Food Porn Shots 😍😁👌

    68. Abigale Richard

      I looked up McDonald's & Your Vid's You GGUYSZ~ have 5 🎆videos on mcdonalds ..well.. 5 came up 😁✌

    69. Michaela Christensen

      Hey I hope you don't talk about Fap Faps during No Nut November

    70. IchigoGami

      Such a throwback, amazing how it all has gone and how you've both grown and changed (in a great way!) as youtubers and people....keep up the amazing work guys...sending love from the US and loovve Martina's Strawberry accents in this video!

    71. andrychan

      In the old youtube there were no ads.... no damn interrupting and annoying ads!

    72. Jackie

      Zukoooo you must have balance! lol

    73. Violetta Schmieder

      youre such good rolemodels i swear. Can you like just adopt me or something

    74. Levi Saint

      Like your beard because Man talks to Man ... and Martina is so kawaii

    75. Will Lin

      I didnt know you played those tunes for intro!! I started watching you guys from Eat Your Kimchi era!!!

    76. Lee Peter

      I am not done with BROOKLYN 99!

    77. Nina Sasaki

      crying while eating chicken wings rn i love you guys so much

    78. 자스민

      Martina, you're a talented lady. I cannot believe you made those tunes yourself!

    79. Linda Campbell

      Oh my gosh! You guys were babies!

    80. Chris Contreraz

      Heres to 10 more years.

    81. Chantal Said

      The first video I saw was Martina's pink dye tutorial....then I was hooked.

    82. Anita Chan

      Congratulations! :) Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

    83. Mario Macpui

      What's your main source of income?

      1. Simon and Martina

        Just KGup :)

    84. Emily Loredo

      I adore your garage band music, Martina!!

    85. Linda Trevino

      Simon... you’ve massively changed in voice & looks. You both awesome 😎. Look forward to seeing more❣️❣️❣️

    86. Kelsi G

      i started watching when they posted the McDonald video and I remember when they posted the first fapfap! Watching this makes me sime and feel so nostalgic!

    87. Lady Azkaban

      I just miss those time when you guys still doing eat your kimchee. But I am happy whatever you guys doing right now

    88. Nadiapants

      Holy guacamole 😂 SIMON BULKED THE F UP! What a freaking champ!

    89. scienz chic

      OMG Meemers as a kitten!!! Squeee!

    90. The Rummaging Ferret

      ok so ive never commented here. i had to laugh my butt off when u guys say ur ugly and flawed. im way uglier lol. i think u 2 are great. i love u both so much and ur attitudes. ive long watched ur videos but only recently subscribed. but like ::hugs:: lol ur not much older then me but most people tell me life only gets worse as u get older. yeah part of that is true if u let it be but watching u guys i think my life is only going to get better from here. Also, sorry your puppers passed. I tend to watch your content out of sequence so i just found out about that the other day when I saw a jacket on simon when he was making coffee or maybe it was curry( im not sure). >.< anyways ill leave u be maybe ill post again in another 150 years or something.

    91. milkmel0n

      martina could make money with those sounds, thats amazing

    92. TWQEmmaFrost

      I want a Jpop Monday! Simon and Martina's fav Jpop songs that they can't get out of their head! Since they are in Japan spread the Japan music! Do some fav Jpop songs you guys life, if any. XD

    93. Madison O.

      Baby Meemers almost gave a heart attack. I wasn’t ready for all that cuteness.

    94. kokobop

      i love you guys so much

    95. Dee Ca.

      The first video I saw from you guys was SHINee "Lucifer" and I saw it the day you posted it. I can't believe it's almost been a decade now! Your Shinee videos always had a special place in my heart, thanks for all the memories guys.

    96. supersmex

      I just rewatched that McDonald's video

    97. Adrian Castillo


    98. Amy

      I will always associate the Adventure Theme with you guys!

    99. Carl Custodio

      Still bingeing every week! Lots of love and respect for both of you!!!

      1. Simon and Martina

        Thank you! Internet high five! ✋🏼

    100. Mario Nagi

      you guys are beautiful. don't believe the comments :D