Ice Fishing BIG PIKE in Super Clear Water!!

Clayton Schick Outdoors

98 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    Ice Fishing for super sized Pike while getting to watch them eat on the underwater camera is so amazing!! It honestly never gets old!! Cheers Everyone!!
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    1. {AtlasLeAnimator}

      can i get pinned?, i just subbed ur vids r awesome!

      1. Outdoorsygal O

        @Liam Thomas Fishing ~ LOL! 😆

      2. Liam Thomas Fishing

        @Clayton Schick Outdoors it’s been longer than 24 hours

      3. {AtlasLeAnimator}

        @Clayton Schick Outdoors ty!

      4. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Appreciate you watching!! I will pin you for 24 hours :)

    2. Ken Windsor on

      These thumbs down guy are hugely unknowingly ignorant !! ,,,if your ever in Windsor Ontario Canada look me up we will go night casting for eyes 👀

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for the invite! :)

    3. d daik

      Thanks for a great video. Just envy the results. Amazing fish. Greetings from Poland.

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for watching!!

    4. Big Skippa

      First video of yours that I’ve seen. Good shit, my friend

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for watching!!

    5. Judee Dufresne


      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for watching!


      Fantastic video!! Thanks for sharing. Jordan from Northern Ireland

    7. Sean Connor

      Catching a monster like that is alot of people's dreams..hell of a fish...sea cow

    8. aaron callahan

      What are the rods you are using for these big pike ?

    9. DriveShaft Drew

      sweet day fishing great action

    10. Cameron Legassie

      What line are you using for these massive pike?

    11. Preston Wait

      What kind of leader do you use?

    12. The bluegill Basher

      Just found you, I like your our videos so far! I’d like to see you use that quad camera for pan fishing

    13. rjb10101

      dude, what a magnificent pike... Here in England its famous for winter pike.... Thumbs up with that catch...

    14. Carter Michaluk

      Do you hunt or trap or anything like that?

    15. Steven Wintoniw

      I have never fished for pike on the ice and can't wait to try using a tip-up for some big fish! I really enjoyed your video "Ice Fish Pike: How to set up your Tip-up". I noticed in that video you tied the second treble to the shank of the first. I have seen some designs where the leader is tied to the eyelet of the first treble and then the second treble is threaded through the eyelet so it runs freely along the leader, adjustable for bait size? Being new that seems great "less is more", adjustable, fewer knots to potentially fail. What are your thoughts on this system? Pros and Cons vs tying the second tremble to the shank? Now in this new video only a single treble?

    16. Dan Desjarlais

      It never gets old watching the excitement on your face ! . lol Love these monster pike vids.

    17. 330 MaNiaC

      Monsters Bud!!!

    18. Lost Lakes

      Amazing footage man. I got an eyoyo UW camera off Amazon and the quality's ridiculously poor compared to your AquaVu. Appreciated how you were considerate with the fish and had that desire to remove the hook from that pike 👍👍 Gotta love the barbless, wish Ontario would go that way

    19. Nate Mason

      Awesome footage!!

    20. Matt Wintomatic

      Another great video Clayton! I wish you would give a little more educational content as in past videos. (How and why you are fishing the way you are, terminal tackle, depth off bottom...stuff other than what frostbite gear you are using if you know what I’m sayin) We know you are the real deal and the knowledge and experience you share is part of what makes your channel superior to the others

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        100% dude. I slip some videos and forget to do more educational stuff. I agree with you 💯

    21. Taro Murata

      Btw I told Jimmy ( or now I sometimes just call him Jim ) that this vid made me want to quit KGup. So good it’s sickening 🤮😂👊

    22. grant jamrock

      Do you run summer braid on your setups?

    23. Taro Murata

      Bomb A$$ vid!!!

    24. Ryan M Outdoors

      Great job man! Explain how your go pro is mounted to your hat?

    25. Jeffery Andrews

      Pike are for sure my favourite fish to catch through the ice.

    26. M M

      I used to smoke crack. Then one day I decided to make a change and took up ice fishing. Now I smoke crack in my ice shack whiles catching some big arse lake trout and my life is so much better 👍

    27. Marsh Hawk

      what is the make/model of the rod you are using?


      Love the hat!! Hopefully you can come back up here soon!!

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Can't wait to get back!!

    29. Waldemar Reczydlo

      Good job as always Clayton !!!!! Ps. Those who give it a thumbs down are jealous idiots

    30. Bradly Dickey

      wasnt an amazing day, catches two 40+ inch pike

    31. alex kemsley

      Clayton I really commend you on how you treat your fish. To many people out there have no idea just how fragile fish are, especially during cold snaps and heat waves. Keep up the good content love watching your vids.

    32. Ernst Horn

      Excellent job Claton! Really like the camera work. No, it's not over-kill. Where else r ya gonna get shots like that? Don't know where you're fishing but those are serious pigs!

    33. Jonas Eriksson

      9:28 so many jokes can be done here awesome video!

    34. Ryno p

      Damn man wow, and amazing footage!

    35. Aaron Alto

      Agreed, no premature e-jerkulation. Neat footage.

    36. Gordon Mosher

      Clayton what are you using for audio it is so clear

      1. Gordon Mosher

        Thanks Clayton love the fishing videos you do Athapap ( athapuskow) lake. I lived Flin Flon for 8 years and Fished all over that area. Loved it

      2. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Tascam DR-10l

    37. Mat Bircher

      Unreal video Clayton! Thanks for the hard work and braving the cold for this content. It’s time for some warmer March madness pike fishin!

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for watching Mat!

    38. Mikayla Waller

      Wow awesome video man!! You rock 💪🏼 representing SK so well with your fish handling and knowledge

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Taking care of the fish is 100%

    39. Aaron Bergquist

      I wonder if that was a big fish😂

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        maybe... :)

    40. Redline Honda

      Unbelievable footage! Subscribed! That Pike with the 2nd hook in it would be about the biggest sized pike id ever catch in my lake haha. I'm from Sask as well. Where abouts was this?

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Welcome to the channel! Thank you for watching!

    41. Tate Anderson

      This is what fishing is all about. Being nice the Aqua Vu looks crystal clear as well as the water. Thanks for taking care of our fish!!!! Good man! Nice set up nice truck lol.

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for watching man!!

    42. Outdoorsygal O

      What amazing footage ya got there Clayton! Absolutely beautiful! And the vibrant colours on that pike, 😳 WOW! Thanks for all the time you take to film these awesome fish and your adventures! 👏🏻😃. Well done!

      1. Outdoorsygal O

        @Clayton Schick Outdoors ~ You are welcome Clayton! We are fans of your videos here. 😊. Oh! And your honest approach as to how you present things in your videos. 😎🎣

      2. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for the great comments!

    43. Volkan Şahin

      It was a very nice hunt and video congratulations👍

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thanks for watching!!

    44. Scott Stykalo

      Hi Clayton, I am just wondering What kind of smelts do you use for the large pike fishing? Can you use hearings or recommend something else?

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Cisco, Hearing, Mackerel, smelts They will all work :) Try changing it up lots

    45. Owen Krueger

      6:31 did anyone else see the lobster on the bottom?

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        :) Lots of mentions of that. It's a crawfish and I didn't see it till I edited the video. I actually talk about it in my next video :)

    46. ippielb

      Just got back from Creighton, i was fishing up there, my first time ice fishing. What a difference in fishing, quite slow lol. Dead stick feels so weird.

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        @ippielb I have had MUCH slower days :)

      2. ippielb

        @Clayton Schick Outdoors We were out for about 5 hours, got 10 walleye, 4 pike, 2 perch that we kept, and we threw back some perch and some snakes. Wasnt that slow, but its a slower pace of fishing thats for sure, not as much going on like on the boat.

      3. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Too bad it was slow when you were up there!

    47. Ty Hammerstrom

      There is a crayfish on bottom

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Yes, there sure is :) Didn't notice it till editing :)

    48. Donna Bray

      Nice pike!

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you! Cheers to you!

    49. Donna Bray

      Love the underwater footage!

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for watching!

    50. finpainter1

      Nice camera work.

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thanks man!

    51. Travis A

      Hey clayton are you a guide? I'd love to pay for the chance to catch some of these fish you catch!

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        I guide in the summer time, just at

    52. Kereen Wardle

      Hi Clayton, love your channel, so cool to watch those pike make up their minds. Bonus crayfish super cool too 😎

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for checking out the video!!

    53. Daniel Lefebvre

      Just found out about your channel a couple weeks ago, I gotta say your videos never disappoint! Great content.

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        really appreciate you watching the videos!

    54. Barsch Bomber


      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors


    55. henry garrison

      Epic..... epic....... epic........ OMGEEZZY

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors


    56. Korbin Fishing Adventures

      Clayton the fish whisperer

      1. Korbin Fishing Adventures

        @Clayton Schick Outdoors lol

      2. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Just lucky :)

    57. Kayak Angler

      the water clarity is awesome. Beauty Pike !

    58. John Bennett

      Amazing video.

    59. Rob Mccullough

      What a legend. I need an underwater camera big time

    60. Mindy Dosztan

      That crayfish just chillin

    61. Fran Chase

      Great camera work, fun to watch. Thanks

    62. PapapoveyMLA

      You probably won’t see this but if you do I just want you to know your videos have really helped my mental health and I’m grateful for that. Thank you 🙏🏻

    63. Reed Schauer

      anynody see at 5:00 there is a crayfish on the bottom?

    64. Chad Halvorson

      Great footage !

    65. VT2U

      I love pike fishing!

    66. Ryan Kilian


    67. Spencer Smith

      This is some of the best underwater footage I've ever seen! You really gain so much respect for the fish when you see them in their natural habitat.

    68. eastball6

      Hah How neat is that?? That’s pretty neat!

    69. Atomic One

      I just watched your video form 10 months ago I was looking for a aqua vu video but I stumbled across you man let me tell you when you thought you got your PB of 42.5 then a 43.5 fish came up I was in shock I could thank you enough for the killer content my man I subscribed and will be watching all your videos

    70. Brooke Bourque

      I caught a 48 incher a couple of days ago

    71. Daniel Frechette

      Hey clayton amazing video like always, I was watching a clay vs Jay video last night and hot me wondering are you still guiding ???

    72. Brooke Bourque

      The lobster just chillin in the back

    73. Shane

      Man your so lucky with all that great opportunity for BIGASSFISH with not a ton of pressure. Im in Wisconsin people out everywhere on most lakes by me, watch fish swimming but not eating and not of that size either.

    74. Derek J

      So Good

    75. TGDament Outdoors

      I love when those big mommas try to eat the camera. Nice to see the markings and chains on them too, Super clear! Always fun watching you react with the big bites!

    76. John Delaney

      What an epic day and video Clayton! Major League Fishing man, love it!!!!

    77. Phanger cha

      I like this video way more that the one before when u fished for pike. Your more excited and more into the fishing that u did. Last time u seem to just look like u didn't really had a whole lot excitement in you that day. But love your videos and all of the tips u share and the knowledge that u share thank you!

    78. Blair Lesy

      Deadly footage Clayton and those where some nice fish!! What a guy wouldn't know thanks so much for sharing !!

    79. Casey Miner

      Great video brother. Way to switch it up to something different. Get those Toads!!

    80. Bill Thompson

      Great video! Thanks for sharing! I just subscribed after finding your channel. Curious, why don't you put out more tip-ups? Was it just because of trying to film them?

    81. Braco

      What the biggest pike you have caught?

    82. Braco

      You know it’s going to be good when the music starts!

    83. theoutdoorreport

      Keep up the good work Clayton! you are crushing it.

    84. Teunis Richards: Freak of Nature

      Beauty Fish! Awesome Job Clayton!

    85. What's The Word Outdoor

      This footage is actually insane!

    86. What's The Word Outdoor

      Awesome video man!

    87. Steven Maughan

      Loved the underwater fight footage! Nice work. Thanks for the cool videos.

    88. Jeremy Young

      Just so you know Clayton, you give a lot of people joy. I have had a really rough go of it with being an alcoholic and all (18 months sober now), but I have gotten into ice fishing as of late. Your vids make me so happy man. There hasn't been a lot of happiness in my life in the last 4 years. Thank you, and please keep it up!

    89. Vincent Cloutier

      Wow man !!! Crazy vidéo !!! I wanna live your life !!! So funny To watch you... thank you man !!!

    90. Ed Bryksa

      Great video clayton cant wait for the next video to come out id like to thankyou for all the information you give us on ur videos alot of real good tips that i have used and caught fish

    91. Drake Oldenburg

      Super Duper Clayton with another masterpiece video! Love the footage 😁😁😁

    92. Cody Lapke

      Do you know a guy named Marty Knibbs from Regina? I think he’s mentioned you a few times.

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        I don't think I do....

    93. J Lax

      You popped up in my recomended. Super impressed. That´s some quality content! You won a sub. Greetings from Sweden.

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Welcome Sweden!! :)

    94. toddpossum

      Burbot time

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Soon :)

    95. Vince M

      How does anyone dislike this video??

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Haters gonna hate :)

    96. A Blade

      Unreal pike! Big fish out your way for sure, that’s awesome. Not many lakes left like that here in AB. Love the videos

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        There are some big pike in AB :) Just have to search hard Cheers man!

    97. Christopher Herrmann

      What a killer day, great job. Keep up the amazing videos

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        Thank you for watching!

    98. Different Fins

      My take from this video: 1. I agree with you 100% about the wind, cold isnt cold... the wind is lol 2. That is the best underwater footage of pike in the world. 3. That crayfish was cool 4. Pickerel rigs are trash! I've never seen one in use in Ontario but I see shorelines across Manitoba littered with them. And they are snags for other anglers. 5. I want to fish with you someday! Cheers 🥃🍻🐟🎣

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        This was awesome!! Thanks for the deadly comments!

    99. Fab ulous

      Anyone else hear the jaws theme music when the pike enters the scene? 😂

      1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

        HAHA! Love it!!

    100. Walkin’ On Water

      Top 5! I’m super jelly as I just caught my PB northern and it was only 37” & 15 lbs.... but happy to see such a quality video! 🎣🕳😁